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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2021 1:00am-1:45am CEST

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or someone, the news, this is d, w. news lies from berlin. the verse on the fire over the 4th landing over an airliner and the arrest of a leading dissidence, germany foreign minister compared to terrorism. european union moves to target sectors of the been economy. also coming up tens of thousands, 3 the city of gorman in the democratic republic of congo, faring a 2nd volcanic eruption this week.
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ah. hello, i'm here. i'm a 100. the european union is looking to impose new sanctions on bella. ruth, in response to the for slanting over an airliner and the arrest of a prominent dissident you sanctions will be aimed at key areas of the bella roost economy, including oil and chemical exports. the one to be heard all over the you. these pro democracy activists have started this protest outside of the commissions office in warsaw jamar collision conversion. we demand that sanctions against the lucas shinkel regime are introduced. we do not just want any sanctions. we want tough economic sanctions. quite austin, some cigarettes put out at the you foreign ministers meeting and list,
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but this is exactly what they were discussing. the you has already banned about receipt airlines from the skies next up on the agenda. economic sanctions this actually we've seen from lucas shanker in bella. ruth had a terrorist character. it was so unacceptable that we're not ruling anything out session. we're discussing who should be added to the sanctions list of that. that could include companies like this potassium, fertilizer factory. last august, workers went on to protest luca, same who after he claimed a 6 term in office, told me you disputed election money from state enterprises like this is crucial to the regime survival. the hopes that sanctioning them will hit the regime hart. but as you was taking a cover stance on bella, ruth, tensions with russia are also increasing. both countries for decades have been linked by a political tact since a crisis broke out,
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moscow has increased its backing for its allies. we know style. we know that the west stopped demonizing, those it doesn't like it says that the bella ruffian authorities, immediately after the incident announced that they were ready to conduct a transparent and open investigation list. you calculate the mostly other venue. this crisis is playing out on the eastern frontiers on beller is the border. with lithuania journalists gather to protest on behalf of their jail colleagues. the fate of rum on part of it and other reporters like him has become the latest flashpoint in europe. the relationship with its autocratic neighbors d w that burned rodriguez was that the e u foreign minister meeting in portugal and sent us the sub dates. there are a lot of harsh words and anger from the european minister gathered in this bond.
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they say the actions from the bellows leadership amount to stay terrorism, hijacking, and crimes. and that's why they say a red line has been crossed and they, you has to react swiftly and harshly. so for the 1st time home sectors of the bell, russian economy will be targeted with a new set of sanctions, especially the potassium solid industries in the focus because it's very lucrative for the leadership in minsk and the you is also that this new measures will also have repercussions and counter measures, not only from bella ruse, but also from its closest ally, russia. so this could be the beginning of a downward spiral of measures and counter measures. tens of thousands of people are leaving the city of goma in the democratic republic of congo authorities, a warning that a nearby volcano could erupt again at any time. mount gonzo is in the east close to
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the border with wonder lava, almost reached coma in iraq and last weekend of warranties. fear a repeat could be much more serious. quick escape seems impossible. the roads leading out of my gems with traffic tens of thousands of residents are trying to flee many by cars. because mountaineer gone go could erupt again at any time for the domain. so right now is to get my family to safety. we don't know what can happen with the volcano. we can feel a lot of rumblings people are being told to leave the city of coma. otherwise many will die. clo food mattresses, the residence of the north cable region, and the democratic republic of congo, rushed to pack their most necessary belongings. many are headed to neighboring rwanda. those who don't have a car make the way up on foot. we'll try to escape by boat. but the port is also
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these orphan children are among the lucky ones to make it out. mountaineer are gone, go is considered one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes. the eruption last saturday claimed at least 32 life experts, one the same could be much worse. this year, so called eliminate eruption could smother the area with carbon dioxide and kill 1000. let's take a look at other stories making headlines at the solemn. there is president bush on our side will said a 4th term auster being the kid winner of the country's election. i thought 195 percent of the both according to the parliament speaker. his reign has survived the bloody civil war that has been fought since 2011 with the most. you and human rights chief says, israel recent asked price on gaza may constitute to war. crime shows accused the
