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tv   Hart aber fair  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2020 1:00am-2:01am CEST

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this is g.w. news a live from berlin a coronavirus clash between the united states and china we want to hold accountable the nation which unleashed displayed on to the world china us president and donald trump the lashes out at china at the u.n. general assembly blaming at 1st reading the coronavirus also coming up a devastating milestone the pandemic has claimed more than 200000 to lives in the
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united states the highest death toll in the world what does that mean for the presidential election that just weeks away. and racing against time in tasmania australia rescuers are trying to save scores of pilot whales after they become marooned in shallow waters. i'm guy raz it's and welcome to the show the united nations general assembly has been holding its annual debate as the world body marks 75 years since its founding but far from delivering a unifying message on the anniversary u.s. president donald trump repeatedly lashed out at china this in a new format for the assembly because of the coronavirus pandemic and it was the 1st time world leaders a didn't gather in new york but instead addressed the forum via video. facemask
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some tight security at u.n. headquarters even though the most. wish guests joined by video link a precaution to avoid worsening the coronavirus pandemic that has already killed almost 1000000 people worldwide. to a half empty hall of socially distance u.n. ambassadors u.n. chief antonio good terrorists warned about tensions between the u.s. and china threatening to tear the organization and the world apart if i was very quick the 5 watts men. over the world cannot afford the future tomorrow just because of use the globe in a great friction. on trade and financial rules about official intelligence capacity . a technological and economic environment risks you know everything we turning into do and we literally revive and we must avoid at all costs. and the increasingly difficult relationship between the 2 superpowers was on show
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as soon as president trump's prerecorded statement started rolling. to address the united nations general assembly 75 a us leader said the u.n. should hold beijing accountable for the covert 19 crisis. and trump championed his policy of putting his country's national interests fast. as president i have rejected the failed approaches of the past and i are proudly putting america 1st just as you should be putting your characters 1st. with early voting for the u.s. presidential elections already underway in some u.s. states trump speech attacking china on trade in the environment was aimed as much at u.s. voters as other world leaders. in contrast russia's president putin and chinese
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president xi jinping struck an unusually comes literally and they called for a global response to the coronavirus pandemic and more international cooperation. we should embrace the vision of a community with a shared future we should see each other as members of the same big family to see win win cooperation and not fall into the trap of a clash of civilizations. critics would say china's actions really reflect that stomps on the united nations 75th anniversary unity is in short supply. but for more i'm joined from the united nations in new york city a by journalist james right on james the trouble pointing the finger at china for the krona virus is nothing new but just how surprising was it to see him use the u.n. as a forum to make these accusations. well like you say it wasn't the pride thing donald trump mentioned china in a negative way and that was the pride thing to us here exactly how he did it it was
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a sure speech by trump standards only 7 minutes long and straight at the top in there with the phrase china virus that everyone knows when you're talking about coded 19 years in that phrase it really. and so yes it was the extent to which his speech a short one which while mentioning some of the ratio like the iran nuclear deal and how he just made. was really largely focused on china and i guess the question of why because here at the united nations china has a veto america has a veto they can block or significant action here when it comes to for example investigating john or an accountable for supposedly being responsible for the virus and so donald trump a few weeks away from election mostly talking to the crowd and bashing china seemed
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to do quite well with the u.s. elektra and there i'm talking not just about republicans but democrats quite likely . and that regard to tighten the locking horns at the u.n. but in his opening remarks the secretary general and warned to quote we must do everything at 12 voigt a new cold war how much do you think china and the u.s. it took that to heart based on comments. well i mean it's the 3 of the united nations and one can only say that international diplomacy in 2020 is not a great point like mr terrace the secretary general of global distrust is maybe some of its worst levels that we've seen since the u.n. was created in 1945 at the end of the 2nd world war from donald trump was saying obviously he's going off to china in quite a big way doesn't really care about the repercussions china's president jiang
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jumping he doesn't try the u.s. directly in his prerecorded address he does make references to for example the paris climb a quarter 20 deigned donald trump famously pulled out of donald trump is also pulling out of the world health organization and the iran nuclear deal i guess that's where leaders like she and president putin of russia see and advantage as the u.s. vacate the position of global leadership maybe they can step in a wave the flag the multilateralism and win some political political point in doing all right journalist james right now at the u.n. in new york thank you. well now to the latest a pandemic news the u.s. a death toll from cope at 19 has passed the grim milestone of more than 200000 according to johns hopkins university that's the highest number so far for any
