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with from china and south korea, most of the young women who work here off students from pyongyang. they live and sleep above the restaurants and in many cases and not allowed to leave the premises for years. every evening, at the same time, they changed their outfit and get ready for the big show. me. i the there are 130 north korean restaurants like this. worldwide. 3 of them in cambodia . they believed to make several $1000000.00 a year. but the waitresses didn't get paid
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a sense the big box western hard currency flow directly into the regime secret coffers. the. this is just one example of north korea is systematic exploitation of its own population. north korean workers deployed around the world even in the european union, such as here in poland. we found north korean work brigades on a buildings site. they were promised good wages and decent working conditions, only to be treated like slaves. in the evening, after a 12 hour shift, the workers, the bust back to their hostels, the
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then monitored around the clock by north korean agents. ah, the one of them however, decided to talk to me when i was no problem coming here on your own. you know, on sundays we can go out alone. when i get to what would happen if you got caught when several joe played accuse me of this and that. and i'd be interrogated by north korean state security here in poland. if they were not satisfied, they'd send me back to pyongyang for further interrogation with you guys. and i might even get, put in prison. something you know, how did you get to johnny fishing? so you have a job here too. i came here to make money. it's all,
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no matter how hard i work, i can't make money. couldn't the working conditions are miserable upon them all you've done know wish and i have no freedom. we have to spend our lives crammed together in groups. so you're probably aware that they keep almost all of our wages . we only get over action, but you know, i will give you a 100 years. you know, i'm in my thirties and my wife and daughter are at home to my are next to nothing. it's not on, but i have to do this for them, get them when i have no choice here in the book, you'll see the modern day slavery as north korea sense, well trained workers to poland, to toil away, and shipyards, and on construction sites. the work malays,
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they're effectively held hostage in north korea. if a worker flees their relatives back home will often face severe punishment. the work is the pay just $90.00 euros a month. the rest goes to the regime as it cashes in for kim, largely unnoticed by the international community. north korea has sent laborers all over the world. believe to number up 285-0000 in all about 40000 of them are in russia and adapt 280-0000 in china. north koreans also work in q weights, malaysia, cambodia, mongolia, amman, cattle, the united arab emirates, and in a number of african countries. the u. n. has become aware of this income for young, young, and just determined to drain the sources. experts estimate that the regime makes up to $1000000000.00 a year this way all by now and wherever money is earn,
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the kid ends up at office $39.00. he pushes the order to conduct money transactions with absolute authority from one in which a defect is say, the office is directly controlled by kim jones and manages the leadership secret account. what's called the palace economy. where exactly in pyongyang is office 39 located and just how many millions flow into its coffers. ah, when we asked the north korean official, he and his interpreter feign ignorance, which they were. i don't understand the question, but perhaps you know more have you ever heard of floor 39.
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39 floor or are we talking about high rises? 05039 is one of the best kept secrets of the kim regime. only north koreans who've escaped or able to talk about it openly. me so i just secret location. we meet him and he used to work for the office. he was based in china, his task smuggling foreign currency. then he escaped. his position was so important that the north korean regime had threatened to kill him. afraid of being identified, he had plastic surgery to alter his face. and even then he's only willing to be filmed from behind me. jones hi is doing 0 in the north
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korea ostensibly has a planned economy or the engineering. that means that the state takes care of supplying the population with food and the other good. but in north korea, this system has been largely abandoned. a history of food and goods for daily use has as such, collapse more as a result. just the majority of the north korean population has to be self sufficient is home and resort to the black mark edward's wish to understand office 39 and the capitalist stretches in place in north korea. it's important to understand its history. in 1991, the world's biggest communist country, the soviet union was developed and north korea last one of its most important trading partners. well, many formally communist states now switched to a mark to me. the kims continued to further isolate themselves in 1994.
