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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2022 12:15am-12:31am CET

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if you text indigent, may be possible to treat it amazing that she'd be more radical cura or an anti virus. i could spell a big change in the quality of life for people like hannah. honda results is clear cut is there, is there a rarity in medical science? now the focus will be on how the research is used. a ride. you're up to date, stick around christie plots, and we'll have the latest business news in just a moment. and remember, you can get more news on our website. that's d w dot com. we'll have more news at the top, the, our here and the channel for you until then. i'm aaron children in berlin and thank you for joining us. ah welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there
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was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? work through us. they. it doesn't matter, the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle o peak worlds this week on d, w a ah, the u. s. supreme court block the vaccine ar test rule for major u. s. employers,
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but upholds one for health care workers. also on the show, you find it and everything from your toothpaste to your car and high energy prices are making it ever harder to produce. the last think smelter in france, struggles to stay open and find out how a group of entrepreneurs plants to turn the french island rein yong into a global tech hub with i'm christy plots, and welcome to the show. u. s. president joe biden says the government government will double its purchase of co 19 tests with an extra $500000000.00 kits. bringing the total number of free tests to a 1000000000. a lack of available kits has stymied efforts to keep schools open and people working amid a surge in corona virus infections. you know, we're on track run track to roll out a website next week where you can order free chest shipped to your home. and in addition to the 500000000 half
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a 1000000000 tests that are in the process of being acquired to ship to you host for free to day, i'm directly my team to procure an additional half of the additional $500000000.00 more tests to distribute for free, i mean a 1000000000 tests in total, to meet future demand. at the same time, the supreme court has block, they rule requiring employees at large businesses be vaccinated against coven 19, or undergo weekly testing. however, the court will allow a vaccine mandate for most health care workers in the us ins, corta or correspondent in new york, joins us now. yann's, can you break down this mixed supreme court ruling for us? clearly, i mean, they have been complaints from some business groups that those civics in the mandate that could be hurtful. i mean there was a shortage of labor here in the united states. and with that mandate, you might have pushed out some workers from their job. so that was one
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concern on this side. on the other side, there's also a shortage of american co workers. but obviously there was this fear that the virus could spread specially in hospitals, for instance, them having that set. and that there was a shortage of medical workers that's value in the united states. the biden administration is a beginning to deploy actually 1000000 medical military. a team said to hospitals also by the way, here to new york throughout this year and to my brooklyn neighborhood to close by. ok. well let's talk about these 1000000000 tests. i mean, is this going to be enough to get schools and businesses up and running again? well, it is one crucial part to for the recovery and to get back to normal. but they had been some criticism that actually the biden administration neglected getting more
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a test, especially last year. so now they're trying to catch up. i mean, 1000000000 test, that's a big number. the question is, where do you get those tests from? there was a shortage of those tests. some companies the met, definitely put production down in the past them or slow down production in the past couple of months at said demand to him from watching was and that tie, what we do not know is when those tests will be available that i talked to a doctor and he said one of the problems with the rapid at home test is that a lot of people don't use them the right way. and then i know from my son school, for example, they hand out those tests, but not the body gets those tests done at home. so it won't solve all of the problems, but definitely it's going to be one crucial part. and to get back, the big question really remains. if those tests even will be available within the next couple of months,
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yann's quarter in new york. thank you so much. now to some of the other global business stories making news. delta airlines posted a $408000000.00 loss in the final quarter of 2021. as a surgeon cove, in 1900 cases triggered a wave of canceled flights. 8000 delta employees have contract at the virus in the last 4 weeks. the u. s. carrier is betting on a spring break, travel push to help bring back profitability and march chinese property developer ever grant has reached an agreement to delay payment for a 4 point. 5000000000 won bond. that's about 618000000 euros. the agreement signed between bondholders and ever grants. main business unit hang to real estate allows the company to avoid what would have been its 1st default on a public onshore bond. the dutch wing of environmental group friends
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of the earth is forcing 30 multinationals including cale i'm airlines and oil companies, b, p, and exxon mobil. to publish their emissions reduction plan or risk legal action. the group want a landmark court victory against royal dutch shell. falling a similar campaign last year. as winter takes hold and temperatures plunge, electricity prices are affecting more than just european households. energy hungry businesses like metals production are also feeling the squeeze. this is the last thing manufacturer left in france, but storing energy costs are threatening to bring production to a standstill. if prices remain as high as they are now, the smelter will be shut down on january 17th. he'll probably still until now. the price of electricity has been around $40.00 euro's per megawatt hour . but recently the prices have gone up to levels. i've never seen in my career 304-0500 euro's per megawatt hour and they will buy me,
