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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2021 4:00pm-4:04pm CET

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the few traces that remain of their existence he called them to children in. storage january 11th on d.w. . indonesian recovery teams to locate the flight data recorders of a passenger plane plunge into the java sea investigators hope the data will reveal why the aircraft went down just minutes after takeoff. with dozens of people on board also coming up voters in kyrgyzstan choose a new president after violent protests ousted the country's previous government in
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october preliminary results show a landslide victory for the front runner who is promising a fresh. face financial distress an increased risk to their health during the. major restrictions mean they are unable to earn a living on less than a defiant ban on prostitution we talked to a sex worker in belgium. welcome to the program indonesian search teams have located the flight recorders of a passenger jet that crashed into the java sea on saturday 62 people one board the boeing 737500 ft authorities now hope the black box data will clarify why the plane
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came down only minutes after taking off from jakarta. looking for clues to make sense of tragedy indonesian search and rescue teams sort through debris found by divers in the java say. body parts and children's clothes were among the 1st items retrieved from the water. at the plane's black box recorder confirming the debris is from the missing boeing 737500. still hoping for unlikely good news the relatives of the 62 people on board with authorities where they hand over d.n.a. to help identify potential victims. 4 people on the plane. her husband lives and works here so his wife and 3 children planned to visit and holiday here. but it ended like this.
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air flight left to cotta airport on saturday bound for a 90 minute journey to pontiac. but lost contact only minutes after takeoff from online service flight right 24 shows the plane suddenly losing altitude and speed. boats will continue to search the ocean as authorities try to piece together what happened to flight. preliminary results in. a landslide victory for populous candidates. he has received nearly 80 percent of the vote in the early the national. for the central asian country and an end to corruption the election comes after violent protests ousted the previous.


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