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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CET

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oh it's true was big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we ship light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d w? ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, fears of a resurgent, the so called islamic state conducts its most significant attack in 2 years. the g
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hottest group targeted a prison in the northeast of syria in an attempt to free thousands of its fighters coming up crisis diplomacy, top diplomat from russia and the united states pledge to keep the channels of dialogue open. moscow says it has no plans to invade ukraine despite the $100000.00 plus russian troops at the border. and italy prepares to introduce one of europe's 1st national coven 19 vaccine mandates for some, we look at why. ah, am i be quite often welcome to the program so called islamic state has launched the largest scale attack in syria since it was defeated bear in 2019 their target a prison holding jihadist in the ne and a kurdish lad,
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syrian democratic forces say they repelled the attackers and recaptured all or most of the inmates who escaped and the chaos 24 hours after the initial onslaught, the neighborhoods around whereon prison were still a battle ground. conflicting reports of numbers of dead fighters and civilians hung over the city like the plumes of smoke from explosions. almost a 100 suspected eye as fighters managed to escape from the prison. these curtis security forces prepared for combat. one, ha, we're now going into the basel round about where there's about $300.00 is lamar state fighters coming out on it will be facing them and turning them back to where they came from and got us will make them regret what they did. they're killing and trying to win, but we're here to stop at the middle of north of m la hundreds of residents with homes near the prison, fled the fighting. some of them eye witnesses to the bloodshed. and the letter
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has been bombing and warplanes since yesterday. and young people were slow, tense. what is happening? the situation is catastrophic. we got scared for our children and fled, nevada. there has been shelling and killing since yesterday. hot chocolate. i asked killed 45 people in our neighbourhood. this footage allegedly shows fugitives who are recaptured by kurdish forces. human rights organizations have criticized the kurdish authorities for the inhumane conditions in its prisons. with overcrowding, rampant and due process often denied to suspected. i asked militants, figure out how to cover the growing resentment toward the kurdish lead administration could help i escrow its ranks. the group once controlled swabs of syria and iraq, but was driven out by a coalition of us, kurdish and iraqi forces in 2019. just hours after the attack and syria began, i s gunman assaulted this army base and centrally rock military officials say the
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insurgents killed 11 soldiers as they slept. the 2 attacks show that i s is once again ready to pull off large scale attacks on both sides of the border from war. i'm now joined by mum would shake abraham. he's a freelance journalist based and air bel, iraq. welcome to the program, mahmoud. what are you hearing now about the situation on the ground in syria after this attack? good morning that this morning the clashes resumed about 5 30 in the morning, resumed again. and as you know, since yesterday they, the classes were started about the night before at about 8 p. m. at local time. and the estimated number of the attacker was i sailed about a 100 men. they stuck that tack with a car bomb. started the gate of the prison. and when we talk about this prison, it's not a normal prison, it's just
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a make shift prison. it was in the industrial vocational secondary school in the past, and after 2019 that needed to be a prison or a jane for isis. a 1000. the isis white after about goes back to my institution is so, you know, i was just going to ask, you said that it was a make shift prison. what kind of security then did it have? because as we saw, this is quite a brazen attack. actually they are the intensive the guarding process and the coalition was helping with watching and air support. but this is not the 1st time to be this happened in this prison or make you prison. it's happened. it's maybe the 12th or the 11th. i'm this time, but this is the biggest attack on the prison and the biggest operation of the eliminate, the so called islamic state. so they were depending gardening and depending on such
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a human beings not complete process, he talks about a little bit about some of the people who are being held in this prison. we know that there are some high ranking i as fighters there there. this prison contains about 5000 x isis traitors who surrounded the to the as the f after the goes back to in 2019. among these people there are 3 types of like, nationality, city. look at what and iraqis and also we have foreign fighters. majority of them are very talented, expedient fighters are 56, and they are very risky want. this is not the only prison but the main present northeast of syria, nama and shake abraham reporting for us from arable iraq. thank you very much. you are the top american and russian diplomats met in geneva in the last
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24 hours. foreign ministers, anthony blanket and survey la. rob's book extensively about ukraine. the united states and its allies are concerned. the kremlin is moving to attack its neighbour ukraine. but la rob and fis. moscow has no plans for an invasion, despite the presence of some 100000 russian troops at various points ukrainian border. by the time the talks wrapped up both sides pledged to keep talking at least their talking. but with relations between the us and russia, at an extreme low point, the 2 countries, top diplomats had radically different goals. the u. s. to avoid russian military action in ukraine. we been clear, if any russian military forces move across ukraine's border, that's renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and the united response from the united states, and our partners and allies. russia has that it wants security guarantees from the
