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the, you know, we have to talk to young people clearly have the solution, the future, the 77 percent. now every weekend on b, w. so the national media gets out, so your capital, i will show you and big books. what happened again you haven't, we are not the ones who are making all this mess in the m and the world isn't buying, you know, denials mister sharp. we will continue the war if they don't withdraw from our country. despite fresh diplomatic talks, the 6 year war in yemen shows a little sign of ending the late agencies, a warning of a humanitarian catastrophe. as food supplies dwindle and the covert panoramic cakes hold my guests this week from the capital santa is some sheriff foreign minister.
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the self styled government. he's forced to stand accused of committing shocking crimes and killing indiscriminately. why will they stop the sheriff? welcome to convict don't. last month you told iranian tv that the who these were open to a fat and honorable piece. my question to you is, how can there possibly be any fantasy on a after the terrible crimes that you and the other combatants in this war have committed ok. now it is the end of this crazy war which was started by the saudis. what can you say more than that? let's stop this war and the let's sit on the table and find this piece and try to mend what happened in the last few years. so again,
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you can not just look back and see what have been done right now. to make some of what you have done, all of the parties, not only the guys in santa and then i think we can make some peace for the people of the men. not for the conflicting parties. well, when the crimes have been committed, and these are particularly gruesome crimes, you don't think you can just walk away from them. can you, from torture, indiscriminate killing obstruction, the vital aid use of banned weapons, recruitment of child soldiers, arbitrary detention enforce disappearances. if proved some of these crimes represent massive violations of international human monetary and law for which you can be held accountable anywhere in the world. do you think you can just walk away from these crimes as everyone should be held accountable for what they have done? and the last 6 years, and not only one of the parties and the others who have all the money and resources
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can hide their crimes. those who did crimes should be really put in front of the justice. the 2 guards without me, i do not on your movement say be put me in front of the courts. are you ready for that? i, i 1st, i'm, i'm in 1st the national salvation government is not the hudy's, the national salvation. government is a coalition of many political parties. what we are talking about when you talk about war crimes, those in the field who committed those crimes from all parties should be held accountable. so let's not talk only about governments who appear on t v or go to meetings. let's talk about those on the field who committed those crimes and find who ordered them to do those crimes. so you're trying to distance yourself from the know who the crimes are you. the fact is that your war has helped bring about the world's worst humanitarian disaster,
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which you and the other warring parties have inflicted indiscriminately on civilians. and anyone who got in your way to answer your question property, we have not started this war. this wasn't say you started you but you're continuing continuing and not your continuing to target civilians not. no, no, no, no, no we are. we are defending ourselves. we are defending our people. we are defending our country, i guess the saudis and the america. so again, we will continue the war if they don't withdraw from our country and those crimes that you're talk about. let's look to them. let's just make it general. so the crimes committed by your people know the crimes were committed by those who, where the aggressors not by the manager were defending themselves. let's look at the books look to the, what happened in the last 6 years. and then again, yes, we're ready to face the world and say,
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who did what of what they deserve for such crimes. refresher of country after country has condemned your intransigence. the us said in february at the security council that can be no peace if the who these keep up their daily attacks against the, you know, many people, saudi arabia and other countries in the region. you've said you want good relations with the u. s. then accept an immediate and comprehensive see far as they've demanded. we want a real piece, not that these paid for by the saudis, and the merit is when you talk about the word condemning the who, these are the them in the forces who are really fighting them. you know, why the, the saudi is on the market. these have spent millions of dollars to create a certain picture about what happens in yemen, and no one knows what happened in our country. really the actual picture. they committed most of the crimes in this country and we know they have done,
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and we are documenting that. think what is happening in the international arena is what the saudis have paid for. and those countries were, are condemning the hope is our country's will have a lot of interest, a lot of business with saudi arabia and the gulf countries. while it is either countries that is doing that, it's not just the other countries, it's the united nations and their investigation and the international human rights organizations that are pointing the finger firmly at you. now even now, even now, despite the fresh diplomatic efforts that are going on, your targeting murray to the east of santa where civilians a bearing the major impact of new fighting. but that means nothing to you, does it, the more you kill, the more territory you acquire, the stronger your position in the piece talks. that's your calculation, isn't it? let's, let's clarify this to the world. we are not the ones who are making all this mess
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in the ammon. it is those countries who are doing it, not our country, our people in yemen, the national forces, and are trying their best not to hurt their people. we really targeting the saudis, targeting our enemies because they have destroyed our country. when you talk about killing civilians, we are not in the business of killing several. yes. and i can prove it to the world . the world, the yo yo, yo denied and shot off the well the world you know. denial. the no, no, no, no, no, not the i am. we are here to talk to the world come to us. last happened to our country last human rights watch, one of the instruments off the u. n. is one of the instruments off the saudis on the market is very un. so you and how about how sides the u. s.