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palestinian minutes and group hamas are violating international humanitarian law by firing rockets into israel. the un has agreed to launch an investigation into alleged crimes committed during the 11th day conflicts. earlier this month. you, as president or biden has called for a new investigation into the origins of the current of virus intelligence agencies, will deliver their findings within 3 months by themselves. the prob should include whether the virus emerged from an infected animal, all leaks from a lab in the chinese city of hon. me germany plan to offer current of our vaccines to children from the age of 12 next month, counselor anglin medical announced the policy after talks with regional leaders, the biotech 5, the vaccine is likely to become the 1st to be approved for use on children under the age of 16 in the european union. but scientists are still debating whether there's enough data to recommend. they take the shot with the tv attrition,
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an english dan bag is already administering the vaccine to kids from the age of 16 . he'd like to lower that age further. get in on with this cannot improve. i think it is very important to vaccinate children because we have seen in the pediatric practice how children and young people have been somehow so gotten over the last them and get their often thought to pass on. the virus will not be able to answer questions on the health minister spun had been pushing for the moon. he even proposed reserving over 6000000 vaccine doses for children aged 12 to 15. instead, they can now join the rush for a vaccination appointment when the prioritization of vulnerable age groups is listed on june. the 7th that germany's vaccination watchdog is concerned about the lack of available data on possible side effects in children. it will likely only
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recommend the job for kids with pre existing conditions. these children are at risk of severe illness. we can ride in the circle once we get more experience about the age group of light that comes. vaccines remain a precious commodity in germany, where millions of more vulnerable adults have yet to be inoculated against codes at 19. so there's plenty of skepticism about enabling children to join all those competing for a vaccine. now india is still battling a devastating 2nd wave of the pandemic. children may be among the least likely to be killed by cupboard 19, but they do suffer in other ways, especially when their own parents die from the disease. the w manero charger reports from delhi on how one organization is trying to help the most vulnerable for 9 years. now. 3 people that had worked with children from under previous
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communities on a daily basis. she deals with children who have experienced creek laws and forced to grow up before they're ready. but since the outbreak of who with 19 their numbers are growing, children are being made to quit education and pick up household responsibilities and are also being pushed into child labor as their families have lost income. secondly, since they are spending a lot of time at their home, now many cases of child abuse are also coming up. having already been disproportionately affected by court with 19, many children are facing another tragic fall out of the funding. many have lots mothers or fathers are both leaving them extremely one of the since last year the angel, a pretty work has provided support to talking children who have been often new to call the one team by helping them settling with their extended families. so no opposing the founder of the organization says that while children who have been often how much tougher and need immediate attention,
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a more realistic approach is needed to address every child in distress. there is a lot of conversation about it often, but honestly, on the ground in such cases are probably 5 to 6 percent. the other 95 percent cases that we're looking at is where the bed, the very best of these children are pushing them into sexual trade, transactional sex and child labor. the real issue really is to look at the vulnerability mapping of which child is in massive distress. and woodside needs more support that there is a need for a more comprehensive approach is something that an iraq can do the head of the deli commission for protection of child. right. also, i'm looking for something for 3 things need to happen. one, these schemes that provide financial assistance to these families for that at least the basic subsistence is ensured. the 2nd thing that needs to happen is the government have to explore ways of keeping the children in school, the toward either ensuring a livelihood for the family,