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the year kim joan is succeeded. his late father, a devastating famine, descended on the country during the gray semen in the mid nineties. by the north korean starts to death. the public distribution system collapse with us is described seeing mountains of dead bodies in the streets, anywhere between $1.00 to $3000000.00 north korean states. so what happens is the north koreans now knew that if there was a to 5 thank no longer trust, rely in the states and it was the rural population, in particular, who had to be self sufficient. black market started to emerge known as jung medina . today, there are an unknown number of these markets throughout the country, full 100 of them, or even officially license providing tax income for the regime. most of the buying, selling and bartering here involves food and good from china. all manner of current
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things are accepted, especially us dollars and chinese. you can either speak to china and north korea share a border that has more than a 1000 kilometers long fuel. but over 80 percent of that border is not even secured with barbed wire. who people in the border region are subject to little control by the state police and they enjoy substantial trade with china. to mean less trade is the basis for the black market in north korea. i've always been there ah, the biggest beneficiaries from the informal economy on government officials in pyongyang. because the loyalty, though mainly out of financial self interest, the regime permits them to trade. and over the years they've become wealthy. they sell luxury good. michel raw materials and in real estate they're called don't shoot masters of money and enjoy the luxury and freedom afforded to them by the
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regime. but that loyalty comes at a price to many dollars. you hold senior government positions including at office 39 like this man who's been living in hiding. and so since he fled the north while growing up in the ninety's, he witnessed how north korea developed increasing the capitalist structures before his escape. he was responsible for export likely the offices most profitable business ferrying reprisals from the regime. he likewise does not wish to be recognised me. time has hanging my position and rank within the organization was management
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employee a name i was in charge of foreign trade him. we'll be joe with a department that did trade with europe by sure. a lot of them, in fact, much hamburg germany until a few years ago, the north korean state insurance company k. and i see 100 branch in an innocuous looking apartment block in the city. from here, 6, north korean officials may deal with major european insurance carrier home office. 39 has a department for foreign insurance policies in jungle. this department conducts insurance fraud either on all of them. for example,
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they used to re insure russian and 18 helicopters that were nearing the end of their operational lives. they submitted that on here in concrete terms, this department signed contract with large european insurance firms that are in your home, which have initially they would pay the insurance premiums a $5000.00 a month or more. or eventually that the helicopters were blown up or set on fire to collect the insurance, some a punish, kinda percentage of and that amounted to maybe $2000000.00 an eating month to month . and that was just one case among many in 2015, the european union added the k. and i see to it's sanctions list, accusing the company of co financing p on yang nuclear weapons program via office. $39.00 experts estimate that wrecked helicopters and similar tricks helped the kim
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regime break in several $100000000.00. north korea uses its global network of embassies to ferry money back to pyongyang, government officials enjoying diplomatic immunity, transport the money in cash in their flight baggage. a simple but efficient way of ensuring the funds keep on flowing me for nothing. the embassies half a different ethnic function, but that's often mainly ceremonial, but their to function is financial is also illegal. mainly screen diplomats are basically cast carriers for kim they're in different areas. they're businessman. they may be drunk lower than maybe weapons smugglers, but they carry a different passport. so you contact me providing military
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supplies, training, and much of that has been done through north korea's embassies, particularly in africa and the middle east side of all the countries in the middle east. currently siri and our republic has the greatest levels of prohibited cooperation with north korean military entities. her 5th, i'll ask that the father, if the current syrian dictator had been on friendly terms with den north korean leader, kim il sung. since the 900 sixty's pin yang supplied syria with military personnel as well as weapons and ammunition in its war against israel. an important source of income which exists to this day, ah, using tactics resembling those of 18th century pirates office. 39 operates cargo
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ships under full flags and fake names. according to the un, this is enabled north korea to send large quantities of weapons and military equipment to the area. between 201220178 says at least 40 shipments with prohibited cargo from north korea passed through the suez canal. but then the us managed to have one of the delivering intercepted so we found something called go on its way to syria. these were acid resistance. titles involves which could be used in chemical weapons development, but also missile fuel is highly corrosive. such tiles could be used for ballistic missile program as well. the bill of lading clearly gave, has an address in syria established from the company, syria, scientific studies research center, the ss i'll see,