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has them both out and i'm talking to you, i'm talking to you about what you are doing last month. human rights watch said, your forces had shown a shocking disregard for the well being and safety of civilians for who is indiscriminate artillery and rocket attacks towards populated areas in murray put displaced persons and local communities at severe risk. that's how much you care about civilians, isn't it? we care about our civilians. let's go off events. let's not talk to the media off. no, i don't, i get i don't try to, to change the picture. the bit should be clear. what you are trying now to say is what they talk about does come to us, and we'll show you what they're doing to us. we are not targeting people. if there are any kinds of mistakes, we will be accountable for it as we will do proper things for it. but again, what do you say you, you, you, what about the other party? you just shut your on. i can say all the way i'm talking to you about what you're
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responsible for. i'm talking to you about what you are responsible for. we talk to the other parties in the conflict about what they're responsible for. now millions, millions, face hunger in your country and your who see forces disrupt and interfere with the aid coming in. why is that? why, why do you interfere with a why on earth would you prevent organizations like the world food program from doing that job and trying to feed people? if there are anything like that it should be presented and people should be punished if they are doing something improper. so punish that. now we don't punish business of trying to stop the a to the minute we will. let's investigate that. not just because you said it, or they said it in the international media. let's put the books on the table as i said, and look to all the details. sometimes in the midst of all these things, you try to make this kind of accusations without proofs. let's say you and prove it,
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and we will take the proper action against those who did such kinds of things which stopped the 8th, our people. mister sheriff, your forces haven't just restricted the humanitarian agencies. you've actually threatened them as well. the you, an expert said they documented intimidation and direct threats by your people against humanitarian personnel. what business have you got threatening people who are trying to feed the hungry? i'm really hearing something new from you for the 1st time that our people. i mean, our government or our personnel are threatening the people. it's such think occur. we will be ready to see it and see punish those who are doing that. the un has name v, who's the officials responsible for issuing threats. all of them are from your so called supreme council for the management and coordination of humanitarian affairs . those are include acclimate, how made up the most and toes, and to ha,
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motel echo. you know, these people don't, you do pay them to threaten the agencies? i know them and we don't pay anyone to threaten anyone, and i haven't seen that report. i would, i wish i can put my hand on it. so then i can take some measures regarding this subject because this is my responsibility to follow up on the subject with you and you don't read the reports from the you. and then because it's in the latest report from the panel of experts, you know, you have that reports. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we receive what they sent to us. and we just want we have a special committee to respond. so again, you are, you also receive the specially what they're just mention mister sharp. i also responding to the reports of profiteering by your side. the us says you are top political leaders are competing to enrich themselves from limited states and public
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resources. are you one of those top leaders who enriching yourself from this war? no, no, no, none. you seem to be amused by the city. you seem to be amused by august. he's a serious charge, you know? but some said no, no, no, no, no, sorry, not them years but sometimes surprised. now again, this government, let me tell you this government is composed of the g p. c. our party and the hokies on saturday. la. we are doing our best as a government for the sake of the many people, not for the host is, are funny or for any officials whom i try to enrich themselves with this war. we are ready. we are ready. and let me tell you the whole word, we and the other party and the saudis on him are these. we are ready to be put in front of any kind of institution and see who did what i guess the many people we are in this war to defend our people not to get money or try to get some kinds of
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power and everyone knows that. and we have worked for the last 30 years with the many government. so again, well, you know that we know that the un panel of experts is track the number of illegal financial schemes that you're running. they include evidence of money laundering scams, creating false supply contracts to transfer huge amounts of cash to individual who think amanda's, and other officials are you personally involved in these? how does all this corruption fit in with your hon principal? not? no, no. no, i'm not involved in anything like that. i'm the minister of foreign affairs and i present my party, the general congress party. not though it is. and anyone who is committing any kind of legal action should be punished for it. whatever he is from whatever side. 7 they are, again, this war is not to get rich. this what is to defend our borders,
