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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  May 21, 2021 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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white house, once a political settlement that leads to a 2 state solution, but your government has the intention of allowing a sovereign palestinian state to be created. does it for the 1st stage needs to be the pallet thing it comes to negotiating table. there's nothing we can't talk about where at the end of the process and you can, you can we've had a raft of contradictory statements from your government over the years about how they're not going to allow a palestinian state in 2015. your prime minister said benjamin netanyahu, if i'm elected, there won't be a palestinian state in 2017. he said, what i'm prepared to give the palestinians isn't exactly a state with all the pass, but a state minus and your cabinet minister saki haneke me said last june, is why the settlers don't need to worry because there will never be a palestinian state. so that's why i asked you whether you have ruled out a 2 state solution. it seems from these comments that you absolutely have. what
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i said to the important thing is to stop the go stations and see where the negotiations go. but it's already, they've already said, well, we need to, we need to, we also need to see what a, any palestinian state would be if a palestinian state is going to be garza or it's going to be serial or it's going to be iraq or it's going to be another failed state that doesn't have any rights and has internal conflict on war and bombings. and there isn't an attacking israel as a neighbor then that's certainly not in the interest of israel. i would argue it's not an interest of the palestinians, and it's not in the interest of the neighborhood. so we have to establish exactly what form of state we're talking about. and we have to have negotiations with the palestinians. and if the kind of thing is willing to talk to us and to negotiate with us, i am sure that we will come to an answer and something that works both israel and the palestinians. nice to you. you've already got a thing and you've already given your answers with the quote. so i just gave you the president biden said last week,
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he wants to see steps to enable the palestinian people to enjoy dignity, security, and freedom. the implication being that they don't have any of those things when it israel going to take those steps. well, we would like to see the same thing. i want to say the palestinians have a better future. i want to see them have freedom. i want to see them have all of those, all of those things that you mentioned to him. but at the moment as you know, god was controlled by us. the palestinian areas are controlled by by the palestinian authority. they haven't had free elections in 15 years in the, in those areas there in garza, come us who received billions of dollars of 8 instead of spending that money on hospitals on schools, on even vaccines for cobra. they've spent that money on building tara networks on building rockets on building tunnels for the palestinians to have a better future, which is in it's in my interest. i want the palestinians to have a better future. i want their children to have the same hopes and the same
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opportunities that my children have been ordered to do, that they need to have a leadership interest. and if you genuinely wanted those things you were talking about, you do something about the fact that millions of palestinians in the occupied territories have no right to elect the government whose armies rule whose army rules over them . even palestinians who are permanent residents of jerusalem can't take part in national elections. why not? well, the palestinians who live in the west bank and gaza can take part in elections at the palace. you know, 30 would have them in 2006 was the last elections they have is for the and they haven't rail. i'm talking about elections when the government of israel, the occupying power in west bank in east through solomon, a senate, a bunny saunders himself, a jew, put it over the weekend. israel remains the one sovereign authority in the land of israel and palestine. and rather than preparing for peace and justice,
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its been entrenching its army corps and, and democratic control. i suppose you'd say he doesn't know what he's talking about . what i think we have to separate between israel and the, the west bank and gaza inside israel. every citizen jew, arab christian was slim, it doesn't matter who has the right to vote, has full democratic, right? you know, we've, as you know, we've had 4 elections in the 1000000 in the west bank, gaza, nice to meet someone who don't. we don't have the live on the israeli, the patients. but the palestinians in the west bank and gaza all have autonomy and have their own elections for their own leadership. the fact the leadership haven't held election in 15 years is not an issue that is where i have to deal with. that's an issue for the palestinian leadership, the palestinians and the world. and the palestinians offered to me on it. and i step of the process on the lower courts. they got that also me and they got that process. the fact they haven't had an election in 15 years surely can't be blamed.
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not actually about that rights to take part in us, the latest human rights report, but then i part of it but tempered with him. but today they are the only thing that kind of thing you living in the west bank on israeli citizens. and as you said, you're doing your rule because is your supreme court told you back in 2004, you hold that area in belligerent occupation. and now you're telling me you're in agreement, but we're, we're but in the, in international agreements we saw with the palestinians with a pallet 30. they are, the response will be with them and to hold elections. and they haven't held elections for their own people. you seem to be avoiding the fact that the latest state department human rights report 2 months ago, highlighted widespread discrimination, suffered by palestinians and other minorities under your effective rule. have you read this report or don't you bother with them?
