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it was always. the same with the biggest composer of all time i can't begin to imagine a world class horn player centralist on a simple journey of discovery. world without taking. this week on digital you. this is news and these are our top stories european union foreign ministers have failed to agree to a package of sanctions against leading delivers officials that's despite a personal plea from the country's main opposition latest atlanta taken off sky to travel to brussels to words the e.u. to sanction president lukashenko on those behind the alleged abuse and jailing anti-government protests. well the latest marking the 75th anniversary of the united nations it comes as the run of ours pandemic poses
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immense challenges secretary-general antonio who tests today called for more international cooperation and multilateralism to curb coverage 19 and face environmental challenges because the pandemic event is taking place online with many latest delivering speeches by video. huge wildfire northeast of los angeles threatening hunts for the fishes psychometry winds could help firefighters get it under control the bobcat 5 covers 427 kilometers thousands of residents been told to evacuate the blaze has been burning for more than 3 weeks. this is datable the news from perth then you can follow us on twitter and instagram at news or business our website the w dot com. there has never been a 3rd world war a fact which speaks to the success of the united nations as it turns 75 this year
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with age that stability is showing signs of fragility multi-lateralism working together which doesn't seem to work anymore and the consequences are deadly the coronavirus pandemic has now claimed 1000000 lives there is no global plan to stop the virus lots of social distancing not enough social responsibility tonights most of us hope for a vaccine some of us still refuse to wear a face mask i'm brygada berlin this is the day. and the coffee of 19. has lead them to do worlds for the g.t.s. a bit of treme no time good to test strategy and regulations and meat clone team rules will apply salt in the winter we have in
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a planet sense that it should return to a cooling system this is not a game yet facing a 2nd play doing nothing in the face of all of this. it's great now it's no it's an option and so you can say that our actions character free and maybe she get the virus and they control. also coming up at news of her death was not even 24 hours old when u.s. president trump and the most powerful u.s. senator mitch mcconnell began plans to replace the death of a supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg our b.g. and the birth of yet another american political showdown. and to nix mcconnell we need to tell him that he is playing with fire we need to make sure that this vacancy is protected that our election continues and that the american people have their say on.
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the bill of the washington national cathedral on sunday tolling $200.00 times each toll representing $1000.00 people a total of 200000 who have died in the u.s. from the coronavirus $200000.00 in growth for whom the bell told us. on to our viewers joining us on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day as the u.s. and the world mark and mourn a milestone in the coronavirus pandemic a total of 1000000 lives around the globe and been lost to cope with 19 the disease caused by the new coronavirus and the virus began spreading like wildfire 6 months ago a pandemic of people pain and sadly politics and it comes as the world
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marks another important moment the 75th anniversary of the united nations today un secretary general antonio good to address lamented that the pandemic has revealed humanity's shortest of short comings were unwillingness to work together and to help each other 1000000 dead 1000000 too many but just as the author ernest hemingway conveys in his book it is the value of human life which we must remember when we are reminded for whom those bells toll. here in europe the most dire warning came today from the u.k. as the disease spreads as it spreads across age groups we expect to see an increase in hospitalizations and unfortunately those increase in hospitalizations will lead to an increase in deaths the epidemic is doubling
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roughly every 7 days and you can see that by mid october if that continued you would end up with something like $50000.00 cases in the middle of october per day. disturbing numbers there to talk about that let's cross to carlisle in the u.k. i want to bring in dr john campbell arthur campbell works as an independent health analyst he has generated a sizable following on social media campbell it's good to have you back on the day thank you very much let's talk about these numbers the u.k.'s top health that pfizer say that the virus is in general circulation doubling every 7 days and then there is this other number $50000.00 cases per day by next month the if nothing is done i mean these are reserved sobering figures. that there are they are very high figures i mean the official increasing cases today was just about 4 and a half 1000 in the u.k. but that was the officially testate cases and the formally diagnosed the office for
