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tv   Fit gesund  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2020 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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ecuador and bolivia as well as italy and belgium. well here in germany infection rates are also climbing and chancellor angela merkel is currently in talks with the country's regional leaders to discuss a new strategy for combating the pandemic she's warrant there could be a major spike in infections before the end of the year but just how ready is germany for a 2nd wave to me news visited one doctor's office in the center of the capital that's hoping to get ahead of the curve. 12 meters long and growing. that's coming out of today's line at a medical practice in berlin. people have come here to get tested for corona through the window no appointment necessary. i think it's a really nice option doesn't take so much time and it's it may be safer than going to of hospitals and sitting in the close space where patients can be sick but here everything everyone is wearing masks and the just for the window so i think it's
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really nice that the doctors ability cuts and runs the practice she's bracing herself for a harsh corona winter with many more patients to deal with. any time you want my advice i don't want to be a prophet of doom and gloom but the numbers are clearly going up we all want to prevent another lockdown so we don't want to have to close the schools again somehow we've got to get through this winter. to prepare for what's coming germany wants to set up more testing stations they would receive people running at a high temperature or with other corona symptoms additionally the public health office which tracks infected people was promised more personnel but that has yet to materialize the staff. and the politicians have pledged to bolster the health authorities over the next 5 years this requires the creation of 5000 new jobs but now as october and november approach the jobs don't yet exist in the health offices
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this is a problem that urgently needs to be addressed. but instead of relying solely on germany's health care and tracking system dr katz and don would rather make testing at home possible. you mustn't move because they don't have to be given the chance to do a test without a doctor to go to the pharmacy and buy a test although they do not guarantee 100 percent accuracy and they provide an excellent indicator and you're absolutely adequate from an epidemiological point of view because. the swap test involves taking a sample between the nose and mouth it shows the results within 15 minutes without sending the sample to a laboratory in germany though only doctors and pharmacists are allowed to order them should infection start rising sharply in winter they might be an alternative to long lines in the cold. or let's get you more on this i would like to welcome
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now angelo mind a member of the german parliament he is a health politician and an expert in infectious diseases himself a very warm welcome sir how worried are you about the rising infection rates in germany. of course concerned the infection rate in germany is rising especially in concern about risk groups that might be affected by the infection possibly even die from this kind of infection you just like to remind you in march of this year we had a nursery homes were elderly died a lot right now we're somewhat lucky the infection rates are still low and the age of those infected are low as well putting them at a lower risk compared to the elderly that we had in the springtime nonetheless the numbers are already rising and winter hasn't even started yet has a german government been doing enough to prepare for the winter season. actually
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i'm not very happy how the preparations are for the 2nd infection wave that might be coming into germany specially i am concerned again about the risk groups that are get severely ill have to go into the hospitals have to be on a ventilator or possibly even die where the risk of dying is pretty high i would have appreciated more stringent test strategy throughout germany looking at a more testing of those who are vulnerable if we do this on a regular basis breakouts could be caught very early on and also you mentioned very briefly on schooling we could also test children with the so-called rapid test if we have those all those systems up and running the 2nd lockdown should not be an option here in our country but does germany have the capacity to test every single school in the country well that's now what i'm asking for is usually if the
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children come into school or to kindergarten and there are some to mattick and you cannot differentiate really between a common cold or even a flu or covert 19 and then you could send those children with their parents to attestation in a given city and they get a rapid test and within a half an hour they have a result and can either return back to the school or have to stay at home all right dr andrew allman i thank you so very much for speaking to us greatly appreciate it thank you for having. the united nations has been holding the final session of is set 75th general assembly will the coronavirus spend democrat force the united nations to hold the week of meetings virtually the leaders addressed the mostly empty is simply hall in new york via video links and a short time ago during a foreign minister heikal moscow to the assembly from his home here in berlin where he is in quarantine after having been in contact with a person who tested positive for the virus he calls on the organization to live up to its name survive today in the midst of the pandemic it is our generation that
