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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, what is true was it doesn't matter the only criteria, what will people we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits and why are they a threat to what's all open world this week on d, w ah . d w line from berlin, the united states smocks a fight for a lot of us working together for one nation under god.
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introduce the today tomorrow forever and our bridge. we are in the united states of america a year to the day after a mob storm b u. s. capital in washington. d. c. has the bible described, donald trump, the 1st u. s. president to refuse to accept the will of the american fleet. also on the program doesn't kill this protest as in cat expand battle security forces in the worst unrest for 30 years. the president of pills for health almost soviet states led by russia, sent troops in ah i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. yes, president joe biden has marked the 1st anniversary of the storming of the u. s.
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capital. the violent mob of trump support is attempted to stop the certification of the 2020 election results and biden's. when in his speech the president sought to land, the truth of what happened that day. a year on many trumps supports us continue to spread false narratives about the attack. many republican lawmakers still refused to acknowledge that president biden won the 2020 election. president said that american democracy was under threats as long as that discord remained. he also had a scathing assessment of his predecessor, who he said, had set the stage for the attack by continuously sewing doubt about the 2020 election. the former president, united states of america, has created spread a web of wise. but the $21.00 election he's done so because he values power over principle. because he sees his own interest is more important than his
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country's interest than america's interest. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution, he can't accept. he lost the w. 's or washington bureau chief in his poll watched today's as feature welcome in his that present spoke for about half an hour or so a which parts of that speech stood out for you. well, phil, this is, was he really a historic a speech in many regards? it was definitely one of the most passionate ated of president biden. but it is also really rare to hear such harshness and personal criticism or from a sitting president about a former president. what stood out was kind of the fact that he didn't what he used to do really try to reach out to the other side to kind of focus on unifying the united states. again, that was a clear message. donald trump is kind of the brain behind the search behind
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the storming of the capital, and he has to be hold accountable. and there was no doubt that he stopped kind of or changed his strategy from trying, trying to convince from supporters that he is the elected president, that donald trump is just spreading lies by saying that the elections were reeked, biden addressed his own people to stand firm with him and stopped from trying to reach out to the trump supporters. it was interesting, he did it all without ever naming donald trump lots of done republican lawmakers stayed away from today's event. but, but the former president has reacted or what's he been saying this? well, you know, as expected and he just plays it down. he is kind of playing the game behind the scenes. he wants to run again in 2024. there is no doubt and he's just like,
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appealing to his supporters. he's. he wants to stay strong. there is no doubt or that he doesn't, it, that he's not willing to give in just an inch. he doesn't take any responsibility for what happened exactly one year ago, and that is how he's playing it. and actually also a rather a republican leaning media like fox news say for example, didn't report about biden's speech at all. so trump will keep preaching to his choir and is not willing just to thing for a moment about what he is responsible for. i know you and i were both working a bad night a year ago to day. so let's take a look at your report about the day's events. o, long before election day donald trump had announced that if he should lose the white horse, then only because the election was ripped. it didn't come as
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a surprise that thousands of tron followers gathered in washington d. c. the very day the peaceful transition of power was meant to take place. january 6 and 2021. in there he is in the very i had been at the mall for hours to report for the dublin hughes and could physically feel how the more changed during the speech of donald trump. the protests so far had been intense, but with every sentence donald trump spoke, it got more and more aggressive. our country has had enough. we will not take it any more and that's what this is all about. no one was prepared for what happened then. neither police nor politicians, the images of trump supporters storming the capital of the united states shocked the world and left deep marks in this country which claims to be one of the oldest
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democracies. the findings of the investigations showed how close a real could it or was this cold january afternoon? and in its paula democracy was a big fame into a speech from mister by me, talked about a knife having being held at its throat. so where are we a year on, in terms of american democracy? well, the, as the, i was able to arrest some of those who are or who were storming or the capitol. but you know, what many people are really are kind of waiting for, is that trump and other masterminds behind this attempt of included tar will face a kind of also some trial by this probably won't happen. and why is that? because basically because the republican lawmakers are not willing to challenge
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donald trump because they experience what happens to, to those who are critical with the former president like las cheney. they just basically get expelled from the, from their own party. so there is a lot of fear amongst a republican lawmakers at then that kind of protects donald trump from facing what he probably should face. thanks so much i d, w. so it wasn't a bureau chief in his poll. we'll take a look at the war stories making news around the world. now started sir dan, where police have used tear gas against thousands of demonstrators demanding a transition to civilian rule. the reports of at least one protested, was killed. the 60 people had died in protest fits the mother. she took power at the end of october. a toxic gas leak from an industrial tanka has killed at least 6 people in west and india. another $25.00 were hospitalized after they inhaled the gas in an industrial complex in serrato. good, your out state. both curious as it has launched
