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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2020 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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the stories are told are 16. they've been g.w. news alive from far away a devastating milestone in the united states the coronavirus pandemic of claims of more than 200000 american lives the highest a jet jolt in the world and what does that mean for the presidential election at just 2 weeks away also on the show are coronavirus clash between the united states and china we must hold a challenge to the world the day should which god leash displayed on to the world
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china u.s. president donald trump lashes out at china at the u.n. general assembly blaming it for spreading to coronavirus. i'm going to richardson and welcome to the show the u.s. a death toll from covert 1000 has passed the grim milestone of more than 200000 people according to johns hopkins university it's the highest number for any country so far accounting for more than one in 5 coronavirus deaths worldwide it's putting president on all trumps handling of the pandemic in the spotlight as he campaigns for a 2nd term in office on average of the u.s. is now losing about 800 lives every day to the virus. trumps a democratic rival of joe biden says trump's lies and incompetence as he calls them
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are the main reason and the united states has seen as so many deaths from the virus . well on this a dark day for the u.s. let's speak now it to our correspondent stephanie simons in washington d.c. jeff and we are only 6 weeks away from elections in the u.s. what have the presidential candidates promise to do to try to get the coronavirus under control. well the president didn't promise anything now today or yesterday or last week or the week before that the president is busy campaigning saying that he did everything possible and more than that to curb the threat and the. outcome of this covert 19 pandemic or code 19 infections here in the united states so on part of the president everything is done very very well and he saved the lives of millions in his mind however the other side of it
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president the president of the joe biden of course criticizing the president democrats are serious about how the president handled this code 19 crisis here and say 200000 death. in just doubling the number this number just doubling in 2 or 3 months is a clear sign that the president mishandled 'd this crisis this pandemic in a very very very very large and significant way when terms of public perception of how this has been handled i know that each of you has been talking to us citizens in denver colorado about what they had to say about today's tragic landmark of 200000 deaths from cope at 19 let's take a look at another from other record hungry in the world could have. been for public health. if we had a real leader here. remember be much smaller we think represent a good job. i think that there is
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a story on the other side that wants to say how bad he's handle it but nobody knew where nobody knew where it was coming from in the beginning or what it was all about well we have course i just heard the numbers prove otherwise but you see from those interviews that there's a split in perception in the united states do you think this tragic milestone in any way could be a wake up call that could help unite a place opposing voices in the u.s. on how to actually deal with this pandemic. no i don't think so i think the united states they stayed to be polarized like this i think division in the country in society between the us the people in the united states will remain on the high level and will remain on this topic is they all those who say this is all a hoax actually there is thousands of people coming to a rally events and campaign events off donald trump no social distancing no mass wearing or largely no mass wearing and on the other hand you have a lot of people who say like this is unbelievable it really takes only 2 to wear
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a mask to keep social distancing 6 feet away and do not mingle with a large number of people to actually save thousands of lives there is no i can't foresee any scenario that the united states at the moment will unify after those numbers after today after this milestone passing 200000 deaths to combat this coronavirus pandemic in any other way and the world will certainly be watching in at the coming weeks and months stephan simons in washington d.c. thank you very much. amid criticism of his handling of the pandemic a president has lashed out at china blaming it for spreading the virus went on the attack in a pre recorded message at the united nations general assembly as the world body marks a 75 year is a since its founding the annual gathering featured a new format with coronavirus considerations in place. face masks and tight
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security at u.n. headquarters even though the most distinguished guests joined by video link and precaution to avoid wessling the current virus pandemic that has already killed almost 1000000 people won't fly. 2 a half empty hall of socially distance u.n. ambassadors u.n. chief and 10 year good terrorists warned about tensions between the u.s. and china threatening to tear the organization and the world apart. the 5. own words cannot wait for the future to margins because i don't use the globe in a great friction each with its own trade and financial rules and the internet about if usually involves us capacity. a technological and economic environment risks you know everything we turning into would use that and really very very and we must avoid at all costs. and the increasingly difficult relationship between the 2
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superpowers was on show as soon as president trump's prerecorded statement started rolling. to address the united nations general assembly 75 a us leader said the u.n. should hold beijing accountable for the covert 19 crisis. and trumped championed his policy of putting his country's national interests fast. as president i have rejected the failed approaches of the past and i have proudly putting america 1st just as you should be putting your country's 1st. there live 18 for the u.s. presidential elections already underway in some us states trump speech attacking china on trade in the environment was aimed as much at u.s. voters as other world leaders. in contrast russia's president putin and chinese president xi jinping struck an unusually consolatory note they called for
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a global response to the coronavirus pandemic and more international cooperation. we should embrace the vision of a community with a should future we should see each other as members of the same big family to see win win cooperation and not fool into the trap of a clash of civilizations. critics would say china's actions rarely reflect that stomps on the united nations 75th anniversary unity is in short supply. well for more i'm joined from the united nations in new york city by journalist james right on james the trouble pointing the finger at china for the krona virus is nothing new but just how surprising was it to see him use the u.n. as a forum to make these accusations. well like you say it wasn't the right thing donald trump mentioned china in a negative way and that was the pride you are exactly how he did it it was