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our land, out of really dignity in this country. and they went home. i try to get behind this kind of accusations. so forget about the saudis and mit crime will fail. they will fail because we don't have enough resources to employ such committees of the u. n. so know what others are doing, but the time will come and we will have american companies working for us and looking to the other side, what they have done, how they get rich, how these kinds of deals have been done to kill the many people and get money out of it, and then and 1st of the world, they say that they are defending the legitimate government. the real picture has been painted by un x, but un investigators international human rights organization who are on the ground who have evidence of fake financial transactions. and the seizure of assets, the illegal seizure of assets belonging to other individuals and companies. in
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september 2019 your specialized criminal court, announced the confiscation of funds. and by 35 members of parliament, who just didn't happen to agree with the politics. and they ended up a year later, being sentenced to death in the center of the trial was a political sham, wasn't it? why do you have political sham instead of fair trials? whatever it said by do, and it's not the full reality you said so last month they disgrace one of their reports. so again, let's be with them and their groups and their committees. and then they can ask us and we can respond, but not just the way for their reports about what you have said about these kinds of actions. i agree completely with you anything which is i guess the law should not be committed if anyone has something to complain about. but it on the media, the fact that they have to talk about the middle, the shot they happen to complain about. and there's an even dock aside and that i'm
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talking about your detention centers now. the independent yemen, the human rights group, montana, has charted some of the worst excesses by who the security, especially by the security and intelligence agencies prefer, as it says, have been subjected to multiple forms of torture, including amongst other things, nail removal, severe beatings and electric shocks. you happy about that? you happy about that kind of treatment? no, i'm not happy at all. i am against any kind of actions which might really go to this kind of, i would say human crimes. so why don't chinese vision should be, why don't you do something about them then? what do you want me to do? stop them. you know that right? yes, yeah. i get. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. let's go to the right way. why we are being blocked here in santa for the last
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6 years. that's to the u. n. direct me to the un security council and i was talk to them not put me out in santa. and we kind of take a plane to london or to new york to talk to everyone in the world. you are putting us here in santa, so you can talk about whatever you want. and here we can not respond to the work. if you're having a child, you'll notice, but i should, you'll have a chance to respond now and since 2016 has registered 60 no, no, no of arbitrary detention 770 k know of enforce disappear. so i'm 344 days out numbers there, my son read the numbers and i set that up so that that us get us. so the international media gets us to your chemicals and i will show you and dig books. what happened again you haven't not, what do you and says i did the saudis, to allow me today to take
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a plane and go to london and get you all of our pictures, our books and talking 1st of your people in england or in the us. they don't allow us to take even a small flight djibouti or other places. we are locked here in santa and you are making your own picture, your own movie in those big capitals and try to make us look like criminals. the kind of an else are the saudis is and those who support them. and the u. s. and the u. okay. not the american people, not the british people, they know, but i think mr. battles in this war don't have to on. so they do, i'm asking you to case your guys, your coalition in particular, what the, who the forces have been doing, talk and the abuse, wholesale abuse of human rights that's carried out by who the security forces. you don't want to talk about it. i understand that there is a note,
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i don't know about it. you don't, i don't talk about it. you know, the ignorant. i'm not going to excuses the i read the reports of the us. this is, but this is, this is part of the story. what the one says, this is part of the story, listen to what we will say to you in your homes and your basis out of yemen. you are trying to keep us here in santa and talk about everything in the world. there is a big media campaign bait by the saudis, by the image that is, even by the british to sell their weapons, to show the wall that says on the host is on side a lot of the only criminals o committed thinks in this war. you committed some of that war through your british weapons through the american weapons. so again, let's open it for the whole world. who are you and what else can i say we are in this war as you well know, it's not just your side. now you can then all the other saudi condemns. as
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a recent report, mister sharp read the report. you don't, you know, don't you don't say, you know, i, you are not saying the whole truth to the world through your programs. the un put this out is and the black list, 3 years ago, they paid money. they lifted them from the books, and this is what will happen. the saudis will pay a lot of money with the amount of these, and you will lift them from the books of the crimes they have done. and they will, you will keep the books for our people here in front of what they did. money talks of human rights groups have noted another pattern of your oppression, and that includes sexual violence and right directed, specifically at women hope politically active. the un has named the senior who's the official. so time robin alleging his involvement in these methods, is he a friend of yours, a colleague of yours? no, i'm a civilian and he's been on the un sanctions 2015. do you ignore the very serious accusations against him? he's director of the criminal investigation department. so you don't really have
