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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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muslim women should be their friend and self-determination. the rebel group the militant terminator looking dude i don't want anyone to tell me what the right where i had stopped or no. women are striving to reform their islam the way traditional prejudice is. strong september 24th on g.w. . this is news africa coming up on the program. a un that reflects the world in 2020 african leaders are doubling down on the demand for a seat at the table where the decision makers sit. and will show you the 1st stop its kind coffee shop in kampala olva stalled.
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it's good to have your company african leaders say it is time for the continent to be given a greater role at the united nations now in the un was formed 75 years ago only 4 african countries were part of the organization today all $54.00 countries are among the $193.00 member states off which only russia the u.s. china and the united kingdom and france all permanent members of the security council that is the un's highest decision making body. now in their addresses to this year's general assembly which was moved mostly online because of the coronavirus pandemic the president's off south africa and nigeria called for africa to be given permanent seats on the security council on the 75th anniversary of the
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un we repeat our hold for greater representation of african countries on the security council and that this be taken up with urgency and that intergovernmental negotiations it is only through every form and inclusive you and security council that we will be able to connect to fully resolve some of the world's most protracted conflicts nigeria support the explanation of the united nations security council to reflect the rusty and danny mix of the 21st century. design of prominent seats in the united nations security council and for more on this i'm joined by value he is a senior researcher at the institute for security studies he recently published a piece titled africa can become more influential in they go and say here's
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a council welcome to news africa why does this seemingly no interest in reforming the u.n. security council to include more representation because african leaders has been calling for a permanent seat on the council for the is. so to some extent permanent members of the u.n. security council seats in a very comfortable position position where the status quo is good for them but in a situation where the role of no to the truth that you should see is that through it and the reason the great divide amongst great powers if the un is not able to adapt the un is increasingly going to become where you are relevant and does the mindset of coming just from africa member states also coming from places like japan and germany india or brazil because for them now it's 75 years old of the un it's extremely important to understand not only what can the u.n. security council do for its own permanent members but really how can we adapt to global realities and months in the un is a relevant international organization. just as i just want to read
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a quote by the irish president when he spoke at the general assembly last year he said that we we continue to witness and historic and jest under representation of africa which was still ruled by colonial powers when the un came into existence and the security council established you know the ice for a president to go on to say that africans must be allowed to have a say a say in council decisions that have fix their own continent just what's your take on the idea that decisions being made that affect the continent and african start have a seat at that table. this is a very open tune quote from terrorist president 75 years ago when the wind was created most of africa was not even independent only 4 african countries were founding members of the un and today 75 years later africa is the largest regional group in the united nations and they have 28 percent of the total membership coming
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from from from africa so therefore they have a claim for a stronger voice is not only reasonable demand african issues compose over 50 percent of the un security council discussions and majority of their resolutions are also about the continents while african states have a small representation in the council as nonpermanent members and it up and up seeing the most important organ the stake in decision about their own future with limited heat on inferences about their own compositions. african nations have taken different approaches right in an effort to get increased representation on the security council. by full nonpermanent seat that rotates and others almost all focused on establishing a permanent seat for the whole continent just how important is african unity in this regard if the continent is going to gain that influence over the security council. this is been enough evidence in recent years that when african countries
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work to get there they tend to have formal leverage in decision making at the united nations level able to break deadlocks they're able to have a stronger voice because whilst i think countries like south africa and nigeria who want to change the composition of the of the council they are also acutely aware that they also have to break from within the structures so that because finishing their membership in the security council at the moment and one of the highlights of their membership has been designed you bring in african voices together because when they work along being a be able to achieve some but particularly when they work together to able to break those deadlocks they want to showcase that on responses more influential status so exactly what kind of representation is africa calling for right is it one country having a permanent seat or is it that seats that would be created ideally would then go to some kind of a continental representative. institution for example like the e.u.
