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the company research team to the pacific to the language of wales june 4th on d. w. the news . this is that we news lines from germany admits for the 1st time method committed genocide during its colonial rule of namibia, up 210-0000 herrera. now my people were murdered by german imperial forces balance that it is not ready to apologize and set up a fund worth more than a 1000000000 euros or not. everyone is happy with the deal. and also on the program . jeremy's health minister promises more help for south africa and it finds against
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the corona virus, scientists that are trying to increase the vaccine production roost under more pressure of its force diversion of an airline and the rest of the leading dissidents. the united nations launches investigations as the europe in the union capacity, economic sanctions. ah . until gale, welcome to the program. germany has acknowledged for the 1st time that it committed genocide during its colonial rule of what is now in namibia in southern africa. german troops massacre tens of thousands of herero and non people, and the stars the 20th century. berlin is to apologize and fund projects worth more than a 1000000000 euros in namibia. the small clock in berlin's nikon district remains
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the only visible memorial in germany of the violence committed in namibia. now the german government says it is looking for real reconciliation. 1.1000000000 euros will be given to support development in namibia focusing on projects for the ethnic groups once targeted by german colonizers. and then we will now also in an official capacity call these events what they were from today perspective. a genocide i spoke with, i also acknowledge always tory cool responsibility demolition. and in the light of this is tori calling moral responsibility of germany. we will ask maybe a and the descendants of the victims for forgiveness between 19041908 german imperial forces in what was then known as german south. west africa violently suppressed uprisings by the nama and herrera ethnic groups, and forced them into the, does it tens of thousands of herrera and nama was shot,
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starved, and tortured to death by german troops. it is estimated that 3 quarters of the herrera and half of the non people were wiped out. it took an entire century for a german politician to even recognize it happened. i asked you to give us our trespass. precipices and our guilt. but the german government, at the time back to peddled, saying the minister had spoken as a private pass and herero nama groups, have consistently demanded an official apology and financial reparations from the german government. for what historians consider the 20th century 1st genocide, germany has insisted on negotiating a reconciliation deal with the namibian government, not the victims descendant germany is just beginning to reckon with its colonial passenger. this reconciliation deal is one step in that direction.
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let's pick this up with joshua quietly akin, so it's a political scientist at the university of a castle. welcome to d. w. germany. foreign minister says this is a 1st step in the right direction. herero, a non representative say they've been excluded from the process. what do you think should they have had the greater voice? yes, i definitely think they should have a greater voice given the fact that the borders of what is being nivia have basically been drafted right here in berlin, in the famous africa conference of 188485. so to now limit, you know, these negotiations wouldn't be in government, and a few select individuals is really not good enough. it actually continues a colonial hierarchy and the colonial construction, right thought the people who were affected should of course, have been at the center of these negotiations. the german government would say, well, as a government, we have to deal with
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a government. we can't just deal with individuals who say they were this battle or the other. so surely it is legitimate for the german government to deal with the government of namibia, of course is legitimate to deal with the government of namibia. however, not at the cost of excluding the descendants of those who have been wronged and they are historical. precedent for this, germany has been able to negotiate, for example, much as with the state of israel, but also with the various groups of the jewish. they asked for, right, we also would like to remind everybody that there is a declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples, which also at the u. n. double, right. which also offers a framework that enables governments to directly be in touch with and include indigenous peoples in touch negotiations precisely because of the recognition that many borders are colonial. and therefore, many governments do not fully represent the interest of everybody who find themselves in the territory today. it's interesting if you bring a photo session with the israel, because it to people about to ask how much has
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a rice been a factor and the german government's a long refusal to acknowledge this genocide. i mean, is it legitimate or indeed instructive to compare germany's adult image of age genocide against black victims, 100 years ago and thousands of miles away with a treatment of jewish genocide victims? well, i think it's important to recognize that there's history and their historical connections between these 2 events of martha violence, each of which of course needs to be on the last you know, in their own context, in their own. married. however, it would also be wrong to eigen, to ignore the fact that there are, for example, personal continue. it is people who did racist science, including the media later, rose to high positions in the national socialist regime. and were also instrumental in designing aspect of the schwab and the genocide of peoples that the nazis deemed to be unfit for life based on science that had some of its origins in california,
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namibia. and so, yes, there are connections. there's continuity, i beg your phone, bell, nice talking about funding projects worth more than a 1000000000 euros in namibia, but it is clear that this money is not reparations or compensation. why is that distinction important? well, i think the german government is still afraid of the legal ramifications of a full recognition of the genocide. and this is where we heard from mister moss, you know, using this language of saying that, you know, it would today be considered the genocide. here again, we have un precedent. there's a double declaration that germany sign saying that a mosse atrocities and crimes against humanity committed during colonialism should have counted as such at all times. so, jeremy is actually renew it. i mean, you know, falling behind its own standards here precisely because, you know,
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of the fear that legal action could be taken, which could lead to further reparations. now, of course, it's clear that so called development assistance can not be classified as reparation to any shape or form, simply because there are conditions that come with this money. and of course, if you say, you know, the wrong has been committed and he has recompense conditions can never be attached to such money. and so therefore it's of course, correct to say that such money is not reparations, but it's also disingenuous to connect us money in any shape or form to some kind of recognition of the genocide as incomplete as we speak. and so just just so i'm clear, what do you think is behind the german governments, the various german government's refusal over a 100 years to, to, to acknowledge this genocide. why is it take them so long to get here?