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of course we read all the reports so you will know that it says arab muslims, along with christians, jews, and ethiopian citizens face persistent institutional and societal discrimination. exactly the same criticism that it flags up year after year about which israel does precisely nothing. why isn't it? well, i don't agree that it does nothing. i think that israel is taking significant steps to, to, to address these issues. but you're right, like other countries in the world we have, we have full, you know, there are every country, every democratic country in the world has schools will perfect. i'm not here to tell you that is the perfect company. so just massively screaming again we've got we've got, well, we've got problems and we've got challenges. and if you're talking about israeli arabs and you're talking about other minorities within israel, it's an issue that we have to deal with is which way we're challenging. i'm for example, in about being worried about when i, when i don't think,
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i don't think we have ignored it. for example, in higher education in the last 7 years, there's been an 80 percent increase in the number of israeli arabs who are going into higher education. there are programs to invest significantly in the last 3 to 5 years. the amount of money that we've invested in the arab sector in society is greater than anything we've invested ever before. we are consistently working on these issues. but you're right tim. but what about, what about how, for instance, well, report has that all those little help provides that all residents of jerusalem are fully and equally eligible for public services. the municipality and other authorities failed to provide sufficient social services, education, infrastructure, and emergency planning for palestinian neighborhood. why that discrimination is freeman, why? what? because, as i said, you were working to address some of these issues. but if we take from just as an example of the recent covert outbreak and the vaccination campaign,
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that israel around our most successful campaign, we vaccinated every single israeli. whether they would do when they were arab, the christian wisdom, every single person was vaccinated. it didn't matter who they were or where they were, they were vaccinated according to age and only according to age. and then as they went down everybody's been vaccinated. and that's the reason that today we don't have cov, it is a serious issue inside israel because our entire population, every single person do arab from jerusalem, east, jerusalem, west jerusalem from the north of the country, the south, the country everybody's been vaccinated, including by the way, hundreds of thousands of palestinians that we've also vaccinated, and a lot of time to say is in the west bank and, and east jerusalem, who were turned out of their houses in the middle of the pandemic. you don't mention that mister fremont in the time. we've got left if the bible administration office to restock torps, will you sit down and address the institutional and societal discrimination to
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which the us, your closest ally says you've subjected the palestinians. when you do that, we can calling on the pallet thing to return to negotiations. and to have discussions without. so if, if anybody can bring the palestinians to the table, then that would be a positive thing. we need the palestinian authority to do that. we need them to come to the table and say they are willing to talk to us and willing to discuss a better future for israelis. i'm for palestinians were certainly in favor of them . a few years ago, your former prime minister barak warned you that it's the occupation, continued. israel, he said, would inevitably become either non jewish or non democratic human rights groups say you've chosen the non democratic option. donald trump didn't mind that, but it seems that biden and his party do mind, are you ready for rocky? right. with this administration is rollin and america. i have a very, very strong relation. we have a very strong relation with president by doing the,
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by the administration. we've seen over the last couple of days in the last couple of weeks. america and president biden steadfast support for israel and israel's right defend itself. and that israel and american relations of bipartisan, nice and fun, using web based that far less steadfast support from the u. s. congress, particularly from democratic senators who have now floated the idea of holding up arms shipments. do you because they don't like what you've been doing with the palestinians over the last few days that knew that hadn't happened before? there was the relationship, but the relationship with his route in america is, is a long standing. and it's bipartisan and it really does cross old both parties in america. and we see of you're not just kidding me. and parts of the democratic party, you know, that, that whatever said to, we have a very strong relationship with the, with the democratic party, which is historic. you know, when i, when i come into the office every single day in the ministry of foreign affairs
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downstairs, very pen that was used by president truman to sign the recognition of the state of israel freeman. that's right. i'm a crappy president. i'm afraid we're out of time. thanks very much for being uncomfort. so thank you. thank you very much. the news. the news, the news news
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news the the to the point. strong opinion, clear positions, international perspective. the past 10 days, i've seen the worst violence between israelis and palestinians in gear and identity flare up between the israeli army and the militant group that has people the world over asking middle east crisis. what can stop the cycle assigned to the point
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the thing to understand the world better. we need to take us closer to the experience. knowledge of the green. you feel worried about the need to i'm neil. host of the on the green fence protocol and to me it's clear we need to change solutions or out the join me for did the green transformation to me for that i look closely ah. listen carefully. don't know how to list it today.
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i feel the magic the discovers the world around you. the news subscribed to the w documentary on youtube. ah, this is the w knees and these are the top stories, a thief fire between israel and militant groups, hamas and gaza. has come into effect. the deal brings a hold to more than a week of fears, fighting some of the regions worse in years. harmony said benjamin netanyahu is off the says his security cap is voted in favor of a ritual and unconditional truth proposed by egypt. the
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european union leaders have agreed to a new e u wide covered 90.


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