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national statistics is currently saying about 6000 new cases per day but that means about 70000 people suffering from the condition at the moment today in the united kingdom but the common symptom track around with the tim specter and zoe group is probably the most accurate and that shows over 10000 new cases today and nearly 100000 people who are actually ill as we are today and as you rightly say we've got a doubling time of $78.00 days now i think not figure $50000.00 new cases per day patrick vallance was keen to point out that that was what could happen is not a projection it's a possibility he's pointing out a risk he's pointing out a danger and of course our job is to make sure that doesn't happen because it doesn't get to those kind of levels because if he did a month later that would transpire into about $200.00 deaths per day. and with all of that you've got prime minister boris johnson due to address the nation tomorrow
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do you think there is pressure on him to announce a complete lockdown. no i don't really think that's going to happen nothing people are talking about the possibility of a circuit breaker and a circuit breaker is this idea of a short sharp shock where you would have been locked down but only for about 2 weeks but i think there's a few reasons why that probably won't be announced it takes at least $33.00 weeks for the effects to be through so you wouldn't have it was working and for that to be effective you have to be locked down for about twice as long as you were unlocked so you'd be in this alternating cycle of a short sharp shock of circuit breakers alternating with normal periods of time and we're talking about the next 6 months of that sudden that's going to happen but we are getting this exponential rise but now the case is a doubling regularly so i think we could see increased fines for breaches i think it's possible we'll see more rules on masks and more strict enforcement of mask
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wearing i think they'll be targeted interventions where we target geographical groups and targets particular types of behavior that i know to be infection drivers there's a cobra meeting tomorrow they're going to decide this there's probably going to be more public education one of the infection drivers in the u.k. has been late night drinking so i'm pretty sure that tomorrow we're going to see a 10 pm curfew on pope's pubs will be closed at 10 pm the risk there of course is people will go in from the pub and carry on drinking and. could see further instructions on their own the hospitality in industry as well i don't think schools and universities are going to be affected yet. where are we going dr campbell mean we've got winter just around the corner for the u.k. for the united states as well as for us here in germany what does that mean does it mean in your opinion that we've got harder times coming for us. the simple
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answer to that brett is absolutely yes we know that all respond to viruses spread more in the winter that people get cold noses so there infection is reduced people go inside and sure the windows so there's more than i will load in the air people don't go out and get as much sunshine so there's less bits of indecent collating in the blood and all these things can contribute towards spread of infection there's also the possibility of influenza willowbrook on a very out active influenza programme good at the moment but the next 6 months are going to be critical the chief medical officer dent today said we've turned a corner and really we've got a fork in the grove now we can decide which way to go one way is that we could have this exponential rise with cases doubling the other ways we can get on top of this virus and keep it managed over winter but whatever happens we are going to have to be taking all of the measures that we're taking now at least the next 6 months now i believe a vaccine is coming and i believe that vaccine will be effective and i think it's
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quite possible that a few key words could be vaccinated in vaccinated in december 2020 but most people are not going to get this vaccine till 2021 so we've got this winter to get out and if this seasonal effect this seasonal increase in risk is we shut the doors as reduce the ventilation as we turn on the heating that we're going to get increased transmission doesn't have got about a minute left i want to ask you about this case of a man in delaware being reinfected after having recovered from 19 back in march. what does this tell us about the virus is ability to mutate and what does that mean for the vaccine. good question the virus doesn't you take but it tends to mutate fairly slowly it's not a fast new tating virus like an influenza virus for example in terms of the vaccine the people that are making the vaccine are aware of the parts of the virus that can mutate quickly and they've actually targeted parts of the virus which are likely to
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mutate slowly and they've also targeted several parts of the virus so even if one part does mutate the ships do about to get the the vaccine working on the other part in terms of reinfection yes there are definite documented cases of reinfection but very very few only about half a dozen around the world that have definitely been documented so people can become reinfected it is going to be the vast minority of cases and the people that are infected don't get sick they just test positive so far from the cases i know so i believe that when people have been infected with this disease they do have a fairly high degree of immunity we don't know for how long right i suspect given the size coronavirus one showed long term immunity in some cases this is likely to as well i'm hopeful for that ok dr john campbell as always at the camera we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight thank you thank you. in washington d.c. mourning the dead is apparently no drag on the speed of partisan politics u.s.
