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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CET

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77 percent now, and d, w. mm ah ah ah, this is d, w sly from berlin. europe, braces for a wave of only crone infections press is one of many countries debating more corona
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virus measures. across the continent, it's fear new case numbers could spike following holiday travel and gatherings. also coming up, a whole column rights activist is given a 2nd jail sentence for organizing vigil to remember victims of china's have been swam africa. it's the latest blow to free expression in the territory. despite the pandemic, one of the world's largest tech phase, the consumer electronics show, is going ahead in las vegas. we'll have a preview of some of the latest innovations and gadgets going on just like plus. we meet an unconventional entrepreneur breaking down stereotypes. american belgian mother of 5 launch is a multi link bull internet channel to share her favorite recipes. in the hope of dispelling prejudice. ah,
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ah! i've been fizzling welcome. europe is preparing for an even bigger wave of you infections of coven, 19, and more contagious, ami cranberry. it is quickly becoming dominant. it's feared the number of new cases will climb to new breakers. as more testing is done following the holiday season, frances parliament is debating whether to limit access to more public spaces and only allow entry for the vaccinate it. each country and government is grappling with the way for it. rome days away from tougher restrictions. italy is one of so many european countries, again, faced with and braced for increased hardship in the form of regulated movement, tougher economic times and overflowing intensive care units. the director of this room hospital says for a month we have been systematically full my the, i mean the be any stark contrast to last summer and fall in rome. when infections
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were down, restrictions were relaxed, italy was reopening, and business was on the upswing. such was the case across much of europe as countries took a breath in hopes, the worst might be over then came winter and the spread of m a crown in southern europe. and in the north, like italy, denmark's reopening was brief. now it is breaking caseload records with the highest ratio of infections per $100000.00 inhabitants in the world are the artifact. it every, it's certainly worrying that we're seeing a continued high level of infection. and we're now seeing this more infectious. i'm a chron has taken over. officials maintain extensive testing has pushed denmark's case numbers higher than countries that do less testing and less vaccinating countries like romania where a 5th wave appears eminent, especially after gatherings during the holidays. this in a country that has next to last in europe when it comes to vaccination rates. that
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means it's near the bottom in what is now the global epicenter of the pandemic. joining me now from geneva is epidemiologist, myself a lot a as ami chrome spreads. interestingly enough, hospitalization rates on shooting up at the same pace. what's this decoupling of the numbers say to you? that's right. thanks for having me. so only krohn is is a package with the good news and bad news on the bad news side. it's more infectious. it transmits more easily among the population for a multitude of reasons. on the good side, it seems to be a little less severe. and so what we're seeing is a combination of these things. we're seeing case numbers go up extremely rapidly across europe and increasingly across the world. but we're not seeing the hospitalisation number going up as rapidly as they would have if you would still be
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in a delta dominated world myself. wouldn't it be good and good in that ami con takes over from deals are now the variance and spends us all a lot of pain and hardship. i think in the long run, it's good. it's good news because this wires is extremely transmissible. it will find any pocket left that hasn't seen the buyers before either through infection or through vaccination until it's possible that bits. barian denotes our transition into the endemic faith. the problem, of course, is if you have such high case numbers, even if you have lower proportionally lower hospitalization rates, you still have a tremendous burden on the hospital. in addition, if everyone is out sick at around the same time, even if it's some miles that these put a lot of burden, of course, on the general infrastructure, not just the help. okay, so how would you sum up the government reaction?
