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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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difficult to identify exactly what happened as the cable bill in a hard to reach wooded area and is being described as sitting right now in a crumpled state. this was described by l. y, and rescue officials that are on site right now. and it may be too early to ask this question, but is there any indication or idea as to what might have caused this accident? well, as you said, it's still too early to tell exactly, but it, it believes that it may have been caused by a broken traction cable. and as a result, that cable cocking crumbling down, we have to see why this happened though it is believe that this cable can line was renovated back in 2016. and it really has been shot for both of this period. because the corona virus restrictions and closures, and in fact, the line was only reopened of the 24th of april. so not that far ago or less than
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a month ago. and we'll have to see, i'm sure there will be investigations as to what whole. but for now, all concerned about those that have survived in to help get into them in time. ok, thank you for all of those fact seem a good to feel nice journalist reporting in spend longer just south of room. the un security council has welcome to cease fire between israel and how much and is calling for immediate humanitarian aid for palestinian civilians, especially those in gaza. on the 3rd day of the truth, thousands of displaced families are returning to their homes in gaza, or what is left of them? un estimates that at least 6000 people have been left homeless. egyptian mediators are in israel and the palestinian territories, trying to make sure that hostilities do not resume. and for more on this, let's go to dw correspondent dana reg, of and television. i don't it much of guys,
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a city has been severely damaged as a result of the fighting thousands left homeless. how build it hard, is it going to be for them to rebuild? especially with guys is still under blockade. yes, that's right. well starting this morning, nick, we're already seeing queues of trucks, laurie's carrying much needed medical supply of food fuel into the strip, in the hope of bringing the supply into the residence to the residence of gaza. we also learned that the u. n's emergency response fund has released more than $800000000.00 for humanitarian efforts industry. however, residents of guys, shopkeepers, business owners, and just private people. they might expect months if not years of efforts in order to rebuild everything that has been destroyed or know. coming back to
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israel today, jewish visitors are allowed to enter jerusalem's temple mount compound for the 1st time and 900 days. what's being done to keep tensions in jerusalem from flaring back up? well, we're being told by the israeli police spokesperson that muslims, under the age of 45 are not allowed into the compound today. we also know that the muslims worshippers who are allowed they will have to deposit their ideas with the police before entering the compound. 3 people have been arrested so far in the compound and the walk, which is the authority there is overseeing. the compound is not reporting any major clashes at the moment. now we need to hope for that this tense. com is going to remain. and intel of the where you are, how, how are people feeling? are they confident about this? she's far holding well, confident. it is
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a very strong word if you live here in the region. so i would say people are confident they're very hopeful. they are hoping that this truth would last, business owners cafes are slowly opening. not all of them, i must say. so some business owners decided that they still don't feel safe enough to open for, for public because jeff or the mix cd of palestinians andrews where i'm standing at the moment has seeing a lot of violent clashes so far. confident, not so much hopeful. yes. ok. he w correspondent, then irregular in televi. thanks so much for them. let's take a look out. some of the other stories making headlines at this hour. the speaker of the reign in parliament as his country will stop supplying images of its atomic sites to the international atomic energy agency biscuit. with new diplomatic efforts underway to save k ran nuclear agreement with world powers. the ran is
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already enriching and stock piling, uranium levels far beyond those allowed by the 2015 deal. the corona virus continues to spread rapidly in india. officials say nearly 4000 people died with covered 19 and just 24 hours. more than 240000 new infections were reported. numbers are searching especially in rural areas where public health services are limited. overall, india is the world's 2nd worst effected country. after the us. nearly 70000000 voters in vietnam are electing delegates to the countries rubber stamp parlance the national assembly. almost all candidates are members of the ruling communist party. the vote comes in vietnam battles a new cobit 19 o break that is spreading rapid. people in the city of goma and congo have begun returning to their homes after fleeing in panic. when a nearby volcano erupted, the stream of molten lava came to a stop, just
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a few 100 meters from the city limits. authorities had urged gomez, 2000000 residents to evacuate. after mount a near, gone, go erupted for the 1st time in several decades. but many of them accuse authorities of responding to late after thousands had already fled into neighboring rwanda. motoring remains of houses consumed by a river of lava from mount near ganga villages. east of the city of goma hit without warning, by the 1st major volcanic eruption in almost 20 years. residents trying to protect that property were angry at the authorities. it's got to go away. understand the least government like you know, delayed, giving us the information while the fire had already begun. johns on and as the lava slowly approached, the outskirts of goma, people began to flee. whichever way they could not do,
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he's never seen anything like this before. we study the volcano, people talk about it a lot, but really we've never seen it. never. we're all shaking. maybe. you know, so little something. with dawn, the welcome news that the lava trail had halted a few 100 meters from goma and stopped short of the city's airport for some relief at being able to return home without being harmed for others. the charm of an extraordinary soto up everyone was a reminder of the devastating and unpredictable power of nature. i'm joined now by journalists, reagan men awaken from goma in congo. thanks for joining us. reagan, as the military has announced that the city of goma has been spared, with a lot of us stopping just outside the city. so does that mean the people are no