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president donald trump says he will nominate a replacement for the late u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg at the end of this week ginsburg died last friday of trump and the republicans want to nominate and confirm a new supreme court justice with less than 45 days before the national election 4 years ago many of those same republicans prevented president obama from doing the same thing and in 26 team the election was still 10 months away if you see the glaring hypocrisy here you are not alone if you sense a lack of decency here you may be in the minority ruth bader ginsburg supreme court seat draped in black will as tribute to her outsized legacy drew on the steps outside on the toxic box a lawyer who will fill her shoes is only just beginning democratic presidential
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nominee joe biden are republicans to postpone the vote to replace her until after november election good afternoon. she'll those few senate republicans. the financial really will decide what happens. please follow your conscience. don't vote to confirm any were nominated in the circumstances president trump. consumer conduct. don't go there but some will go there even those who in 26 opposed nominating a supreme court judge and barack obama's law. this was then. it has been 80 years sit since a supreme court vacancy was nominated and confirmed in an election year there is a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year and i believe the right thing to do is for the senate to take up this nomination and to confirm the nominee before election day that is only democrats have vowed to fight for ginsburg's dying
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wishes she said my most bourbon which is that i will not be replaced by and until a new president is installed the issue looks set to be a rallying call in the weeks ahead it's extraordinarily important that we understand the stakes of this vacancy our reproductive rights are on the line our labor rights are on the line our right to health care is on the line labor and union protections are on the line our climate is on the line. outside the supreme court on monday morning as continue to pay their respects meanwhile the democratic leadership has hinted the party could even impeach trump and their efforts to fill in spokes final wish. another impeachment nominating
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a supreme court justice and going to whites in just around the corner it is a cynic's paradise in the united states you could say on a full and frank says no now he's a fellow journalist he's not a cynic he is a veteran white house correspondent and former washington bureau chief for c.n.n. frigates good to have you back on the program you know washington politics inside and out the death of ruth bader ginsburg and the republicans changing the rules to replace her before the election if would you say that we were seeing the heights of hypocrisy in partisan politics at the moment. we are certainly seeing the high end of partisan politics the republicans will say this isn't hypocritical at all the democrats obviously are and they're trying to get every one of those sound bites from every one of those senators lindsey graham when this came around and 2016 said we should not do this you should not have this vote on merit garland president obama's nominee at the court at the time you list my words against the senate and
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those that somebody is on a lot of list what the republicans are arguing is back then the white house was held by a democrat senate was run by republicans this time the white house is republican the senate is republican one party and somehow that makes a difference my fact check is it doesn't make a difference they said what they said then they did not qualify those remarks they stood firmly not to proceed with the president's nomination they have flipped on their heads this time and it has both sides enormously mobilized yeah yes so we've got a case here above changing the rules i want you to take a listen now to what u.s. president trump said on fox and friends a belt the death of ruth bader ginsburg and the republicans rushing to change that take a listen then you have. told her her granddaughter on her deathbed allegedly that
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she her dying wish was to have the next president choose her successor how do you think all this plays out. well i don't know if you said that or was that written out by added i mean i don't want your mare and pelosi but i would be more inclined to the 2nd ok you know that came out of the wind it sounds so beautiful but that sounds like a humor deal or maybe palosi or or shifty ship. i mean verb phrase if you know if my niece or nephew heard that i mean i would understand why they say politics is dirty and ugly i mean what do you what do you say to young people who say that politics is just something we don't want to be a part of now. treat with them i mean i'm sorry to say you know what what i say what i say in in reality is that we have been through many horribly divisive times in this country in the past i was a new young teenager in the year 1968 when we had troops dying in
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vietnam when we had cities burning when martin luther king was assassinated bobby kennedy was assassinated we've not seen anything like this though i would say where the president in ited states is himself so my antagonists to toward our institutions and in my assessment towards our democracy picking apart undermining confidence 1st example of course is in the election process itself in the very heart of american democracy so i tell young people is. take a long view participate and vote because your participation matters try as best you can to put this in historical perspective but understand just how serious this is and what the stakes are that are involved because i think there is high as they have ever been certainly in my life. frank earlier this month the you posted a tweet it caught our attention today you were responding to reports of us
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president trump calling america's war dead losers and the silent response from the generals who have served under truong and you tweeted this it is a moment requiring courage principle and patriotism where our people of principle it is past time to speak honestly and clearly. and frank in the u.s. senate the people of principle they don't appear to be the people in power do you agree yes i mean again i will look to historical example and precedent really at the height of the watergate scandal in this country in the early 1970 s. when richard nixon was implicated in what was then the most significant assault on our constitutional system and our democracy it was a leading republican senator howard baker from tennessee who stood up it was a team of republican elders who went to the white house and told the president he