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. i think personally i do stage it and i think what it meant to this is that a continent continues pushing for the discussion around the relevance of the security council and more influence from african decision making there is a we need consensus which is now 15 years old was a great stepping sums of a chief in a common voice but he's not it's it is a type of discussion that will continue shaping in the discussions and roles that african member states want to have because the un is a big risk when african members they start seeing that the is not able or willing to respond to its own challenges in the late ninety's that was the great reason why the african union was created on that ability of african solutions for african challenges so even consensus in that sense will not be easy and most likely night or one of the audit type of approaches whether should be a continental rotation or a permanent member it it's always going to be de it has to adapt ensuring that
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africa's voice is more representative and i think that is the most important issue to be discussed at a moment's right that's the status of alia thank you for the last. thank you very much much appreciate it. let's take a look at some other stories making news across the continent in south africa anti immigrant protesters have gathered outside the nigerian embassy calling for foreign workers to leave the country the protesters accuse immigrants of taking jobs and causing crime rights groups say foreigners are often made the scapegoats for south africa's gaping inequality and high unemployment. kenya is bracing for a possible return of the massive played soft that have devastated east africa for the past 10 months he is offline aerial controls in the north in the north west nile kenya where there is concern that news warms could emerge once short rains
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begin an observer. and more than 300000 people in mozambique have been displaced by an extremist insurgency the world food program says this is causing food shortages and an urgent humanitarian crisis clashes between extremists fighters and government forces in the north have caused large numbers of local residents to flee their homes and fields. basically the people have been leaving their villages we've got anything on them. i'm able to farm a coffee chain in uganda has opened a cafe stopped by deaf people the chain say's it once to the deaf and also creates jobs for this marginalized group now launched in august the clientele of the sign language cafe is growing but the mosques that everyone has to weigh because of the coronavirus make the stops job
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a little bit tougher. as a customer. roussel is dave so he uses sign language to communicate. he's worked as a barista at this coffee shop in kampala photo months now. when i make good coffee and i serve the customers order perfectly and i get a positive feedback that makes me really happy especially if it comes from different customers. russo graduated from university 3 years ago but since then he's had real difficulty finding a job. uganda has one of the world's highest youth unemployment rates resources that being dave makes it even worse i would apply for jobs write letters send evils and all of that but whenever i mention that i was
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deaf they became afraid of working with me in the end they wouldn't give a chance they wouldn't hire me. as workmates had beef too but that doesn't stop them from offering great service to their customers and by employing them the owner of the company wants to help break it down stereotypes i guess they did if. we wanted to inspire the ever companies and employers out there to employ different people because we are capable and want to use these people here as role model. according to official figures uganda has 1800000 different people that is about 3 percent of it at all population the activists see that this number could be higher. ses that different people are often not taken into account by the government decides the recent distribution of 3
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fifths musts which is cities did you not put into their special needs into direct consideration with that there is a lot of lip reading you see what they say without a face mask but when i cover my lips your formation is missing facial expressions are hidden by the mask. according to the united nations over 400000000 people worldwide of hearing problems activists want people to be told sign language i mean kind of a different and the government's step called as to how these things and they do patiences sting it is very important we live with these people it is a language it is part of us and all of us are potential deaf people. who sell seeds that are missing to preteens just as he says he has land to leave with the 8 but as it makes his ray home after it is
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a day he still hopes that some good that might change for the better. and that's it for today's program. stories on. africa at all on facebook and now while we're on the topic of coffee we'll leave you now with these pictures of coffee harvesting in different parts of the continent see you next time about. what secrets lie behind this wall. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. beethoven is
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from. windows it's from. beethoven it's for. beethoven is for. beethoven is for covering. beethoven 2020 vision the 50th anniversary here on d w. fake tattoos fake breasts fake teeth artist cindy sherman has spent decades dressing up and taking pictures of herself but don't call them selfies or new repped retrospective coming up here on arts and culture and. funky visuals biting lyrics russian musician i'm go only on of sings out against
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the kremlin and later on the show an opera about taboos and teenage drama. welcome to arts and culture for 40 years artist cindy sherman has been shifting shapes sometimes grotesque often recognizable never vain she says she poses for her own photos because it's just easier than working with a model a new retrospective of her work in paris was supposed to start in april. 1000 had other plans now the show at the foundation is finally open to the public. is a chameleon of the art world part to recognize in each new gaius but with her own unique style the camera is always
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a means to an end. and. a language her language is her own and she imposes presences because she has never stopped when using her language it's not documentary photography it's compositions based on a technique called photography. the retrospective that she. says 170 works. by the artist previously unseen place real people slips into movie roles creates fantasy figures work is often about the image of women if you see what interested me was the way she plays with this since generally the actress the model is a woman the director is a man and here she does everything from beginning to end she's the model but also the director the costume designer the producer etc in the end she claims
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completely. these are not self portraits she creates characters the artist has said that she actually has the idea of selfies. and yet she's also. a huge success on instagram go figure now speaking of social media a new generation of russian artists is speaking out online against their country's strongman leadership one of them is the openly gay musician i'll go off his very existence as a kind of protest in russia where publicly talking about same sex love can be deemed illegal propaganda his songs take president vladimir putin to task. see you nothing here nothing your brain fog this is a bang news corresponds to a landmark political development in russia new song domino is about changes in the
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constitution that strengthen the power of president vladimir putin in july. i wrote this song when russia recently voted on the changes to the constitution for me this was a very important topic because we were quite simply jupe by the government. thanks changing freedom for emptiness and go early enough sings in another song written following a wave of protests. one year ago several 1000 people were arrested during protests ahead of moscow's city government elections. environmental activists protested across the country including. and in the far east of the country russians took to the streets in recent months to protest the arrest of a regional governor. for you know state media are ignoring the mood in the country
