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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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podcast. podcast you can also find us. this is. a major tween israel and palestinian militants. israeli forces. from the. ground. into israel. has already.
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turned against each other on the streets israeli prime minister. nurses dream of competing at the olympics this summer and served. by the. good to have you with us israel says its massing troops on the border with gaza and calling up thousands of reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion of the hamas ruled territory overnight israeli air force stepped up strikes on gaza as hamas launched hundreds of rockets far into israel this comes amid renewed violence between arab and jewish neighbors in israeli. and
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the death toll in this conflict is rising. plumes of smoke over gaza. on the ground residents picked through the destruction caused by days of his reilley air strikes palestinians in gaza spent the muslim holiday of eve under bombardment here amongst the rubble there is little to celebrate. the israel defense force bombs what it says is a military compound belonging to the palestinian militant group hamas in gaza its retaliate for rockets fired at israel the conflict between israel and hamas is escalating. the i.d.f. has already attacked hundreds of targets and we continue to strike hamas whilst defending our citizens it will take more time but with both defending and attacking
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we will restore peace to israel. the air raid sirens sound yet again israelis run for cover this time israel's aerial missile defense system intercepted a miss sile. but other rockets have cracked the so-called eye and and the reach of hamas seems to be extending further and further into israel this is a neighborhood just 10 kilometers east of tel aviv in heavily populated central israel. as a mass launches more rockets from gaza negotiators from egypt held talks with both sides to try and find a truce. gyptian qatari and international mediators are talking with the resistance hamas and the israeli occupation but every time they make an effort to create a situation which allows the expression to start a new isr. the decision to destroy towers and kill children the elderly and women
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stifles these efforts when is i mean or not. and in gaza as not fools wary residents of fleeing their homes as a new round of shelling hits the city. let's bring in our jerusalem correspondent here tanya kramer tanya dramatic developments there in the past 24 hours how are things looking there the sporting. well absolutely overnight there were massive strikes by the israeli f. holes the navy and a tillery mainly in the northern part of gaza the army says that 160 planes were involved in those strikes and bombardments and they say the targets were mainly underground tunnels tunnel system that is used by hamas and islamic jihad inside gaza now this has of coups caused immense divest haitian hardship for its residents
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in this area. which have reportedly not being warned of this bombing contained according to the army again 55 rockets were fired from gaza into israel overnight there were no buckets overnight fired into central israel and also in a parallel development there were new violence when you try and and also riots and protests and confrontations between. right to his extremist and people from the arab israeli community in those mixed towns across israel that he's seen overnight. well israel is making no secret of the fact that it is massing troops at the gaza border is a ground offensive imminent tanya. well we know that their preparations and we understand from the army that plans of being drafted but at the moment we
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get a sense that the outcome fein is mainly focused on the afros naval and a tillery from outside of the had been reports overnight based on a tweet that came out from the military spokespersons office that had granted some confusion but the military can fend dismounting down no ground troops in gaza at the moment. what about efforts to end this fighting tanya how much hope is there for diplomacy here. why on an international level diplomacy seems to move or appears to move from this slow we understand that now a u.n. security council meeting has been scheduled for sunday but i think the focus as you also heard in the report on reachin affluence and in previous rounds of us till a teaser during the war is egypt qatar and the united nations have played
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a role in mehdi ating between the warring factions but we also have heard again from the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu last night in the statement that the operation would take as long as necessary so at the moment we have no indication when those mediation meditation efforts will see any results tony thank you so much w's jerusalem correspondent tonya kramer. well within israel the conflict is fueling confrontations in some communities as mobs those of arabs and jews confront each other on the streets simmering tensions in several mixed cities are boiling over into violence for there was a brutal attack on the streets of. a group of far right israelis pull an arab man out of his car and b 10 was mob attacks as well in the city of this
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surveillance footage shows palestinian youths attacking an orthodox jew. elsewhere clashes erupted between arabs and israeli police. the violence is fueling fears that israel could be headed for civil war. jews and arabs who live side by side in israel's so-called mixed cities are deeply concerned paul farmer i felt it was never like this at this scale never. used to be small progress small fires. we need to live here together coexistence we need to be partners to each other that's enough of. this ice cream store and bought was vandalized by a right wing jewish mob its owner says she was shocked by the violence. shot up most of my customers are arabs or jews we've been mixed together this whole time i
