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because it doesn't raise blood sugar levels, fruit toast behaves differently in the body than glucose. for example, glucose reaches the bloodstream directly via the small intestine. and in doing so, raises the sugar levels in the blood with the help of the hormone. insulin. glucose is transported to the cells and provide them with energy fruit. jose takes longer than glucose to enter the bloodstream from the moment testing the cells can process it. so it's sent to the liver to be broken down and turned into fat. nutritional scientist done today as richard has studied the effect of fruit toast, he conducted an experiment to find out how the human body breaks it down. came jet, get a number of test subjects with varying amounts of fruit dose. under this plastic could, he was able to gauge how much energy the test subjects use during the experiment.
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the blood samples were taken every 5 minutes to test the sugar levels, minute and you measure how much you get a little confused, how much facet produce and how much of the sugar was stored. it took a despite the results of the test show that too much fruit toast leads to weight gain. but what's even worse is the damage that fruit does does to the liver. it basically as the same effect as consuming too much alcohol. when i talk to you able to feel too happy, labor has too much to do breaking down the photos than it can't metabolize it properly. shows it as fat for fatal stores. the liver turns the fruit dose into fat, part of which is transported throughout the body, stored as fact deposits. but the liver itself begins to store in the fact too that leads to a fatty liver, just like consuming too much alcohol does. the
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what's more fruit toast influences the hormones that regulate our appetite binding . this makes us feel full, stay hungry is a fascinating subject to play. and fructose clearly plays a role in that function. when we consume too much fruit toast, the hormone green is produced in this stomach, mucous membrane. this hunger hormone signals to the brain that we haven't had enough to eat yet. so we eat more. often, the main problem isn't even solid food. we get especially large amounts of fruit dose in our beverages, whether and soft drinks or pure fruit juice. women g. it's so flush and you take a bottle like this, contains a leisure of apple juice. it took a same sugar content as the apples himself. but if i drink the whole leisure, it's like eating 8 apples to apples like a sick of them quickly,
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but i can drink the whole bottle easily from the flesh. this last thing, consumers a one to reduce their fruit chose intake, should check the labels of soft drinks and process foods. but what about fruit itself? don't worry through is still healthy. it contains less fruit toast and provides fiber and vitamins. i have to admit, i do left tweets to have to create them. no, you don't. but it depends how mature your body's tolerating. usually you should not eat more than 25 grams of sugar, which is about 6 tubes of sugar. but what if i eat sweets and then start for a joke or run if you burn the sugars which are eating, this is not a problem. but usually people who are not doing sports enough are not exercising, eating too much sugar, and then they're storing it in the liver, which then produces or causes for liver. where do we find sugar trips in daily life?
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ups are called traps because you don't think about that a couple of copper chino, usually it's about 400 killer calories. apples, yours or orange juice contains as many calories as coca cola. so smoothly, for example, they contain a lot of calories for 2 pi from killer calories. so if you eat or drink 3 of them, you have enough calories for the full day. children love reading to go food. pizza soft drink sweets. can they develop fatty liver? yes, they can, and about 30 percent of the kids to have fed liver be all love ready to go food because it's easy to eat and tastes well. however, the contain a lot of sugar, which is actually then not used and stored and deliver which produces had liver. so you need a balanced diet containing sugars, but more importantly, proteins, and i mean acid to grow. well, let's be honest. what would be the easiest thing you could give up? money, the internet, your partner,
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we humans find it difficult to eliminate the familiar thing from our lives for me personally, i could not do without the show and without sugar. the people in our next report tried to give up sugar and took part in an exciting experiment. it fell just please step on the scale. let's see how heavy you are. oh gosh, your tongue would eating less sugar and make how fear of $65.00 people are about to find out they're going to exclude all sweets and out of took her from their diet for the next 3 months, some grass and all through the dr. specialized in nutrition will monitor them throughout the us. well, it's 57, i'm suffering from joint pain hopkins, and i have a lot of inflammation in my body, which could be down to my sugar intake. doctors aren't so sure these 3 months for
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readjust. the idea is to get through it and then continue on a lower sugary intake. that's what i'm aiming for now or never know. martin kim has already had a heart bypass. his blood pressure on collateral levels are too high. so he's on medication for the whole thing does it i'm hoping at some stage to come up the tablet because of the side effect when the up into if you lose weight by changing your diet, it's possible we might be able to stop all the medication element come into upsets and samples are 1st taken from all the participants to doctors. one to monitor has a reduced sugar intake effect their patients metabolism sound good. last and off we'll check their blood values again at the end of the program. so from now on our test participants will need to be disciplined. it's week one and on here, off