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or ensuring that there you start in different existing schemes of the government could be a russian or whatever. but ensuring the, the family has adequate means as an immediate urgent step. the commission has started a health line for children in distress. back at the center pretty says that many children she meets with are in crisis. right now. we've got a home because of over the years of hard work that we and the children had put in seemed to have gone least our home. we are now trying to get them back to their studies and 2 different activities. we are trying to heal them and had them come out of the difficult situations. they are still brief. he says that despite their best efforts, it will be a long while before the children are able to cope with the heart. and the trauma that the pandemic has inflict, as well as in football, real madrid have announced that visiting the done as stepping down as coach with
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immediate effect. the frenchman quit days after the spanish team was beaten to the legal title by rivals, athletic o madrid. and his chief spells is coach. dan led re l 2 to lee titles and 3 champions league winds. but this season has left the club without trophies for the 1st time in 11 years. and book lovers around the world, or celebrating the work of 2 friends or the average call after announcing his death on wednesday, his most famous creation, the very hungry caterpillar, was published in 1969, using simple words and bright colors. it told the tale of a caterpillar with an insatiable appetite during his career call, wrote and illustrated more than 70 books. ah, a child once called him a picture writer, a term the american author eric call thought was very fitting. in 1969,
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he created the very hungry caterpillar over all he wrote and illustrated, more than 70 children's books. but none of his works touched as many hearts as the tale of a caterpillar. with an insatiable appetite horton part 2 books or children or anything, it's really is the idea or in us. the idea come from the book was originally conceived as a week with really one. and one wonders if this book would have done quite as well without its catchy title. it has been translated into 66 languages. it's german titles roughly translates as the little caterpillar never full. eric call had its own theory of why the book was so successful. i think it is a children need you. little insignificant caterpillar can grow up into
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a beautiful butterfly and fly into the world with your talent. his signature style was to always use many bright colors and different textures. his illustrations will continue to be an inspiration for generations to come me. this is the news from berlin up next and all related business with rob one. you can also find, watch, want to website w dot com sisters, who's the news? it's been ongoing quest for the spring began in 2011 people stood up against corrupt, rulers and dictatorship. all these moments had left the box
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and my memory the me they had hoped for more security, more freedom, more dignity, have their hopes for 10 years after the arab spring, rebellion starts june 7th on d, w the the u. s. economy continues to pick up the pace your job list benefit claims for the lowest level since the pandemic bit will discuss what's helping americans come back into work. also coming up germany is governing coalition as agreed to i near law, the hosting companies held accountable for worker's rights abuses in supply chain.
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and after a year, the suspicion and sanctions from the west to iran, and as a sweeping the new partnership with china, regular, iranian unimpressed. w business. i'm a watson berlin. welcome to the program. the number of people in the u. s. submitting claims for jobless benefits drops to a 14 month low last week. i just over 400000 the most. the 4th consecutive weekly decline in applications with the us economy now opening up and growing as an annual rate of 6.4 percent in the 1st quarter. employees are struggling to fill. they can physicians and response to the labor shortage. many states are ending unemployment programs funded by the federal government and include a weekly $300.00 subsidy of cost to our financial correspondent in new york yen score. and discuss this further, the u. s. economy picking up the taste. one of the main drivers. yes.
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yeah, well i mean on one side you clearly have the massive explanation. so that gives the american population the confidence to go out again. and on the other side, we have those multi $1000000000.08 programs. and that gives the american population the meeting to actually also spend money. so the economy overall seems to be kicking on most if not on all cylinders. triple is clearly picking up, restaurants are doing much better. so we also got numbers on cross domestic products. so the us economy, so those are the vice data for the 1st quarter. the u. s. economy grew by a very decent or solid 6.4 percent and for us, the 1st quarter. so overall things definitely keep picking up. press the home front, the us lawmakers are also trying to tackle the economic challenge posed by china with new legislation. what can you tell us about that?