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which is responsible for serious ballistic missile chemical weapons development program. the russians that insist the chemical weapons produced in the s s l. c. labs have been used by syrian dictator bichon. i'll ask that against his own people for years. many of those who died in agony, one 3rd of all buildings in syria have been destroyed. the regime and damascus has been planning for the time after the civil war ends and hopes to receive billions of dollars from international donors for the countries of reconstruction. the armies of work as required to come from north korea as formerly agreed by the 2 countries at a meeting in june 2019. here to pyongyang is looking forward to a lucrative business the money to certain to buy office. 39, it goes straight into the coffers to leadership. it is used on the one end to
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provide for luxury items. it is used to pay for the mercedes benz car stats somehow found their way into korea despite the sanctions. but it also, it is also used and this is probably more important to deliver the best hackers. you can, you can train as early estimate, eighty's came john l started training the most talent of children in terms of mathematical abilities and program abilities to become cyber anchors. there are also the money earners. ransomware, like the weather, cry fires, for example, is considered to come from the north koreans. it is the biggest cyber attack. the world has ever. hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in about $150.00 countries rendered useless. now the u. s. government is publicly placing the blame for that cyber result uniquely doug, want to cry squarely, and kim jong owns army of hackers, british intelligence officials and microsoft had previously concluded that groups
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associated with the north korean regime were responsible for the want to cry, hack in soul i t specialists have north korean hackers squarely in their sites. simon, choice works as the consultant for south korean intelligence agencies. could the washing and we've been following the activities of north korean hackers for 10 years now. in the past, they've been primarily attacking the south korean ministry of defense and other government agencies are key. but since around 2015, it's become clear that their interest has shifted to international bank. couldn't be. north korea has limited access to the internet with only 1000 ip addresses available to the country. many a used by north korean computer specialists to attack other countries. experts say that between 601300 hackers are at work for the regime. and estimated
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$2000000000.00 may have been diverted by young, highly trained north korean hackers to fund the countries nuclear weapons program. the north korea is changing. an impoverished communist state is now a country with a highly flexible shadow economy. and as with commercial companies, all that matters are american dollars. cash for kim, the workers here and now saving away, not for the revolution, but for the wealth of their leader and his cronies. as the gap between rich and poor widen. ah, well, the population impugn yang, enjoy constant growth and prosperity. the un says that 40 percent of the rural population still suffer from malnutrition. in order to control people, the regime, employees, old school, also a tarion rule. north korea's underground economy on the other hand,
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is 21st century capitalist dando, china ah, north korea gateway to the wild under symbol of how futile the un efforts have been to dry up can fosters of cash. mm. the sign, a korean friendship bridge across the jani river, has connected the 2 nations since 943, every day, trucks queue up in front of the customer checkpoint. it brings together smugglers traders and also the agents and entrepreneurs of office $39.00 or less than hoping to make a quick deal here. china is by far north korea is most important trading partner according to economic sex, but it accounts for 90 percent of north korea's export trade.
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the thousands of north korean women are believed to work for textile manufacturers in the den dawn region posing as businessmen and equipped with hidden cameras. we film inside one such factory chinese textile companies, higher north koreans, because pages are lower than those of the domestic workforce. these seamstresses work day and night, and often sleep on the company premises. many are effectively locked up there for years, far away from their families. all together with a team of labor, lawyers, trade experts and data specialists, remco broker has been investigating whether europe, in brands work with chinese companies that directly or indirectly employee. north korean is down to where we find different things. and one of the things we were
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actually hoping to establish was to use of north korean workers in chinese factories found really to our surprise, is that yes, we do have north korean workers working under slave like conditions in china. the more than that chinese factories outsource to north green factories in north korea . please manage to prove the existence of a significant amount of nor screen slave labor in the supply chain of some of the rules leading clothing companies. breakers team took an especially close look at one chinese textile company with the french name, von dest, or east, and wind, the firm's own website. states that it relies on low labor cost and abundant human resources. the list of customers reads like a who's who of international fashion brands. the whole desk website features this
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men's jackets described as korean imported. the buttons bear the woods armani jeans using trade databases, brokers, team analyzed on their business dealings between 2013 and 20. 19 the databases use customs information, showing which goods to send back and forth between firms in differ trees. so what happens is that china sense the material to make certain types of clothes, to north korea, one low. they are the ship beck in the same container. and then you finish close. those close are again shipped to say to netherlands or to germany or to america. and from there they're distributed into our source between 2013 and december 2016 on this, sent around $10000000.00 worth of fabrics. and rumors here real to north korea. during the same period, the company received finished garments with almost $25000000.00 from north korea.
