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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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the only criteria is booked, we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle open equals this week on d w ah ah, this is debbie news live from berlin omicron arrives in china. authorities begin mass testing out for 2 cases of highly contagious corona virus variant, architected near beijing. less than a month before the chinese capital is set to host the winter olympics. also coming
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up african leaders, me to discuss the situation in molly, where military rulers want to postpone elections. that would put civilians back in charge. and in the bonus league dormant came from behind to beat frankfurt and close the gap on league leaders. byron unit ah, i'm way bluecross. welcome to the program authorities in the chinese city. if young jin have started testing all 15000000 residents after 2 cases of the omicron corona virus, buried were detected there. john gene is near china's capital beijing, which will host the winter olympics next month. and with the major new year festive period approaching, china's authorities have been post strict locked downs and mass testing in hopes of
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containing the outbreaks. police officers in protective gear outside an apartment block in the port city of tianjin. officials found 2 locally transmitted cases of the faa spreading omicron variant on sunday. now, almost every one of tangents, 14000000 residence. we'll have to be tested for the corona virus. so he does a scene that's already been repeated in cities across china, like here in shan, where an outbreak began in december health officials, they're say new corona virus cases transmitted within the community are falling after mass testing and a severe lockdown. now in its 3rd week, millions confined to their homes, residents have complained about not being able to buy food or get medical care
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because of the restrictions. china is trying to stamp out the virus within its borders. the upcoming winter olympics and bay jing will draw athletes and dignitaries of from around the world. and authorities want to avoid a major coven 19 out. break at all costs. as change in health authorities roll out a mass testing program until residence to stay at home. the new clusters of locally transmitted cases or testing china's 0 covert strategy. the number of confirmed deaths from corona virus infections in the united kingdom. as top 250000, it's the highest recorded def, tall in any european nation. as the total of omicron cases in the u. k. surges ever higher, the health care system is once again under severe strength ambulances waiting to deliver patients to a hospital in north london. there's no space inside because all the beds are
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occupied by covert 19 sufferers. i seeing the as in school of providence st. mighty and an hour. i mean it's frustrating because i want to go in there. britain's hospitals are under pressure from record numbers of omicron infections around one in 15 people in england are thought to have cov, at 19 in london. the ratio is even higher of award. oh, i'd be 5 bedroom born, which was porpoise bed during the palm to make to look after patients, said colbert. currently alibi ward is fuller, and it's full with all conditions, said clover. most of those needing hospital treatment have not been vaccinated against the corona vice. this woman now wishes she had been. i should have been sent home. what, how many friends everybody else has had it was just me. did you feel like you were going to die? i did. mason and terrify,
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before i even got hate at home. when the ambulance came, i was on the last breath. my oxygen was below 70. yes, i am hovels quite close today. many blame those who for whatever reason have not had the vaccine. what they don't understand is that they, it isn't just a question to protect themselves. they're being selfish because they're taking up beds that need not be taken off. and that is putting more pressure on the health service staff shortages are a big problem. many doctors and nurses are off sick with the virus themselves. some hospitals have had to call in the army to pluck the gap left by absent medical workers. but there are signs of hope. health authorities say the number of omicron infections in london may now be passed its peak. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news right now. the united states has condemned the deadly airstrike in ethiopia as
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t great region. as unacceptable 56 people were killed and dozens more injured in a strike on friday night. ethiopian government is yet to comment, but as previously denied that it target civilians in the conflict with to grain rebels. a saudi princess and her daughter have been released after 3 years in detention without charge. protest plasma been sowed is an outspoken critic of the kingdoms, treatment of women or lawyer. she says she is quote, worn out, but in good spirits. the james web space telescope has completed its deployment phase, as it makes its way to its horrible point. more than a 1000000 kilometers from earth, launched on christmas day, the most powerful telescope ever built will help explore the origins of the universe. first, images are expected. in june. situation in kazakhstan, largest city, a lottie is reported to be calm, but tense after violence. this week,
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the death toll from the unrest remains unclear. the interior ministry says more than 5000 people were arrested troops from a russian lead. security alliance are still entering the country after appeals for help from cause extends president and local people are facing an uncertain future. a disparate white for news, an al mahdi morgue, dozens of people line up. many of them be their loved ones died on january 6th. the worst i of a bloody wake in kaz extends largest city, another q a now mighty this one for bread. many stores had to close during the unrest in recent days. people are running out of food, good to we have other stores, the one over there and another further up the road. it's been closed since yesterday, but people need to eat something that government appears back in control of downtown almighty. but days approaches. i'm looting. have scott the city as
