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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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a strew was big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds starts january 5th on d, w k. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, united states records, a 1000000 new infections in a single day. confirmed infections have doubled in the past week is the highly
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contagious ahmed crime. variance spreads across the country will speak to a health expert about what this means for americans fight against the pandemic. also coming up, a man accused of deliberately setting fire to south africa is parliament building has appeared in court. he denies starting the blaze now finally contained after flaring up for a 2nd time. plus, india considers raising the legal marriage age for women from $18.00 to $21.00. the debate is fierce over what problems it's meant to solve, will take a closer look. and despite the panoramic one of the world's largest tech fairs, the consumer electronic show is going ahead in las vegas, will have a preview of some of the latest innovations and gadgets going on displayed. ah
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aah! conic spicer to our viewers on p b. s. in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome to the program. the u. s. has recorded more than 1000000 new coven 19 infections on monday. that's a world record for confirmed daily cases, though it's partly because of a reporting backlog. after the new year's holiday, confirmed infections have doubled in the past week as on the chrome spreads across the country. that hospitalization and death rates have been lower than in previous ways. u. s. center for disease control has recommended shortening the wait for booster jobs to 5 months, but more than a quarter of the population is still completely un vaccinated. just moments ago, u. s. president joe biden address the nation urging citizens to get vaccinated, unvaccinated, taking up hospital beds and crowded emergency rooms and intensive care units as
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displaced other people need access to those hospitals. so please, please, please get vaccinated now. there's no excuse, no excuse for anyone been on vaccinated. this continues to be a pest demick of the unvaccinated. so we got to make more progress. and for patients who still haven't gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. look out for their interest here. it's the best way to protect them. folks, i know we're all tired and frustrated about the pandemic, is coming weeks are going to be challenging please, where your mass can pump to protect yourself and others. we're going to get through this. we're going to get through now going to by william shafter he is professor of preventive medicine at the department of health policy at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville. professor, are you dismayed by the low level of vaccination now that on
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a cron is is spreading oh, neck of i am absolutely dismayed by the low level of vaccination. no, we have been promoting vaccination for months now, but there is a contingent of adults that are still hesitant. skeptic and i will say down, right, stubborn about not receiving the vaccine. and these are frequently also people who are not bringing their children forward to be vaccinated. and in addition to that, we of course have people who have had 2 doses of the m r and a vaccine that still need their booster for optimal protection. so we have an enormous amount of vaccination work to do here in the united states. and do you think that perhaps some of the harsher measures are more rigorous measures that europe is applying? looking at austria, for instance, where there's a vaccine mandate are needed or even possible in the united states. now the
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question is possible, right? you can have a public policy, but it has to be generally accepted. there are 2 kinds of populations in the united states. i'm part of the one group that would like to have more obligations and requirements for vaccination. and then of course, there's a large number of people who pushed back against that very, very strongly. ah, and i think we haven't come to a consensus. and it differs in different states across the country. i'm in tennessee where we have a large proportion of the unvaccinated still. and if, if we could, professor, just talk a little bit about the facts on the ground, the on the cross variant that is spreading faster than the delta, but appears to be at early reports less severe. does this mean that corona virus is going to become endemic, something that we just have to get used to living with permanently like the flu? for example. all will short answer. your question is yes. a corona viruses,
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cove, it is not going to disappear and we will have to cope with it as we do with influenza on an ongoing basis. it is true, omicron spreads widely. it can even infect people who are vaccinated and boosted. but the important thing to focus on is those people get mile disease. yes, you could even have to go to bed for a day or 2, but you don't require hospitalization. hospitalization almost completely still is comes from people who were on vaccinated at all. and that's where the burden of unvaccinated people are and, and hospitalizations, and that's what straining our health care system. ok. professor williams schaffner talking to us from nashville, tennessee, thanks for your time. thank you. europe is also contending with record