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country accounting for more than one in 5 deaths and globally it's putting president donald trump handling of the pandemic in the spotlight as he campaigns for his 2nd term in office on average the u.s. is now losing around 800 lives every day to the virus trumps a democratic rival joe biden says trump's lies and incompetence as he calls them are the main reason that the united states has seen so many deaths from the virus. well on this a dark day for the u.s. let's speak now it to our correspondent stephanus simons in washington d.c. jeff and we are only 6 weeks away from elections in the u.s. what have the presidential candidates promise to do to try to get the coronavirus under control. well the president didn't promise anything now today or yesterday or last week or the week before that the president is busy campaigning saying that he
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did everything possible and more. than that to curb the threat and the. outcome of this call with 19 pandemic or cope with 19 infections here in the united states so on part of the president everything is done very very well and he saved the lives of millions in his mind however the other side of it president the president or to joe biden of course criticizing the president democrats are serious about how the president handled this code 19 crisis here and say 200000 death. in just doubling the number this number just doubling in 2 or 3 months is a clear sign that the president mishandled this crisis this pandemic in a very very very very large and significant way well in terms of public perception of how this has been handled i know that you has been talking to us citizens in
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denver colorado about what they had to say about today's tragic landmark of 200000 deaths from cope in 1000 let's take a look at it out on the other records in the world that have. been for public health crisis. we have relieved here. the number of be much smaller we think up and then a good job. i think that there is that as story on the other side that wants to say how bad he's handled it but nobody knew where nobody knew where it was coming from in the beginning or what it was all about well we have course i just heard the numbers prove otherwise but you see from those interviews that there's a split in perception in the united states do you think this tragic milestone in any way could be a wake up call that could help unite a poised opposing voices in the u.s. on how to actually deal with this pandemic. no i don't think so i think the united states they stayed to be polarized like this i think division in the country in
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society between the us the people in the united states will remain on the high level and will remain on this topic is they all those who say this is all a hoax actually there is thousands of people coming to a rally events and campaign events off donald trump no social distancing no mask wearing or largely no mass wearing and on the other hand you have a lot of people who say like this is unbelievable it really takes only 2 to wear a mask to keep social distancing 6 feet away and do not mingle with a large number of people to actually save thousands of lives there is no i can't foresee any scenario that the united states at the moment will unify after those numbers after today after this milestone passing 200000 to combat this coronavirus pandemic in any other way and the world will certainly be watching in at the coming weeks and months a stephens iman's in washington d.c. thank you very much. let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. britain's prime minister boris johnson has called on people to observe a new coronavirus restrictions or risk a 2nd lockdown johnson and made the appeal in a televised address it to the nation earlier he announced england would expand its face mask requirements and introduce stricter rules on social gatherings. european a council president has gone into quarantine after one of his security guards tested positive for covert 19 but surprise announcement means that a summit of e.u. leaders that was due to begin in 2 days time has now been postponed until october 1st. the u.s. senator mitt romney has said he supports holding a vote to fill the vacant seat on the supreme court before the presidential election the announcement of all but ensures that president trump can choose a nominee it to fill the seat of late justice ruth bader ginsburg despite
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a democratic objections trump says he will name his choice on saturday. well rescuers in australia are fighting to free nearly $200.00 pilot whales stranded in shallow water off the island of tasmania at least $25.00 of them have been freed us so far but an estimated $98.00 have already died this after 2 large pods became stuck on an underwater sandbar there is hope that the other whales can be freed over the next couple of days. extraordinary scenes as almost $300.00 pilot whales peppered the shallow waters of tasmania's west coast. they became beached here on monday on the sand outside mcquarrie harbor it's a location where these mammals often get into difficulty. and when you say large numbers like these it's not surprising they're very social animals and they are
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found in large groups also known as pods and force in this case we might have had a misadventure or some individuals may have navigated in the wrong way and now they've become stuck in stranded scientists believe up to one 3rd of the pilot whales have already died but rescue efforts to free the rest continue despite the difficult conditions we've got them spread over a large area in a little challenging location sorry we're going to bicycle the type the animals with the pace change to start with and the ones that we are able to deal with soil some animals might be simply to be in an unsuitable location to to tactfully deal with. pilot whales a response she's of oceanic dolph and they can grow up to 7 metres long and weigh up to 3 tons that makes freeing them even harder
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beached whales can quickly overheat and their muscles deteriorate. although this rescue mission could take several days everyone involved knows it's a race against time. that is your news update at this hour don't forget you can always get the latest around the clock on our web site state of utah cop i'm direction in berlin thanks so much for watching good to. play. every journey is full of surprises moved on it all out. to use some tips for you in the footsteps of the great privilege. in missouri illinois attorney most towns the fleet street.