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is governments over reacting with re introducing strict measures? well, it depends. it's really hard to say from one country to the next. i think most countries certainly in europe, but i guess elsewhere as well, are now trying to navigate this phase by saying, we want to keep things open as much as possible, but we just don't want to risk and overwhelming of the health care system. health care capacities are slightly different than different countries. vaccination rates are different in different countries. so you will see different strategies in different countries, but i think they all have the same goal. for those who haven't been vaccinated, it's still worth getting that vaccine to make sure you don't get a severe case. yes, absolutely. look, the 1st, the most dangerous encounter with the virus is always the 1st one when your immune system is not ready yet. and that happens either because you have not been vaccinated or because you didn't have it before. so in either case, right, getting the shop is good if you have the shots before them getting
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a booster is good. that protects even better against on the chronic. not just briefly, this latest variant that's come up. not talking about on the cro now he was detected in france and tries back to cameron. should we be concerned about that one? well, i mean, as a general manager, i would say, you know, let's look at all. it all varies with some concern. now this one i have to say at this point, i'm not particularly concerned because interestingly it actually pre dates on the chronic. it's only the media that's now picking up on it because they have been pre prints that have been coming up in the past few days. but it's actually been discovered before on mac kron and it didn't stand a chance against that the time. so i don't expect it stands a chance against me, but it's good to keep an eye on it, but certainly no reason to panic. good to say the media is also pay up on it boss. as a lot, a epidemiologist, thank you very much for being on the show today. thanks for, i mean,
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here are some more of the latest developments in the pandemic. the united states has set a new global record of over a 1000000 u daily corona, virus infections. that's according to data collected by the johns hopkins university. australia is also reporting a record number of new infections and hospitalizations. the country is now suppose the total of half a 1000000 cases. and india's capital delhi has announced a weekend curfew to try to curb rising infections in the metropolis is, well, has become the 1st country to offer a forced dose of corona, virus, back st. your risk groups that include any one over 60, he aim is to protect the vulnerable from on the cron. the government has previously run successful vaccination campaigns. 3rd dose last year did slow the spread of the delta variance. we visited one vaccination center and television where there was a feeling of urgency. no ma'am, a much more much of a really busy, lots of people are coming after the announcement. the fall fascination is now available. one of the re, we work really hard today
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a show or so really so kind of wants me to get vaccinated to protect myself from the people around me. that's why you get the job and i hope others do it as well. so my, my on it's very scary, hold the ohm icon, variant is spreading everywhere for name. and since we have to vaccines available, one should get it. why am i doing it? because i'm 77 and i'm considered in this in the danger region. so doing as i want to see, my grandchildren, i want to enjoy life, and that's the way to do it for me. always by to david david of it, she advises the is by the government on virus policy. we asked him why a 4th shot can help three's wing and give me anything to walk up enough. the 2nd dose. so we see that after 4 months there is a reduction of these and also break rules. as we can see, the logic of data and the other hand with saying that he's very
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se so. busy very similar to what these will be, the 2nd dog we finally decided because of the you driving the cases that we need to really keep the safety of the scene. even though we don't have a lot of time to be waiting, we decided to finally go compromised. and now we've done it also for people that are over 60 good workers. a coat in hong kong has convicted a prominent lawyer in human rights activists of inciting an unauthorized assembly chung to was sentenced to 15 months in prison for organizing a vigil for the victims of china's tenement square massacre in 1989. she was the rest of the day before the anniversary of the killings last june, hong kong media. i can jimmy line had already been jail for 13 months for joining the vigil. we've also been following the closure of independent media outlets in
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hong kong, which we talked about with ronson chan, chairman of the hong kong journalists association. i asked him how he's being affected as he worked at the stand news which closed last week after a big grade and arrests. yes, homework or nice. i mean, last week. ok, so much ma'am ma'am. and i have been east how these are very sad. i reset my know i lost my job, i lost my colleagues, i lost my r h r. i still trying to go on the i'm still trying to get my house wants a chan previously deputy,
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a simon editor at hong kong. you cite the stand use, which is no longer operating. now let's take a look at some more stories making use around the world. at least 14 people have died after a landslide destroyed a construction site in southwest in china. work is reinforcing a hillside when the landslide occurred. exact cause is still under investigation. former silicon valley start up style has been found guilty of defrauding investors . elizabeth holmes built up a paper, fortune worth billions. she claimed a blood testing technology developed by her company. thoroughness could revolutionize health care homes now faces up to 20 years in jail. presidents funk bye to stine maia look set for 2nd term as head of state here in germany, after securing the backing the country's coalition government. the greens were the last of the 3 coalition parties to endorse stein, maia, who is now poised to be elected on february 13 for a 5 year term. with the fire,
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the rip through south africa's parliament has been brought under control again. the fire flared up for a 2nd time on tuesday, even though emergency services had said it was under control. flames and smoke billowed out of the historic assembly building in cape town. as dozens of fire fighters were called back, a man is due to appear in court on charges of arson. after 2 days of flames, finally some peace. as night sail on monday, south africa's parliament was burning again. the fire re ignited by strong winds a full day after the initial blaze was brought under control. dozens of firefighters were called back to tackle the flames, which have gutted the national assembly chamber. president sir, i'm of hasa, visited the scene on sunday, where he said the building sprinkler system was believe to have malfunctioned