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go with them. when it costs that much, it's just not possible to make zinc economically better. does it stop? if you decide to think is a common ingredient in everyday items, like toothpaste, sunscreen and soap, it's also critical for heavy industry. specifically when making metals like iron and steel, with it's 80 to megawatts. this plan uses 10 percent of the output of a nuclear power plant. and behind the smelter, amid the hum of transformers to very high voltage lines, supply the site directly with 225000 volts. here are the employees worried about the shut down? because nobody knows if or when they can return to their jobs or he on and just yet we have to react and close the factory of production just doesn't make sense financially gone. and as long we hope we're able to restart
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everything again. i'm just isn't normal in our industry because it's only the 1st time we've ever had to think of doing this since our smelter was built in 1975 . so this is an absolutely exceptional enjoy exception. and it's not just a problem here. $400.00 electro intensive factories in france alone are affected by skyrocketing energy prices and risks going out of business. one reason is lower gas supplies from russia, another, the costly transition to renewables. and here they say, if they are plant closes, friends would have to import indian or chinese thing which has a much larger carbon footprint. they hope that government steps in to protect their jobs and the environment the unemployment rate on the french island of rain. y'all is almost double the average for the rest of france, but brighter days could be on the horizon. a group of entrepreneurs hopes to turn
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the tropical island in the indian ocean into a global tech hub. reunion island is one of the was hot spots for biodiversity. it could soon also become a worldwide digital hub. and international consorts. him recently invested 50000000 euros in internet cable 24 times faster than existing connections. and that's just the beginning on them is recovery, which is our new cable connects the island to south africa. and other cable is planned to lean gree union to india. and china will also become a data hub where you can store huge amounts of information. yeah, we'll build enormous data centers and are hoping for private companies to invest up to 1000000000 euros onshore. the bottom line, he says, coming to reunion island should be a no brainer for the world's internet giants. less but was every laundry psych herb module there. 5 data hubs and the world war 2 in the united states to asia and one
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in europe. but there is a gap in the indian ocean. and so reunion island would be a magic spot for 6 hub. it's in the middle of the ocean, but part of europe, that means you have outstanding protection for your data plus other assets such as very well formed workers. spinning for me, this entrepreneur has already chosen reunion, ireland over mainland france. a company provides a platform to calculate exact doses of medication for newborns total pro connected there. the internet is as fast as in paris class reunion island gives us a discount on employers charges which brings down our non wage labor costs. shell. she meets fellow business people at an annual digital trade fair. many here are hoping that turning her union into a digital hub will help solve one problem that starting to emerge. yes. yes,
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awesome. the little quit from we're having difficulties finding id, specialist this, if it, if we're a union island, became a digital hub that would certainly attract more qualified personnel and make it easier for us to recruit you staff small. the digital plans could bring down local unemployment currently more than twice the national average. but this economist says they wouldn't be a cure or either leave your son to pa, by your director model ashley, young, numeric, thousands of dish. no jobs could be created in the digital sector, but this would not show up all our job seekers overcoming 5 or 10 years. men were people ever in the past worked in traditional areas and can't be trained for the digital sector overnight drop root hodges show. no convincing companies to set up shop here might not be such a challenge after all. good connectivity is not the islands, only trump. for the 2nd time this year, already space x has successfully launched. it's falcon,
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9 rocket from cape canaveral, carrying 105 satellites into space. 321 is living with all the orbital payloads. we're from 3rd party companies. today's transporter, 3 mission was part of a space ex low cost ride share program. targeted at small satellite operators. a round 9 minutes after take off the be $1058.00 1st stage booster landed safely back on earth 10th time. thanks for watching. that's all from me in the business team here in berlin for more check us out on our website, e w dot com, backlash business. we're all sunday w. notice you tube channels thanks into the conflict zone with sebastian on comfort zone this week. ethiopia civil war, no more than a year old and showing no sign of envy. o sites are accused of unspeakable
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atrocities that are deborah is administered for democratization. and he joins me from the capital a to phil. this is a complete zone. b, a, b one on d, w to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. we've seen more saber rattling, depression and kelly's in the former soviet republics of ukraine, bella rosen, catholic, stop. so does letting me put in want to create a new post soviet older and house to west respond to find out on to the point to the point in 60 minutes on d. w. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with listen carefully. don't know how to miss today. ah, feel the magic ah, discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. with uncommon exam this week, ethiopia, a civil war, now more than a year old and showing no sign of ending. all sites are accused of unspeakable


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