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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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to the best connections, sophia road, andrew hill, located in the heart of europe. you are connected to the whole world and experience standing shopping and dining office and johnny our services will be our guest at frankfurt airport city. managed by frappe waterloo with this is dw news live from berlin. fears of the resurgence as the so called islamic states conduct. it's most significant attacked in 2 years that you had his group
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targets at a prison in a northeast of syria, in attempts to flee thousands of it. spite is also coming out the you and condemns on a strike on a prison in yemen, at least 70 people have been killed. and the search for survivors in the rubble goes on and take in the german theater, seen by surprise, a director who hasn't left russia in years. she was out for rehearsals. i had a full night in home, but ah, i made you mike a junior and you are welcome to the program. the so called islamic state has launched the largest scale attack in syria since it was defeated back in 2019 a prison holding jew hottest in the northeast was the targets the cat, his lead, savion democratic forces, see the repelled the is on that we cops at most of the inmates that escaped in the
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chaos dozens, however, i still believed to be on the run. 24 hours after the initial onslaught, the neighborhoods around whereon prison were still a battle ground. conflicting reports of numbers of dead fighters and civilians hung over the city like the plumes of smoke from explosions. almost a 100 suspected eye as fighters managed to escape from the prison. these curtis security forces prepared for combat with ha, we're now going into the basel round about where there's about $300.00 is lamar state fighters coming out? i will be facing them and turning them back to where they came from. got, i will make them regret what they did. they're killing and trying to win, but we're here to stop it on both of them. not hundreds of residents with homes near the prison fled the fighting. some of them eye witnesses to the bloodshed and a lot of days been bonding and war planes since yesterday. and young people were slow,
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tense. what is happening? the situation is catastrophic. we got scared for our children and fled, nevada. there has been shelling and killing since yesterday. harlot, i asked, killed 4 or 5 people in our neighbourhood. this footage allegedly shows fugitives who were recaptured by kurdish forces. human rights organizations have criticized the kurdish authorities for the inhumane conditions in its prisons. with overcrowding rampant and due process often denied to suspected. i asked militants figured out how to cover the growing resentment toward the kurdish lead administration could help i escrow its ranks. the group once controlled swabs of syria and iraq, but was driven out by a coalition of us, kurdish and iraqi forces in 2019 just hours after the attack and syria began. i s gunman assaulted this army base and centrally rock military officials said the
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insurgents killed 11 soldiers as they slept. the 2 attacks show that i s is once again ready to pull off large scale attacks on both sides of the border from and as i am joined by mac mood shake abraham. he's a freelance journalist, aist in abilene, iraq, hello mac moon. what i owe contact studying you about the situation on a ground off that he attack or shortly the clashes resumed about 5 30 in the morning and then the sounds of shooting were here. every word. among the coalition, apaches have or with 4 raised different positions about the report from the ground to the isis fighters, or the us to sales are completely free buildings in the camp on the latest. the thanks for the latest. do we know if all the prisoners have been captured?
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we are definitely they have, we capture them up of them. they quoted number 110 people be arrested or prisoner, be realistic or made. but the, the, the final number is still in this situation and we can get the right number. and i did about the killed the people that arrested people. all the fleet for the people who see because the, somebody for talking about a people are still hiding in as a whole neighborhood, which is the surrounding of the prism. there are 3 neighborhoods that are the 3 which is as or where and how sure to bob some i just felt that tackle and the prisoner hiding them. okay. there's also been that oppression i should say in iraq on a military base. what is the threat of i, as in both countries, the thing actually it came like a hours after or receive a jealousy with the attack of a 2nd prison. they attack it, you know,
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of them of this directly attacking a military position of iraqi army. there were 11 soldiers that they killed all of them and they destroyed their equipment and they took their weapons and ammunition with them. and it's significant. and even this morning they have a tech, it is south of you for it's also that get some position. there are 2 so isis is not reactivating the make use of the weather conditions. you know, it's very cold and there was a snowstorm in the area. so they making use of these bad weather conditions. my mood shakia brought him reporting from abilene rack. thank you. to another long running conflict in the middle east, the civil war in yemen. saudi lead forces are denying, carrying out on as strike on a prison brown by rival who bees. at least 70 people died in the talk, including women, children, and migrants. they are the latest casualties,
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non intractable, 7 year conflicts or the un has called the humanitarian catastrophe. destroyed beyond recognition. alice, after the asteroid rescue workers are still pulling people out of the ruins of this detention center in the city of saddam and sending them to hospitals. had a lot of the healthy services. unable to look up from these large numbers of patients, we're talking about 200 or admitted to saddam hospitals in one go. they can come with a piece injured people. woody. these people are victims of an intensified conflict between the government led by the who the rebels and a saudi light coalition, which attempts to restore gaiman's internationally recognized administration. not by the appeal wiley and the weak. the hoodies claimed an attack in the united arab emirates, a member of the alliance. it was followed by saudi asterix in the jamini capital of santa. and then the prison in saddam,
