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the news this is b w, a news coming to live from berlin. for the 1st time, germany acknowledges it committed genocide during its colonial rule in namibia, up to a 100000 herero and no nom up people were murdered by german imperial forces. after years of talks, germany says that now it's not ready to apologize, end of the offer financial support to their descendants, but some are unhappy with the deal. also coming up tens of thousands,
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flea the city of goma in a democratic republic of congo. after authorities warned volcano is about to erupt for the 2nd time in a week. scientists fear a 2nd, the russian could be catastrophic. then germany stepped up its corona, virus vaccination drive children 12 and over will be able to get a job from next month. ah. hello, i'm terry barton. good to have you with us. it's taken nearly 6 years of talks, but today germany is for the 1st time acknowledging that it committed genocide during its colonial rule in what is now namibia in southern africa, german troops massacred tens of thousands of herrera and number of people between 19 o 4908. now, more than a 100 years later, it has reached a deal with
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a government in namibia on how to atone for the atrocities. this small plotkin berlin's no current district remains the only visible memorial in germany of the violence committed in the media. now foreign minutes, the high co mass has announced germany will finally recognize the atrocities as genocide. 1.1000000000 years will be given to support development in namibia focused on herrera nama communities. between 19041908 german imperial forces in what was then known as german south. west africa violently suppressed uprisings by the nama and herrera ethnic groups, and forced them into the, does it tens of thousands of herrera and nama was shot, starved, and tortured to death by german troops. it is estimated that 3 quarters of the herrera and half of the nama people were wiped out. it took an entire century for a german politician to even recognize it happened tracking. i ask you to give us
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our trespass. precipices and our guilt. but the german government of the time back to peddled, saying the minister had spoken as a private pass and herero nama groups, have consistently demanded an official apology and financial reparations from the german government. for what historians consider the 20th century is 1st genocide. germany has insisted on negotiating a reconciliation deal with the namibian government, not the victims descendant germany is just beginning to reckon with its colonial pass. this reconciliation deal is one step in that direction. in florida, joined by a political correspondent in mine was shaw's. m. a. german officials have been negotiating with namibia and the herrera and nama peoples for years. how did
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they finally reached this deal? well, it had, the german government has actually neglect, isn't. and then the median government, instead of negotiating directly with the communities impacted, which is one of the specially so end up with forward, it has been a long time in the making more than 5 years. 6 years of negotiations. and these highly symbolic gesture, today with 4, i mean, is the high command saying that germany acknowledge the genocide and we refer to such as of now this has been more than a century for more than a century. it has been subjected to debate. here in germany and of course today, this is highly significant, gemini, off for forgiveness to the media for crimes committed doing its colonial rule. now in addition to recognizing its colonial era crimes, as genocide, germany is also put together. it's also put together financial aid package for
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namibia and for the river. and now people tell us more about that. well, this has long been a bone of contention in those negotiations because germany refuses to, to give compensation, which is why what the herero and my community were asking for. instead, gemini pledges to commit to budget a 1100000000 years, but that that's about $1340000000.00 in order to support the media financially and to support development of the hero and communities. however, the representative of the traditional herrera and nama communities would have liked germany to significantly, you know, agreed to give compensation, you know, in a way to atone for the past. so even if that's a forward between the relation between germany and the media,
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this still some work to do, i've asked for attendant with regards to the community directly impacted of course, is much more to germany's colonial legacy there. collections of looted art and even body parts in german museums from africa. how is all that being dealt with? well, that's a very little known fact here, at least in germany and in europe, is up at tens of thousands of body parts and the coast to remain in the basement of museums of libraries of universities here and descendants of the hero. and now my community is also off for the return of those looted body parts, so they can give proper burials to their ancestors and dusty something that remains to be addressed by the german government. such as such is also the return of newton art or political corresponding mental assurance. thank you very much.