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it was actually a dural vote, and this vote ended. what was it? 68 to 30 gets vote. so obviously there's some bipartisan support for the china competition bill or well, it's officially called the us innovation and competition. as i mentioned, it's a broadside. douro vote, so it's not finalized, but at least there is, there are some promising signs to get this $200000000000.00 package on the way, the biggest chunk of those $200000000000.00, by the way, being a good $50000000000.00 going to the semiconductor industry, so to bring semiconductor production back to the united states, all those supply chains. we talked about that quite a bit in the past couple of weeks and months. general motors, for example, just recently because there was a shortage of computer chips had to close down some factories on thursday. by the way, in the announce that they're going to re open 5 and factory. it's in the u. s. in
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canada and mexico and, and south korea. and that, by the way, brought the stock of general motors, not by a good and 3 percent, but yeah, that's what this bill is basically meant for. so to bring production back to the united states to get a better position when it comes to the arch. rival china and schools are in new york. thanks. germany governing coalition has agreed on a new law, stopping human rights abuses across the global supply chains. companies that have to ensure that does fly, we're buying by both labor and environmental rules. some industry groups to criticize the legislation, arguing it's impractical. the firms that can have thousands of suppliers gutted around the world if passed by parliament companies violating more could face fines all be excluded from public contrast. starting from 2023 of his tell us more is that report to chelsea delaney just explain to us what this will actually mean for
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businesses? well, the goal of this is to stop the situation that we've seen over the past the past decades, where companies something able to say, you know, that's not our problem. we don't know what's going on in the supply chains and the suppliers really far away. what this would basically require these companies to do is look at their supply change, which can really stretch the entire world and figure out who their suppliers are. and whether they're abiding by environmental rules by human rights rules. whether you're using child labor, whether they're paying workers fairly as or for a lot of companies, this will require really drastic changes. they'll have to put up and reform these new systems where they are checking the compliance with all of these new with all of these new procedures. other companies, especially the big multinational like time lar, adida, is sort of already have started to build up departments like this, fighting environmental and abusive workers, right. seem like
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a good thing. but nevertheless, this law has been controversial. has been very controversial in part because of how difficult a task this really is. if you think of a large company, diamond, for example, they have 60000 suppliers and that would, and the idea of this law, they would have to check every one of those and make sure that they're not violating any of these rules. as that, there is an idea among some businesses that this is just impractical, but it's going to make german businesses less competitive internationally if they have all of a sudden these new bureaucratic cost, all of these new things they have to do that it will make them have to race prices and things like this. the german government of saying that they're, they're trying to reduce some of the bureaucracy. this will only apply firstly to companies with more than 3000 employees later will imply to apply to people with companies that, that 1000 employees or more. but it also says that this is going to be proportional . so companies will be responsible for their direct business for their 1st line
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suppliers, but after that they'll, they will have to respond to complaints. they received further down on their supply chain. the business services will be feasible if it supplies globally. so are we expecting other countries to get on board? particularly in europe? i think that is something we will see soon. france and another one's already have logged like this. and the e. u is coming forward with a proposal for a similar legislation. probably by the summer it could go into effect maybe 2020 to 2023 as well. so there definitely is a lot of a lot more discussion over laws like this that we could see playing over on the world. chelsea delaney reporter. thanks to bring it up. thank. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. airbus has laid out plans to ramp up jet production as the ation sector begins to recover from the found demik company says the commercial airline and market could return to the previous levels by 2023. as jazz jumps,
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nearly 10 percent brazelton unemployment rate rose to a record of 14.7 percent in the 1st quarter of the year. 15000000 people were out of work according to government data. brazil has been hit hard by the panoramic. this week is covered 19 death souls. the past 450000. and a new study has shown that half of more than half of german companies have, you know, women on their executive boards earliest this year. the government said it wouldn't . she's a quota on this extra pause, which is expected to pass into law before elections in september. that was western nations work to revive the nuclear deal with iran. china has been strengthening its own ties with the islamic republic in march, beijing and tara reached a deal to trade, chinese investment for rain. you know, those concern over china is growing influence that from both outside iran and with
