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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2021 2:00pm-2:04pm CET

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condo's the feel good. story. r t w. o . o. o. this is d w news live from berkeley in a tough text for chancellor merkel's conservative party as 2 german states go to the polls this weekend i'm glad mantles conservatives face blowback over their handling of the coronavirus crisis and the scandal over pandemic profiteering also coming up british women and british police manhandle women protesting against male
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violence government ministers are demanding an explanation for the heavy handed response that a vigil a murder victim sara after all it plus. the . fear on deaf from the streets of me and ma as protesters continue to defy this one to crackdown on dissent at least 5 people have been shot dead by police on another day of violence. and then bundesliga football by an munich show they are still the ones to beat they travel to braman on saturday and easily took down the home team coming away with a 321 victory. on menu cubes mackinnon welcome to the program voting is underway here. in germany in
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2 state elections they're being seen as the 1st major political test before the general election later this year that will determine who will succeed as chancellor the elections in the cells and southwestern states of boston but i'm back and rhineland pull out tonight also the 1st bellwether vote since the start of the pandemic survey suggests that calls conservatives could see a drop in support because of growing criticism over a government's handling of the crisis and because of a corruption scandal involving deals for face masks. and with me in the studio is all political correspondent hans front thanks for joining us hans now these states elections are happening just 6 months before the general election and september tell us what clues we should be looking out for right now all the major thing is are going to michael is on her way out by the end of the year she will no longer be chancellor she's not standing again in the term the reflections in september so
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we're looking at especially at home her conservative party is going to be performing in these elections today and other regional elections coming up in the next months and they've been under a pressure initially during the corona crisis people rallied behind the government that was very positive for i'm going to america and her party but in recent months there have been questions about all the vaccination campaign has been organized to bodge difficulties in setting up a testing regime and general dissatisfaction simply because the current crisis is not gone yes so the question is to what extent that will affect the party the 2nd strongest party in germany at the moment are the greens surprisingly and they are in fact leading the government in the bottom gutenburg one of the states where the actions are taking place today together with the group governing there together with the conservatives so that's a state to watch simply because of their relationship with.


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