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now tens of thousands of people are leaving the city of goma and the democratic republic of congo authorities are warning that a nearby volcano could erupt again at any time. mount nearer gonzo is in the east close to the border with rwanda. lava almost reached goma and interruption. last weekend. authorities fear a repeat could be worse. quick escape seems all but impossible. the roads leading out of coma are jammed with traffic. tens of thousands of residents are trying to sleep many by cars. because mountaineer gone go, could erupt again at any time. for the main thing right now is to get my family to safety. so we don't know what can happen with the volcano. we can feel a lot of rumblings people are being told to leave the city of coma. otherwise many
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will die clo food mattresses, the residence of the north cuban region, and the democratic republic of congo rushed to pack their most necessary belongings . many are headed to neighboring rwanda. those who don't have a car make the way up on foot. we'll try to escape by boat, but the port is also packed. these orphan children are among the lucky ones to make it out. mounts near gun go is considered one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes. the europe and last saturday claimed at least 32 life experts. one this time could be much worse this year. so called eliminate eruption because the mother of the area was carbon dioxide and kill 1000 and joining us now is journalist reagan meant a week. he is in goma reagan. what's the latest on efforts to evacuate people there?
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sir ellis, well months live use it live is a little no more in go because yesterday we were being for about the venture option to take place. that's why, at this time people, iraq communities are coming again in the south because where they've been living these days, it was as easy for them. so they're coming again because nothing happened yesterday . okay, so they're getting a sense that things might be okay, or at least they don't like where they had to stay before. where are the hundreds of thousands of people being moved to when they were taken out of such a big city? yesterday, people were going, people were moving in. there must be stuck in the worst part of mass that's work. and you are asked to, or tradition to organs were easy for them. that's why the us again to people to
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go in there. not because you didn't know when god symbol many, that's where people were moving, but people were moving to the box. they were in government, they went to one everywhere for going a work. is this a fairly orderly thing? the way that people are being evacuated there are authorities or do authorities really have the resources they need to make this happen in an orderly way. none. and there is no the so she's because it was just challenge in those who who can, haven't really been married because honestly, i can see people who have been trying, from wilma, there were growing like foods by boat always invite cars, but it wasn't really easy or could you have to do that?
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or i can say here much that was journalist reagan on a weekend in goma human human rights council is opening an investigation and international verification to violations surrounding the latest gaza violence and into systemic abuses in the palestinian territories. and inside israel, palestinians have welcome the move, but israel has called it shameful. the w tanya kramer reports on one aspect of the violence tensions and what are known as mixed cities. one of the flames made their way quickly through this tire shop on the outskirts of loot, where he is still in shock. his father's family business of 30 years destroyed in just one night as shown by a lawyer and a sense of loss being lost. but reason god, we have our faith and we believe that god will restore our rights. and we hope that
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all will be rebuilt. the period that the path follow, subtler had more angela. good things didn't stop at his door. they also burned down a computer repair shop, next door, belonging to the father of us with the young jewish is ready video game developer had spend a whole year creating a new stage of game. now it's gone. both suspect the shop was targeted by writing jewish extremists, but there is no evidence to you before that. some young people came and looked around checking out which businesses are jewish and which i have at least for me personally, it's reminded me of a terrible times in orange history. it hurts. it really hurts to you so much prior to oklahoma, schubert, but she was both a resident of a town in the center of israel, which has seen some of the worst violence in decades between jewish, israeli,
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and our, of israeli civic. and the violence about that not just in luke, but also in many other cities in israel, protests but also appearing to revenge attacks by arab and jewish mobs fueled by long standing issues. but also recent tensions over jerusalem. israeli police responded forcefully for us, where he d and you know, there's only one way forward. there are in it together through a crowd funding campaign to hope to rebuild their livelihoods. but the vari remains get enough from the funding. yes, we are scared. i worry that jewish extremist are looking for me and we'll talk someone corporate with our asks as if that is the wrong thing to do. and asthma is also void that he will be singled out by his community. but enough, it's enough. we need to say what we think and not be scared on what we don't really have a choice of the future looks uncertain here and across the country. violence within
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communities and israel has left everyone in shock sketch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. a group of 8 hong kong activists have been handed new prison terms for their role and a pro democracy protest in 2019. they include jail, media mogul, jimmy ly, who was sentenced to another 14 months behind bars. who like his navy chief, says it could be days yet before a huge blaze on board. a container ship carrying chemicals is put out. international crews been working to extinguish the inferno that's been burning office re locking coast for 8 days now. sportswear giant nike says it parted ways with soccer superstore name or last year over his refusal to cooperate in a sexual assault investigation. nike had been looking into claims by an employee that name or had assaulted her in 2016. originally,
