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after the solutions my name is on the chief and. this is. from berlin tonight alexander lukashenko holds on to power while hiding from the people of the roofs. was sworn in as president in a secretive ceremony today outside on the streets protesters continue with their month it's time for him to go we'll get the latest from thence also coming up tonight the european union makes another attempt to repair its broken migration
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policy will this latest plan be more equitable more humane and more likely to succeed and here in berlin the kremlin critic alexina vault has been released from the hospital after treatment for poison in his case triggered a diplomatic crisis between russia and the west what will mr what will he do next and americans lining up at the supreme court to pay their respects to ruth bader ginsburg among them bill and hillary clinton on friday ginsburg will lie in state in the us count. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome it was a display of cowardice or can. it's hard to tell the difference but president
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alexander lukashenko of bella ruse has been sworn in to another term of office in a ceremony that was kept secret from his people when they heard about it today protesters once again took to the streets of these used water cannon in tear gas against protesters look you see go assume today his 6th consecutive term with hundreds of fishel present the protesters and the opposition say the presidential election last month was rigged. but he is nick connelly he is in minsk for us he's covering this story for us going to need to you nic people have been coming out to protest again this evening what's going on where you wore. good evening pretty well i am in the heart of downtown minsk and indeed has been very very noisy up the last few minutes here people basically blocking from the main routes. with flags trying to kind of interested purchased at what's going on today and basically fighting
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running battles with the police police coming in he says and with once again another call to to using pepper spray and jake asked every time the police come to the 101520 people to jail new people turning out but just very volatile situation no real clear where this is happening we know they're being taken in something that has been a feature the last few days for the local police in unmarked uniforms they can be just you know your gauges playing for elected office and pass on short doing their best thing to imitate these people and get them back up the street. nic do you get the feeling that the situation it just in the last 24 hours has become worse. it's definitely more volatile one of the most people say that it was we thought into a kind of almost a kind of routine protest session the weekend then during the week look at that other activities but for the people going going about their daily lives because they thought that now it feels like by. violence the base you searching his
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decision to stay in power and refuse to engage in dialogue with this extraordinary . day out of the blue without any guests not even the russian about the president it feels like people about the present it feels like people here is a very angry and feels somehow not a community but it's kind of willing to risk more conflict the police to make the well what recourse does the opposition have right now in this week the european union failed to agree to slap in the same chins on the government of lucas saying go the the opposition really it doesn't look like they have a lot at their disposal is that the case. so i think these protests really all white isn't just average kind of demonstrations we've seen in the last few weeks old weekends as people come out and kind of. here in a relaxed manner we think you. can see i mean now you have people in the neighborhood making nightly. hang out flag flags become upright down and then every day they come back. you know but you know we're going to anything you have done is
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refusing to work and treat the policeman kaka's have now published the personal details but there's a kind of full of retribution given to asymmetric balance between the police and protesters i don't get a sense from the people here that they're willing to go home and they quiet again and i think the country where people yet have to keep out of focus on the quarter century but i think people like having to have back and i don't think it's kind of they're really going to be critically brave old women young young teenagers walking up the fleet dreaming of a good pairing down. to very difficult evening but i don't think that you'll find the. economy but the latest and a volatile situation on the streets of minsk in belarus nick thank you the european commission is trying again to create a coherent and more humane way of dealing with migrants and asylum seekers today
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unveiled a plan by which e.u. member states such as hungary and poland which refused to accept migrants when instead all for money equipment or personnel to help patrol the borders european commission president of underlying appealed to member states today to show solidarity with one another and to rise to the challenge of migration. a camp on the greek island of some most fit for 500 people it houses 5000 it was meant to be a transit point but a backlog migration system has turned it into a home for so many. routes on the 2 years i've been here not good or the conditions are squalid this place and these people are why europe is finally confronting this crisis. presenting her proposal the european commission president called on member states to rise to the challenge. this package reflex