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west, including denying nato membership to ukraine. russian foreign minister, sergey live raw said he hoped for a d escalation. we should not go to the suit i spoke frankly about this with tony blanco's uses and he agreed that we need to have a more reasonable dialogue. bully rose, i hope that emotions will decrease, although there are no guarantees. what suitable boy with such a good engine because you. meanwhile, ukrainians are preparing for an invasion that could come any day. the satellite photos are said to show russian military equipment near the border. tens of thousands of russian troops have also been station nearby in the east, where any invasion is expected to begin. ukrainian soldiers took heart from blinking the european trip. the goal is to help prevent. okay, well i think now when we faced this really tense situation, this is very important for our country, for sure. it shows that we are not alone that we have support you on with a russian threat. we can count on our forces and our allies power re,
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selena sewell says, however, the u. s. has ruled out a military response to any russian invasion. instead, it is outlined a range of possible sanctions. russia says it doesn't want to get bogged down in endless talks with the us, but both sides say they will indeed keep talking. let's look at some of the other stories we're following for you this our a saudi lag coalition fighting who the rebels in yemen has denied reports that had carried out air strikes that killed at least 70 detainees in a prison. humanitarian group say several children and civilians were also killed. the strikes targeted a jail and a telecommunications hub and destroyed buildings into cities. tens of thousands of anti abortion advocates gathered in washington for the annual march for life. demonstrators headed the to the u. s. supreme court,
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which is due to rule on mississippi's 15 week abortion ban, down through 24 weeks, a decision could up and a long established abortion rights across the united states. revered zen buddhist monk take that hon has died age 95. he came to prominence as a poet and a peace activist during the vietnam war. martin luther king junior nominated him for a nobel prize in 1967, the vietnamese spiritual leader champion what he called engaged buddhism. spreading messages of mindfulness, compassion and non violence. 5 women have reportedly been arrested and cobble after a group of men claiming to be taliban officials were seen breaking down the door. a female activist holmes, dominant czar yabby par jani was among a number of women protesting against the mandating of the head job over the weekend . the arrests came just hours after the campaigner published a video on social media calling for help. storefronts looked different under
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tall of on rule clothing shop owners have received an order to be had their female mannequins desperate for customers they used to capitated displays to attract female shoppers. what did of the taliban told us that these heads were against charee law? it's a bit like when they blew it, but a heads, so i was false to remove them. the order came from the tall bonds, ministry of virtue in the city of herat. it has angered many shoppers, some are even refusing to comply with it. for shopkeeper fi, armine, this is not just about the mannequins after the year. he is deeply skeptical of the tall bonds promised to grant women more rights than in their previous rule. after the year m. e, it says,
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all of this is just the beginning. now it's cutting off the heads up display manning, kings, but they will go further to more you will see, they will forbid even more things to women that they will do exactly as they did 20 years ago when they were in power. many can only anticipate what the taliban will order next. for many, especially here in europe, it was the chilling images from northern italy in march 2020. that underscored the serious nature of the corona virus pandemic. we saw hospitals overwhelmed with the sick and convoys of military vehicles taking away the dead. now in an attempt to ease pressure on its health care system, italy is introducing a vaccine mandate effective immediately for people over the age of 50. happy to roll up their sleeves for a jab. most people at this vaccine, st, and room are getting their booster shot. nearly 80 percent of italians awfully vaccinated. the majority of late,
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i am pretty sure understood the need though for dead the good of name vaccination. obviously we can reach 100 percent or no doubt. i mean this is impossible everywhere in the to work or that is only worries that, excuse that to me with the only gone variant people they may think linda, all me go on. these are like a simple flu. it is not true for a to war. edward vaccinations and explain the numbers much rather, more italians are getting covered at the moment, despite the good vaccination rates. but they are not often getting seriously ill. that's thanks to the vaccines. a top health expert tells us dr. francesco via has been exchanging data with researchers in south africa. he says the omicron in fiction patton, his clear, ne braces, oracle each other doing so. the africa door in the countries were in the gum. i can south africa, the beacon cases was very sudden,
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like i said to decline was also just a southern indiana. and now i imagine that initially, and i hope also in europe that at the end of january on the 1st on days of february, this can happen. tina janai, your prima day got they did, said bly, always so boss sucker did it for now. a green pass shoes you've been vaccinated and allows you into public spaces without one life is pretty limited and those limits are set to tighten. people over 50 have to get vaccinated. those who refuse will soon be suspended from work without pay. miss teacher is so angry, he's gone on hunger strike in protest. all the teachers that refused the of the nation and soul abolished the police man and so on. i have been, i have pushed off the work bus without any retribution. that means without the rise of a feeling the harmony of premium that have it without but the right to live
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italy states tell from cove it is the highest in the european union. this was the epicenter in europe when the outbreak began in 2020 and to date more than 140000 people have died of cove. it people here are still coming to terms of that, but there is the feeling that the worst is over. and that life will soon be back to normal for a country with so many elderly and venerable people, and one whose economy depends on tourism that couldn't come soon enough. you're watching dw news, i'm are record awesome for all of us here in berlin. thanks for joining us with sh hulu, where i can.


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