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nike gave no reason for ending ties with the player. international civil aviation conversations, launching an investigation after bela ruth forced a plane to land and the rest of the dissident journalist. the prob, will examine whether any international balls were broken. the incident has already triggered asians. sanctions from the you and leaders are now setting their sides on key areas of the bell. erosion economy, including oil and chemical exports. they want to be heard all over the you. these pro democracy activists have started this protest outside of the commissions office in warsaw. jamar collision conversion and we demand that sanctions against the luca shinkel regime are introduced. we do not just want any sanctions. we want tough economic sanctions to the quite near the some
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single spelled out at the u foreign ministers meeting in lisbon. this is exactly what they were discussing. the you has already banned about routine airlines from the skies. next up on the agenda. economic sanctions this is actually we've seen from lucas shinkel in bella. ruth had a terrorist character. it was so an acceptable that we're not ruling anything out session we're discussing who should be added to the sanctions. let's list of that. that could include companies like the potassium fertilizer factory. last august, workers went on to protest, luca shame, who after he claimed a 6 terminology following you, disputed election money from state enterprises like this is crucial to the regime survival. the you hope that sanctioning memo hit the regime heart. but as you was taking a cover stance on bell of ruth, tensions with russia are also increasing. both countries for decades have been linked by a political tact since the crisis broke out,
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moscow has increased its backing for its allies. we know we have not says that the west stops demonizing those. it doesn't like the bella, ruthie, and authorities immediately after the incident announced that they were ready to conduct a transparent and open investigation list. you can create them are asleep when you this crisis is playing out on the eastern frontiers on beller is as border with lithuania journalists gathered to protest on behalf of their jail colleagues. the fate of rum on part of it and other reporters like him has become the latest flashpoint in europe. the relationship with its autocratic neighbors. germany plans to offer corona virus vaccines to children from the age of 12 starting next month transfer. and the medical analysis policy. after talks with regional leaders,
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the biotech pfizer vaccine is likely to become the 1st to be approved for use on children under 16 in the e. u. but germany's vaccine commission is still debating whether it's recommend they take the shot, the katie attrition. and the last step back is already administering the vaccine to kids from the age of 16, he'd like to lower that age further in on this, this cannot improve. i think it is very important to vaccinate children because we have seen in the pediatric practice how children and young people have been somehow gotten over the last dumb and yet they're often thought to pass on the virus on your devices, on health, ministry and fun. have been pushing for the mirror. he even proposed reserving over 6000000 vaccine doses for children aged 12 to 15. instead, they can now join the rush for a vaccination appointment when the prioritization of vulnerable age groups is
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listed on june. the 7th that germany's vaccination watchdog is concerned about the lack of, of level data on possible side effects in children. it will likely only recommend the job to kids with pre existing conditions. these children are most at risk of severe illness. we can why in the circle once we gain more experience about the age group of light that comes, that seems remain a precious commodity in germany, where millions of more vulnerable adults have yet to be inoculated against codes of 19. so there's plenty of skepticism about enabling children to join all those competing for a vaccine. japan is set to extend the current of our state of emergency in tokyo and other areas to june 20th that's would be about one month before the expected opening ceremony of the summer olympics. japan is seen a record number of covered 1900 patients in critical condition and recent days,
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even as the number of new infections has slowed, its feared that lifting the emergency would cause an instant rebound in infections with some hospitals already overflowing with patients. or for more now we're joined by michael 10, a journalist in tokyo like we just heard there that the government looks set to extend the state of emergency in tokyo and other areas. what is the cobra 19 situation there right now? well, japan is still in the midst of its 4th cold wave, which has actually been the deadliest so far in terms of the number of cases, it was similar to the size of the 3rd wave. what's different about this time? is that the coven that is driving this particular wave is the u. k, or kent variance of cold, which is a little bit more infectious than the original covert 19. and essentially,
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although the number of new cases is now beginning to fall, the number of deaths, which is usually lagging a few weeks behind, is actually right about a peak at the moment. there have been growing calls by the public and the medical community to to cancel the olympic games due to the concerns over the number covered 900 cases. do you think the government will give in well, there's no fine of that. you know, to be honest, there's really, this is the number one issue in japan by far about 80 percent of the public wants the government to cancel or delay the olympics to not hold them the summer. and the government is basically adamantly saying, we're going to hold them no matter what. and this is very much also the position of the international olympic committee, which has been making statements of the sort like, you know, japan, that we are the only ones who can cancel them and we're not going to do so. so
