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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2020 1:03pm-1:30pm CEST

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no broadcast on state t.v. as his normal handler reuss they were playing so called chris and speeches the same time as this was happening we've now heard it's going to be broadcast tonight in the main news show but extraordinary scenes and a very tense atmosphere now after after this inauguration and clearly not his critics were on hand either so what is the opposition saying here. well we've heard various obscene figures some comparing this to a kind of. coronation of a kind of leader of the mafia clan saying that he was illegitimate already he's made himself even more so by doing this we've already seen people going out with placards to protest against this students joining people just gathering outside the neighborhoods there's a big protest expected tonight but the capital is on lockdown we were told by security officials who stopped us going live on the last the last hour that basically we're not allowed to film anywhere any time in the center for all of today various reports coming in of anything up to 5 kilometer radius around the
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center in lockdown and a real attempt of see to look down on any kind of coverage or any kind of reaction to this integration nic what effect do you think this inauguration is going to have on this ongoing the protest movement do you think this is going to galvanize demonstrators even more. i think it's definitely going to show that this government is feeling the heat is feeling the pressure this is not the man and the kind of pump that he would have liked to have had this definition is that he is feeling the pressure and wants to get this out of the way as quickly as possible to then presumably begin a crackdown against his opponents people have being ridiculous in this online it's already given birth to countless means i think this will bring people out but definitely very nervous hours and days ahead here in minsk as people really wait to see what kind of violence what kind of measures the regime is willing to use now it gets protesters but no sign from the protest is the veritie willing to go back to being quiet for you and. our correspondent nick conley covering the very latest
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there in minsk thank you. the european commission has unveiled its plan to overhaul the e.u.'s migration and asylum system appealing to member states to show solidarity with one another european countries have long disagreed about the best way to manage migration under the new proposals countries like hungary and poland who refuse to accept migrants would instead offer money equipment or personnel to help patrol borders the european commission president was enough on the line said the continent must rise to the challenge on migration this package reflex of fair and reasonable balance between responsibility and solidarity among member states we all share the benefits we all share the burden. this package also reflects a very pragmatic and realistic approach we know that we have to build
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trust among member states and citizens confidence that we can manage this as a union. alexander phenomenon is in brussels covering the story for us hi alexandra tell us more about what is in this proposal well as we just heard or the off on the line has described this proposal. for realistic and that is indeed what it seems to be not an entirely new plan revolutionarily plan but a kind of compromise looking at the fact how difficult it is to find an agreement on that issue a key takeaways here the european commission is banning the idea of mandatory refugee quartos. requiring you members to take in a certain amount of refugees or migrants and they are a key issue is that the european incoming commission is saying it's important to be
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the screenings for new arrivals use external borders and that it's important to intensify affords to return those who have no right to stay in the european union so overall i would say that this proposal is showing that europe is once again getting tough from my gram's. alexander it does really seem to be a strategy to try to appease some of the countries who don't want to take in migrants so tell us more about how some of the incentives and compromises in this proposal work. well indeed it seems to be the strategy here to reach out and address the concerns of those countries who still refuse to take in refugees and migrants the european community commission here is saying go ok if you're not willing to do that you need to contribute in arbor areas key word here is flexible contributions those contrie will be asked to provide money to fund those so-called
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reception centers or to take over the responsibility for those who needs to be returned to their countries because the asylum claims were rejected in the european union so bad. tempted by the european commission to to make sure that those country are on board and that finally and agreement can be found on this very sensitive issue. and alexandra just quickly what makes the commission think that they have the solution now because this has been one of most politically sensitive issues in the european union well when you talk to you or fish bowls or even german politicians they tell you that everyone now everyone now understands that something needs to be change and that is their argument to say that the chances for agreement right now are higher than before. our correspondent on sunday for norman reporting for us from brussels thank you so much. now
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for a roundup of some other stories making headlines around the world thousands have taken to the streets of bowl garia for an independence day march against the government people gathered outside parliament in sofia to demand the resignation of prime minister boyko but he sought and his cabinet they accused them of corruption and of having links to all of parks. in brazil flash floods have hit the city of rio de janeiro blocking roads and leaving cars stranded residents have been struggling to make their way through water logged streets after torrential rains hit neighborhoods to the south of the city. more than half of the pilot whales stuck in australia's biggest stranding on record are believed to have died rescuers have been struggling to free the nearly $500.00 mammals beached off test mania the stranded pod was 1st believed to be about how the signs before further aerial searches spotted another group of around $200.00 nearby.