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in china. his presence in iran is on full display on the streets of tehran, john gunn, donaldson. i'm jack, i just 3 of the chinese car brands available in the country and they gradually replacing european models. it's a reflection of iran economy says cyrus resolved. he runs a consultancy firm into iran and advisors foreign investors. since the u. s. left the nuclear deal, he has lost 80 percent of his european clientele. a gap in the market that china has been quick to fill you want is decided that he cannot wait forever for g c p. away or for a breakthrough. between you and the west. the development of the country cannot wait. at the end of march, china is 5 minutes to visited iran and signed a massive deal that involves beijing investing around 330000000000 euros over the next 25 years. the focus will mainly be in the energy transport and
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telecommunication sectors. in return, iran will provide china with cheap oil, but some iranians are skeptical because we haven't been told the details of the deal. i don't think it will be good for the way everyone's talking about it. it sounds like the government has told us that the chinese, that them out by the hotel i hope that we, the people get something out of the deal. otherwise deals like this are of no use to us. iranians are facing a number of challenges. unemployment and inflation are rising, the currency is down. more and more people are falling into poverty. and the new flagship stores are filled with chinese products that are too expensive for many iranians. the benefits of chinese investment happen of little help to cyrus resolve his company,
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but that may change. he also hopes european firms will return to iran was a lot of our top business leaders and engineers have been educated in places like germany and austria and for so they have this affinity for european quality, 40 european innovation. and for the way of doing business with europe at the moment though, that's all still a way off for now. people in iran are hoping that the economy will rebound and that day the live here will become easier again. and lastly, for me, israel has welcomed its 1st tourists since march of last year to a holiday makers from the united states are part of a pilot program by the tourism ministry only visitors who have been fully vaccinated against grant. a virus will be able to enter israel, they had to take one p, c r, test before and one after arriving. the government's vaccination drive has driven
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infection rates to very low levels, bars, businesses, hotels, and health clubs all ria. that's all from the business team here in berlin mall to head over to d dot com slash business. you can also speak about on facebook and twitter. so next time to pick and choose entered the conflict with to sebastian dislike freshman. dramatic talk to 60 a warranty. i'm going to shows little sign of editing my guess the week from the capital san. shara foreign minister, the so styles government, he's forced to stand accused of committing shocking crimes, killing indiscriminately. why weren't they stuck
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on to the point of strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives in bel roofs and opposition journalists is dragged off. a plane was intercepted shortly before lending a recall suggest his life might be in danger of president lucas shank, apparently over the kids. nothing but is pulling the strings. find out the point to the point being on the w. ah, oh, the news in the us. what's the story with the people who live here? what do you have for their future?
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c, w dot com for mega city multimedia inside clicks or the double used crime fighters are back africans the most successful radio drama theories continues. all episodes are available online course you can share and discuss on the w africans, facebook page, and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now, just so the international media gets us to your capital. i was show you and big books. what happened again you haven't, we are not the ones who are making all this mess in the end of the world isn't buying, you know, denials mister sharp. we will continue the war if they don't withdraw from our country. despite fresh diplomatic talks, the 6 year war in yemen shows a little sign of ending and agencies a warning of a humanitarian catastrophe. as food supplies dwindle and the cosy demik takes hold
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. my guest this week from the human capital santa is some sheriff foreign minister . the self styled who's the government. he's forced to stand accused of committing shocking crime and killing indiscriminate place. why will they stop the sheriff? welcome to convict. last month you told iranian tv that the who these were open to a fat and honorable piece. my question to you is, how can there possibly be any fantasy on or after the terrible crimes that you and the other combatants in this war have committed ok. now it is the end of this crazy war which was started by the saudis. what can you say more than that? let's stop this war on the list. sit on the table and find this piece and try to
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mend what happened in the last few years. so again, you can not just look back and see what have been done right now to met some of what you have done. all of the parties, not only the guys in santa and then i think we can make some peace for the people of the men, not for the conflicting parties. well, when the crimes have been committed and these particularly gruesome crimes, you don't think you can just walk away from them. can you, from torture, indiscriminate killing obstruction, the vital aid use of bands, weapons, recruitment of child soldiers, arbitrary detention enforce disappearances. if proved some of these crimes represent massive violations of international human monetary law for which you can be held accountable anywhere in the world. do you think you can just walk away from these crimes? i've everyone should be held accountable for what they have done. and the last 6