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infections to start the new year. here in germany, health officials or warning that the true scale of the crisis is not yet known. because of a lag and testing and reporting of cases over the holiday period. while army cron numbers have exploded across europe, germany has buck the trend. here. infection numbers have remained relatively low over the past few weeks, but that com may be deceptive. cases have been under reported over the holiday period and many think a steep rise in the infection rate is inevitable. and for the 1st time in weeks, cases have actually started to go up. but there is a marked shift in where the virus is heating hardest, where it's just a few weeks ago, the south eastern regions saw the biggest number of infections. now it's north western germany that is seeing a spike in cases. this is likely due to the spread of army crown cases from neighboring netherlands and denmark that have seen a sharp rise in new infections. authorities fear
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a new wave of infections could affect the running of critical infrastructure such as hospitals and other public services. this is prompted a debate on changes to quarantine roles with officials suggesting shortening isolation periods for people who test positive for cove at 19 munoz. over him are allows for, if everyone suddenly drops out, then we can close the whole store. if just one person is left, they can't move from one department to the next and then do the checkout at the end . that's impossible this order. while most people in germany support the measures currently in place nationwide some 35000 people took to the streets again on monday to protest against germany's corona virus restrictions. many protesters are also angry at the new government's plan to introduce a vaccine mandate. more and more politicians have come out in favor of it, but it will be up to the german parliament to decide with a vote expected at the end of february. and hear some more of the latest
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developments in the pandemic. the prime minister of israel says a 4th fax, and seen shot significantly increases antibodies and diminishes the risk of infection and hospitalization. natalie bennett was announcing the preliminary results of the hospital trial a day after the country began. a new booster campaign for people over 60, china has locked down another city just after 3. a symptomatic cases were discovered. residents of usual, in hannon province, have been confined to their home since monday evening, and only allowed to leave under exceptional circumstances. finally, sweden's king and queen have tested positive for the corona virus. their spoke people say they're fully vaccinated. tenant, have only suffered from mild symptoms. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. unrest over rising gas prices has gripped the central asian nation of kaz extent. protests that began in the countries west have spread. police have detained protesters in the
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capital, nor sultan, and the populace south. the president has about his government won't fall, but is promising to listen to protesters demand hades. an interim prime minister says he has survived an assassination attempt. gunman opened fire and all he and his entourage emerged from a church forcing them to run for their lives. he is blaming bandits for trying to kill him. he has effectively been in charge of the caribbean republic since this president was assassinated last year. sudanese soldiers have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the capital. cartoon. clashes were reported in several places including near the presidential palace to dance. political crisis deepened on sunday when the prime minister quit, after failing to find a deal to please both the military and it's pro democracy opponents, firefighters in south africa say they finally contain the blaze that tore through
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the parliament building after it flared up for a 2nd time the man accused of deliberately starting a fire has now appeared in court. he is facing 5 charges, including arson, and possession of an explosive device. the suspect denied all charges when he appeared in court. i'm faced the assembled press. the 49 year old who lives in the township, se of the city center was the only person arrested in connection with the fire. his lawyer said the wrong person had been detained and that his client was being made a scapegoat. he advocated for a release on bail, but the prosecution seem certain they have their man and are trying him on 5 charges. for those judges include housebreaking, we intend to steal and sent it to count of awesome. it was, as you know, an explosive device,
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empty section of the essence as infrastructure. the case has been close going to the 11th of january and explosion could have made an already chaotic situation. worse, firefighters 1st tended to the blaze on sunday. hampered by the fact that the building sprinkler system had malfunctioned, then it flared up again on monday evening after high winds and was eventually extinguished late at night. no one was injured with parliament still closed for the holidays. the building is expected to be out of use for several months. over the next 7 days, police will continue their investigations gathering additional evidence. the accused will remain in custody until his next court appearance. and for more on this, we are joined by journalists and taekwan's, an attorney in cape town. can you tell us more about how the dane court unfolded? it's quite a dramatic course. let me just say that at the beginning,
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the court here was expected to start at 9 am, but of course, had to be negotiations allow the press inside the courtroom. and for the press of film, the whole proceeded. and that took more than an hour, but eventually the man said, africa wanted to see appeared as to how much i just caught, he appeared, dishevelled. he didn't look very keen. and he appeared to be wearing the same clothes that he appeared to have one on the day that he was still keeping up some way the parliament. so he then his persecution, the national prosecutors off the court to postpone the case. at least the bail hearing by 7 days saying that they need more time to accept him where the men live . but also he called food investigations. as you had said, that there was more fire investigator for investigate has only started doing was