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well, i think on the one hand, it is a eurocentric perspective on history that, you know, focuses on certain aspects of history. and you know, forget about others are conveniently ignores the importance of others. and then again, there's also the issue of legal cases that have been brought by various or non organizations, for example, in new york. and there is legal precedent where for example, victims of the nazi regime specific, specifically people who have been forced into forced labor by various german companies during the nazi era house successfully sued these companies. and the german government would it's legal precedent and there is grounds to actually fear that any full recognition could and should actually lead to try the claims for reparations. and we thank you for your time, joshua quasi agents political scientist at the university of castle. thank take
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a look at some more world news now. hundreds of thousands of people in the democratic republic of congo need help us to clean and active. volcano authorities voted partial evacuation of the city of go with scientists awarding of what they call a potentially catastrophic interruption. 3 police officers have been wounded by not identified assailant in a suburb of the french city of non attack, establish female office and shot to others before he was killed in a shoot out with police. the motive is not clean. francis ordered an inquiry into the handling of sex abuse claims in the german city of cologne, cardinal rhina maria averted. kate was accused of coming up sex abuse obligations and blocking an earlier inquiry, accusations triggered widespread criticism. the catholic church, a job, the health minister in south africa on a mission to boost cove in 1900 vaccine production bonds of bible comes as infections in africa, working country. still rising. a few of them, one in 50,
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south africans have been inoculated for the role. that is making some progress. and we sent, i reported to evacuation center in durban, accompanied by a police force, a very important delivery, 300 precious cobra, 900 vaccine doses. hundreds of eligible senior citizens over 60 have been wasting the oxidation center in durban since morning to get their inoculations. i'm not too heavy at all because most of them has as low as the lights. so they decided came here so that it gets speculated for their to prevent it. i think we're all very excited about least getting into the into line. yeah. and getting an oven done with and then we can get on with our lives again. fewer than 2 percent of size africans have received the job so far. less than 1000000 people. a new infections are on the rise. again, a troubling trend that signals the beginning of
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a 3rd wave. obviously the numbers go up, we do already. however, we do have our response plans in place and we are ready to respond if the numbers actually arrived any further than it is right now. a restriction can be on the card . infection rates have been low over the past 4 months, but more and more people have been ignoring the rules like composed 3 math, squaring political. my gatherings have also been taking place the the vaccination site next to the welcome stadium in durban, the immunizations bring some solid and the fears of research and the in the pinch hitting. i just hoping that these disappears and put us back to now, earlier we spoke with a w, south africa correspondent audrey increase and he has his assessment of the
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situation in the country right now. right says the 2nd way for ended in the end of january, things have been almost back to normal here. very few restrictions were in place. now restrooms have been opened, life is sort of back to normal, but we have seen an increase in cases over the past 2 weeks. experts wanting that, this is the beginning of a 3rd wave. it is hard to tell if it's going to be worse than the 2nd one which hit the country type quite badly, but most people here expect for the government to a non strict looked unrolled. and the next day, small developments in the pandemic now will start in india, which is record which is reported it's low estate. the number of new cases for more than a month. critics are wanting, though, that the official figures are still far lower than the actual number of infections and deaths. the kovacs vaccine sharing program says it isn't 119000000 doses short of each january target, calling on wealthy countries to donate more of their supplies. and russia will supply the united nations children's agency with sputnik v job. if it gets
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emergency approval from regulators. un an asian agencies launching an investigation into the 4th landing of an airliner by bell roofs. and the arrest of a dissident journalist on board. the european unit has already responded by batting belushi and plains from the skies. you leaders are also aiming sanctions at key areas of the country's economy, including liberty of oil and chemical exports. they want to be heard all over the you. these pro democracy activists have started this protest outside of the commissions office in warsaw. yeah, monica there's, i'm sure we demand that sanctions against the luca shinkel regime are introduced. we do not just want any sanctions. we want tough economic sanctions. right now. also, the sun single spot out at the u. foreign ministers meeting in lisbon. this is exactly
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what they were discussing. the you has already banded bell routine airlines from its skies. next up on the agenda, economic sanctions side. this action we've seen from lucas shanker in bella. ruth had a terrorist character. it was so unacceptable that were not last august. workers went on strike to protest. luca shane, who after he claimed a 6 to him and also following you disputed election money from state enterprises. like this is crucial to the regime survival. the you hope that sanctioning them will hit the regime hard. but as you was taking a tougher stance on bella, ruth, tensions with russia are also increasing. both countries for decades have been linked by a political packed since the crisis broke out. moscow has increased its backing for its allies. we must not still says that the west stopped demonizing those it doesn't likely.


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