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a short speech by trump standards only 7 minutes long and straight at the top in there with the great china virus that everyone is talking about coded 19 using that phrase it really in beijing and so yes it was the extent to which his speech a short one which while mentioning some of the ratio like iran nuclear deal and how he just made the middle east was really largely focused on china and i guess that begs the question why because here at the united nations china has a veto america has a veto they can block all significant action here when it comes to for example investigating john or an accountable for supposedly being responsible for the virus and so donald trump a few weeks away from election mostly talking to the crowd and bashing china seemed
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to do quite well with the u.s. elektra and there i'm talking not just about republicans but democrats quite like it. and that regard to tighten the locking horns at the u.n. but in his opening remarks the secretary general and warned quote we must do everything at 12 void a new cold war how much do you think china and the u.s. it took that to heart based on she and trump comments. well i mean it's the 3 of the united nations and one can only say that international diplomacy in 2020 is not a great point like mr gutierrez the secretary general of global distrust is maybe some of its worst levels that we've seen since the u.n. was created in 1945 at the end of the 2nd world war from what donald trump was saying obviously he's going off to china in quite a big way doesn't really care about the repercussions china's president xi jinping
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he doesn't trash the u.s. directly in his prerecorded address he does make references to for example the paris climb a quarter 20 deigned donald trump famously called out of donald trump is also calling out of the world health organization and the iran nuclear deal i guess that's where leaders like she and president putin of russia see in a vantage as the u.s. vacate the position of global leadership maybe they can step in a wave the flag of multi-lateralism and win some political political point in doing all right journalist james right now at the u.n. in new york thank you. back here in europe france is reporting thousands of new covert 90 cases every day with one of the highest infection rates in europe the government wants to avoid another lockdown and is banking on social distancing and face masks to keep public life going after university students at the restrictions
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come up with their own challenges the silhouette reports. it's just a matter of tone like no other at this university in a suburb north of paris. despite the strict anti covert measures these economic students are happy to be here. 2 weeks of it it's nice to be back at university this just shows that despite the virus life continues. our university has done what's needed to adapt to the situation we have split into 2 groups and have them on language classes every 2nd week every 2nd seat is off limits and we have to wear masks although that is a bit of a nuisance the government has only given basic guidelines to the universities each institution has had to come up with its own detail plan. hours in grids masks social distancing online classes and we have to. because of these measures we
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won't have to shut down if students test positive for it because there are no contact persons at least at university of in the. dark but the number of infections has been rising across france more than half of the country has now been declared a red zone with at least 50 new daily infections per 100000 people compared to just a dozen in neighboring germany local governments can impose additional measures in these like temporarily closing baths and restaurants and yet social distancing and locally adapted strategies will be enough to prevent another lockdown says this viral of just. francis. doesn't even have a testing strategy for example to test those who work with people such as the elderly the only way to control the epidemic is to systematically travel doll and isolate and separate people for that we need to come up with a national strategy is the most simple testing methods such as self testing and
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group testing and we need to test massively the all sued for this to must see what despite the challenge the country faces these students hope the economy will stay open they'd like to continue to enjoy parisian cafe terraces where the risk of infection is the local body so this is like a little patch of paradise we can meet our friends here without masks and have a drink it's important to stay in touch and form social bonds even if it's just to meeting up in groups. it's not certain this pleasure will last for very long though the country's strategy does allow for local lock downs and paris has one of the highest infection rates in the country. well let's go to brazil now where a practice session of the women's national football team was gay crushed by someone apparently keen to join the squad. the feathered intruder landed on the head
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of defender a brunette they need to push the bird it was roadblock didn't leave until an assistant coach of finally managed to push it away sadly the plucky parrot appears to have failed its audition as it hasn't been seen since. and that's your news update at this hour stay tuned because up next is a documentary celebrating good faith and beethoven's 250th birthday thanks for watching. between the streams and self-determination. i don't want anyone to tell me with my head stuck or not how women are striving to reform their. traditional prejudices. in islam starts september 24th on t
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w. look if. you. look to be fun beethoven challenge his musicians technically like no other composer did before i'm very happy that he did because he wrote fantastic solos for the horn
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a world without beethoven i can't even begin to imagine ludovick from beethoven shaped entire musical genres pushing boundaries and even breaking them he was a pioneer and not just when it came to music. what would a world without beethoven look like that's what i wanted to find out. ok one more time.
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in 816 beethoven revolutionized the tradition of leader songs with political lyrics . that was very beautiful but jumma good. but let's do the transition one more time. ok done dear. this is yardarm. yeah. which transition. for some it's a song cycle for others it's the world's 1st concept album beethoven's and he found . 6 songs tell the story of unrequited love in 15 minutes.
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and the biggest invention is for sure the felling editor that he curated readers also does the 1st in music history i would say. that he was composing a very long song but it was this kind of its mission speed and norful noir intrade there it kind of powerful nashville and but in fact you have you have different kind of songs different kind of effort episodes and he is really telling a long story this is really for show the biggest invention in the in the aspect for the for the soul repertoire. and he found it the leap that became the model for all great song cycles of classical and romantic music.