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a fair and reasonable balance between responsibility and solidarity among member states we all share the benefits we all share the burden the migration pact includes compulsory pre entry screening with fingerprinting and a health check a faster 12 week asylum processing target and a sponsored return scheme that would see member states take responsibility for returning migrants on behalf of other member states. the plan abandons previous efforts to relocate new arrivals or rome to 27 member states something opposed to by the likes of hungry i'm paul and n.g.o.s see that could create havoc in the mediterranean. member states front line member states like italy greece and and multi. will be reluctant to cooperate if there isn't any sort of mandatory relocation and then they might not disembark our ships that have been rescued and
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then migrants remain stranded so a lot will depend on the willingness of either member states which in the last 5 years has not been a very high. the commission hopes the scenes of a foreign migrant camp on the greek island of les pauls will be the catalyst for change. morea is a stark reminder we need to find sustainable solutions on migration and we all have to step up. moreas residents know rehung used in another makeshift camp can only hope that action comes sooner rather than later. and for more now we're joined by our correspondent barbara vizio in brussels she is standing in front of the european commission building where a special display is taking place tell us more you know this is a group of political activists they call themselves led by junkies they were quite active during the sit in london and they have come out each night to sort of
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project images of migrants and the police of migrants onto the commission building here in the back office because they want to remind the european union they they say we don't deserve to be treated like this we're human beings we deserve more than just to be managed because that is really at the core of this new proposal that's on the table it's supposed to manage migration better and it's supposed to read people more and faster from the borders off europe so this might be fortress europe $2.00 if you so wish but the people we see here in the front in the back of us they say we need to be considered as human and we need to be treated better and you know we've been hearing from n.g.o.s helping refugees they've criticized these new proposals because they fear that refugees who are already in camps without any mandatory redistribution within the e.u.
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that those refugees are just going to stay put do they have a point. they do have a point because of course camps to still be part of this project and this new program because people who are rife they will again have to be put in camps now the promise is that they will then be proses much quicker that the whole asylum request and the whole legal process that follows it will be done much foster that it has been in the past but we've put these promises for years and nothing has happened so far it is also not easy legally because after which the rule of law are they supposed to be then judged on their asylum request all that is quite unclear and it is quite complicated so no easy solutions and there will be camps and there will of course not the e.u. trying to have a pilot project in. greece unless boss to help greece managed to manage things better but whether that is the solution and whether that is
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a big step forward there is a lot of doubt about it so you know we've talked about this policy migration policy many times before what's your verdict on this plan will be part of it work or do you think of the end of the day that no it's all going to be a big failure. it will parts of it might work because if they really work on repealing more people make the borders even stronger discourage more people have more agreements was the countries of origin is to take their citizen spec that might work to a certain extent but on the other hand they have completely let drop the idea of relocation because it is just voluntary now which are a few of peon member states apart from germany and maybe a few others are willing to take people that everybody is going to try and that backs if it's not mandatory and so there is no real solution and politically this will remain a minefield and things will more or less carry on as they are there is no good
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future for migrants on the border for the border of europe if these plans if we have heard that today are being really put in place. for force in brussels barbara thank you well as we heard poland is one member of the european union that's not likely to support these new migration proposals along with hungary it has been firmly against accepting any more migrants but some arrived there a few years ago and have made new lines for themselves despite. sentiment. a new life in poland mohammed najib is syrian after studying in the united arab emirates he moved to krakow for his master's degree while he has been welcomed by some he has also faced animosity from others. they joked a little bit about so if i'm carrying
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a bomb or not i told them back no i left it at home because you know if i'm coming to study here for example i had the hands go away of my face with an angry i had. nothing replying. mohammed is worried about the anti immigrant rhetoric of poland's conservative government this rhetoric targets one group in particular refugees while the country has welcomed an estimated 2000000 people from the crane since 2015 it has refused to relocate refugees from the count's increase and it's only. now going to receive if you see legal if he's not going to go through the legal process of the status of refugees to be a refugee by international law you have to flee to the 1st safe country anything that serious our neighbor but according to anna wilkins got an expert on muslim migration relocation refugees to poland is legal that's because e.u. countries are obliged to take in