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never felt like there was something wrong they used to come up and try to talk to me in arabic that was normal i never felt anything wrong so i don't want to have that you know for. many in these towns are just hoping the unrest will end soon. but you know what is right terence is right it's right he's there i'm up and it's just so. heartbreaking what happened and meant that i have to. put an end to this tall inflict on israel streets appears a long way off the prime minister has warned that the violence is likely to increase in the coming days. tensions from the israeli palestinian conflict have spilled over to cities around the world including here in germany there have been renewed protests against israel's military operation in several german cities with over $1500.00 people gathering in the northern city of braman and there are also been fresh incidents of vandalism targeting synagogues german police detained more
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than a dozen men suspected of damaging a synagogue in ball and starting a fire at a jewish memorial site. similar to some of the other stories making headlines. around the world today protests against racism. been held across brazil after $28.00 people were killed in a raid on a in rio de janeiro police say they were targeting a drug that was recruiting children rights groups accuse the police of extra judicial killings saying many of them were not under investigation. for colombia's foreign minister has resigned following international condemnation of the police. protesters at least $42.00 people have been killed in clashes between police and demonstrators the protests were triggered by a proposed tax reform but have since morphed into a broader anti-government rally. the u.s.
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centers for disease control is no longer condemning facemasks. rather no longer recommending face masks for fully vaccinated people but the c.d.c. says still recommended in crowded settings like buses planes and hospitals. the u.s. population has received at least one against the coronavirus. has reopened to tourists visitors from e.u. countries and others in britain the u.s. and israel can enter if they have been vaccinated or tested negative for. greece depends heavily on tourism and is kick starting in summer season ahead of a timetable to reopen to foreign travelers. in football. the german cup a comprehensive win over in the final jay do. finish
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. then got his name on the scoresheet and made it 3 nil before time threw. in the 2nd with danny on. low polling a goal back but dalton added a 4th goal on the break with hollande crowning the victory. even though the 2020 olympic games are set to take place in tokyo this summer many hurdles have gotten in the way due to the pandemic so it's hoping to compete have had their dreams put on hold like 27 year old boxer a recent spotter. a recent sue but 1st picked up the boxing gloves to get in better shape but the sport began to inspire her beyond it in after a year or 2 but it was a national champion in japan the nurse by day dedicated herself for years to realize her dream of qualifying for the olympics but then after the final boxing
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qualification was cancelled so was her only shot ek impeding it took 2022 shey when i got a phone call from the boxing federation and was told that the qualifying match west cancelled i felt there were hundreds of points who. had been working so hard for you have to the prospective member of the olympics and it's so frustrating that i don't even have the right to compete it's very disappointing. to see. i. being knocked out of this upcoming olympics doesn't mean the 27 year old plans to hang up her gloves anytime soon. for the next olympics in paris at this point but what i can do is try to keep working hard step by step any competitions her head small of being frank and keep my efforts to the part of celeb picks then i would encourage staying ready too but
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it makes her international debut at an amateur tournaments later this month. a rare find from the outer reaches of our solar system is set to be a star attraction when museums reopen in england next week this 4 and a half 1000000000 year old media right is going on display at london's natural history museum it fell from a fireball in february and was a bench early found on a driveway in southern england scientists say it could harbor answers about the history of our solar system and life owner. just reminder the top story we're following for you today here at g.w. news israel says it's massing troops on the border with gaza and calling up thousands of reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion in the hamas ruled territory overnight the israeli air
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force stepped up strikes on gaza as hamas launched hundreds of rockets into israel . you are watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin business is up next monday congestions will be here taking a close look at come a lot of t.v. prizes they've been rising you guessed it i'm terry martin thanks watch. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the painter she protests want to be shot now and if your newspapers when official information has attorneys i have work on the streets of many cantrips and their problems are almost the same point
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to social inequality that the freedom to practice. corruption work on the 4th estate side when he.


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