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customs classify textiles by so called harmonized system codes. a lady sweater, for example, will have a different h s code than a pair of men's genes. we take a look at h. s. code 621. it stands for men's anoraks and coats, including the money jack case on the website. between 2013 and december 2016 von dest imported products, with this code, was $12000000.00 from north korea. the same code is also found, with deliveries from von dest to europe, and the u. s. among the customers, diesel and the money money jackets that look exactly like the one on the own desk website can also be bought in europe. this one costs 219 euros. it's impossible to prove beyond doubt that governments like this one
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a made in north korea, but at the same time, can it be ruled out? we asked the companies implicated to comment. amante's response, we confirmed that phone. dest is one of our suppliers, and such is regularly subject to checks and inspections. the results of these checks being that no finished product, the manufactured in north korea, like all our suppliers, it is also required to declare which subcontractors it uses, and where these are concerned. it is also the case that none are in north korea, wheels directive own dest, the company offered no explanation as to why and on what scale it trades with north korea. one thing can be said for certain big name, fashion brands have their goods manufactured by a chinese company that does business with north korea. a country where workers have no rights where human life counts for little or nothing. and breakers the ation
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shows that this is far from an isolated case. chinese firm fact trees in north korea to produce goods worth hundreds of millions of dollars for year to year. we've heard testimony from north korean s k fees, who were in concentration camps today have been forced to produce textiles for the export market for famous western grants. and i think for the 1st time i've been able to corroborate that for an external source. i'm not through a testimony in the same database. i found the, the department bureaucratic department that is responsible for managing the production of textiles for one of the concentration comes outside from them. it means that when you buy clothes produced by 4 slavers, maybe to slave labor,
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we may even buy clothes in annella's in germany or through europe in america that was made in concentration. camps by people never see the light of day. again, these are the kinds of camps that you don't thief until your death. that is just to horrific to, to put in worse and were completed. ah, hundreds of thousands of men and women secretly ensure the survival of the p on young regime. their futures is sacrificed for the luxurious lifestyle of the powers that be and also for western consumerism and convenience. kim jones own is perhaps not so much in unhinge dictator as a coolie calculating businessman who run this country like a company. ah, and office 39, does plenty of business with everything. and everyone,
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including office in ah thing it for a paradise for apartment. 180 percent of the population lives in public housing date, ownership, community at the same time, ethnic groups mixed according to required to system. kind of state influence make communal life, global 3000 due to eco
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africa. insects can destroy harvest. but in molly, farmers don't have to rely on chemical pesticides. this tree offers an alternative . the name tree, a sustainable insecticide can be extracted from its fruit. what can farmers be condensed to switch to organic? first, the d w. ah, was me huge and species and expedition into just the language of whales se sending part of the underwater listening. if you're getting your window into their, their life that you've never,
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never see. the company research team to the pacific to the language of wales starts june. 4th on dw ah, this is either be knees and these are our top stories. you are a secretary of state and the blanket has met with palestinian president would advise lincoln pledge, millions of dollars in age to the palestinians and said washington would restore bilateral pines that downgraded under the trumpet ministration. earlier he met with israel's.


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