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a share of asylum seekers even if they 1st arrived in greece for example she says politicians are using the migrants as scapegoats. it's very easy to get people cared about the things that they don't know easy to tell a lot of stuff about them to gain votes to gain political power potent is expected to oppose the upcoming migration pact the government says it doesn't want to be forced to take refugees from the camps especially after accepting millions of ukrainians. we believe that every country of the e.u. should be involved and result in the crisis the migration crisis but it's not every country in the same way we are now directing. a little bit different geographical direction but this is a european problem as well the conflicts in crane the conflict the stretch in the east is a problem doubts european union will also face back in krakow mohammed has made
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a home for himself with good friends that is why he'd like poland stillest a more migrants. it's unfair for the for the syrians who would like to have a life like like myself he had you will find common ground on the migration pockets . france has again reported more than 13000 new coded 1000 infections in the last 24 hours it's the 3rd time this threshold has been breached in 6 days the french government is now announcing sweeping new measures to curb the resurgence in the hardest hit areas of the country paris and 10 other cities are on a new high alert level marsay is under maximum alert all bars and restaurants there will close beginning saturday. more parts of france are on a new list of high risk zones declared by germany other regions of europe on the
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list include most of the czech republic and the portuguese and irish capitals of lisbon and dublin many parts of europe are seeing restrictions that were lifted only a couple of months ago being reimposed here in germany the coronado worn tracing app is seen as an essential tool to help combat the spread of the virus especially as winter lieut. social distancing hygiene measures and masks these are the prime tools the ploy by germany's off to limit the spread of the corona virus in the country since june these measures have been complemented by a new tool germany's contact tracing app $100.00 days after it was 1st launched the corona warren app was that unloaded more than $18000000.00 times not that many considering that the app could run up to $50000000.00 smartphones in germany still it is by far the most downloaded coronavirus tracing app in europe despite some
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hiccups along the way the app is overall considered a success but some issues remain germany's health minister. said only about 5000 users who tested positive for cove in 19 use the app to warn others this if it is only around half of the absolute hers who get a positive result then form their contacts so this means that when there is confirmation that the test result is positive it would be very helpful to just press the button to inform your contacts about it. the app developers say work is underway to create a european gateway so that the german app can communicate with those from 10 other european countries including italy spain and poland. with cases rising across much of europe and the difficult winter months nearing a europe wide approach to contact tracing might prove a useful tool to help contain the spread of the virus. here's
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a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world a grand jury in the u.s. state of kentucky has charged one police officer in the raid that led to the fatal shooting of briana taylor police shot the black medical worker in front of her boyfriend after they forced their way into her apartment kentucky's attorney general said the officers had acted in self-defense after taylor's boyfriend fired at them the u.k. government has warned of trucking chaos if british businesses fail to prepare for brix it the minister in charge of preparations michael gove said if a trade deal is not agreed to there could be hold ups involving thousands of trucks at english channel poor it's beginning in january and vehicles could face 2 day waits to enter france. the united nations world food program is mourning that yemen is at a tipping point as conflict and economic woes drag the country to the brink of famine the w.s.p. head has called for funding to avert
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a humanitarian disaster. the russian opposition figure alexina volley has been discharged from a hospital here in berlin he'd been undergoing treatment for poisoning since being airlifted here at the start of the month and of all the has made it clear he wants to go home but that still looks away all. not long ago alexina valen he was at death's door and this is how he looks today drawn thien visibly aged but very much alive it's now just start for a month off he fell ill and 2 weeks since he awoke from any jews coma and the valley is no longer in the intensive ward but russia's most prominent opposition politician will stay in germany with wife yulia and his children for now to continue his rehabilitation. he wrote on instagram my doctors have decided that my
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recovery requires a regime in normal life rather than treatment in hospital walking spending time with my family i've already stumbled to the pock in pants 3 sizes too large. 44 year old invalid me got sick while campaigning in siberia last month. he was lifted to believe. and then tests in germany france and sweden confirmed he was poisoned with a military grade nerve agent nova chalk the west holds the kremlin accountable from the valleys poisoning but moscow denies responsibility and says he's welcome home when he's ready. we wish him a speedy recovery. as a russian citizen he has a right to return to moscow at any time. if you like it's still highly uncertain if he would be site then last week ally said trice is of not the chocolate being found in