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the escalation was condemned by the un. any bombardments that target civilians on the or that is not careful enough to protect civilians is of course, also unacceptable. these escalation needs to stop following the latest asteroid. the coalition says to who these had not reported the detention center as needing protection. yelman's years long conflict has claimed more than 130000 lives and civilians are often among those who suffer the most germany center writes christian democrats have just elected a new leader. federal meds will take over from our mean lash at hoola the parties ill fated. 22 into one election campaign support format was solidified when he won . the 1st challenge of all last one merits called for unity. i had of today's vote
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at an online party conference. he will be the parties that leader since 2018 been at $66.00 flish merits may only be a year younger than angular miracle. but he is a man of her generation with a difference. every step of the way melts, tried to fight merkel shift of her conservatives to the center left heathen once quit politics altogether after failing to stop her political rise. now he is back with a sobering message after the conservatives historic eviction from government last year. yolanda smith, you, somebody gave me with this election result. the conservatives have become a serious political restructuring case at risk of bankruptcy on a google duncan with the cd, you losing support across all age groups. last election merits is vowing to redefine conservatism in germany. does um to under customer caught other christian
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democratic parties in europe have suffered a much more dramatic. thank. then we have, 1st of all, we have to answer this very question. can we manage to be a party of the middle liberal, conservative social, thereby winning over voters in the long term? that will be a difficult task if got it. taken fleet, lease me out 3 attempts and more than 2 decades to get elected cd you leader. but he's only going to get one shot at renewing the party as he tries to achieve his ultimate aim of one day. becoming chancellor himself manders from did of use chief political editor, mikaela governor ellen mckayla. so what is he like and is his ultimate aim to become the max chancellor? absolutely, that has been his ultimately aim for a long time. he even once offered to anger immacule to join her cabinet without her actually having a free post for him. so he's been knocking at that door, both of the party leadership, particularly a potential sharing government for
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a very long time. this is now the height of his political career and now he will really have to build some renewed trust within his own party, which is seeing a lot of in fighting says that crossing election defeat. but particularly with a public where the c d. u is down, it cannot even claim to be ahead with any age group. the this grand old, big tent conservative party that it once was here in germany is clearly cut his work out for him. and he doesn't have that terribly much time. he's 66 years, i guess he'll have one shot if that. yeah. what will be the duration of the cd you and how you think? well, he wants to rethink conservative here in germany. i think it's quite telling that when he just held this major speech today, he didn't even refer to anglo michael, this is after i'm going to michael actually turning down an invitation by him for dinner to resolve their past differences. it seems inconceivable that you can
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really redefine and build on what he says those who came before him without referring to angler medical. and so this is the cleanest, clearest break. with the over arching godmother of conservatism here and germany that you could imagine. and at the same time, he's under intense pressure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater because many voters voted conservative in the past because of angular michael, that was her own political conservative brand that made her so successful. now he has to coin his mechanical. thank you very much. now, to a big surprise in germany's theater seen acclaimed director carol serbian cove, turned up at rehearsals in hamburg earlier this month. shock and crew and cast members. as he has been forbidden from lee been his native russia, the authorities granted his request to travel to germany did have you went along to his production i had of opening night for your plea. nobody expected him to be here
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to direct. ah, when curio terribly cove direct music choreography and acting come together in a very special way. this time around in hamburg, he's taking on the black monk a live no novella by the great russian playwright, anton, check of an enigmatic prey about the search for one's own identity about liberation . but also about the deep at this of the human soul. and security is very much what the russian director has in mind. oh, to schedule, to record. because the theater is a place where the audience learn something new about human nature science literature. check off the black mark caused controversy in it state image and our production will do the same. i'm sure. who for the director. it's his 1st in person . directorial work. after a break of almost 4 years,
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in the summer of 2017, the theater director was arrested in moscow the accusation, embezzlement, of state funds. his supporters are sure it was a show trial targeting a free thinking artist is suspended sentence will not be lifted till next summer. so his statements are cautious, but clear your books you, it's fundamentally counterproductive to play a victim role, which after all, we are all adults and we know how and why the whole thing happened. i have my own says, but i prefer to keep them to myself because our role is cultural people is not to lie, not to fear anything and to maintain a human dignity in all situation was discouraged for when the tale of theater in hamburg invited. sarah burnett cove, nobody really expected him to come. it is no, we don't know how it happened in this respect. it's a miracle to us as well as it is in any case,
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a positive signal in terms of cultural policy. but whether it's a positive sick, no, that goes beyond this individual decision. i wouldn't dare say any. think about that since his ard was when the premier celebration is over. here you, sir, i've ranked off will return to moscow. and a reminder, the top stories were following for you, the so called islamic state as long as its largest attack in syria, since it was defeated there in 2019 targets in a prison house. and she had is a cottage lead, stay on democratic forces, see the recapture at most of the inmates who escaped in the chaos. you're watching . feet of the news up next reporter goes with french island to discover the face of thousands of people that i am radio. micah julia, thanks for your time. one of mankind's oldest m.


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