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faces a choice either we go it alone or without taking others into consideration and through this multinational legacy to the women's war we renew this legacy and show that the right response to the crises of our age is more solidarity more cooperation and more justice. germany is prepared to do just this together with you as general of the united nations all right let's get to the take now from our chief international editor richard walker the foreign minister fighting an uphill battle there yet later i mean the whole of his speech really was a kind of appeal to keep multilateralism alive you know this belief that countries should work together to. to confront common problems that they face in saying how crucial this is not just fight the pandemic but also to try and reduce the number
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of wars fight climate change all of the major problems facing the world and of course this is this kind of message is aimed in big part at the kind of this nationalist trend that we've seen in recent years with donald trump as kind of the most the foremost proponent of that but he's also taking aim at the united nations itself and the un's own structures particularly the u.n. security council this small group of 5 permanent members of the u.n. security council which have a veto on each other's interests which has essentially been deadlocked for many years about many of the really important things no longer is really representative of the modern world and germany has been one of the kind of most vocal critics of this but it's not just germany india for instance is very angry about it and i think that was one of the most interesting speeches of the last few days that we saw was no render modi the prime minister of india really put it strongly saying for how long will india be kept out of the decision making structures of the united nations the largest democracy in the world with more than 18 percent of the world's
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population not part of this elite club and i think that is something that is going to become even stronger message in coming years from these countries that feel frozen out of this dysfunctional unit the security council and now the foreign minister the other striking part of his video speech he touched on these poisoning i suggest we take a listen pick up our conversation after. i call on russia to do more to investigate this case a case such as this must have consequences the e.u. therefore reserves the right to impose sanctions and we are grateful to our partners around the world that unequivocal support. richard where do bilateral relations stand between berlin and moscow masses comments to reflect the widespread spread outrage here in germany about the poisoning of alexei navalny where many people believe that he was just the latest kind of political victim of
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a malign regime whose life was only saved because he was brought here to be treated in a hospital here in berlin and the thing is while there's agreement about the outrage there's not agreement about what to do about it and there's been a big debate in the last few weeks about for instance major pipeline project that is almost completed between russia and germany called nord stream to bring in large amounts of russian gas to germany critics are saying. the plug has to be pulled may just sign needs to be shown to the russians that behavior like this is not acceptable but many others say no that is just a step too far and it's a private business operation that the state should not interfere and so i think in microcosm there you do see some of the troubles that germany has in europe more broadly has in dealing with russia that there's a lot of disappointment and even outrage about russia's behavior but little agreement about what to do about it and richard in conclusion this was very much
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a covert summit almost a resort the foreign minister there speaking of via video link while quarantining assembly general a met virtually and so i just wonder i mean there's a lot of talk about a digital diplomacy is that the future going forward is it just as effective as meeting in person and having those sideline meetings well i think it really isn't and of course what the world has seen here is these speeches and the speeches can be delivered you know from home in berlin in quarantine as hype of mass just showed what is missing from this kind of in from the usual annual event is those opportunities for not just the leaders but also their delegations serene. get time together see only time of the year when all of those kind of diplomatic voices a gather in one place and there is really i think that you know if this pandemic drags on even longer about whether more more diplomatic options is going to be missed and coming at
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a really tough time for world diplomacy richard chief international editor thank you as always. want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world french police have dismantled a migrant camp in the northern port town of cali the makeshift camp was home to about 800 refugees and migrants mostly from iraq afghanistan sudan and eritrea every year thousands of would be refugees and migrants try to cross the asylum channel to reach the u.k. . french president say my my call has met with opposition leader is about law svetlana 2nd of scalia during his visit to lithuania while the opposition leader a fled but were so back in august after a disputed election she told there were porters after the meeting that present macaw had promised to help mediate the political standoff and delaware's and secure the release of political prisoners. kuwait's ruling emir chefs
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and i had a silver has died at the age of $91.00 a star she was out like us of a struggled with domestic political disputes the fallout of the 2011 arab spring protests and volatile oil prices since ascending to power in 2006. tensions are flaring over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh with both armenia and azerbaijan e. forces accusing each other of attacks on their territory armenia claims now that turkey has shot down one of its warplanes which the turkish president and his arms are by johnny allies tonight renewed fighting in recent days has left dozens killed and many more injured prompting calls for a cease fire from around the world now garneau were cut about close within hours of our job but has been under the control of ethnic armenian forces since 994.