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a water bottle from the siberian hotel but the kremlin still says he wasn't poisoned in russia germany for its part wants answers from moscow about who attacked the valley threatening action if that's not forthcoming and if russia is not cooperating i think we should ask pete in union and nato partners who we think about what measures should be but 1st we have to said those questions to russia and russia should have the chance to answer but there's little sign the kremlin is ready to cooperate leaving relations between bilin and moscow i ling even as alexina found he recovered as. in the united states large crowds have gathered to pay their final respects to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg as she lies in repose at the u.s. supreme court former u.s. president bill clinton and his wife hillary were among those bidding a final farewell to ginsburg it was president clinton who chose the liberal
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champion of women's rights as his 1st nominee for the u.s. is highest court back in 1993. ginsburg's death looks likely to give conservatives an advantage on the court moving forward president trump says he will nominate a replacement on saturday. for days people have been a legend at the supreme court. and in brooklyn new york where ruth bader ginsburg grew up in the 1930 s. and forty's the daughter of jewish immigrants from eastern europe she lived in a modest house in an ethnically mixed neighborhood ginsburg's career was a life long battle against sexism despite being one of a handful of women to attend harvard law school in the 1950 s. she was rejected for a prestigious training by a us supreme court justice because of her gender she was paid less than male
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counterparts in university appointments she eventually worked for the american civil liberties union and in the volatile 1970 s. she went on to argue cases in front of the u.s. supreme court to advance gender equality. president jimmy carter selected her in 1980 for an appeals court seat in 1993 president bill clinton nominated her to be the 2nd ever female justice on the u.s. supreme court there she made a name for herself as the leader of the court's liberal wing and later in life gained unlikely fame as r b g a celebrity justice who inspired countless women and girls. worried about the notoriety. that. it is amazing. that my. so many people want to
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take the. i with ginsberg's death the supreme court has lost an iconic liberal and her replacement could tilt the court in the conservative direction for decades. sports news now the coronavirus has impacted yet another athletic competition that happened here in germany at the beginning of an a.t.p. tennis tournament and it involved french mint the pair he's the one he was knocked out of the u.s. open a couple weeks ago after testing positive for the virus he went into quarantine tested negative then left the u.s. but it did not end there. he is haunted by covert 19 men walk pair was welcome to the court by some fans and a norwegian opponent in red. he'd been given the ok to play from the tournaments doctor and from hamburg health authorities who knew despite more recent negative
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tests that pair had again tested positive before this event twice so they said it's not that unusual a bit of leftover virus material after his infection in the states and then pair tested negative on tuesday he's not contagious dr said so he claims. but then it was all a bit too much for the frenchman who later said he's out of shape from not playing he was exhausted and withdrew in the 2nd circuit. doctors concur he's not infectious pair says he intends to return to the court next week and not far from home at the french open and you know. a coronavirus test but no 14 day quarantine that is what foreign athletes taking part in next year's delayed 2020 tokyo olympics may face under draft plans that have just been released japanese athletes would also have to be tested when traveling to be in use in
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training camps organizers have been trying to find a workable solution for the games to go ahead despite concerns over their viability due to the ongoing pandemic. the french singer juliette greco whose career spanned over half a century has died at the age of 93 her families said that greco was still making french songs shine until about 4 years ago when she suffered a stroke that put an end to her career after world war 2 she became part of the intellectual circle around the writer in philosopher john paul sansar and the novelist albert come but it is for her singing that she will mostly be remember her. life. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you alexander lukashenko has been
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sworn in as president of the roots in a surprise and secretive inauguration mass protests have walked the country since last month's disputed presidential election the opposition and bella groups say that the election was rigged. and the european union is making another attempt to repair its broken migration policy the e.u. commission has unveiled a plan by which e.u. members like hungary and poland which refuse to accept migrants but instead offer money for personnel to help patrol the borders. you're watching u.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around i'll be right back.
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but as you see when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for the 9th time. it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair.
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come. some time. since none. of this. connects people is stronger than what separates the is so strong that. we celebrate the 30th anniversary as realistic ation october 3rd on d w. alexander lukashenko has been president of bella ruse for 26 years he is known as europe's last dictator today staying true to his moniker look as she was sworn in in secret snow public ceremony no public protest it is impossible to predict what will happen next in this divided country tonight the leader of the opposition is making no
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secret of where she stands lucas she says stole the presidency i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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