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to contaminate the water reserved for the atmosphere that makes noise, that would destroy our heritage, this landscape and the gold by the mono by south, it's just not compatible with our lives. more recently, the regional government rejected the permission to extract hair. but extreme mining is ready to challenge this decision in court if needed. concern palomo and the other catherine years are wary of getting into a legal battle. deforestation is a bitter reality into the world, especially when it comes to making space for agriculture. in india as well done model tra, region a local organization has flipped the scenario that incentivizing farmers to plant trees and continued to the local forest cover. let's see why these women are planting saplings of native trees in western mud, australia. it's not just
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a reforestation project there planting trees on farmland, which otherwise stays barren. the idea to don't abandoned land into forest scheme from the organizations far most for forests. if you really think about forests, i think, you know, they're not just sort of, you know, carbon storage follow houses, right? they provide a range of ecosystem benefits. you know, everything from being carbons request those to, you know, providing sound, water recharge, you know, so in conservation, you know, habitat for bio does diversity, our markets or our systems don't put a financial value yet on such you know, the, the services that these ecological systems provide that's the market failure. that payment for ecosystem strikes to correct far mostly for us is approaching small scale farmers like the nation. probably he leased out to a cause of his unused land in 2020 to the organisation. they went on to plant 8000
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sapling, setting the groundwork for growing a driving carbon sequestering forest. as the owner of the land hopefully will now be paid yearly cash transfers of just over a 100 euros for the next 5 years by farmer forest for ecosystem services. the trees will soon provide garnish natalie mainly runs a small garage business. the 23 year old belongs to a family of land holding farmers in western russia. but agriculture alone, he says, has become financially and viable to support his family of 6. and it was imperative that he find a means of livelihood should be at the very many, many people have a great farm and they have become industrial laborers and some have started their own businesses because farming is not the same anymore. which is why i started my
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workshop again, stephanie and farmers and seeking a daily income rains have become very erratic in the last year if this continues from in the region will disappear when you pull the bay in a this is kanisha land, the ground. oh, graham bernard land farmer forest has been piloting the payment for ecosystem services. p e. s. approach with due objectives in mind to protect existing forests and grow new forests on degraded land through gps tags and satellite images. the team close the monitors the health of each tree after planting. the project also supports women farmers and labourers. today they're working on this 3.5 acre plot of land belonging to ram. the shandy.
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shindig currently works part time by the federal station. he holds the cash transfer from the p. s. project will help him get back into farming. john nash, cindy and denise, you have a hope. the investment will also benefit the next generation. not a while farmers before this has planted all the cream, the rights to the land are entirely over play. despite the 5 year rental agreement of the organization, presenting everything that grows on the land will be dollars to the food that these trees will bed in the years to come. and that they will provide all belong to as to how play the, even if the project ends in 5 years. foremost for forest wants to attract more donors in the near future. this will allow for a station in this region to keep progressing, helping local farmers to become less vulnerable to the effects of climate change.
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sherman's mom, the only creatures on earth who tracking the existence of trees, animals talk and do some damage. we know that for us and why life work in a delicate balance, how then can be controlled that damage without causing an imbalance for strangers in germany already on their way to figure this out. sandra schmidt is delighted to finally be back in the forest hunting. she goes a hunting license 7 years ago. it's made her appreciate nature, the mall. he goes out on the hunters, the recognizes conservationists in germany. these days, the training involved in guessing a license includes a much bigger focus on ecology in nature conservation. and there's a lot more information on plants, trades heads, insect, caterpillars, and various amphibians sick. you know,
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you think it's only going to be about hunting game that is not the case. the hunting is strictly regulated in germany and requires a license getting a license means undergoing training for several months and passing exams. in recent years, the number of women applying has grey sandra schmidt goes hunting, just outside berlin, mainly on land managed by forest. a mark only works with hunters who are interested in protecting the forest. rather than collecting trophies. they only get to hunt twice a year in the spring and in the autumn when the animals are particularly active and they only hunt certain species beyond young my waterloo down boot, we hunt, read and follow during age group one. and so that's last year's funds, and i wish you all happy hunting and rich picking wild 4 and deer in particular,
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love, fresh shoots. they do a lot of damage to young trees. so the forest ends up with no new trees and the bushes that best mark illinois shows us some examples. he's even fence stuff. one area completely. animals have done a lot of damage to the saplings here. when number of years. nobody's ever been red light. you can see this rowan tree has had its head branch broken off and eaten by a red deer. and i should be here. this is an oak. it must be at least 15, maybe 20 years old. but you see it's new shoots have been nibbled off by wild animals every year as. but the fencing of areas is expensive and further restrict the animals in their movements. germany is relatively rich in forest, about 30 percent of the country is covered with trees compared to just 12 percent in india. but the forests intersected by roads and fields so that the areas of
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uninterrupted forest are relatively small. animals congregate in those areas. red deer and wild boar have few natural predators like balls, which are fairly red here. easily, dear can find endless amounts of food. here. the farms provide plenty of grazing opportunities during the summer months. as far as separated by roads and fields and in some areas thinned out enough to provide grazing land for game that they wouldn't find in a large primeval forest course. and what is for common gordon? most of the forest here is no longer primeval with a variety of tree species. after the 2nd world war evergreens were planted here on mass. but for many years now more deciduous trees have been planted. we manage 6500 hector's of farmers and heavily dominated by pine trees. it was 96
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percent pine. when we took over we've now replaced half of that with new young trees for you. at pine tree monoculture causes the soil to dry out and become acidic. the trees are more vulnerable to pests. a mixed forest in shows the more human in the soil. the trees can better withstand insects and heat an important benefit in times of climate change. in the spring, many juvenile animals around in the forest mark a huge raised d. a stand when hunting to ensure he only hits his intended target. his main aim is to protect his young deciduous trees. want to be view devices head in the island. where do we have more bio diversity? pine forest where the ground is covered with grass and deer can grace. but there are no butterflies because there are no flowers viewed item to
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do. we have greater biodiversity in a far as that's more like a natural forest, with many different types of trees. shrubs in plants, of whole, different range of species. i'm of that. so it's likely to be another 40 years before that kind of bio diversity can be restored here. but that's the long term goal that the hunters have set their sights on until one day hunting will no longer be needed. without trees, we don't really have a chance at survival. let's begin to accept this fact. now, let's collectively urge policy makers to take better care of fall trees. if you're already doing your best to protect trees in your neighborhood, let us know at equal india a d, w dot com. i'll see you again next week with many more inspiring stories until then from all of us in india and germany. good bye,
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and thanks for watching the news. the news. the news, the news, the, the who's
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no. no. no. i. oh, against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection been developing use measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information into context? ah, i recently dated in special monday to friday on
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d. w. me species an expedition into disease or the secret language of whales, exciting part of underwater listening. if you're getting your window into their, their life that you would never, you never see a company research team to the pacific to the language of wales starts june 4th on d, w. oh,
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the news . this is the news berlin, the european commission president, calls it hijacking to the us. it's an act of piracy calls for sanctions against bella. ruth intensify after it forces a passenger jet to land in minsk under false pretences. authorities allege a bomb threats only to arrest the prominent opposition. activists on board also coming up defiant and in good health, me and mars to pose leader on san sushi appears in court for the 1st time. since
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