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these scenes have put the international community on edge but for the residents of both mania and as a by xan they have been a long time coming. that was a little the as i by johnny ami will win this war and we will return to our historical lands a lot of those that get it as it is going to that victory is our as if my country needs me as a soldier i am ready even at my age i can't get up and of course we are afraid of a long war but the civilian population and the military must be ready for it although it is better to be free later meant to continue this false peace. the focus of the fighting is the goal in a car back region the dispute itself is decades old beginning in the early 1990 s. when the ethnically armenian region declared independence from us a bio shock that independence has never been recognized by the international community which is urging for calm from both sides. the secretary general strongly
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called on all the sidestreet mediately stop fighting deescalate tension and returned to meaningful negotiations without preconditions or delay world leaders fear the fighting could lead to full scale conflict which destabilizes the south caucasus region a kargil for pipelines carrying oil and gas to world markets regional players like russia and turkey also at risk of becoming him broiled in the conflict and escalating it further. and i just. today we are at the side of our azerbaijani brother and in the defense of their homeland mania must immediately cease its attacks and sent back and mercenaries that have brought from abroad top one of dozens of people have been killed so far including civilians and hundreds more wounded at the request of germany and france the un security council is expected to hold emergency talks on choose day but with both sides accusing the other of
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starting the battle and of continuing to use heavy artillery a quick and clean break from the violence seems unlikely. all right to joining me now is our mean. deputy minister of foreign affairs of the region that nagorno-karabakh a very good day minister what is the situation right now in the nagorno-karabakh good thank you thank you for the opportunity the situation easy as it was going to its target and as we talked there is intense fighting going on on the entire line of contact apart from that terrorist. strikes and settings on these civilian settlements including capitals that when i get so from time to time there's the red goes on and sit in there is rushing to the basements or stay there for the entire day you know that to be safe. so when is that you're saying that there are aerial
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attacks so who is launching these attacks do you know. of course as in my journey armed forces are launching them and they have openly announced about 8 when they started to attack on the 27th of september early in the morning and it is still continuing on course nothing why is this happening right now. you know it into it happened also in 2016 and there was a short attempt also made by azerbaijan. in june on the armenian azerbaijani border not on not on the carpet territory but on the internationally recognized border but other my job has been building up its arms for a long time now spending billions of dollars on buying new high tech equipment including these. drones which now it's testing hoping to
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regain what it thinks belongs to eat why is this. conflict not been solved i find a secretary it's been going on for 4 decades do you foresee any efforts that are underway to mediate a solution what would be an acceptable solution. well i guess as you know in 1904 the cease fire was signed between the sides and was the mitigation at russia and oystein mediators and this was the only tangible progress with averages in that negotiation process and this was the time when carbon sight was part of the negotiations and unfortunately for the last. decades azerbaijan has been ignoring kyra back and pretending that it does not exist as a site and as such kyra bar was not identical situation table so
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look i think if we want any progress to be made and any real advance in the negotiation process all sides to the complex should come at the negotiation table with the help of many tears and discuss possible solutions at least our side those are the insights have been wasting these call and explaining that there is no military solution to this conflict and we're ready for stallings a conflict exclusively by peaceful means while azerbaijani side has been announcing that if it doesn't reach peace when it was a sure as it will of for war and that's what it's doing now exactly so what do you think a top to the are separate. who could mediate a solution who could media dancing with azerbaijan yes i think it may be a to use our the cochairman. which are the us france and russia.