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cars. for a time of long past still very much alive till you travel you got to specialise in germany you can move to recognize where exactly. was fun manolo car culture history. g.w. travel extremely worth a visit. this is day to every news africa coming up on the program the big one in mali a former colonel has been hauled out of retirement to lead molly's transitional council to ban dole is a towering sync up with strong links to the army so how will it play general needers who wanted a civilian in the job that reacts to his appointment. and the doctor so we'll see here and i'll show you how physicians in kenya rudolf reaching patients who conned
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travel in the past to make. also police have stepped up the night road drops in kinshasa and they're mostly targeting taxis it's because of a rise in kidnappings in the city. it's good to have your company west african leaders are yes to react to the appointment off the president of transitional government bundle pictured here in gray has been named interim president. the 70 year old former defense minister is a retired colonel now the regional body ecowas head insisted that the president of the transitional government must be civilian. last week the body
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to step up economic sanctions and impose a total and ball go on mali if that and other conditions were not met in madiao if a public opinion about those appointment is mixed. i would have liked the people to have chosen a politician because mali has been a democracy for almost 25 years. i'm very happy because it's a purely political work point she's also a career soldier. i think ultimately no man is suitable some men get things done others are less divisive but the new president is among the least divisive personalities in the country i'm now joined by golly about they all call she is chair of the african security sector network pan african network of experts and organizations working in security sector reform good to have you on the program yet anyway so we've just heard some different opinions about bundles
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appointments. how do you think people and money feel about having a military man as a transitional president. it's important to remember is that just after cooper and 800 so august there was a lot of enthusiasm in st and also in those or parts of the country but no i think that feelings of people are who are mixed including because some portion of the politi cooled. elites do not necessarily agree we. needed appointments so i think there are different feeling about this including because it and 5 areas i experience some concerns and disapprobation about. nomination. how is how then tells appointment appoint are going to go down with regional
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leaders as specifically ecowas who had said that they wanted us a vote into leaves the transition council. asked for is to 1000000000 to ease the transition not only president owes a transition but also the prime minister so the name and the choice of the prime minister will be also a very important element but it is also important to remember is that congress out also in greece to have a longer transition no initially as no there seems to agree to either 18 months transition good also or eliminate it will be important because the loudspeaker ition of the head of state has been also required. to be told it is one of their required and so we will see if they will
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accept no hints that they are desperately to argue prime minister who will be a need to be specific equally in charge of defense and security related matters now that the echo us was very quick sample sanctions. following that that could just wondered about these sanctions and how how much they could have an impact on on the efforts by the transitional council just how uncomfortable could these sanctions make it for the transitional council. we have a lot of bad there are to be continued to date you can use there are targeting specifically it is a reality is that on the ground it is more often that now that book relations and c.d.'s why are so hurrying from then and it will not be possible for same you
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are sorry to go there and we have just sanction because otherwise there will be and there is or to lose the support of that location so it will be absolutely crucial for assistant da that decides to take on that same ship ok that's had any of natalie about thank you for. the call that 900 pandemic has made many people in cameroon worried about going to hospitals or clinics to seek medical care now a new video consultation app is making it easier for patients to keep their distance while getting treatment an unusual medical consultation income or.