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longer in danger? at this moment, people not really in danger, but indeed the, just a little bit before the time we're just building. if we, every time you and people, i just wondering even you the company that just wondering because there was no official cation about how the population can at the small man, how they can, how can, how can they react to hope we can react while they are why the squeaky happening near the site and you spoke to some of the people who were fleeing their homes. what did they tell you? and are they all coming back? all of them are not coming back. last year, people who stayed were the most by for others just coming because they thought they don't have enjoys or others. they're coming back because their homes were not stuck
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by all kinds of muslims. that's why they are just coming back again in the town. and are we able, at this point? i know it's early days to have some idea of how much damage might have been caused by this direction. according to what docs i've sold and can say more than 5000 houses run and they just some people were there because there was some senior citizen, they were not able to leave the city hall every time. we have this 6 of 3 people they live and there's some many proper bronze my ground. okay, well, we'll be following that situation. meanwhile, thank you reg, man,
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awake for that update from goldman. thank you. returned sports now and soccer buyer and munich, striker robber, live and dusky has broken the record for the most goals scored in abundance league season. the polish strikers last minute or came in the final game of the campaign as champions buyer and deed osburg 5 to to ask his overall tally of 41 goals broke the record said 50 years ago by the legendary gary miller after the end of their final game of the season on saturday by a munich were finally able to place the bonus like a trophy. the mighty bavarian clenched their 9th street league title 2 weeks ago, but they had to wait until this weekend to get their hands on the precious piece of silverware. it was a fitting way to close out coach. hence he flicks tenure at the club. over in china 21 runners have died after extreme weather hit,
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an ultra marathon in the northwestern gans who problems a rescue mission is underway to find the participants after freezing rain hail and high winds hits a high altitude stage of the race. some runners suffered from hypothermia and got lost due to the sudden change in temperature. a total of $172.00 people took part in the 100 kilometer cross country mountain res. happier news now the eurovision song contest came back last night after its corona virus hated. it took place in the dutch city of rotterdam, and the winter was italy. more than 3000 spectators were allowed in for the show. juries from the 39 participating countries voted with the lead time between switzerland and france. but then the popular vote with counted one, which was italian ban managed into the top spot with this song as if in warning, followed by france and switzerland that maybe next year's contest will take place
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in the top in. and here's a reminder of our top story. the un security council is calling for immediate humanitarian aid. people have gather estimates around 6000 palestinians have been left homeless. the next is sports life or the look at scotland return to the european soccer championships. i spicer mixer, watch the news, news me. ah, people in trucks injured was trying to feed the city center and more refugees are being turned away at the board, families on the, in syria to be crated against. and the trade people fleeing between ramps,
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or ross getting 200 people in the janet around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. we asked why? because no one should have to flee. to make up your own mind. d, w. mine's the i get the the the the, me the scotland batch
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me on it since night in belgrade. david marshall's penalty should have ruined qualified scotlands men for their 1st major tournament in 23 years. or some of us was the best we felt since kevin galico scored against austria in $1997.00. that schema was one of the goals that took scotland just runs $98.00. but why as a nation that used to expect to be a major tournament not been on the big stage for 23 long years. the from the seventy's to the ninety's, scotland qualified for 67 world cuts me aside from candles plastic against the netherlands in 900. 78 the scots watch their heroes score. unbelievable. gold tickets, brazil. plains
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new and unusual ways to snatch failure from the jaws of respectability against brazil. again the the opening game of 98 and friends. it was rod against rinaldo. a scotland renewed his fears and in no way when sighted rivalry after john colon equalize to make 11. the holders couldn't find a winner, so naturally gave them a helping hand with boys and drake, barley school against norway on the 60, the 1998. was the last my scotland man and a major tournament. since then, generation has gone by i must been living in berlin an old enough to remember, at least not all my compadres in the city are
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held. were you in scotland qualified last qualified for the major tournaments? i was 5. i don't know if i can remember. if i convinced myself i can remember that, but i can remember john colin's school independently against presto. i think the 1st ones i can came to remember is the playoff thing for the next 2 years. so i was called in the school and things were going away and packing off a result and then it's still not being should. and then what was, what was to come, the failure to qualify for unit 2000 and the 2002 world cup costs manager, trig bird whose job so begun scotland years of wandering in the football desert. me in scotland decided to shake things up by bringing in their 1st ever foreign coach, german world cup winner, bertie forbes. time there was like that. it was that there
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was a lot, it was more like maybe an experimental period for the national senior experimentation look to paid off when mcfadden scored the only goal of the game against the dutch in the 1st leg of the year. 2004, play off with his fix. know the fate of amsterdam met the monday cold. i'm sorry, i didn't get a sniff of a major championship. i think that when the con for them got really not that sex, no game, because it was sex. now after because it been turned off that i really like just this will slowed the claim. books departure to rotating cost of hardy souls was charged with taking scotland back to the big side. walter smith decrease george barley creek, levine, gotten struck and, and then the cliche, again, whole tried and failed. but was that done to them or a lack of quality players. great social changes were taking place in the course. the boys were not playing football as much as the gifted