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years, and that's only one of the parties and the others who have all the money and resources can hide their crimes. those who did crimes should be really put in front of the justice of the 2 chords without me, again on your movement. so they put me in front of the courts. are you ready for that? i, i 1st, i'm, i'm in 1st, the national salvation government is not the who it is the national salvation government is a coalition of many political parties. what we are talking about when you talk about war crimes, those in the field who committed those crimes from all parties should be held accountable. so let's not talk only about government to appear on t v or go to meetings. let's talk about those on the field who committed those crimes and find who ordered them to do those crimes. so you are trying to distance
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yourself from the, the who the crimes are you. the fact is that your war has helped bring about the world's worst humanitarian disaster, which you and the other warring parties have inflicted indiscriminately on civilians. and anyone who got in your way to answer your question properly. we have not started this war. this wasn't say you started it you but you're continuing. continuing and not your continuing to target civilians? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. we are. we are defending ourselves. we are defending our people. we are defending our country, i guess the saudis and the majority. so again, we will continue the war if they don't withdraw from our country and those crimes that you talk about. let's look to them. let's not just make it general. so the crimes committed by your people know the crimes were committed by those who, where the aggressors, not by the image or defending themselves. let's look at the books look to the,
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what happened in the last 6 years. and then again, yes, we're ready to face the world and say, who did what of what they deserve for such crimes. mister shut off country after country has condemned your intransigence. the us said in february at the security council that can be no peace if the hoof these keep up their daily attacks against the yeah, many people, saudi arabia and other countries in the region. you've said you want good relations with the u. s. then accept, i mean egypt and comprehensive see spot as they've demanded. we want a real piece, not that these paid for by the saudis, and the america is when you talk about the work condemning the who, these are the, i mean, the forces who are really fighting them. you know why the, the saudis, on the market is how to spend billions of dollars to create a certain picture about what happens in yemen. and no one knows what happened in
1:36 am
our country. really the actual picture. they committed most of the crimes in this country. and we know they have done, and we are documenting that think what is happening in the international arena is what the saudis have paid for. and those countries were, are condemning the hope. these are countries will have a lot of interest, a lot of business with saudi arabia and the gulf countries while we have other countries that are doing that, it's not just the other countries, it's the united nations and they're investigating and the international human rights organizations that are pointing the finger firmly at you now even now, even now, despite the fresh diplomatic efforts that are going on, your targeting murray to the east of santa where civilians the bearing the major impact of new fighting. but that means nothing to you, does it, the more you kill, the more territory you acquire, the stronger your position in the piece talks. that's your calculation, isn't it?
1:37 am
let's, let's clarify this to the world. we are not the ones who are making all these mess, indiana, and it is those countries who are doing it, not our country, our people in yemen, the national forces are trying their best not to hurt their people. we are really targeting the saudis, we are targeting our enemies because they have destroyed our country. when you talk about killing civilians, we are not in the business of killing several years and i can prove it to the world . the world, the yo yo denied and it is to shut off the world, the world denials the no, no, no, no, no denial. we are here to talk to the world, come to us last month and our country last human rights watch. one of the instruments off the u. n. is one of the instruments off the saudis on the market is
1:38 am
very un, so un sides. the u. s. has good them both, so don't i'm talking to you. i'm talking to you about what you are doing last month . human rights watch said your forces had shown a shocking disregard for the well being and safety of civilians who these indiscriminate artillery and rocket attacks towards populated areas in murray put displaced persons and local communities at severe risk. that's how much you care about civilians. isn't it? we care about our civilians. let's him like ice of events. let's not talk to the media off. now don't i get? i don't try to, to change the picture. a bit should be clear. what you are trying now to say is what they talk about us come to us, and we'll show you what they're doing to us. we are not targeting our people. if there are any kind of mistakes, we will be accountable for it as we will do proper things for it. but again,
1:39 am