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demonstrate is let out the anger a decades of authoritarian rule, destroying the softness of the ruling party. the unrest frightened many in the city. some welcome the army on the straits of with the restore. a feeling of security to people will give us the sense that we're on the way out of this. when things are gradually getting back to normal, watch go only one window, but no malady doesn't look like this. elsewhere in the city, the government kitchen is what it calls an anti terror operation. it's determined to put down opposition, whether it comes from violent all peaceful protesters. they haven't been listening to the people as a politician. one said, if there's no chance of the peaceful revolution will be an armed one. as the situation worse and people rushed to flee kazakhstan some here in the north and
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many more in the south. me our mati. they're frightened by the situation in the city. one of them says it's as if the war has already arrived. west african leaders are meeting at a high stakes summit to discuss a plan to postpone elections. and molly, which has been under military rules, into coo and 2020 the 100 committed to holding elections this february and return the country to civilian rule. but just over a week ago and said it needed more time to carry out reforms. molly has been battling as the hottest insurgency for years, and large parts of the country are outside government control. let's get more details now. do you have your correspondent isaac colored z, who's in accra? where echo us leaders are meeting. isaac, thanks so much for joining us. let's start with echo us. it's been insisted that molly holds elections as planned in february. how is it responded to this
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postponement? that's been proposed by the military government. so initial reaction from alco asked him from the ac was mediator who is looking at the situation dies for my, my dear, i'm president. good. like you and i fun. and who has said that this time to will propose, out from their military and leaders, was not acceptable. and that is a reaction for milk was the immediate reaction from local us through the across media type. this time table is not acceptable, but he's again, going to put this forward in a report for the leaders who are meeting today again are cra for them to now decide what to do next. in terms of given as definite action in terms of what we're doing, reaction to what a lead, as adam literally destined molly, i see. so that as a reaction, immediate reaction we are picking from alcohol as we speak. and isaac, what the honda is saying is that it needs more time to bring in reforms before
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there can be that transition to civilian rule. how credible is that being seen beneath those risen they've given. the manipulators i've given is also the issue of insecurity in molly. and of course, that is confirmed by even recent withdrawal of french troops from that some parts of the northern that center origin in molly at which gives miley not a headache and trying to deal with the at the militant activities that are taking place in part of the country, so the as this is a legitimate consent that you kind of have an election that in place next month, february, where most people in molly cannot participate, especially those in the northern, in a central part of molly cannot participate. so this is a good reason, but i think that for the echo, as late as that timeline is something that they are not happy about 5 years. it's not something we really want to accept at this moment. it definitely seems like there's a back and forth going on there. and one of that is that echo us already has sanctions
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on molly's hunter. what leverage does the group really have over the country and his current leadership? for a very complicated and alia, and a few months ago, the poor functions on them literally does themselves through with some press on them to, to abide by the time table to transition our time table. and currently, as is big, the only other lever to have is to impose financial and trade sanctions on molly to see how was it by the whole country. this disease can then react and then the lead has gone. also begin to think along the line of equity, or i just made thing. we have their west african economic and monetary union also meeting big if cigna that there could be some decisions in the area of financial or trade functions on molly, who to add to keep them in line. but it's still a complicated issue and is not, does a clay,
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it's signal as to what i've got to be that way to go to find solution to my lease, but it's got crisis. all right, isaac ledger, we're going to leave it there with you for now. an awkward thanks so much for bringing us the latest. let's bring it back to germany now and some sports news, or was he adored bond. took advantage of league leaders by our music's unexpected slip up against. glad buff. on friday by beating. i've talked frankfurt to put themselves back in the title race, but it has is so often the case. dorman, did it the hard way don't mind, aren't short of superstars yet. time after time, season after season. they've let born out of jail. so it was no surprise when frankfort to can only lead. there were just 60 minutes on the clock when raphael bray made at one mill keeper, grig coble. miss dawkins last game through illness. and the swiss international was caught cold here. more hot las defending 100?
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maria seconds. just 9 minutes later by dorman, skipper markelle royce was trying to multiply his own books is anyone's guess. and the re took full advantage to know the halftime score. dockman had to rule up their sleeves, but when they eventually pulled one back through subterranean casa and 71 minutes, it seemed to have come too late. but perhaps this team does have the guts required for a title dog fight. jude bellingham made it to to with 3 minutes to go. and then monkwood da, who'd spotted jubilation in the black and yellow ranks. the german international curling in the winter with just a minute left. emotions were still bubbling at full time. but dormant coach michael rosa looked the calmest man in the stadium. as he made off with 3 precious points. oliver cousin drew if on yon berlin to
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keep their noses in front of the visitors in the race for champions lea qualification with the score 11. chris promo pounced from close range early in the 2nd half to put on young to one up unit on ties. late header secured it to, to draw for labor cuz the result means they still dropped down to 5th place. and that's all we got for you for now. up next is world stories. it looks at how the humanitarian crisis neetha olivia is only getting worse. always to have the day with us data bureau. com. we're going to have a lot more for you sir. so stay tuned. thanks so much.


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