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a lender husband are noticing some changes on the table too. we used to have a plate of cookies. now we have flowers from the participants are likely a maximum of 25 grams of added sugar a day. that's 8 q, 60 spoons. that's the limit recommended by the world health organization. until starting to notice, the difference can be from after 5 days on this new diet. my heartburn is gone. it has an effect on your body of the doctor has summoned march and come get to the surgery to discuss the results of his blood test. despite the medication he's on, his blood pressure is too high. he's overweight. he's one meter 80 toll and ways just under a $105.00 kilos. does this ultra sound image shows very clearly that you have a fatty liver, but that's reversible. we can work on that,
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look at each month. we jump forward 7 weeks. now. the group, we're having a party to celebrate reaching the halfway point to start the participants that managed to stay in the program. but until how fail is really missing the sugar food, jittery and the patient, i feel like i'm constantly on the edge. she's come to discuss her progress with the doctor. although she's lost for kilos in way. she's still not satisfied because instead of using sufflin, she's now started knocking on potato chips instead of the tv commercials don't help . i've noticed that when you're watching tv in the evening, you're constantly getting ads for something sweet or food in general. huffman estimation or not, but i think losing for kilos and just under 8 weeks is a lot. after all, the only thing we've changed is reducing the amount of free sugars. i think that's
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a huge achievement. martin. kimberly, it's on the other hand, is surprised how easy it's been to reduce his sugar intake. he's also been exercising a loss and his last 7 kilos soon. so you've done brilliantly with changing your diet, your top fit and you're losing weight. and what about the other participants? the 3 months are and i paused and the final blood test is about to reveal all more than 40 participants have held out to the end. as joint pain is much better and she no longer needs to take cautious own for me from i'm not, it's been a huge success, especially if it carries on like this. i saw my orthopedist yesterday and he was very impressed. he says, i have to keep it up in her lab results also look promising her last level of liver . i'm thyroid values have all improved. that means she's now less at risk of
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developing diabetes. you have the quote, you've managed to make the change and it would be great if you could. now keep that upside for math in terms of it has lost nearly 9 kilos on the blood test. so that is collateral levels have sunk to level your blood results of improved across the board. i'm very pleased. i've been reading if he continues to lose weight, he might soon be able to come off the collateral tablets 3 months with a radically reduced sugar intake. have paid off, nearly all the participants have lost ways and feel better for us. and most of them want to continue on a low sugar dias. so if i would keep away from sugar completely, my liver would heal. so what's your job as a specialist? unfortunately, there are no effective drugs against the liver, so our job as physician is to convince our patients to make your lifestyle change.
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also, we should treat potentially efficiently. we should treat your sugar efficiently, both the risk factors for different developing fatty liver. what should the patient do? the human being is weak, so what you have to do, you have to change your diet. you have to eat more proteins, more amino acid, less sugar. you have to start with exercise and usually you can start with a 2, a 5 kilometers walk. but you should start slowly, you know, to burn more calories than you eat as a g p. i know that it's very difficult for my patients to go for a complete lifestyle change. so how could it work? yes, indeed, it takes a lot of times an effort to convince a patient to change the lives. it's convenient to gone already did for 20 or 30 years to enjoy your red wine or to enjoy your good foot. however, sometimes the patient has to experience a trauma or a problem to think about his own health and to change his life. thanks so much for
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this. very interesting talk was a pleasure. thank you very much. so exercise is good against the said he liver. and when i exercise, i get my best ideas. what about you? and if you a bit like me, send me your best ideas in good shape, your weekly helps show on dw covers many aspects of health care. we look at what's new and medical treatment, nutrition, fitness and beauty. we discuss these topics in depth with specialists and give you the chance to pose your own questions. so do get in touch. you may ask yourself, is today so over yet? no, it's not. it's over in 3 to one. the news. the news,
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the news, the the want to raise the book water is never far away. water and well, what the people have all spoken made of it that's going to be coming in for my tour of the city today. and it's always have a lot on my list and no tour would be complete without a trip to elks books, famous mary annette theatre. check in the next on the w
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the we ask why? because education makes the world the make of your own w made for mines. ah ah, ah ah .


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