when you say you, you are you, what about the other party? you just shut your on. i can do what i'm talking to you about what your responsibility for i'm talking to you about what you are responsible for. we talk to the other parties in the conflict about what they're responsible for. now millions, millions, face hunger in your country and your who see forces disrupt and interfere with the aid coming in. why is that? why, why do you interfere with a why on earth would you prevent organizations like the world food program from doing that job and trying to feed people? if there are anything like that it should be presented and people should be punished if they are doing something improper. so punish them. now we don't punish business of trying to stop the a to the minute we will. let's investigate that. not just because you said it, or they said it in the international media. let's put the books on the table as i said, and look to all the details. sometimes in the midst of all these things,
1:40 am
you try to make this kind of accusations without proofs. let's say you and prove it, and we will take the proper action against those who did such kinds of things which stop the 8 hour people mister sharp, your forces haven't just restricted the humanitarian agencies. you've actually threatened them as well. the you, an expert said they documented intimidation and direct threats by your people against humanitarian personnel. what business have you got threatening people who are trying to feed the hungry? i'm really hearing something new from you for the 1st time that our people. i mean, our government or our personnel are threatening the people. it's such think occur. we will be ready to see it and see punish those who are doing that. the un has name v, who's the officials responsible for issuing threats. all of them are from your so
1:41 am
called supreme council for the management and coordination of humanitarian affairs . those are include ultimate, how made up the most and how was and i will talk to, you know, these people don't, you do pay them to threaten the agencies. i know them and we don't pay anyone to threaten anyone, and i haven't seen that report. i would, i wish i can put my hands on it. so then i can take some measures regarding his subject because this is my responsibility to follow up on the subject with you and you don't read the reports from the un because it's in the latest report from the panel of experts. you know, we have that reports? no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we receive what they sent to us and we respond. we have a special committee to respond. so i guess you are, you also receive the specially what you just mentioned mister sharp. i also
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responding to the reports of profiteering by your side. the us says you are top political leaders are competing to enrich themselves from limited state and public resources. are you one of those top leaders who enriching yourself from this war? no, no, no, no. you seem to be amused by the city. you seem to be amused by these a serious charge, you know, but some said no, no, no, no, no, sorry you not them us but sometimes surprised. now again, this government, let me tell you this government is composed of the g. p. c. our party and he's on saturday. la. we are doing our best as a government for the sake of the many people, not for the hotel is or funny or for any officials whom i try to enrich themselves with this war. we are ready. we are ready. and let me tell you the whole word we and the other party and the saudis on the market is we are ready to be put in front
1:43 am
of any kind of institution and see who did what i guess the many people we are in this war to defend our people, not to get money or try to get some kinds of power and everyone knows that. and we have worked for the last 30 years with the many government. so again, well yeah. one knows that we know that the un tunnel of experts is track the number of illegal financial schemes that you're running. they include evidence of money laundering scams, creating false supply contracts to transfer huge amounts of cash to individual who think amanda's and other officials are. you personally involved in these, how does all this corruption fit in with your hon principal? not? no, no, no, i'm not involved in anything like that. i'm the minister of foreign affairs, and i present my party, the general congress party. not though it is. and anyone who is committing any kind of legal action should be punished for it. whoever is from whatever side they are.
1:44 am
again, this war is not to get rich. this what is to defend our borders, our land, and out of really dignity in this country. and i went home, i try to get behind this kind of accusations. so forget about the saudis and mit crime will fail. they will fail because we don't have enough resources to employ such committees of the u. n. so know what others are doing, but the time will come and we will have american companies working for us and looking to the other side, what they have done, how they get rich, how these kinds of deals have been done to kill the many people and get money out of it, and then and further of the world, they say that they are defending the legitimate government. the real picture has been painted by un x, but un investigators international human rights organization who are on the ground who have evidence of fake financial transactions. and the seizure of assets,
1:45 am
the illegal seizure of assets belonging to other individuals and companies. in september 2019 your specialized criminal court, announced the confiscation of funds owned by 35 numbers of parliament, who just didn't happen to agree with the politics. and they ended up a year later being sentenced to death in the sense that the child was a political sham, wasn't it? why do you have political, shands, instead of fair trials? whatever it said by do, and it's not the full reality you said. so last month they disgraced one of their reports. so again, let's be with them and their groups and their committees, and then they can ask us and we can respond, but not just the wait for their reports about what you have said about these kinds of actions. i agree completely with you anything which is i guess the law should not be committed if anyone has something to.


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