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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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oh, what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind her benefits and why are they a threat to whistle? oh peak worlds. starts january 5th on dw with business dw news live from berlin. sedans. prime minister steps down as violent on breast escalate. of jello. hm. dog had made
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a power sharing deal with the army has failed to restore order. also on the program protests against a national lockdown in the netherlands turned violence. the government says restrictions are essential to stop the spread of the army from various and europe's capitals of culture are back in business for forced hyatt is due to the pandemic free cities stage events highlighting autistic diversity across the block. ah, i'm good have health as well come to the program. sedans, prime minister has resigned following months of political turmoil. abdullah ham doc said it was not possible for him to restore order under a power sharing agreement with the military after the army stage to cool last year ham dog reinstated to head up
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a transition back to civilian government. ah, under the weekend of protests institute on the quickly descended into violence at least 2 people were killed by security forces. after thousands of pro democracy demonstrators took to the streets. 7 dozens have died in the unrest since prime minister, abdullah ham doc signed a polish m deal with the military following accruing october. but he now admits that hasn't worked out. and new thinking is needed. oh, read a boomer in our local massacre. i decided to give back the responsibility and announced my resignation as prime minister locum to give a chance to another man, a woman of this noble country, and was at all to continue leading odyssey inaction been at the will and help he
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passed through what's left of the transitional period to a civilian democratic country. while aboard me colon my, the buck graham and i'm willing to go now with donald mckinney and, and what are the among military and civilian leaders have been sharing power since it also cracked. omar bashir was ousted in 2090 after 30 years and charge for elections are currently planned for july, boots with ham, dock gone, and stew, done roiled by and rest. the road to democracy looks increasingly fragile. on that subject let's brienne colored cohere managing director of inside strategy partners in car tomorrow. welcome to w news. a y did a ham dock stepped down. now i think he came to realize just how unpopular his de agreement with were hon on the
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21st of november was he had expected that that disagreement would effectively end the coo and would give him powers to be able to set the transition back on course but of course, as soon as the qu happened, this was no longer a transition at the military showed that it wasn't, and the good faith actor that it was expected to be. and in any case, people had reservations about the extent to which it was a partnership. in the 1st thing based on the mark him. and so really he was unable to work beyond beyond the that these last few days didn't to which the minute she was willing to return to the violent oppression. bannon and suppression of protestantism we saw before this government took shape on me. so what does this resignation now mean for saddam well any one who comes in now as a prime minister would be drinking from the same poisoned chalice. any one, any new p m would be seen as an accomplice to the coo, much in the way that our ham dog belatedly came to be seen,
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but also like hm. so they would also have very little executive space within to function. they wouldn't be able to choose their own cabinet. it wouldn't be able to make their appointment, they would be able to undo appointments made by the crew regime. and so it's unlikely that anyone will want to want to step forward and anyone who at least who genuinely wants a democratic transformation will want to step forward now and to handle the shoes. what makes far more sense is to restart the amendment that the sort of transition and find a new political agreement, a new political basis, and in new constitutional basis that actually pays attention to what the resistance committees, the people on the streets opposed pro democracy forces have been saying and not just sort of find ways to divide up and political places for political parties, which is very much what we saw in 2019 this time round. the has to be an agreement that more people can buy into and it will genuinely be processed driven rather than
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just oriented around, you know, political structures. i'm, we're will be lots of fighting over who gets what position glucose from inside structure to partners and cut them. thank you very much for your insight. inc. police in south africa. say they have arrested a man in connection with a devastating fire about the country's parliament building. the suspect is due to appear in court later this week. the blaze which took several hours to bring under control got at the historic chamber of the national assembly in cape town. the fire had already been burning for hours when security guards discovered it at around 6 in the morning. fire creams raced to the scene, but were unable to stop the flames from spreading to the national assembly building where south africa's parliaments it. that is a very sad day for our democracy because parliament is the home of our democracy.
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and parliament is also as the d g, a key point em all met is, will be investigated. the police have started to investigate the forensic department here, public works easier. we all together, reinforcements were called and some 60 fire fighters eventually brought the blaze under control. but not before it had done extensive damage. visiting the scene, the south african president, serial rama post are also promised afar inquiry, i believe somebody is being held right now. and they have the question. but they need to go a lot, a lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and what measures we will need to take going forward. only security staff are believed to have been present when the plays began. there have been no reports of injuries.
