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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from the fight between israel and hamas militants intense upon. israeli airstrikes pound buildings in gaza and hamas reigns rockets down on israel the u.n. warns of the risk of full scale war also coming up german kept it means to discuss stricter cuts on greenhouse gas emissions but does the new plan have enough muscle to impress voters worried about climate change.
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blowing terry martin good to have you with us we start in the middle east for both israeli forces and palestinian militants have stepped up their attacks in the worst fighting seen in years israeli air strikes in gaza have killed at least 35 people and hamas rockets fired into israel have killed at least 5 the u.n. has called for both sides to draw down hostilities warning of the risk of full scale war. that cycle of violence the world seems our lives to stop israel stepped up its attacks on gaza at dawn. the densely populated city shaken as the bombs found. and prime minister benjamin netanyahu warns this may only be the beginning.
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hamas and islamic jihad have paid and i tell you they will pay a very heavy price for their aggression i say here tonight their blood be on their heads. in tel aviv palestinian militants overwhelmed israel's defense system with a barrage of rockets it's been many years since residents of the coastal city have been forced to shelter in their cellars the palestinian islam is say they too are ready for conflict. but almost if israel wants to escalate we're ready for it and if it wants to stall for also ready if they want to remove their hand over jerusalem we're ready. nihilists also broke out between israeli arabs and jews in israel. a state of emergency has been declared in ludd and ever of protesters clashed with israeli police and. it's the worst violence since 2014 and
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there are fears it could become a full scale war world powers now pleading for both sides to put down their weapons . if. you're deeply concerned about the escalation between israel and those launching rockets from gaza and we call for restraint and for calm. but now both sides are counting their dead. and hoping for victory. our jerusalem correspondent tonya kramer is following this turn you give us a sense of the scale of these attacks being carried out on both sides. while i can tell you what residents in gaza have been describing they said it was a very extensive and intensive air campaign. by these bridges. and terry on the gaza strip and day have unfortunately a lot of preferences to have been as 3 wars in the past decade and numberous and
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several. times of hostilities between hamas and other militant factions and and israel so what is also and usually i think is the way this whole round of hostilities started to know on monday night within sort of ultimatum by hamas and then launching rockets 2 was true solenn and then we've seen also a high number of rockets being launched from gaza apparently trying to overwhelm the israeli defense system of the iron dome and also early on of course targeting the center of israel and cities like televisions but to big question i think all of you now involved is how to get out of this cycle off hostilities. the tensions tanya between israeli arabs and jews are also boiling over all the ground what's fueling that is this all 'd part of the same problem.
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well i think there are 7 many reasons for that but it has been described at one of the worst of violence or conflict and it turned to conflict within israel and you could maybe describe it as an outburst of anger frustration among many and hearts of the our israeli community our israeli palestinian community many young people there every day to to underlying. reasons like you know the feeling of nick let an eclectic discrimination but also relate it to recent events in the country i've talked to several young people that came down from high school or from nasa red taking part in protests in east jerusalem of protesting against a pending addictions of 4 palestinian families in favor of a jewish settler organization in east jerusalem and that goes to the heart and to
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the core actually of the conflict but which is now of course you know to focus now is now on the hostilities between hamas and israel and a lot of people. as we heard tony the un's special coordinator for the middle east says there is a danger of a full scale war what's being done diplomatically to deescalate this conflict. well it's not clear at the moment what is going on but from previous rounds of hostilities to understand there are medication there where at the time mitigation efforts for example by egypt the united nations possibly qatar and other countries trying to deescalate the situation and trying to mediate between the militants texans in gaza and israel at the moment it's unclear you know whether there is just room full political maneuvering. you know. efforts
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going on in that sense and whether it will be sometime soon to any kind of secession office jealousies tony thank you so much that was our jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer. now let's check on some other news stories making headlines around the world today india's. death toll 250001 wednesday but comparisons of official from front line workers suggests the true number may be several times higher according to the country's health ministry more than 4200 people died from the virus in the past 24 hours a new daily record. hundreds of mourners have been paying tribute to the victims of a school shooting in the russian city of kut a makeshift monument was set up outside the school where a gunman killed 7 children and on tuesday president vladimir putin has ordered