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fortunately, the normally bustling chamber was empty as parliament was closed for the holidays. with no injuries reported, a man accused of starting the fire appeared in a cape town court on tuesday. he denies committing arson. the case is set to reconvene next week. the historic parliament building houses thousands of national treasures from important books to works of art. officials say these have all been saved, but it be months and millions of south african rand before lawmakers can return to the heart of their countries. democracy in turkey, inflation has hit its highest level in 19 years. prices in december rose 36 percent young year. the weak turkish lira has pushed the cost of food and fuel shop. the higher critics blame president reggie type at one full pressuring the central bank to cut interest rates, which caused the slump in the currencies value fall. turkeys lira is plummeting in
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value and price is a soaring official figures. put inflation at 36 percent independent economists say in reality it's 80 percent or more prices arising so fast that many people and now having to make to with far less than they used to say some of them. yeah. it's a terrible situation. however, you look at it, it's terrible. people can only buy one or 2 pieces of fruit. now, we used to buy one or 2 kilo's. now we're just buying individual paces within a president, rich of type ode one has promised to bring inflation back under control. angelic, the heard in this and we're sad that our citizens are having to face the situation . but in all of turkeys history, we the government that has done the most to fight inflation thought in the industrial naja delivered. the lever has lost more than 40 percent of its value against c west dollar. but edwin says turkeys becoming more competitive,
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low wages and cheap production or increasing exports. he claims for thy struggling on may get salaries. it's poor consolation. despite searching on the chrome cases in the us, one of the world's biggest tech fairs, the consumer electronics show is going ahead in las vegas and companies, us getting back their presence, but they are attending in person. after last year she was held online. the pandemic also features prominently among some of the new devices on display. the developers built a tiny ventilation system into the anti mask fan is operated by a small rechargeable battery. one of the inventors explains to trade visitors. he claims the mosque with its filters, protect against almost all viral and bacterial agents, especially nano and micro particles. it costs $340.00. it's a fantastic tool to fight against the covered crisis because with this mask,
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you won't need to do for the vaccination if the, if the 6, depending on all the variance of the virus and all the new viruses that will arrive in the future will be a trade fare in the middle of the macro wave health professionals was that c s could become a super spreader event. the organizers have taken extra measures to prevent this putting on a lot of stuff to avoid long lines at reception. visitors must be vaccinated. in addition, everyone is tested the pathways wider, the activities are further apart. yet despite these measures, many big names are missing. b, m, w, microsoft, t mobile and many others aren't here or have reduced their presence. there are 2200 exhibitors, about half as many as the la c s which was open to the public window. but those who are here have made a conscious choice, like rim coffee and bring from the netherlands, who transforms glass besides into video streams. video screen. i think there's
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start to start it. it takes a lot of guts anyway. i had a great job. busy i quit the job. busy i started so there's a lot of uncertainty and this is only gone, is one of the uncertainties. hey, maybe it's an opportunity. so. busy yeah, didn't stop it will never stop. optimism with the industry in the 2nd year of the corona virus crisis can really use and let's bring in robots big of a business. of it sounds like the c s is doing a lot to shore up the security and the health of people there at the, at the show. but is it a good thing to be holding in the middle of a pandemic? because we're still in the middle of the spend it. yeah, i think that is a fair question. and in the united states of all places, which is being particularly hard effected by the army from variance of current of ice, it's been driving reco numbers of cases over recent weeks. and we've also had a huge disruption to add travel around the u. s. over the past few days where,
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you know, you've been seeing thousands of flights, cancel it every day, but those measures that you mentioned that the consumer technology association has come up with a try and make this safe. they are convinced that it's enough. so i want to be vaccinated recommending testing. they're also providing free p c r tests to anyone who got to fly back to another country that requires them after the event will all of that be enough. and it could even put people off going to the show in the 1st place. i could actually, if you, if you make so many sort of suggestions that the pan down in your mind, people that it's then the maybe don't want to be there. but, but the all guys is a c, s a look, this sort of event only works with in person interaction that people need to be able to see the technology in action. they need to be able to touch it to really understand, getting your hands on that technology has been a difficult thing in this pandemic because of all the supply shortages we've had. i mean, what's the use of launching all these new products where you can even apply them to
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your customers? you know, the bank comes in the context of very difficult time. so manufacturers of all kinds of items, as shortages in almost all supply chains from manufacturers hang over that we talked about a lot, you know, global demand is growing, but the people that have to produce the stuff to meet that demand are able to produce it as fast as it's needed, it's being sold faster than it can be bought in the worst example of that, and perhaps the most high profile is the global chip shortage that we've had an awful lot about, particularly affecting car makers. they've been having to shut down production lines all because during the course of the pandemic, the manufacturing plants that were making parts for the is chips they re to, to make something else. because the comic is where making costs in some case. yeah, exactly. it's not that we saw some high tech mosques there, but what else is there are some gems there at the show that are going to be on the reveal that there will be all sorts of things that are inspired by the panoramic. if not inspired by the kind of accelerated by the pandemic,
