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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2021 12:15pm-12:30pm CEST

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thank it's so active because of its mixture of volcanic gases. you're watching day w news. our next our report, a series makes us talk coach unless boss giving hope to rescue j's that's coming up after a short break. stay tuned for that. i'm rebecca bridges in berlin. thanks very much for joining use . the link against the corona virus pandemic has the right of infection in developing what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context ah data because it special monday to friday on dw,
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i secrets lie behind the discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore the fascinating world heritage site. he w a world heritage 3 pm. now me ah, ah me. if i get a sponsor, the soccer coach down to his bones, he's achieved far more than just mentoring successful youth teams on the greek island applies both spinal has set up a soccer club just for refugees on the island. thanks to his efforts. young refugees like pawn from camera room can dream of professional sports careers.
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the news. there's little left of the moria refugee camp unless both more than 12000 people lived here for a while in and around the camp until it burned down in september of 2020 sometimes the noise, i don't like credit for years and moria. he doesn't like looking back on a time that was difficult for him to do laundry, was, was filmed the raging blades with a cell phone. he was able to get the safety and time the. 4 he's
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returned to moria to see if you can find traces of his life here. but at 1st all he picks up our medical records from former camp occupants. he shot the chart. no, no, no, control of your need. yes . before he fled, ploy was also tortured in his home country. cameroon. he says he didn't get any medical help in moria, and then there was the violence. you weren't even safe in your own tent. he came to sledge my fault. we have to fight and you see some scratches in my body, the man's fault. we came forward with him. we didn't want you good bye. my phone too. so then he finds the spot where he used to bed down.
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this is mike called. i remember this is my golf. i i got it forms pianos. so yvonne gallo spanners is probably the best known football coach on less boss and pause savior go thanks to spine is no longer living in one of the camps. but as a member of the elite co soccer team, a local island squad just missed promotion to greece, a 2nd leak this year. that's success. it's thanks to the new team members. 3 young refugees from africa and spine. not everyone approves of his efforts to help refugees on the island walk. some good parents have already taken their children off of spinal, says youth teams. it was a problem. but i decide okay,
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doesn't matter. i'm doing. i'm also a physical educator or not. so i have to, to teach people not only for sports, but also for me savior work for values for all these things spawn, sees major soccer, talent, and poor. that would make a professional career possible. but until he's made it in the big league and all the training sessions with son often if he can take the fire at moria spinal in his protege have been inseparable. when the coach saw smoke rising over the island, he went to look for paul. immediately. i went down with my god, i took all of the ill, his things, and also bicycles in my and i said to him again because police was around.
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i said to him, go from there and i was waiting for you to kill him. and after some hours, again, we did after training today, all doesn't need to get a ride back to a refugee camp from one of his teammates. now he lives with other players in this former hotel. never again will we have to cope with insect tests and hours of waiting for food. instead, he's got a full meal plan and a proper bed because he made it into a support program for gifted athlete. points says he has sponsors and got to think . sure this is my bible. like it, i see my name, younger bull on it and this is my e mail. this is my day i go to bible. the bible is the only thing he has left after a month, long odyssey to escape political violence. and his homeland showed my parents right
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in front of me was like a chart between i they're nice too bad. so but for me like i don't want to talk. yeah. did. spun was helps him forget. and so to soccer mfc cosmos, as the name of the refugee team, young people come from the car to tip a refugee camp twice a week for practice. for the mostly unaccompanied miners. it's one of the few opportunities to get out of the camp. they say conditions and cut a tape, a are better than they were in moria, but they are still severely lacking. it can take years for an asylum claim to be processed in greece. the youngsters know that they can get a residence permit increase more quickly. they're successful with soccer. ball has showed them the way since he has begun playing and a 3rd leak team and started working as an assistant coach for cosmos. he's become
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an example. paul really is unhappy that the afghans and africans wait separately before practice. much of course, most does more than contribute to understanding among the refugees. i know, i know the sport should also promote sympathy among greek, for the frequently traumatized foreigners. i know, i know, i know we can give them help. we can change their behaviors. so we can make them better, better be the best ones. so when they're in the society in the community, it will be very easy for them to speak with local people and local people to check to see that they are the same with us. they're not different. again,
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a new players introducing himself to spinal today. he too is fled from cameras in most and you keep laid before us in mind. come on, but he's here. he's allowed to join in the end response as yet to turn someone away . nobody was one on it day by north and boiler, having the youngsters focus on conditioning. all of them are working as hard as they can because the president of the thirdly team illegal has said he'd be there. let's get rid of he's a business man. was hoping to make good deals with possible trade destinations for talented players, so we get the best. but today he doesn't have anything with him. that would mean a speedy escape from life in a refugee camp. maybe a residential program, if we are kind of like a who's a registered player can play anywhere in greece anywhere. you know, if he's good enough to play someone, identify, select them is free to go play anywhere he wants. so that's,
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that's the process we try to help as much as we can. the reality is there's only a small number of players that through yet another shadow on the dreams of the cost . most players what was made it for the moment less poses only supposed to be a stop along the way. he's dreaming of playing for a professional club and a major european city like in germany or france for like going to the elite cars, cafe and people like seeing him there. but he's also experienced racism and great push. maybe a good to a coffee shop or this huge is done in a way like that. you find out why they're going. i want to see they're leaving. ok. the refugee controversy unless versus continuing. the european union is planning a new center to take them in. but most of the locals are opposed to it as if we
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were against the new so we don't want everyone coming in. then we're going to look at us. you know, we don't have any factories will work. what i supposed to do here. if the germans have too much money, then they should take them in and pose become used to the fact, not all greeks like to see him playing soccer. and at some moments he misses his family. i think that it was really painful when he visited a training camp with an american player. the parents came with him. like when i started claim no, i look at how they were like the place. luckily for poor and the other soccer players. unless both they still have spine us . he's tirelessly working on their behalf. even the european soccer association
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u f. i has in the meantime began to support fc cosmos. in 2015 spinal won the greek championship with a youth team from the a g and islands. there was talk of making him the coach of the national youth team, but it didn't happen. maybe because he was known as the refugee coach. meanwhile, the 55 year old says he wouldn't trade his work with the youngsters from the camps with any other job. they'd be fed these 3 races for me and my wife and they brought it here so i can see after 2 years and now we summer, we have the study here. and we, we saw people, great. we saw people changing, we saw people laughing. and when they are coming here, kids and in every age they are very
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angry. so and every day by day we are looking them smiling, working, talking with you out as this is nice, this is nice. your rent, ah, a former player is still there for his voice, even after he sent them on to other clubs in greece, or they've moved on to other places in europe. they don't forget him. even if the coach couldn't make all their dreams come true, he's brought humanity back to the soccer pitch on the refugee island of less pos. ah ah,
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ah, it's the oldest st legal car on german road, victoria, the german, the all christian, he has. no, no. not even for this for wheels. it's time for another technical field of bands. victoria's registration. this is the show for africa, my jersey, the 77 percent. this time our st debate comes from come on in germany. our focus is on everybody's talking about africa stolen or the when will it finally be returned a lease to be brought back to 70 percent 60 minutes w me. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. the
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magic corner track spot personally and some great culture memorials to boot the w travel off we go. this is definitely the family car all the time. you didn't watch out all the children whose we are living during the most extraordinary time in history transport.


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