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essentially the position of the authorities is the lympics are going to happen, no matter what. and so that's so that's where it stands at the moment. okay, we're gonna have to leave it there are journalists, michael pen in tokyo, thank you very much. thank you. say hook, now some of the other developments in the pandemic. india has reported the lowest daily number of new covered 1900 cases and over a month. but critics continue to warn that official figures could be far off the actual number of infections and deaths. the cove ex vaccine sharing program says it's 190000000 doses short of its june target that's it's calling on wealthy countries to donate more of their supplies and russia will supply unicef. would sputnik be if the vaccine receives emergency approval from the world health organization? lesbians, gay men and other sexual minorities,
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face discrimination and violence in many countries in africa. one of the most dangerous places to live for such groups is uganda. there people in same sex relationships can be sent to prison for 10 years. we report now from the capital compiler on a photographer who has made it their mission to document the lives of the l. g, b t q i community across the continent. it's a small, private photo shoot. let me quote gallery, home and compiler. today's work is part of the lobby's gender identity projects, queendom, and photo theories documenting clear people across africa as a queer person, you know, in the country away, you know like illegal to be yourself. they have to say that boys can do make up like flowers for boys, for gowers and like, you know, boys country addresses for me. my, well that doesn't apply cuz i feel like you should be afraid of like free
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expressions. the 26 year old identified as non binary, queer. this means that a lovely doesn't identify as a man or woman. and consequently, once we refer to that day of them rather than he or she yet, and you gander telling l g b t q stories and being part of the minority, queer community is anything but easy. i had my 1st come confiscated because you know, i was in someone's backyard to, you know, like shooting, you know, like mike, we are friends for the clean don't predict. sometimes like, i'm afraid to get out of the house because on the streets i've been called the p g because i simply have a symptom and they can be, was the arrest, intimidation and mistreatment. and those changes. and you've gotten as queer community or the threats and insults have not pushed lovey off their course with the talk. every community with
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a queer young old rich pole to be able to tell its story in some yeah, one of competitive slums. the levy inspire the next generation of photographers may teach photography for the heart of dance african rhythm project, a local n d o, which helps children here learn new skills and everything. the kids are bursting with potential. already. everyone has the best fix with 12, with like, you know, 17 or whatever. but like everyone has the story because they all go through different, you know, circumstances back home to love. his daughter favors also try her hands with photography. the 7 year old documents the world around her taking cues and tips from her parents. as a child, labor surrounded by people bearing the identities. it's a world where it doesn't matter what you as well whether she wants it was gold,
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football, or cameras. they were awesome, joins in during photo sessions and her lobby fees and empowered, upcoming generations of story tablets, more acceptance, more open mindedness and freedom to love who and one and express oneself. that's what they love you want and they hope the photography can inspire this one shot at a time for go. just reminder the tough stories were following for you today. for the 1st time, germany has acknowledged the committed genocide during its colonial rule in namibia, up to 100000 herrera and now my people were murdered by german imperial forces. after years of talks, germany says it's now ready to apologize and offer financial support through their descendants and tens of thousands of people in the demo. the public, congo, or fleeing the city of goma authorities, a warning that
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a nearby volcano could erupt again, lava almost reached the city in interruption last weekend. this is the news from berlin coming up next to we have a panel of guests discussing bella rosas, hijacking of the aircraft on to the point, much more of course, on our website. that's the w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching the news . news, news, news, news,
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news, news. the news the news, the news, the all the to the point in strong opinion. clear position, international perspectives, embarrassed and open. this journalist is dragged off, the plane was intercepted shortly before lending
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a recall suggest his life might be in danger of president lucas shank. of apparently all the kids, nothing but is pulling the strings, find out the point to the point dw thing it paradigm for apartment, 180 percent of the population lives in public housing just days from ownership community at the same time, ethnic groups mixed according to required to system kind of state influence, make the communal life, golden. ah, news. sometimes
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a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning backs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change ended, our mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge of growth through sharing, download it now for free and it's called democracy in the tech on freedom of expression and an attack only european silver and see how europe in leaders have been describing state organized hijacking over ryan f like between to member countries after bella rational currency false to land in men's activist and journalists, roman protests of which was one.


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