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russian opposition leader alexina vali has been discharged from the hospital in berlin not only was airlifted to germany last month after becoming sick during a visit to siberia the kremlin critic posted a photo here on social media we're about to see after leaving the hospital he wrote that he still has a long we have to have german chancellor angela merkel describe the case as attempted murder after lab analysis showed he was poisoned with a novi chalk nerve agent russia has said there was no evidence of a crime and our chief political editor michelle acuteness standing by outside the charity hospital in berlin where election of ali was being treated what has the hospital said about these release. well the hospital said that he was well enough to leave the hospital which he has done over the past 24 hours.
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and that it's still unclear what long term effect there will be since then just a short while ago. himself was taken to social media and you posted on instagram reporting the moment he saw himself in the mirror for the very 1st time where he said that he thought he was a character from lord of the rings after those 24 days in intensive care 16 of those in artificially induced coma it is usually sarcastic tone he speaks of the recovery still to make that there should be play station on a medical prescription because doctors have advised him to spend more time playing games and also taking to social media which i'm sure he will be do more in the coming days of the big question of course now as we've seen a photograph online where he is in a park whether he will return to russia from what he says in that post where he
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talks about the physiotherapy that he still requires this doesn't sound like he's going to leave his doctors necessarily any time soon because he says he still needs them but clearly a step forward in his recovery and a new. tone from the who's also referencing to vladimir putin saying that the provocation failed so far michel and we know this case has put yet another strain on german russian ties how does the situation stand right now on the diplomatic front. well that's a clear allegation not just from the vanu but also from the german chancellor after she learned that nerve agent used was not the chalk which was developed in soviet russia that this was an attack on a volleys life that was weeks ago after she had that confirmation and that russia had some questions to answer ever since we seem to tell you who we believe with both sides blaming each other of not. a lot of withholding information or not
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giving handing over evidence in the case of germany and so i think this will stay at the political level with those very loud calls also from europe that there be an independent investigation into what actually occurred and relations really strange of course and the big focus is on the north stream to pipeline which directly links germany and russia for the very 1st time there was a crack in the determination by the german chancellor to that project go ahead interesting the own stuff are against that you had an exclusive interview with one of his key people as saying that that would be something that could be used as propaganda that's what we say this sounds very many question marks over how much political impact in effect this case will have our chief political editor michel because man central berlin for us thank you it's. and you're watching
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t w news still to come on our show the u.n. says that visit leaky oil tanker in the red sea could explode at any moment but war in yemen is blocking the clean up. that's coming up in a moment but 1st more than 200000 people in the united states have now died after contracting the corona virus that is the highest number for any country in the world even though the u.s. accounts for only about 4 percent of the global population in the capital washington the u.s. house of representatives held a moment of silence for the victims led by speaker nancy pelosi rise for a moment of silence in remembrance of those more than 200000 americans who have passed away from the coburg 19 virus now palosi have blamed the deaths on decide for mation and negligence in tackling the pandemic by the white house but president donald trump insists the u.s.