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spontaneously naturally. secondly, the introduction of foreign talent and to scott from which was initiated by sinners and was taken on by the other clubs. walter smith said the boys going into the academy wasn't good enough. ex celtic in scotland, player jamie smith disagrees. i don't think it was a lack of scott on the can always produce good players. think the problem is almost systematic to call on celsion angels, right. wrong, we try to compete the treadmill clubs which calling us they were spending a lot of money, cited back players, government back salaries, and quite honestly, the good. they excited your players and everything got a chance in 2019 come on manager. steve clark became the latest man charged with
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bringing back that long for success. the lead by a sherman had a rocky start, but he galvanized notoriously brittle group of players to take them to glory in belgrade to i really race the coffee as a manager. i think what i'd recommend was like on believable that they were all jobs for me and they were getting close to a good watch and confessed. and then he takes over and ends up taking this commandment team. what normally a stylus like a toll and get them into europe. steve truck is basically from all i can see about a defense of my structured manager. he was the same with c'mon, scott and i think a better differentially and then the be not the fatal answer, but he's been able to organize them a humiliating for now. the feet in russia and late 2019 proved the turning point
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for clark. he asked his players to carry their hearts with them and the 1000000 much unbeaten run. so they qualify for euro 2020. what's been the difference this led us to qualify? so i'm really town. it's a crop of talent not seed in scotland for a generation. there's the robertson, a champions league, winner with liverpool, manchester united, pover house, scott mc, terminate, arsenal, marauding, left. back here in tyranny and aston villa. go scoring midfielder. join me again. and if you've got clear as you can bring in clear for liver cook an acid villa, manchester related like with trauma and so on you know, you good quality standpoint. i think it's just that we do actually have the best group of players that we've had some name a problem with. i mean, if you looked at the manager's heart center last qualified plate, would people say it was back on and off gotten stuck in as
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a monitor like probably not show fixed. christy showed that the players cared about giving the country something to celebrate. amid the corona virus pandemic, audible here hope. and from the far the socially distance partying begun wherever scots were in the world in glass. go to berlin, where i've spent the past 9 years here, the chill of the cold war is never far away. but to mid to communist statues, there's plenty of scottish to be phones, even if it's not always flattering. scotlands reputation for parsimony is reflected in the names of its best shot races
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and it's in the street signs in the cities, english quarter white glasgow street in english quarter, and also to be in the city scottish exiles during the ton demik have been painting for the place they called caledonia with the think i don't know me. 100 park scheme to scotlands. 3 great games are to be played at the national stadium. it means the talk to armies invasion of europe will have to wait at least a little while he always thought would make that really nice summer and france or made or spade. it's just going to be quite, we have to separate the fact that over play in a major national famous game. but we're still in classical,
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awaiting scotland at hand. and talk of the check with public featuring labor crews and strike a patrick check and croatia with real madrid playmaker look, which is also a trip down the road to wednesday to meet hurricane england. scotland . ve england? it's the world's oldest international fixture. it's a little do, in fact that we told the english to play the game. it might be hard to believe for people who have actually watch scotland, but we invented passing football. but can't go and teach england another lesson in the euros. after all, they haven't beaten the so called old enemy sandstone. hutchison scored at wembley in 1999. england can be very good, but it can be brought with the scottish but it and being the underdogs were you into that game might be a benefit to us as legal and the euro's was again to check the public was against
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croatia, but be england's and get not the 1st, i would probably take not as quite successful tournament. you know, it's the angling gym. we should be drinking, we can be human. infamously scotland have never gone beyond the grid stage. the major tournaments defeats the costa rica in 1990 is just one entry in a catalogue of disaster. who number 123, like you can this increasingly confident, young squad, but the trend by reaching the last 16 so many places ideally set up for us to completely blow to be one to be one of those sub place teams is not going that since you do look, i think we should be we should be good enough. i think we've got
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a squad to surprise some people will think we've done. we get the potential for that with to those group games to be played at honda park. scotland will be backed by home funds aching for a chance to see life football after the pandemic. whether scotland to do a scotland or do the unthinkable and qualify for the last 16 it sure to be some atmosphere. whatever they do, these young players have shown that scotland can play the game and written their own chapter in the countries in during football romance last year. now, and this should be stream it with me in the
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in the she is the women who read. she is a woman here, right? she is and also just color i'm just feminist women's theory is to meet the artist 20 d w in and made masterpieces when unmistakable sounds o the legendary martin guitars. the invention of a german immigrant conquered to music world news ago from full blonde, to pensylvania,
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a martin guitars 200 years of excellent. in 60 minutes on d. w. literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to find a strange grown up world. my only objective is to share what a thing beautiful he w books on youtube. ah, ah, my nervous about reading as i read about 4 hours a day. sometimes more if i'm doing the news, i have probably never written so many put a.


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