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platform. your lost patience a book an appointment online and choose a doctor. public hospitals oversaturated people will walk in and have a 9 to 5 job don't really have time to stand in a long queue to seek medical assistance. they can spend a whole day at a hospital which is to see the doctor. to visit bruce a home. we can't reveal details of bruce's condition but due to the coronavirus he's not comfortable going to the hospital. except that sick is a sickness we have getting medical treatment is special unit 1000 pandemic. i wouldn't want to go to the hospital i want to minimise the risk of getting infected
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by corporate 19 so i use the online service to consult my doctor who often i will see in the course they want me to think. though to jump cause some parties to contribute to greece's treatment for close to $400.00 doctors are vulnerable on the platform. more than 500 patients this is kind of operating in juneau. the intelligence sometimes down but doctors manage to reach out to their patients ok with you it cost about $3.00 a month just for medical far under service. fee for consultation. with us you know but i can assure you that the are many patients who are suffering oh i need of a doctor deaf or the mental issues to make disservice more efficient or to come on to make it a valuable to all cameroonians us to everyone the need seems well up when i'm measuring. cameron his record in more than 300000 coronavirus cases with
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a little over 400 it's we know and cited the global pandemic more and more people cannot decide to use it the means to consult a doctor away from the hospital. now in kinshasa that's the capital of the democratic republic of congo hijackings are on the increase getting a taxi or many of us in downtown kinshasa has been dangerous for a long time particularly for women traveling on their own now the situation has gotten worse and women are pressuring police to crack down on the criminals. never really felt safe catching a taxi in downtown kinshasa. one day the worst fears were realized. yet if you see him. kidnapping by criminals disguised as taxi drivers that it was in my way home from work they kidnapped me around 6 and let me go
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around midnight and. they stole my fire so i couldn't even contact off family member but why am. i mean. official statistics of kidnappings a hard to come by but he says it's becoming more common for criminals posing as taxi drivers to kidnap women and demand a ransom from their families his own experience led her to start a campaign to raise awareness about the issue. i heard women complaining about the problem. and then when it happened to me i thought we have to save others we have to save people's lives that's how all this began we made a promise that what happened to us wouldn't happen to us out even if the women's activism is finally showing some results. lease now acknowledge that the city is
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becoming more dangerous for women and are trying to do something about it. these constant calls for help reached the authorities. this service today without delay they instructed the forces of law and order to implement security measures security. which began with the reinforcement of police patrols and the. police roadblocks these days specifically target yellow cabs and real taxi drivers confirm the police increased presence at night. i've noticed that there are problems in the city there are criminals and that's why there are controls to try and find these people who create fear in the city. even
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taxis are checked and if a dangerous object is discovered you were arrested. police say the patrols have slashed the numbers of kidnappings from up to 8 kidnappings a day to nearly none at all. each. time that's where we'll leave it for the program today be sure to check. the stories on dot com forward slash africa or on facebook and now leave you with some inspiration from the amal jazz band in south sudan the band works with children seeking shelter from conflicts at the u.n. protection in my locale in the north of the country. like me for us as a jazz band music is everything so we decided to train youngsters here so they can learn about their culture there's a real challenge for displaced children across south sudan to keep in touch with their own cultures so we wanted to find a way to keep our traditions alive among the younger generation i know you dynasty
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music or hear it at least so here it is. the. atlantic. colorful diversity in society inherent in the labor market diversity is called norms of gender and the background in each of the national organization held for the military should be the deciding factor in career success. we talked to a human resources director his diversity just lip service to the reality made in
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germany. 60 minutes w. . used to post girls. on the show that of us are also are going. into. what's a big. degree of work. rather than money and i think u.s. economy federal reserve chairman jerome powell and hewitt's treasury secretary steven minutia present a contrast in views of how america is fairing chairing the concept. also coming up forget about sour grapes these ones are scorched us wind growers fear for their livelihood 1000 wildfires are ruining their harvest. time those people
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shun buses and trains bikes are everyone's new favorite form of transport bus can supply is that keep up with different. this is the dumping business i'm paid. ferguson thanks for joining me we begin in the united states where the architects of the country's economic response to the coronavirus are in the spotlight u.s. federal reserve chairman jerome powell and the treasury secretary stephen minutiae have both faced questions at the opening of the financial services committees 3 day hearing the focus is on evaluating the government's 2 trillion dollar stimulus relief package and on assessing the shape of a future recovery let's take a listen to what both men have to say about how they feel the u.s. economy is fairing. america in the midst of the fastest economic recovery from any crisis in the u.s.
