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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 5:00am-5:15am CET

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mark devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking our every move. are we headed to a futuristic utopia, poor but digitize nightmare? the internet of every thing start january 17th on d. w. ah, ah. ah . this is the w news alive from her lips. burton's health service starts to buckle under the pressure of rapidly spreading unrecorded infections. as the u. k. records more coated related deaths than any other country
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in europe. 200 soldiers had laid st. helpful stopping shortages in london. hospitals also coming up cossacks down, begin to assign blame after dozens of are killed in the worst violence in decades. the government says it is now regained control following widespread protest and camera and gets ready to host the africa cup of nations, the continents premier international football competition. ah, i'm anthony held walking to the program. the number of people who have died after being infected by the corona virus in britain has top to 150000. it's the highest death toll in any european nation. and as the total of a micron cases in the u. k. surges ever higher, the health care system is at full stretch ambulances waiting to deliver
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patients to a hospital in north london. there's no space inside because all the beds are occupied by cove at 19 sufferers. i lose my seeing the accidents of cover to save money and allow somebody is frustrating because i want to go in there. britain's hospitals are under pressure from record numbers of omicron infections around one in 15 people in england are thought to have cov, at 19 in london. the ratio is even higher of award. oh, i'd be 5 bedroom one which was porpoise bed. dude in the palm to make to look off the patient, said colbert, currently obey ward is fuller, and it's full of it all finish and said clover. most of those needing hospital treatment have not been vaccinated against the karone of ice. this woman now wishes she had been. i should have listened toma what. how many friends?
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everybody else has had it was just me. did you feel like you were going to die? i did. mason and terrify. before i even got here at home, when the ambulance came and i was on my last breath, my oxygen was below 70. yes, ha, ha ha, goes quite close today. many blame those who, for whatever reason have not had the vaccine. what they don't understand is that they, it isn't just a question to protect themselves. they're being selfish because they're taking up beds that need not be taken off. and that is putting more pressure on the health service staff shortages are a big problem. many doctors and nurses are off sick with the virus themselves. some hospitals have had to call in the army to pluck the gap left by absent medical workers. but there are signs of hope. health authorities say the number of omicron infections in london may now be passed its peak. thousands of demonstrators have
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taken to the streets in germany again to protest the country's corona virus restrictions a small but vocal minority. they have been making headlines with a protests for weeks saturday. i also saw a number of counter demonstrations as well. wow. yet another protest on the streets of germany. week after week, people gather all over the country to protest the government corona virus restrictions, especially against the unvaccinated volley own mortgage banner. it's unbelievable that people are being excluded and discriminated, unloaded this. i don't like if you have to believe that people are being excluded from everyday life in what is supposed to be a tolerant country if you meant and also because i was good then finnic as i'm voc kidney but while the police is busy keeping anti vexes and check in towns and cities across germany. counter protest are also becoming more common like this one in austin of lik, a is important to show that we're not against something,
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but for something getting vaccinated and an end to the pandemic me until the ultimate number in the town of middleton. thousands formed the human chain in solidarity with local politician who had been threatened by anti back, says, as restrictions have tightened, the anti vector movement has become increasingly radicalized and violent. least fears that the protest a draining its resources, the hum goodness, what you where they are protesting and all these cities didn't. there was her offices are constantly in action. what almost after perform the usual duties as well. so i looked as long as she finish mills, congo. now this is our job, but it's a big burden from listeners. this one's off, god bless it. once apr as the anti boxes are busy, protesting the general public is busy getting vaccinated. sometimes in unusual settings in this habit nightclub christmas over night or hearing to go the booster
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shots. all right, let's get a look at some of the other stories making use this hour albanian police abuse, tear gas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of protesters after they broke into the headquarters of the main opposition party. the center right democratic party is in the midst of an external power struggle. the group loyal to the acid leader, sally berisha, wants to remove the current party. here. at least 7 people have been killed when a cliff collapsed onto several tourist boats in southeast, in brazil. 2 of the vessels were crushed completely while others escaped, the impact of the falling rocks. first responders say 3 people remain unaccounted for. james webb, space telescope has completed its deployment phase, as it continues its journey to its orbital point. a 1000000 miles from the earth launched into space by nasa 2 weeks ago the most powerful telescope ever built will
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help explore the origins of the universe of the situation and cossacks. dan's largest city al marty is reported to become but tense after violence this week. troops from a russian lead security alliance continued to enter the country after appeals to help from the president. the death toll from this week's unrest remains unclear, and local people are facing an uncertain future a disparate white for news that had our mighty morgue. dozens of people line up, many of them for their loved ones died on january 6th. the worst die of a bloody wake in kaz extends lodge, a city, another q, and now mighty this one for bread. many stores had to close during the unrest in recent days. people are running out of food. good was to have other stores the one over there and another further up the road has been closed since yesterday. but people need to eat something. the government appears back in control of downtown