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this technology like touchless technology. so for example, last year we saw things like caps that you don't need to touch that was to wash your hands or door bells. you don't need to put your finger if you want to bring someone to door expect stuff like that. expect electric vehicles to be a big thing. this year. general motors are a big exhibitor on their own home to this year. and that they're expected to avail a new electric vehicle. well that, that, to expect a lot of discussion this year about things like digital health and also the met us, which is one of the buzzwords of this year that i didn't think people are really dreamed of. this time last year, or even on as to what it is, the, what's the w business. thank you very much for coming in, but now let's take a look at some more stories making use around the world. virginia, you phrase the woman who says she was actually traffic to britain's prince. andrew received half a $1000000.00 to settle her lawsuit against light pedophile. jeffrey epstein. the settlement also shields other potential defendants. for
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a says epstein introduced her to his friend, prince andrew. she says right when she was a minor, the prince denies the allegation is where the army says 2 of its pilots have been killed in a helicopter crash over the mediterranean sea. the craft went down during a training flight. a 3rd crew member was rescued. training missions have been suspended and you haven't suited rebels who sees the cargo ship in the red sea. the hoodies are backed by iran and say they've taken over military hardware. the vessel is registered in the united arab emirates, which is finding the hudy's and says the ship is carrying medical equipment. well, many migrants here in europe often face difficulties and prejudice when they try to find a job. that's especially true for some muslim women, but the w met one woman of moroccan origin, living in belgium, who didn't let sent backs in the conventional job market stop her. instead, she took matters into her own hands, lights camera, cook,
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who was any buffering around her kitchen in brussels, marianne lucy and shares her recipes with hundreds of thousands of followers world white. the belgian moroccan mother of 5 is no a successful business woman. but she had to build her own career letter banquet, the sometimes people he had. don't think of this with different backgrounds as really belgian. a thought here. miriam married at 16 and soon had children. but she wanted more from life. take a marcellus attribute. i started looking for work, but every door i knocked on was slammed in my face that they would simply ask me, are you willing to take off your? he jabbed by thought as what's that got to do with anything? what. what matters is what's in my head, not what's on it. mister j a, don't let it. discouraged. she stayed at home until one day an aunt asked miriam to film for her. how to cook a favorite dish, lassie and had a brain wave and thought launch youtube channel session. you to marion began
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uploading simple moroccan inspired cooking videos in french 4 years ago. i don't know. her creations have become a thriving enterprise. she's launched 3 more channels in other languages, so michael, arabic and herbie cool and then my the the berber language revision leaking, such as the gene and hindi, or as well as sharing recipes. miriam shares insights into her home life to bust stereotypes about muslim women in belgium on up mom, single people seen as, as women who are subservient to their relationships plus my husband and i are equals when it comes to an attack in the household. chores for the cooking, taking care of the kids in life, electrical, despite her reams of fans. miriam still faces islam of phobia online. well, that's what i've been caught, a terrorist islamist sullivan. i have to say that breaks my hanukkah. it's in times like that. she says that the family feels more important than ever. miriam is
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grateful. her sister samira is a steadfast supporter. despite initial doubts. in the beginning, i was not so comfortable with the fact that she opened the doors to the walled lit with time. i change my opinion, people can see that. yeah, we are happy, we are have having a normal life. there is nothing special in how lives. in fact, miriam still has big plans for her businesses and her outreach efforts. but for to day, it's a rapp. sports has fans and then it has super fans with the winter olympics, starting in a month few people can say they're as excited as this next paging local who has a collection of souvenirs that you just go to check out. jung when kwan has spent more than 50000 euros on his olympic collection and he can hardly fit into his tiny beijing home. it's an obsession that has at times cost him more than just money. like that time he volunteered at his 1st games. while i'm on industry,
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hostile during the 2008 summer olympics i collected food vouchers, given the volunteers with the i didn't eat drink. i said that i could keep the vouchers like was quite hard at that time with some of the volunteers felt sorry for muddrick will they shed their food legally wrangle collecting his hardware, tulsa gl. uh huh. when kwan has collected over 5000 items already, his obsession began in high school during the 2000 sit me games and he's been added ever since. what i gotta do, or sure, the majority of your i collected old over show other people usually only collect one type of item like legends here. but i'm a bit more great because i like many things related to the olympian, was on the i like the design and see don't feel you know, why like all the olympic disaster. oh yeah, sure. your daughter wish it was. the olympic movement has plenty of doubt as these days, but it will always have a fan in jung when kwan how many of days can you fit in arrive?
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you're watching the daily news coming up next. in d, w. 's asia down indians, a hotly debating government plans to raise the marriage age of women to 21. what are its goals and what problems? what it soap and we touched on it before just the month ahead of the beijing games will preview the spectacle and review coals of boycotting the winter olympics. well this is jan. has those stories a more in d, w 's asia in a moment and been fizzling in berlin. thank you very much for watching today. i
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with
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people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families playing ball with people lean extreme rough getting 200 people with around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind w. made for mines. ah, the green ah, do you feel worried about the planet? me to
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