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let's get you up to date now on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. in a call with ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, you as president joe biden said the united states and its allies will quote, respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. biden is also backing diplomatic efforts to resolve the stand off. talks between us and russian. officials are scheduled in geneva later this month. nearly 100 migraines have been flown back to iraq from lithuania. authorities say they leave voluntarily. with laney has seen an influx as neighboring. bella roost allowed migrants to cross the border in retaliation for you. sanctions. to reopen the canyon, pelayo or anthropologist richard leaky has died at the age of $77.00. if he was a world renown conservationists and fossil hunter is work helped underpin the theory that human evolution began and africa leaky was also celebrated for his work
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to save wildlife from poachers, for leading campaigns to destroy tons of elephant ivory. israel's prime minister natalie bennett, says a 4th cove at 19 vaccine. dot's is now proved for people over 60 and health care workers. authorities are battling search and omicron variant infections. nationwide . daily cases are expected to start hitting, fresh hearts. balance has again, broken out during protests against corona virus restrictions in the netherlands. thousands turned out in amsterdam to demonstrate against the national lockdown in post a week before christmas. some 30 people were arrested they say no to the lockdown, no to the government's measures. what is their limit? this demonstrator asks, it's just the latest demonstration in the netherlands against the government's curbs. aimed at stopping omicron police band. the protest that didn't stop people
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from turning out, many say they're not afraid of catching the virus. i'm here because i like to live and i don't think we should be scared. a stop we're living because we're sad that we're all going to die. i like to live, i'm a mob lately. restriction measures have nothing to do with my health. i mean there are people who want to impose control on us and take all our freedom. hey, i'm here because i think that we all must be free. well, what i most i scuffles broke out as police broke up the demonstration. it violated the current locked on rules in the netherlands, according to which only 2 people are allowed to meet at once. non essential shops, restaurants, bars and theaters remain closed until at least the 14th of january. announcing the measures the prime minister made clear he had no choice. only combs described,
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comic harness spreading even faster than we feared. and so we need to intervene now to prevent a much worse outcome to as a precaution are for zora what the measures have also outraged the vocal anti lockdown protesters. and as long as the government measures are in force, they say they will continue to take to the streets and outbreak of bird flew as kill thousands of cranes. and israel authority say it's the worst wildlife incident they've dealt with. farmers are having to slaughter hundreds of thousands of chickens to contain the disease hula lake reserve. and israel. it's a stop over for most birds migrating from europe to africa with the changing seasons. an estimated 500000000 birds passed through the valley every year. but a new mutation of the bird flew is now tearing through the migrating flock of leaving
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authorities struggling to control the large outbreak of hulu with m. i r sheila, we declared a quarantine in the area and began collecting the carcasses. emma clearly little could we do an untouched a dying or injured birdsall. only only the dead will whistle in the half of the rug lily the flu was 1st discovered in europe. in october. officials fear it could eventually be passed on to humans. so far, no such cases have been recorded from the new type of bird flew and is earl. the virus causing the flu has however, already been detected and farmed birds in israel alone. more than half a 1000000 egg laying chickens have died or been cold. as the government tries to limit the environmental damage, i need a call, this is a love sickly with it. i hope it won't continue spreading. because as of now, one we don't know on caller la cautiously well by livable we shall, dummied, soliciting the former. the outbreak means to popular la park is currently closed
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for bird watchers and hunters and will likely remain. so for the rest of the bird migration season, european union's most prestigious cultural program has been on hold because of the pandemic. but now 3 cities are entering the spotlight us european capitals of culture for 2022. there are kindness. in lithuania, esther rosetta in luxembourg. novi sawed in serbia, the trail will stage a series of spectacular events to showcase europe's artistic diversity. ah right now, there are lots of rehearsals going on in town as lithuania, over a 1000 events, a plant here that something for every type of culture voucher can us is program is packed with festivals and exhibitions, including a yoko ono retrospective. the e u says the 1500000 euros it spends on europe's capital of culture every year is
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worth it on his to every euro. we, as the you spend on this project generates 5 more. and from an economic standpoint, the cities develop a higher international profile for these cultural events. and now the capital of culture this year luxemburg ash so outset organizes expect 40 percent more visitors than usual in 2022. her all 3 european capitals of culture, a trying to reinvent themselves. they're all facing a decline in coal industry and all 3, all that countries, 2nd largest city. novi sad and severe is still coming to terms with its past once the city in the austro hungarian empire. it was part of the communist yugoslavia to later nato destroyed the cities bridges during its war. with milosevic regime. the crash, a vast policy macro,
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where all migrants care due to history. there's no native residents. and that's why no visible of visitors, a kaleidoscope of culture this year you at cdw news is a reminder of the top story with following for you. sedans, prime minister, has resigned following months of political turmoil. adela hm. dog said it was not possible for him to restore order under a polish sharing agreement with the army. dozens of protesters have been killed since at cooper and the north african nation last october. and that's it from me and the other team here at dw news for now coming up next 12 stories goes to indonesia to find out what's behind being done for children. often by the contact her, i'm just kinda my work that tags. and in the end the some me you are not.


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