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almighty, but days approaches and looting have scarred the city as demonstrate is let out their anger. at decades of authoritarian rule, destroying the softness of the ruling party. the unrest frightened many in the city. some welcome the army on the straits lowville forbidden to restore a feeling of security to people will give us the sense that we're on a way out of this. when things are gradually getting back to normal, which was given a window. but no malady doesn't look like this. elsewhere in the city, the government kitchen is what it calls an anti terror operation. it's determined to put down opposition whether it comes from violent or peaceful protesters. they haven't been listening to the people as a politician once said,
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if there's no chance of the peaceful revolution, they'll be an armed one. as the situation worse and people rushed to flee, has ext on some here in the north. and many more in the south, near marty. they're frightened by the situation in the city. one of them says it's as if the war has already arrived. a poland ruling party has amended the country had purchased the pegasus spy software. the party, however, dismissed allegations, the software was used to spy on several members of poland, opposition, the peg as a software let's you eavesdrop and track the location of a target by using a smartphone. the head of the law and justice party yarrow, suave kuchinski, himself confirmed what other government officials brushed off as fake news. poland does have pegasus, spyware, polish media say it was apparently paid for by the justice ministry from
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a fun to fight crime. that justice minister also admitted purchasing the software will be completely seamless seal. it would be a disgrace if polish services didn't have access to such technology and didn't make it available to long foresman authorities issues. the opposition alleges that the government hacked the phones not only of criminals, but also of political rivals, so it could influence the outcome of the 2019 elections. they say a state attorney, a lawyer, and the opposition parliament, members to stop brezza were among those targeted braces. text messages were allegedly stolen, manipulated, and published and pro government media. the local, the study. they use the data, they east dropped on hundreds of people that they collected information about the opposition to use in their election campaign parties or even berkeley. the suspicions have been confirmed by a university of toronto research group, which has been investigating the spyware abuse. and amnesty international says this
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not only concerns the privacy of individuals, cordelia stock block this process to ask about the stability and trust in the democratic process. and poland told joseph kuchinski says it's much ado about nothing so far. there is no sign of a government inquiry, and the public prosecutor's office has rejected calls for a prob sport. now an bursey adored man, took advantage of league, laid his bind, minex slip up against. glad back on friday by baking frank fit to put themselves back in the title race. but as he's so often the case, don't mind, did it the hard way? dockman aren't short of superstars yet time after time. season after season. they've let byron out of jail. so it was no surprise when frankfort took an early lead. 7 there were just 60 minutes on the clock when raphael bray made at one mill keeper grig coble. miss dawkins last came through illness and the swiss international was caught cold here. more heartless,
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defending 100 berry a 2nd. just 9 minutes later. why dorman, skipper markle royce was trying to mop up in his own boxes anyone's guess. and barry took full advantage to nil halftime score. dormant had to roll up their sleeves, but when they eventually pulled one back through sub toward another and 71 minutes, it seemed to have come too late. but perhaps this team does have the guts required for a title dog fight. jude bellingham made it to to with 3 minutes to go. and then mcgruder heard spotted jubilation in the black and yellow ranks. the german international, curling in the winter with just a minute left. emotions were still bubbling at show time. but darkman coach marco rosa looked the calmest man in the stadium as he
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made off with 3 precious points. staying with football and cameron host the 33rd edition of the africa cup of nation starting on sunday. the 1st major football tournament has strict coven protocols to navigate, all spectators must be fully vaccinated and show a negative pissy artist. despite the restrictions, though, the indomitable lines will naturally have the biggest fan based hosting the tournament for the 1st time in 50 years. i mooney enzo already dance in the streets. the spirit of football is in air. and everywhere you look, the host nations flag is sure to be seen. and local fans hope the indomitable lands come when they are 6th african title on home soil. philadelphia, i a very proud one of the work. my country is put into hosting the tourney. me lemme after a very long time. la la daniel, come only play lonely. that is what's a good. my hope is that everything goes well. no, mia gang?
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me. the best team when and that we have a beautiful celebration, yokohama, dizzy, but the last sunday hosted a tournament back in 1972, the phil to win. however, striker eric madison chuckle. martine hopes they can make fans happy. of course, it's an honor to play, to play the nations come at home when he is a special thing, of course for the whole nation. by them, i want to go as far as possible. it's clear we have women, we're good team. we're a big national people in africa and them fresh listen. the most successful country in the history of the tournament is egypt with 7 titles, followed by cameron's 5 and defendant champions. algeria have won it twice. led by manchester, cities re at marez. the foxes have not lost their game since november 2018 and recently won the era quote. while extend india on beat history. that 24 teams are
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being drawn into 6 groups. the top 2 teams from each group along with the 4 best turd plays, teams are guaranteed a spot in the last 16. and i wound with hope that the next 4 weeks of football go without a hitch. as it puts on a show for the walled to remember, and that is all the needs, the now coming up sports life after a short break, stay tuned for that. and he can step to bite on our website to be found at d, w dot com. and on instagram and twitter to our handle there is at d. w. news. michael oakwood is next in the tab that ah ah.


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