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so he wants to highlight these events he's part of a wind a trend. there many musicians want to get this message out right now if you are a musician with no opinion your music is meaningless because visiting. something. is from a small village on the lake by call in siberia. in moscow the 32 year old 1st made a name for himself as a model and performer. started his music career just 2 years ago a vast country with a large music market russia is not an easy place for an artist who writes nuance to their ex and puts them to accessible beats but he soon found an audience here he's
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playing a gig in st petersburg. and . doesn't always have to be about politics when i talk to my audience it can be about values like acceptance and tolerance for example concerning the rights of. people in russia. but it is always about freedom which angle do you know of says it's a rare commodity in his country. no one longs for freedom more than teenagers whether or not they're prepared for it over a century ago german playwright frank vidic and wrote about teenage longing in his drama spring awakening it broke taboos around sex rape homosexuality suicide and abortion since the place $1006.00 premiere it's been banned censored and also
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performed in several languages now the national theater in mannheim germany has reimagined spring awakening as an opera called dark spring. that is there ever since i was a teenager young adults i've been excited by the idea of writing an opera with protectionists who are on the cusp of adult hood at the exact moment they are shaping their lives. with dark spring hence tamara set out to find the right tone for the feelings of his 4 characters it's the soundtrack to an emotional state of emergency. the search for identity in the age of social media. but is it an
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accurate picture of what does the generation of digital natives have to say the it's much more and take for example the rooms in your home your own room usually a private room where you are alone with your thoughts and yourself but suddenly you are carrying this many world around to a few this performative element oh god do i post this do this do that you're under social pressure in a way your putting on a performance and is hardly. ever on display vulnerable on the catwalk of multimedia global existence. seemingly near and yet so far away and these ideas of fear and these 4 characters that we have these 4 young people they're a kind of group their friends who keep trying to get a little bit closer to each other but they never do the only manage to get closer through a camera and camera these 2 neons the longing for real intimacy
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escalates driven by the beat of the music. don't spring gets under your skin we're strong in. ages and a contemporary mix of styles from minimal music to musical. and i don't mean us of the figures standing alone in this large room singing actually arose out of the situation but i think it fits wonderfully well not a. utopian moment for lonely young souls unites in a court sets a transition from childhood to the adult won't is clearly no walk in the. you know what else isn't a walk in the park dating especially if it's in another culture now each week our
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reporter rachel stewart explores a different aspect of life here in germany this time she looks at what it means to love someone or to look for love of dutch. this episode of meet the germans is all about passion relationships and love in germany that's been very german about it and that's a number. 2 thirds of germans believe in love with the africa getting very very gay marriage has been legal in 2017 according to a study one 3rd of german happiest things will be well educated women over the age of 40. most people in germany still meet their partner through mutual acquaintances but online dating apps are not far behind. but what about when they're actually on a date of only ever dated one job and i thought i'd bring in some detail you quoted that mind to get a more rounded picture. i come from and with reason i'm from the us made it this down and i'm originally from israel my memories for it come from. and i'm from
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australia. i think that in germany it generally takes longer to get to know somebody take actual time to even. when they say they really mean it and they don't see it nearly as often are the dating rules different in germany being punctual it's like rule number one i think just to rush take it slower i wouldn't exactly say that chivalry is dead in germany but i do often have the feeling it's gone missing some times how do you know if your german is. i think always through the germans or not the raid is at communicating the fact that they are into you they don't tend to be excitement but not if they're flirting it's not clear so it's around 2008 couples have been coming to this bridge and. as a lasting symbol of their love for one another there are well over 100000 padlocks on the bridge adding an estimated 50 tons of weight other cities around the world
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have begun removing logs from their love bridges citing health and safety concerns but at least for now love has won the day in cologne the sweet stuff it's time for . open of the german. that you must. 0. shorey in league in neutral and help from an. i phone you would decline incredibly to. incorporate a kind of many music soon then it was most those who had to bust out on the hour and i am in good nick only certain how big a leap from going on to be. a proof to sr of controversy about the queen in the auction business move back to my mother. and improve your body is cautioning people. it's time for me to love you and leave you but before i go here's a little love related wisdom from gemini leave it to us denmark the way to
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a person's heart is through the stomach that's had that so much in germany you don't want your heart on your sleeve but on your tongue oh and i'll tell me about boston and all the love doesn't rust. what a romantic well that's it for me and the arts and culture team here in berlin but check out our website any time for more rachel and more culture news seizing. the.
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waters cold cold and searching for gold to acquire 60 minutes like a piece right there you get stuck in there during the clinton era time evolving in traditional polls past me. 2 2 with a fine enough and it's a great way to conquer existential feel i've already forgotten all my problems some of the focus on. him 30 minutes. we're all set. to go beyond the obvious. that morning live. as we take on the world. we're all
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about the stories that matter to you country. what ever it takes the money now to the to faint. not a. big fan of mines. can you hear me no yes yes really knew you and how last year's german chancellor when you bring your uncle out man call as you've never heard before surprise yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moves and want also to talk to people who follow along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles law stops. we know this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so
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please take care of yourself good distance wash your hands if you can stay at home we're d.w.b. for here for we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on over platforms and we're all in this. together and when they can. do you say to everybody stacey stacey stay safe the priest industry say. this is date of you news and these are our top stories prosecutors in kentucky have charged one of 3 white police officers following the killing of bray on a tailor police shot of the black medical worker after they forced their way into her apartment the so-called no knock warrant the officer is charged with one time endangerment not with murder or manslaughter as taylor's family had demanded.
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the european union has unveiled a plan to over.


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