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a review of the nation's gun control law. the german cabinet is due to agree on more ambitious targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions this follows a court ruling that said a 2019 climate protection law did not go far enough. ruling conservatives are under pressure to add some muscle to their climate policy they're facing an election year challenge from the green party and the environment is a deciding factor for many voters. who have shouted the loudest lately about a looming climate design earlier this year the german constitutional court ruled in a case brule mainly by young people that the government is not moving fast enough waiting until 2030 to impose tough burdens on polices the court said violates the right to a clean environment and the young would be worst affected because they will live
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with more of the consequences the government knew it had to make changes. we've agreed that we have to act as a basic law you can't just have freedoms for the present generations you have to think about the freedoms for the generations to come. to build the government is now introducing. brings forward the target date for climate neutrality by 5 years by 2045 transport industry and agriculture it is hoped will in effect no longer a meet in the greenhouse gases and the road to that goal of greening the german economy has been mapped out more precisely 2 by 2030 emissions or to fall by 65 percent compared with 99010 percent more ambitious than under the current plan will it be enough to stay on track in the coming years campaigners are not yet convinced we have.
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2045 but now it's really time to. measure because we don't have. the new plan and should mean the pace of climate action will speed up noticeably sooner some worry poorer people here will end up paying the price if environmental taxes are increased. but for now younger germans are demanding climate justice and politicians have been forced to listen. to our chief political editor. because germany's top court says the government wasn't moving fast enough or far enough in tackling climate change now policymakers seem eager to go the extra mile if they have a change of heart. well they have but the question is was it really over climate and it seems to be yes there was a conviction throughout america as more than 15 years in government climate was a huge issue but her government didn't really act until it had exactly precisely
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mapped out how it could translate this into a kind of soft way for citizens to find their way into a green a future now the court gave the government almost 2 years to fix this it's sudden the fix this within a matter of days and that's because that green issue is an overarching issue in these elections coming on the 26th of september it's basically gave the greens the moral authority and also the legal also to argue that going to michael's government simply hadn't done enough so it went into warp speed and now we see these new targets but without the detail plan of how to translate this into action talking about play and the german government is presenting new measures. is there any general agreement that these measures are looking up or sufficient.
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not really if you talk to activists like fridays for a future they are calling for much tighter targets and we're talking targets right now we know how much has to be safe to cross individual sectors the energy sector would have to do most of the saving at the same time many will emit until 2030 more than 5 and over just about 5 and a half 1000000000 tons of c o 2 the green activists want that reduced to more like round about 4100000000 tonnes so there's still quite a gap even when we're talking about targets and it will certainly have to be the next government elected that will have to decide the precise measure where citizens what actually feel the chains to meet those targets in meeting its to reduce c o 2 emissions for example there's a lot of talk about carbon taxes for example anyway if these measures or
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implemented to the government's looking at what they mean for ordinary people well a quick look would suggest that it would mean much higher energy prices that will not be palatable we've already seen the trade ministry earmark an extra 5000000000 euros to make industry carbon neutral more carbon neutral in the future but all of this is tax money and germany will be coming out of a pandemic and that's a scene the green party to. talk about something like the moon landing moment when it comes to looking at how to finance this and how to avoid people getting poorer over climate and that is the big challenge that will be mapped out for the next government to come from now we're seeing those targets shifted and tightened by the current still not. the killer thank you that was our chief political editor . $4000.00 people no
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masks no social distancing seems unthinkable but london made it happen at the 41st brits awards the 1st major music event with a live audience in the u.k. since the start of the. ceremony it was part of a government program looking at bringing cultural events back with pandemic restrictions among the big winners of the night was. scooped up 2 prizes including 4 british album the ear. to me i believe this is happening. just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on. the crisis. in the middle east. israel says. a 1000. monday killing 5 israelis.
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coming up next scientists trying to make. safe for patients. to. be. joined. to the green transformation for me.


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