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these are the co-tenants of of the always seem east europe is the only agreed format by also east side who have been to who has been trying to negotiate a solution on these far right deputy minister of foreign affairs of the region of nagorno-karabakh i mean a look sanjana thank you for speaking to us thank you. want to turn our attention now were to the u.s. where u.s. president donald trump and his democratic challenger joe biden are preparing for their 1st television debate due to take place later on tuesday after the bombshell revelations by the new york times but a voters want to know how trump will deal with the investigation into his tax records all the times exposé suggests that the self-proclaimed billionaire and savvy dealmaker may actually face a nightmare of bad deals and unpaid taxes totaling hundreds of millions of dollars on president trump denies all allegations. donald trump compromised thoughts among
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the many questions being asked after allegations of marriage that the u.s. president is liable for almost half a $1000000000.00 in loans. to a fake news fake he dismissed rather than deny the story but a former white house ethics lawyer told d.w. news knowing where the money comes from matters if the party that guarantees a lot of the bad stuff mean a lot is asked up arms are whether it be russia or another country we simply don't know that's very dangerous for the united states of our president and. to either foreign governments or all of our so closely allied with our governments the new york times revealed how the reality t.v. show the apprentice transformed trump's reputation from a field to businessmen with serial bankruptcies to mr trump
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a so-called titan of the boardroom with the mightiest touch if the sure revitalize the brand it's allowed his empire to tap into huge loans which he then used to finance loss making golf courses around the world outside the trump tower turn fortress some lump while others are angry. the new york times with unnamed sources with no proof absolute proof will come out with such a story to try to skew the debate i think now it just is a testament to that fact that he always has bought that he is above the law he lies about how much money he has how he makes his money democrats argue trump's finances make him a national security risk a point they hope will push sweet voters with less strong opinions to that end tonight's debate set the stage for a fiery 1st head to head clash between trump and biden. and we're going to stay in
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the u.s. where in the state of california firefighters are battling to contain fast moving wildfires tearing through the wine country strong winds have been fanning the flames and 70000 people have been ordered to evacuate it's the latest flare up in california's largest wildfire season in history. escaping the inferno. this driver is one of tens of thousands of residents that have been told to get out because of the flames close in. and this is what they're fleeing from rapidly spreading fires found by strong winds have ripped through the world famous napa and sonoma wine regions 70 kilometers north of san francisco consuming vineyards and devastating homes for many it's been an anxious wait. my house is a quarter mile up the road on how mountain road and the fire was about 100 yards
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from our house so right now we're waiting and hoping the firefighters can win the battle. and areas the blazes already passed through there was really for some. very getting out of here and then once i finally got back it was such a relief that some of our houses were still here and everything but it was a scary night it was trading the share of but still so bad that when i lost the house last night so sad for the. california has been battling the worst wildfires in the state's history and many people in the state's wine country have been hit before. deadly wildfires 3 years ago i still see it into people's memories here. and just a month ago many of the same residents were evacuated from the path of yet another plays. and a run of the top story that we're tracking it for you this hour the coronavirus has now claimed the lives of more than 1000000 people around the world all the number
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of deaths has been rising throughout august and september with us brazil india and mexico accounting for more than half of the current total. you're washing the debris nears next step is it kick off a world view of honestly the much state to. kick
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off. thomas friedman. listless clay shaw from the. lips of goldman sachs fundamentalist finance obsessive. nonstop excitement in the final match to. win the
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seat i see. on t w. form or. lose all. of the morning. i cannot sleep because real war isn't love. in those wars swallow one. only has all the rules. there's no news no love no love for the wicked. doesn't. work gives me
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a hug the. hour canceling. a saloon. car and currents. it's any match day today but already coaches are in the firing line. shoutin made the 1st sacking of the season.


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