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a hypersonic missile and it's 1st major weapons test this year. pyongyang claims it hit a target 700 kilometers away. hypersonic missiles, why it wasn't 5 times the speed of sound hungry parts. as korean president, moon j in says, the launch adds to regional touches from the lumber hunger. now to cast stone where security forces say they have killed dozens of protesters who were storming government buildings, and several police officers were killed in the country's biggest city. our matee, in the worst unrest for 30 years. catholic stands president casem jermarta kaya appealed to russia for help. the moscow lead alliances and in peacekeeping troops, soaring fuel prices spark the protest now in their 5th day, the european union and the united states. according for restraint. this eye witness footage gives some idea at the level of unrest continuing through
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the night in kazakhstan, looting, and an attempt to break into a local bank after skirmishes with security forces or russia led military alliance as now agreed to dispatch so called peacekeeping forces to catholic storm after the countries president asked for help in controlling the protests. the unrest originally began over the weekend in the remote oil hub of channels then at the price of fuel. but the unrest quickly spread to other cities leading to a nation wide state of emergency. in our marty police were deployed to curb the unrest but tear gas and stung grenades. have done little to dissuade the crowds. neither have hundreds of arrests or the imposition of a curfew and newton restrictions in several regions. cassock president cathy joe mac or kaya said he would reinstate price controls,
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but protest does the now calling for political change beyond the price of fuel. in a surprise, move president took care of sack the government and took control of the state security committee ousting. former president and longtime ruler, new assault, and us up i have talk i of has lent on the military and is now called on the collective security treaty organization. a moscow paste alliance of 6 former soviet countries for assistance which has been granted catholic stones will thorough tarion government usually tolerates little real opposition. but this time, the protest is angus seems to have called the authorities off, got houses affecting the european union via phone. the club owners, a member of the european parliament, represented the grange the european, the free alliance. welcome to d, w. you house cold for restraint to study enough? well, you know, i think there is an overall dissatisfaction and has a stand for a long time. and as you have mentioned in your report,
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i mean this increase of the fuel prices was just the last part. but i think it would be good if you could be more present, more visible, more active, and more engaged. so i guess it would be good if we could have set up a task. diplomacy from the european union, special representative, the european union coordinator, or special representative for human rights. last for l. and last, maybe some people from the commission and make sure that we are the alternative to putin troops and we are in the center off, has asked them to make sure these protests become peaceful and calm. and there's a mediation inc has us rather than an oppression and the blanket as we see right now. the footages i have received look like a war zone. a does look bad, but people are going to look at this and thing to the cells. well, you know,
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ok you, you've asked for the you say you should be more engaged. why given the catholics down is not a member of the a you, why is this the in years business? it is not the use business. it is the business that we care about people and cut off. and the autocratic regime has for a long time, priced and repressed the people, the right of the people that were torturing in, in prison. and the economic situation is really not great. even. we have ratified and so called and hands and partnership and cooperation agreement, but this was not filled by sun as it could be could have been use. and that's very unfortunate. and actually the disparity of income is increasing. there's only a small league around as a buyer, but around the executive government and their families who benefit from those agreements. and this can be in our interests. and so you've called for
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the establishment of and use special representative to do what to achieve. walked for whom? well, you know, there is already and you representative, but this person is not, there is not present in this person. and maybe, as i said, a task force off people from the you should be the should, should to have a round table to speak to the protest this on one side to speak to the president and to speak to the maybe interim parliament to make sure they said transition period, a transition period which would then prepare a reform steps and so far it was just the masquerade that if you read out the official statements by the cadillac government, and by the cadillac officials, this is not sufficient. and this will never lead to a peaceful situation, and this cannot be in the interest of the european union. thank you so much for
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joining us of the, on our from common number of the european parliament. thank you. good line of sports on the world tennis number one, novak jock of it, you spending a 2nd night in a detention hotel after being refused entry into australia. the serbian star was stopped when he arrived in melbourne to take part in the australian open border officials council. his visa rejecting his exemption from strict code 19 vaccination . was it challenging deportation order? he found me say he's the victim of a political attack, an agenda more world years at the top of the hour, up next, a documentary looking at worldwide to boost surrounding menstruation with
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