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today in terms of determining what the source of the fire actually was. so all of that made the magistrate to allow the 7 days more. where no, did i really hear a person would have to have a bail hearing more, not more than 48 hours income city. you gave us a few details there and i understand the prosecution as requested more time to gather even more. but do we have any idea about a know this man is and what is possible motive might be what we know is that he is, and i'm an employee man, is you had he lives in a township? not too far to use. apologies. not too far from parliament, we understand that he's from another province that not with of him, but he moved to the western cape to try and get a better life, but he has been unemployed to move for the past 6. yes,
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that's all we know about this man, but he appeared a bit disoriented in court and so his lawyer had to convince the press that he is the one who actually wanted private representation in terms of this case as opposed to getting a that would be provided by the state. ok, thank you for those facts. journalists into quite an attorney covering the arson trial of a suspect in the fire at south africa as part of it. and we turned to india. now were a government proposal to raise the legal age of marriage for women, sparking debate proponents say changing the age to $21.00 would empower women and how tackled the problem of child marriage. some experts caution it would do little to address the root causes of gender inequality in india, d, w 's veneer chandry reports from delhi. i think this long to say point counterpoint. agreements and this agreement with these young call is going women
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are deleting the right age to get married. do. ready i get associated with an organization or then care which heads girls and women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, bus 2 and complete their education. yeah. do you think they did? when do you and then you get an idea. when do you want to be independent enough to take busy that you she wants to mad or not? i was, i get these are that more excuses as well because we are doing them at family living as those only have a majority more often than not child marriage, hands or goals, chance at education and financial independence and leads her wonder able to health risks according to unicef, at least 1500000 girls get married and india before they turn 18 every you. the government has now introduced a new bill that expands already existing laws against shy marriage. the government of india had reported to raise the minimum legal age of matters for women from 18
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to 21 years. calling it a step towards gender equality and women empowerment. the government says this move will help women to complete that education and access employment opportunities and that it will also help in bringing down infant and my total mortality rates as many here and how celebrated the move as a positive and the progressive change. no, my bob of me, but this law will raise awareness and fear among parents who marry off their daughters as an early age and think they don't have the right to education in isn't going that i get then to go again. i did a good they get or anything, nancy an or that head or issues. so if they get married later on, they can be made of the board and more devices that can be nicer. but there are others who said this could be a blow to their decision making ability c, b, m. i mean, if we get the right to choose our leader by casting votes at age 18, that we should have the right to decide when and who to marry, how quantity they let that, i think the existing laws should be implemented better 1st,
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instead of imposing an age requirement on us existing laws should be properly enforced. many women's rights activists. the increasing the age of marriage will not result issues of education and mortality. they need more grassroots leveling kit and more the, the founder of or then care is of the same opinion. she adds the law could also have repercussions for young couples who marry because they want to. it's only the suicide norms and attitudes that we need to work on. once that goes towards understanding or the boy starts understanding, the value of education manager know marriage. they will continue to study after a long gap because of school with restrictions. the women here are making the most of their time together. it is there who that lawmakers have their best interests at heart on the way towards equality in india, about germany now, the president frank volter star mar, looks set for
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a 2nd term as head of state. after securing the backing of germany's coalition government, the greens were the last of the 3 coalition parties to endorse him, and he's now poised to be elected on february, the 13th for another 5 year term. president stein meyer was a long time member of the central f. social democrats. the party of chancellor offshore all screwed up to the camera. and earlier we spoke with t w's chief political editor michela krista and asked her whether frank father's john mar, will face any rivals for the presidency. while the m conservatives are planning to put up. oh, female candidates, but no name has been mentioned there yet. so it could well be, am very much a little contest going into that and certainly a very safe majority as it's looking now for frank by their stein, my, in that national assembly that only comes together to elect the president's.