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france schubert adopted the close connection between piano and singing voice from beethoven. stuff mahler expanded the idea and had the singer accompanied by an orchestra. against. my. 150 years later the idea was picked up in a completely different place in the mid 1960 s. pop music was revolutionized in the hills north of hollywood this is where the 1st concept albums were created shedding pumps teenybopper image and making it into a global $1000000.00 business. hollywood's lights camera action home of the movie
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industry and also home of some of the most iconic pop songs ever produced. one driving force was brian wilson of the beach boys his goal was to write many symphonies for kids. for his concept album smiles he heidi young lyricist the arranger and composer fan dyke parks. i read about your good vibrations session you suddenly said we got to put a cello in there yeah under challenge and it's now triplets fundamental and so now triplets how did you come up with that idea god gave me a plan and god gave me
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a plan that i would be a good arranger come up with a good idea for us something that had a baby in a 2 and a half minute time lapse a signature like the red ribbon slip or something to distinguish. the bank decks hand shake. play it again say and brian wilson and fan dyke parks shared an ambitious vision rather than a simple collection of tracks smile was to be a song cycle telling the history of the united states carefully composed right down to the last detail smile wasn't released in its entirety until decades later but the idea was quickly copied by the world's most successful band right next door in laurel canyon frank zappa created his concept album freak out. and in england the beatles were also inspired by smile they invented a fictitious music group sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band.
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the british band the who released a rock opera called tommy. and pink floyd's concept album the dark side of the movie about a descent into madness became one of the most successful albums in music history and this is something you've used in your music ever since beethoven wrote the very 1st song cycle ever and he found me guilty. funnily enough and this is why i really want to talk to you about this this is what you've been doing this is what you did immediately after your your album the song cycle well ok this is interesting but that was imposed upon me by the medium the medium was the album and the album had a constituent a lapse of time this concept it's fun album yeah that concept album did come out of laurel canyon to be sure all of those people. and you know mercer mentioned all those out i was there and tom hanks was cabin which is burned to the ground other groups of joni mitchell and crosby stills and nash and all of the stuff everybody
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and rock and i had the idea of the concept album that is since people were now listening to the album it was a technological advancement we were at the gilded age of analog recording and that album form provided that continuity. that people say so song and it became a discipline and our pro forma everything had to be just so for example new thought had to think about the 1st cut you had to think about the last card you had to think about the amount of time thinking about the amount of time it would take to turn it over and get to the b. side what the 1st cut would be the how what and then do you want to build or or of operate your most recent album spangled it's also a concept you decided to put famous pan-american songs together with a reason and what has kept you on this track in my case is with people around gaby
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modano one of the people around found parkes is grammy winner gaby marino a singer songwriter from guatemala she and fund dyke group the concept album spangled the song cycle evokes the time when there was still a lively cultural exchange between latin america and the usa with neither hatred nor boredom. there's a. 3. piece believed political you. can just look. at this idea of having a concept is this something you've consciously tried to do in your own stuff or
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does it did this come through the work with done with found by part i've always thought that you know it's important for me to think of of an album like from from beginning to end like ideally in an ideal scenario you want people to listen to it from beginning to end did you have the concept before that the concept come while you were looking for the piece that i remember at 1st there was a lot of songs in spanish so movie giddiness he started sending me that one which ended up on the record and he started out you know more and then. i can remember. quite well but i think he just he just sent me across the border line just a song written by wright cooter and john hiatt in the 1980 s. so he sent me that song and i was like and something like something sparked in me and said ok. i get it we get it this is the concept we're going to do a record that celebrates not only the cultures in latin america but also the u.s.
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and try to like unite the north and the south and central america and think of it because in one of my i would say this i think what i'm allowed to teach is that the continent is a maybe you know one continent. so it was important for me to like just reflect that on this record where we're celebrating the the wonderful music that comes from all these different parts of. america singer songwriting legend jackson brown joined the celebrations. as a little. politics is another thing that really. appealed to me and beethoven's maverick status encouraged to get encouraged me.
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her. to her beethoven some cycle and he found it was a wonderful concept which is still being copied by composers and arrangers today. with this next completely different idea beethoven shaped an entire genre and chanted an audience of meaning. to to. get. my.
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was my was. in 1908 looked like fun beethoven began to create images in the minds of his listeners he gave his 6 symphony descriptive movement names such as awakening of cheerful feelings on arrival in the countryside. to each he began to describe images using the orchestra for the country outing he featured woodwind instruments who were usually more in the background of the music. larry beethoven's new ideas were a success the 1st movement conjures up associations with excursions and it delivers country life or at. least that it
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will is disturbed thunder storm is the title of the 4th movement here brosnan percussion dominate the idea of program music music with a meaning or concept was born with the 6 it funny and quickly became an important jonna of romantic music. in his some funny fantastic from 830 hector barely chose the same instrumentation for the same movement as beethoven had done 20 years earlier. in richard strauss's monumental alpine symphony beethoven's instrumentation is still a mistake and lead a model for strauss is $915.00 program music. the idea of use.


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