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your august jobs report showed the economy's gained back 10600000 jobs since april nearly 50 percent of all jobs lost to depend on the unemployment rate decrease to 8.4 percent a notable achievement considering many people thought it could get as high as 25 percent both employment and overall economic activity however remained well below their creep endemic levels in the path ahead continues to be highly uncertain our business correspondent and squad to has been following this hearing for us he joins us now from new york hi and that was quite a contrast in tone we heard there give us your take on what we've been hearing from new holiday. you know clearly it's didn't you chin is not wrong when he talks about the fastest recover new recovery where do you did not really mention that to precisely was that before we saw the biggest drop in the on the fast to stop especially in the history of the united states but steve newton is part of the current administration so it's no surprise that especially as so shortly before the
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election he's mentioning more what's going right and not what's going wrong and then on the other side chairman jerome powell of the federal reserve is independent from the white house so he could be a bit more specific and he also mentioned that there are still about 11000000 americans without a job that the job losses we've seen and this crisis exceeds by far what we've seen during the financial crisis and he mentioned the u.s. election there it's just 6 weeks away is there any hope of lawmakers agreeing on a new relief package for that it doesn't seem very likely and then we have to see how majorities are even after the elections we shouldn't forget it's not just about the president but also about the house of representatives and the senate if that's going to change after november 3rd i'm standing here on a local street a retail street in brooklyn and just from where i stand i don't know how good you
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can see it retail for lease there 12345 retail spaces. so not occupied and we just heard from ralph lauren the fish and shane that they're going to cut their global workforce by 15 percent so one thing is certain much more needs to be done and you pick it clearly is needed some here in the country but i'm very skeptical had to get anything done and at least before november 3rd so many people are waiting on that how it's cut in new york thank you so much. facebook is coming under increasing pressure over how it handles the deshaun of its more than 400000000 european users court documents seen by vice detail the company's objection to concerns raised by data protection authorities in our land where the company has its european headquarters present facebook transfers
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information about its european user is to american the based servers the data has a high value as it's used for arch targeting but irish regulators fear that u.s. government could use it to spy on europeans. as wildfires continue to burn across the western coast of the united states many wine producers in the region are seeing their harvest ruined in many cases their greats have absorbed too much smoke to be salvaged leaving them with an unpleasant charge taste with the typical wildfire season only just beginning the true impact on the country's $70000000000.00 wine industry won't be known for months. and then yours in oregon normally the picturesque source of some of the best wines in the u.s. but the constant pall of smoke is threatening this year's harvest. this is probably
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unrecoverable i'm going to try making someone. i'm skeptical at this point that it's going to get to. the just the density of the smoke that we've had these past 2 weeks has been. astonishing. the smoke doesn't just deposit particles on the grapes it seeps into them as well it can't simply be washed off. your resulting wines can taste and smell overly ashy all smoky and obviously that's a character most people want to know one. definitely not which leaves of in an adjacent hansen despondent 90 some percent of all. american wine. gosh that's crazy. but it's probably even crazier that this is on top of pandemic
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can you know our tasting rooms were closed for a few months this year that didn't help. so. you know who knows a lot of growers here sell their grapes to one producers but they can't be sure they should even risk processing the grapes at all it could leave them sitting on a year's worth of bad wine so even good grapes might not find buyers i think these wildfires are likely are going to be without question the those single worst disaster the wine grape growing community has ever faced joe it's going to be a real struggle for many people to make it through this year 3 years hard work going to waste for many here a catastrophe that could see several grows and producers go out of business. now to some of the other global business stories making news. intel says it's being given the green light to continue supplying certain products to huawei the news
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comes after the us introduced new export controls that prevent firms from supplying the chinese tech giant with electronic components that use american technology. german chemical giant b a s f is planning to cut to size the jobs in its newly created business services unit the company is sitting on a nearly 900000000 euro a loss for this year to falling orders from the automotive industry. the international air transportation association wants governments to speed up the development of rapid virus tests the lobby group says developing instant tests which can be administered in airports is key to protecting passenger safety out of restarting the stalled airline industry. the coronavirus has put many people off public transport leading to soaring demand for an eco friendly
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2 fields alternative demand for bikes is growing faster than many suppliers can keep up with at the world's largest bicycle maker giant in taiwan it's all hands on deck. so cio owns a bike shop in taiwan increased demand has eaten into the supply of bicycles and his stuff room. so we used to purchase children's bikes 3 times a month. now we only receive those folks once a month. and we don't have enough to sell the. mailbox could many in the industry know what the time when these retailers experiencing. the world's biggest bicycle maker giant is based here it's sales outside of taiwan are booming too in the 1st 7 months of this year giant spike sales increased by nearly 30 percent in europe and 20 percent in the u.s.