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despite surging on the current cases in the united states, one of the world's biggest tech fairs, the consumer electronic show, is still going ahead in las vegas. though companies are scaling back their presidents, they are attending in person after last year show was held online. the pandemic also features prominently among some of the new gadgets on display. the developers built a tiny ventilation system into the air tight massey fan is operated by a small rechargeable battery. one of the inventors explains to trade visitors. he claims the mosque with its filters, protect against almost all viral and bacterial agents, especially nano and micro particles. it costs $340.00 it's a fantastic tool to fight against the covered crisis. because with this mosque, you will need to do a for the vaccination if, if the 6,
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depending on all the variance of the virus and all the new viruses that will arrive in the future will be a trade fare in the middle of the micron wave health professionals was that c s could become a super spreader event. the organizers have taken extra measures to prevent this putting on a lot of stuff to avoid long lines at reception. visitors must be vaccinated. in addition, everyone has tested the pathways a wider exhibit is a further apart. yet, despite these measures, many big names are missing. b m, w, microsoft, t mobile and many others aren't here or have reduced their presence. there are 2200 exhibitors. about half as many as the la c s, which was open to the public video. but those who are here have made a conscious choice, like rim coffee in bring from the netherlands, who transforms glass besides into video streams. video stream. i think there's thought is thought of it takes a lot of guts anyway. i had
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a great job. busy i quit the job. busy i started, so there's a lot of uncertainties, and this is on the ground in one of the uncertainties. hey, maybe it's an opportunity. so then stop. it will never stop optimism that the industry in the 2nd year of the corona virus crisis can really use we've heard gloomy predictions about the many species of wildlife facing extinction due to climate change and over hunting, for example, for their son over the horizon in the form of artificial intelligence, according to the global network, while blobs a i is one of the top technologies that will help conservationists for the coming decade. in one project. scientists are trying to save chimpanzees. chimpanzees like these are endangered. they are under threat from habitat last poaching and illegal logging. one 5th of the great 8 population was lost between 20052013 according to the world wildlife fund. but artificial intelligence
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may be able to help save them. this video shows a i at work classifying what these chips are doing. it recorded not cracking, heating and how ships drum on tree roots to communicate over long distances. scientists believe making it easier and quicker to monitor chim. populations will help protect them. rhinos are also under threat. rhino poaching has increased by almost 8000 per cent between 20072013 says the w. w. f. a i can save the lives of rhinos and their game keepers across africa by helping spot poachers. early add to that honey bees, the world's pollinators artificially intelligent neural networks, analyze data from an international network of smart be hives, set up with sensors to monitor their behavior by detecting patterns and colonies.
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the bees can be protected from dangers such as hornets and a i doesn't just help wildlife machine learning was also one of the reasons cove at 19 vaccinations were developed at record speed. the outlook for wild animals around the world isn't exactly a sunny one and scientist sworn the next pandemic may only be around the corner. it is likely our reliance on artificial intelligence will continue to intensify. and for more insight on this, i talked to tally a speaker, who is a program officer, while blabs, a global online community dedicated to the to conservation technology in santa cruz, california. how important has it become for conversica conservation? forgive me. i think so much for having me, i guess so as environmental challenges, as i mentioned, my climate change about diversity last continue to escalate across the globe while they've, conservationists are turning more and more into modern technologies like artificial
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intelligence. and until recently, mainly use technologies like trail cameras and tracking colors to collect data on animals in the wild that we would have to process all of that data by hand, which takes a long time course. and recently, countries that have been able to use artificial intelligence to actually automatically pull out the important information from my data. for example, being able to tell when a poacher has entered a protected area, or when an elephant is wandering to close to a village, and then they're able to act on that in real time. so in short, it's become an incredibly important tool in the consummation tool box. and well, that's a hopeful bit of news that a, i couldn't it be a double edged sword? is there a chance that it could be used, you know, for ill against conservation? so that's something we have to watch out for. it's definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration and it certainly is being considered in early efforts. but right now there's just,
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we have such an influx of data in the conservation world and we don't have the capacity yet to fully capitalize on it. and we see a lot of opportunities for advancement here. you know, a lot of these tools hold a lot of comments, but they're not actually very accessible to the conservation as you need to use them yet because they still require, you know, computer coding skills and things like that. no, i think an investment in making tools that are both accessible and effective to the right people will take us a great step in the right direction. well, thank you for this glimpse into the future talia speaker program officer at wild lives in santa cruz california. thank you. organizations and governments all over the world are coming up with creative campaigns to encourage vaccination in germany and entrepreneur has teamed up with the shepherd for a unique st. on to in the push to achieve human heard immunity, 700 sheep and goats were lined up to form
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a 100 meter long syringe. pieces of bread were laid out to coax the animals into position. the stunts organizer said he hoped to reach the emotions of vaccine hesitant people where scientific reasoning had failed. you are of course watching d. w. news live from berlin here. as a reminder, the top story we're following for you. united states has set a global record of more than 1000000 new cobra. 19 infections reported on monday, confirmed infections have doubled in the past week as the on the con. marian spreads across the country. but hospitalized hospitalization and death rates are lower than in previous waves. and you're up to date for now after a short break. i will lead you through the day. i'm next by sir. and berlin. watch
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hulu. with oh i know the bottom of the baltic sea gooseneck most by fishermen for illegally tossed
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away secret to get trapped in the mesh and dive in. environmentalists to try to help with risky dive. there silva ging in 60 minutes on d. w. o. in the green, do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm neil, host of the on the grievance of cost and to me it's clear we need to change the solutions or out the join me for a deep dive into the green transformation. for me to do for them to
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