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is rounding the corner in the pent up claim that he has been making for months the high death toll is putting his handling of the outbreak last spotlighted when i see campaigns for a 2nd term in office. with people in the city of denver what they have to say about this tragic milestone or that others from other records come through in the world could have a sense of public outcry for our. relief to. remember the much smaller we think represent a good job i think that there is a story on the other side that wants to say how bad the scandal it but nobody knew where nobody knew where it was coming from in the beginning or what it was all about. well amid criticism of his handling of the pandemic president trump has lashed out at china blaming it for spreading the virus trump went on the attack in a pre recorded message at the united nations general assembly as the world body marks 75 years since its founding the annual gathering took place with coronavirus
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restrictions. face masks and tight security at u.n. headquarters even though the most distinguished guests joined by video link a precaution to avoid worsening the coronavirus pandemic that has already killed almost 1000000 people worldwide. to a half empty hall of socially distance u.n. ambassadors u.n. chief antonio terra's warned about tensions between the u.s. and china threatening to tear the organization and the world apart if it's very quick the 5 or smell. our world cannot afford a future where the 2 largest economies split the globe in a great fracture each with its own trade and financial rules and the internet and artificial intelligence capacities a technological and economic divide risks 11th that we turning into a geo strategic and military divide and we must avoid views at all costs.
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and the increasingly difficult relationship between the 2 superpowers was on show as soon as president trumps prerecorded statement started rolling. to address the united nations general assembly 75 a us leader said the u.n. should hold beijing accountable for the covert 19 crisis. and trumped championed his policy of putting his country's national interests fast. as president i have rejected the failed approaches of the past and i have proudly putting america 1st just as you should be putting your country's 1st. with early voting for the u.s. presidential elections already underway in some u.s. states trump speech attacking china on trade in the environment was aimed as much at u.s. voters as other world leaders. in contrast russia's president putin and chinese
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president xi jinping struck an unusually conciliatory note they called for a global response to the coronavirus pandemic and more international cooperation. we should embrace the vision of a community with a shared future we should see each other as members of the same big family to see win win cooperation and not fall into the trap of a clash of civilizations those. critics would say china's actions rarely reflect that stance on the united nations 75th anniversary unity is in short supply. if you're watching did have you still to come on our show divided we stand to forgot for talk of firsts crisscross america to capture portraits of a polarized nation. now fears are growing over the fate of an oil tanker that has been stranded off the coast of yemen for more than 5 years experts
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warn the tanker may soon break apart causing one of the largest oil spills in living memory with devastating impacts on the environment and the economy but a vessel is being used as a bargaining chip in yemen's ongoing war. from above it's a pinprick in the waters off yemen but experts say this oil tanker is like a floating bomb that could go off at any moment the ship known as the f.s.a. safe has been stranded off the country's coast near the red sea oil terminal of rust is in the port city of data for more than 5 years since the start of the civil war. the fear is now that its cargo of more than 1000000 barrels of oil will spill into the sea the u.n. is calling for urgent action. the members of the security guards so very very alarmed at the growing list of. rapture or explore.