1:40 am
and china compared with the same period last year importers report that their inventory has dwindled from a 3 month supply to just one month. while the man outpaces production at all times can do is to push cash here that many are now that we've seen by one china and then now that they are all producing close to their maximum capacity and experts don't see the demand slowing anytime soon. so your. users realize that riding bicycles is a good way to be eco friendly. but it's also more recently the pandemic also changed people's habits and boosted the demand for bicycles. so i'm optimistic. i would suggest the bike in the street expand its capacity steadily based on their perception of their own capability with that you're clearly told it's a good one. for now giant is sticking with its current production scale bike
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retailers like size cio will have to keep waiting to restock and hope customers will keep coming anyway. at the moment it looks like they will. and finally india's famed monument to love the 17th century white marble taj mahal has reopened to visitors after being close for 6 months few to the pandemic it's not quite the usual experience though only $5000.00 visitors are alive and daily that a quarter of the usual number of mosques are compulsory is having your temperature . i'm not fit for me thank you so sure watching.
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the procedure or.
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for. there's no news no love. for the wicked. gives me a. hug from the sky. i'm scared that the a war that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story ready ready. i'm working i was
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a women especially in victims of violence in. part and send us your story we are trained all with to understand this new culture. not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. how do you perform shakespeare's macbeth when actors can't even get close enough to play a murder scene coming up on arts and culture theater in the age of coded and also on the show capturing america's diversity and divisions 2 photographers take their studio on the road and later the small town where centuries of instrument
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making traditions live on from generation to generation. welcome to arts and culture anyone who has read or seen macbeth remembers the famous line out damn spot out i say as lady macbeth tries desperately to scrub her hands clean well since the coronavirus that we've all done plenty of hand washing theatres too are taking precautions as they reopen in places including here in germany. yes now i would. first stop the powderpuff so this is it the return of theatre to a kind of new normality macbeth should be there for price's own make up. almost alone on the stage of dressed and darts shall spiel murders at a distance his desperation the rush of blood to the head his lust for power are
1:46 am
solitary moments backed by the band woods of burnham actor director christian friedel has bought a slimmed down version of his planned macbeth to the stage the new season because searching for macbeth. show is a foretaste a theatrical trailer in which 31 people are missing and there are usually 37 people on stage and now we have the band and the to make the best so to speak so of course it's a big difference from. the rehearsals in spring 2020 unimaginable now christian freedom is intense interaction with dancers actors and musicians it was supposed to be a monumental shakespeare evening with all the blood sweat and tears that theatre can muster. practice for how it was i'm almost ready in march
1:47 am
but usually the last week is always the week were some things are changed decisions are made things are left out that's when you really get looked ready to premiere and we were prevented from doing that. now 6 months later everything is back to square one at the start shell shield trust and audience flow systems are being set up so theatre goers have less contact with each other. warning signs are everywhere the theater has become a danger zone. on stage actors maintain one and a half meters distance or in more energetic scenes 6 meters soloists rouer on stage and in the auditorium this makes for a more intimate but not necessarily easy production. like going to acting school
1:48 am
that security whether a few people it is very very difficult to convince them the room is not filled with an atmosphere that automatically comes alive so a little more has to happen that's why it's such a challenge and i'm glad to be able to play at all. the. searching for macbeth in dressed in the time of corona the stage belongs to the warrior. michael krueger from 2 w.'s culture desk is here now to talk a little bit about the situation in theater mike intimacy is normally such a big part of it or it seems to have gone a little bit missing here absolutely nearly everything is for. kisses
1:49 am
and the the same theater we already saw is also performing the magic mountain the back at the moment and look at. all of a kid. that's stunning isn't it beautiful but this is also the perfect place for the pandemic it's about patients of his senatorial where everybody's already obsessed with illness so the actors don't have to get very close to each other. oh my gosh i could just watch that for hours ok but here in germany you know we're really lucky we have the situation there is public funding for theatre not the situation everywhere still this pandemic has to be a huge financial blow to theatres yet they have to cut every possible way. and even in which is sold out that doesn't mean that they have already enough money. because most of the seed have to remain empty and we all and the people also
1:50 am
expect that we saw that in. the opera house filled the seats but it backfired they had to cancel the show the people kept in protest because of a lack of social distancing especially in the highest and cheapest seat so it is hard it's just they can't just sell out these exotic a so it's really hard to get back to normal on the other hand we are seeing some really creative solutions and sweet and very scary ones there we hope and make some bull this is not only zombie apocalypse it's also a drive in theater in tokyo the company started this as a way to get close to the audience safely so visitors can be afraid of everything just not of the through because everybody say they'll come and this is also a car washes are it yeah after after that performance the zombies khelein because. ok well if we could go to tokyo if they said i could go now anyone who is
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following news from the united states can see divisions in that country growing practically by the day the new book divided we stand shows the people of america as seen by 2 outsiders swiss photographers morning official and much. drove across 40 us states in 4 months taking portraits along the way. looking for america encounters from a journey to find faces that reflect something about the land of the free. 25000 kilometers through a divided country. sometimes we found people we've been looking for and some days we found no one sometimes we turn up somewhere and we see someone and we know that's a story that's an exciting person on the pins on the snake catcher in virginia for
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example he started doing drugs at the age of 8 he tells his story as openly as the make up artist from las vegas. was so great about americans is that they are so spontaneous i think we almost never got told no choice it helps that we're from switzerland and we're not showing up there is new yorkers and want something from them but from neutral switzerland the couple are from village egg in the swiss can talk of. this is we're monica fisher and to mathias brush have their home and studio when they're not living and working on the road in order to capture spontaneous support traits. they use the same neutral background to have each time. whether they are taking a photo of not nerdy one who always dreamed of being an astronaut.