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nothing to do with, you know, serious allegations i, i don't know the person, but i read the reports about so times i've been and he died about a week ago. he died here. it's hannah again, as i said, let's open the books, see what everyone did here on there. there is another site to show you the take charge back to the shop. there is no sign that you are taking any of these charges seriously. the un confirmed and december 2019, who the individuals rate 6 women in detention facilities in and around santa several were right on multiple occasions over extended periods. do you enjoy being known for these crimes? first, i'm not the healthy. when you speak about these, i am a g p. c member. another part of your call will be open to alicia. we yes,
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yes. coalition. yes, there's a lot to be in israel. the part of something. another part of the coalition, again, yes. but again, let me tell you something, we'll see some of the reports of the sanction committee, the one of the u. n. and i take those reports, i sent letters to every department or the ministry concern. this is my role in this whole thing. the minister of foreign affairs cannot be really some kind of a decision making agency who can impose things on local institutions. so we do our shop again. anything like what you have said should be published. should the world know about it? not keep it all in the guests of the you and and the other minutes i'm in institutions. publish it to the world. well, you going to do about very hodges, aren't you concerned about them? what are you going to do about these charges facing the who we are. you currently
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are part. what are you going to do? look, i mean, ok, we will tell them what they have, what we have received. i use ations again still and then used asians. and then i don't know who said know who's going to invest, why you're going to be stocks in an mascot? well, in the gate, anyone who did anything to any human citizen, i can assure you of this. if i'm not doing it, other people will do it. mister sheriff, given everything the world now knows about the brutality of hoofbeats and the corruption during this war. i'm wondering what a piece time who the government would look like, especially one that is charged with torturing its opponents, stealing the assets and raping politically active women does not qualify for who sees to take part in a peacetime government in yemen. ask your french, the americans, what they are talking to them in must got the why,
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why they're trying to, to take them on the table and deal with them nicely to get them to stop firing squad missiles to the saudis. you have to know this interest. make the ends of all worse. talk to the americans as their mother do that while there is all these reports, why you're in the media are trying to show something for a certain purpose. we tell you that we have not, we have not done anything that might create hate against us as a government in santa well, depending on the abuse on the right when those days are of no concern and no consequence. only human rights abuses that are listed and all, and all these killings and all these killings by your place, by the saudis. animosity forces and does that outlined by writers abuse by 300000? no one has committed crimes. does that mean rights abuse,
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dont but that dot dont but the human rights against what has happened to us, the destruction and the killing of about 350000 yemen is by the saudi place or the amount of the place. and you come here to talk about, let's say, tens or hundreds of people. we will investigate everything. but at the same time, you should be account of all your the world, including britain, on the us, under saudis, and a lot of these for the hundreds of thousands people who were killed here in yemen. why do we want to tell you, we got the rockets on our heads, so you're talking, you don't talk about that. you don't, you talk about the torturing. you talk about the problems that happened. yes. these things we will investigate. but again, we need investigation on the killing of hundreds of thousands of people and you should come to find out, i know you're and i know you and how you talk about the report has demanded that as well. thank you, mr. sheriff sheriff, thanks for being on. come take. so thank you. thank you. thank you and we'll see
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you again. but the news the news news
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the the the the the all the news ah me. oh oh, i can because you
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oh no no, no. to me. i the people have to say to us me, that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d w. yes,
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it is really no good to know that since we didn't get in touch with him and he will make to jim jim loved betting thing away. i'm not going to my own everyone with later holes and every day getting you ready to meet the german can join me. raise us, do it on the w, the they will not succeed in dividing, not succeed in taking the people off the streets. it because we're tired of taking the stand global news that matters. d. w, made for mines. the
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news . this is the w news live from berlin, the mother of the train division journalists, rahman protest, but it's appealed to international leaders. save her thought. she has been origin authorities both kill him that he's obviously been tortured since he was hold off a diverse ryan flight on sunday. also in the program a big ruling against big.


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