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images such as these highlight what the international community is concerned taken in 2019 they reveal how parts of the ship are rusting and corroded and in need of vital maintenance. to show that oil is already leaking from pipes on board. but this ship has become a bargaining chip the only going conflict between the rebels in yemen and the saudi led coalition trying to defeat them. the tank is more close to an area controlled by rebel forces in july this year they agreed in principle to allow the u.n. to access the shift to carry out repairs and assess ways of securing the cargo. but despite the dire state of the vessel who these appeared to 1st want guarantees that they own the oil on the ship only then it seems well they let inspections go ahead and avert a potential disaster. well earlier we spoke to doug we're at the policy director of
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the conflict and environment observatory about the potential scale of a disaster caused by the tanker think there's a whole range of snow in the worst case an average extension have a huge fire and catastrophic spill one of the issues of these tankers is that they need to be kept operational to pump gases into the storage tanks and helps to keep down the levels of these falls are gases which actually come off it all is stored in that this vessel hasn't been doing that for years now service protection a very large bottle of explosive gases of the oil and i suppose a huge fire risk structurally the vessel is sitting in a hot she made climate on the salty. the water and so we can see from the outside in the photos up in released good evidence of corrosion without leaks reported in may this yes i know the potential is there for a spill at variance to diety and this is 1140000 barrels of oil 4 times what was in the exxon valdez is a somewhat different kind of oil but you know the potential is there for
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a massive spill and that will not only have direct environmental effects knocking out coral reefs and mangroves fisheries it will also have knock on effects of the humanitarian assistance program in yemen and also for the local economies in fisheries along the coast. we're a policy director of the conflict and environment observatory speaking to us earlier. now people in the u.s. appear to be growing more divided by the day and that is something that fascinated 2 swiss photographers for their new book divided we stand a couple drove across the us capturing portraits from a polarized nation in a state of flux. looking for america encounters from a journey to find faces that reflect something about the land of the free. 25000 kilometers through a divided country. sometimes we found people we've been looking
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for and some days we found no one sometimes we turn up somewhere and we see someone and we know that's a story that's an exciting person on the on the snake catcher in virginia for example who started doing drugs at the age of 8 he tells his story as openly as the make up artist from las vegas. is so great about americans is that they're so spontaneous i think we almost never got told no show it helps that we're from switzerland and we're not showing up there is new yorkers and want something from them but from neutral switzerland. the couple are from village egg in the swiss country of arco this is where monika fisher and to mathias brush have their home and studio when they're not living and working on the road in order to capture spontaneous support traits. that use the same neutral
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background to the time. whether they are taking a photo of not. one always dreamed of being an astronauts. and. we would never even get into a motorized vehicle. but want to the pictures tell us about america. its life its love its beauty its sadness it's hatred. war. and you know we don't just take photos we talk to people that it's a very important part of our work and we are sometimes very surprised at what comes out. more than a year and a half has passed since monica fischer and mathias brush set off on
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a mission to understand america did they reach the go. to go through this like say you know but can you understand switzerland odd also so you know. but that's another story in november the people monica fischer and mature sprach the encountered will be able to vote to elect a president of the most powerful nation on earth. who knows where that will lead. now isn't special pictures for a family in the georgian capital tbilisi has their hands full with a remarkable litter of puppies veterinarians say they were stunned to hear that this 1st time mom gave birth to 9 female and 8 male pups the dog's owners say it was one after another in a marathon 18 hour delivery pedigree georgian shepherds are becoming more rare the
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family says they are pleased to have such a big group to help revive the great a typical leader litter rather between 3 and 10 puppies the vets say all 17 of the newborns are in good health. let's get a reminder now of our top stories here and a w aleksandr has been sworn in as president obama rusin a surprise inauguration mass protests have rocked the country since last month's disputed presidential vote the opposition about the group's says the election was rigged. and the russian opposition leader election of all me has been discharged from the berlin hospital after treatment for an alleged force an attack doctors say a full recovery may be possible germany's demanded answers from russia over the case but moscow says there is no evidence of a crime. coming up next our show made in germany looks at whether major business
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players are making a real effort to increase internal diversity or if they're just offering a look circus that in just a few minutes on don't go away. where
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civil society account in the labor market diversity is called the morning gender and little background each orientation held for the military should be the deciding factor in career success. we talked to the human resources director is diversity just lip service to our realities being made in germany. next on
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t.w. . a small acts who can inspire big changes to people making a mistake and go out for a come from trusting the right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many months to you all for tuning it cuckoo for cocoa. in 60 minutes on d w. form or. i'm not laughing at the gym well i just sometimes i am but i stand up and waved at that point the germans think sneaked into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes quechua that any of thinkers leave the country that i now live. here
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needed to be paid for those grandmas they own the new house it's all that ok no i'm right joe join me from the germans on the w. . post. we're all different even though at the same time we're all basically the same we're fashioned from a myriad of factors like age and sister e domestic billets a nature and nurture.


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