1:53 am
and i am a chef farmar who would never even get into a motorized vehicle. but watching the pictures of gun nuts and crystal meth addicts tell us about america. life. beauty. sadness. war. we don't just take photos we talk to people that's a very important part of our work and we are sometimes very surprised at what comes out. more than a year and a half has passed since monica fisher and mathias set off on a mission to understand america did they reach those goals. you still. say no but can you understand switzerland i'd also say you know. that's another
1:54 am
story in november the people monica fischer and. encountered will be able to vote to elect a president of the most powerful nation on earth. and who knows that we're only. from a giant divided country now to a small town that values harmony at least when it comes to music just a few 1000 people live in marked noisy ocean in eastern germany and yet it's famous to musicians around the globe 3 centuries ago a group of protestant instrument makers set up shop there after fleeing religious persecution to save a town has a variety and concentration of instrument workshops unparalleled in the world. of musicians paradise the tiny town in the folk and region is home to about $100.00 world class instrument builders. musicians like catch of the
1:55 am
castle state orchestra come in when they need a new instrument. together with his son as apprentice master violin make it a little is continuing a long tradition they fashioned violins using the methods developed by the italian master antonio study of ari as well as other local craftsman. every instrument we. it is custom crafted for a particular musician mostly their commissioned by the musicians themselves to play to the specific strengths quality. custom tailored sound just also the focus of the schmidt mouthpiece maker workshop a family business for more than 200 years grandson and grandfather field frost wind instruments so they shift as far away as south korea and australia and make trumpet
1:56 am
can cost over $3000.00 euros but if you compare it with the sound of complaints no mass produced instruments the price is well worth it. and how much burnish and shape the metal the whole process produces a material that is especially thin and hard and that's crucial for a crisp clear. community of instrument makers and has a unique infrastructure that has grown over the course of generations. $100.00 music instrument makers dedicated to their craft and to passing on their skills to the next generation. striving for perfection to help musicians around the world attain the most heavenly sound.
1:57 am
we heard earlier in the show the drive in theater is now kind of a thing i'm going to leave you with the english national opera performing. in a london parking lot that's high culture in the year 2020 folks thanks for watching .
1:58 am
more. colorful diversity a little society and in the labor market of diversity is called morals and gender and a little background on each individual orientation helpful to the military should be the deciding factor in career success. we talked to the human resources director is diversity just lip service to l'oreal or seeing made in germany. in 30 minutes on t w. did beethoven in the shadows did to did do did the. might he be the true king of rock. the subconscious always plays a role in the. last one clear signal willis on a musical journey of discovery in
1:59 am
a world without beethoven i can't even begin to imagine. in 75 minutes on d w. born or. some time. since my own for. the next few years should be in the midst of all the stuff. brace the 30th anniversary of. october 3rd on d w. look closely. carefully . to live simply. to did.
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discover the. live. search. documentary. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has used his a video address it to the u.n. general assembly to launch a stinging attack on china trump accused beijing of spreading false information about the coronavirus early in the pandemic china's xi jinping for his part warned against attempts to politicize the outbreak.


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