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would not have the votes to survive an impeachment this time what we have seen over the course of the trunk years is moderate republicans essentially resigning in silence they are both resigned they quit their office and they have not raised their voices i find that especially to a comment like you just pointed out that the president appears to have made and it's been corroborated by several different sources and news organizations a shocking thing but it's hardly the 1st so yes i think one of the great questions is where are the moderating voices within the republican party should donald trump lose and in the fall the most i think vicious battle is going to be within the republican party to figure out whether that's going to be a trunk party going forward with or without him or it's going to revert in some fashion to the form that it was before which right now is not even recognizable yeah and yeah you have to wonder too frank if this is going to do irreparable
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damage to the trust in democracy and in the institutions in the u.s. you know we talk about it all the time on this side of the atlantic as well frank sesno as always we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you my pleasure good luck. was found to have been engaging in a variety of suspect trades involving as much as $10000000000.00 the bank didn't seem to be a victim they seem to be a participant in these mere trades 2 trillion dollars that's how much george bank j.p. morgan h.s.b.c. and several other large global lenders earned in fees fees that their clients paid for transactions to launder dirty money and that is $1.00 of the explosive revelations from the biggest ever leak of documents from the us treasury department the details are in thousands of suspicious activity reports which banks have to
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file with u.s. regulators when red flags are raised a bank is said to have transferred a stunning 1.3 trillion dollars in a legal catch and these are accusations that the banks as are all engine history yes these reports are nothing new not for us and not for a regulators either it's all long been dealt with we've taken a good hard look at it all in particular we've been investing very solidly in this area since 2015. 1000 from then we had 500 stuff employed and the money laundering now it's over 1500 tolls. are in for more on this now i'm joined by alistair wellman in london. 2 decades worth of experience in banking regulation it's good to have you on the program i want to talk about the incentives here for the banks the fees that they make on these transfers i mean the fees they still
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exist so you really don't have a disincentive to help launder money do you. well it's good to join you 2 i think that the point is that the environment has become a lot more hostile from a regular treat the spectacle the banks and in the last 10 years as actually been a lot of changes both on the regulatory side in terms of taking the kind of regulations that the authorities have put in place and the enforcement mechanisms as well as the huge sums that they can find the banks so i wouldn't say that that there's no disincentive because the fines in the u.s. in particular can run to billions of dollars and of course the reputational damage to a bank from having their names flashed all of the newspapers is the kind of thing that does keep the management of those banks awake at night so i would say that there's a tension between wanting to facilitate business and the complexity of watching
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everything that every client does which you know to be honest and fair to the banks is a very complex job and they don't always have all the data in front of them and therefore the suspicious activity reports that they file are necessarily sometimes patchy and piecemeal information so i think on the other side of the equation it's important the regulators act on that information that they give them and in the process and i think this is recognized by a lot of regulators that haven't necessarily been adequately resourced to do that you know that's it that's a good point you know you have to be able to enforce the rules if you expect those rules to make a difference what about the situation if a bank slangs a transaction with the u.s. treasury it can still sins the money forward so in that moment then it has no liability if this money is you know a bad criminal can but he gets to keep the feed that is just made so it's a win win situation for the bank isn't. well i wouldn't say that the bank is
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entirely free of life and that's just because they filed a suspicious activity report which there's a tension there because when you file as a suspicious activity report you shouldn't be tipping off the client that you've done so which is why it's so explosive that these names are out in the open because that people that have been reported on can see what which banks have reported that's not normally the case and there's a good reason for it in that if the activity is merely suspicious and there's no actual evidence of wrongdoing and the banks kind of draw conclusions but purpose of the system is to get the banks to report this to the authorities who did get reports from every single bank in the system and by joining the dots from those various reports from a number of different institutions it's the oath or it is that really needs to be taking the action but you're right you're right that there is an incentive for the banks to carry on doing that business it is very destructive for them and they freeze in accounts and they'll only do it in the most extreme circumstances and as
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you know one of the reasons that they are very careful about freezing accounts unless they've got hard evidence is that the clients can come after them and sue them i think the banks to the effect of them of course a little bit between a rock and a hard place but that's not to excuse but back to havior that's gone in the pos where a number of banks where actually just pursuing business at any cost and sometimes taking business that other banks wasn't going to do out allister or i'm going to have the revenue there alice are valuable insides there we appreciate your time tonight thank you. are the days almost gone the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you don't you can follow me important golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then ever to.
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kick off day one of the bundesliga come off to a sensational start by a crush on complete to the beautiful ramona. and family man nothing new there defeated at home by half a banana. what else ahmad of those. protesters
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found had for decades. but sudan in southeastern turkey is known operation. and the ancient city of husain case has been flooded. only in order to meet energy demands or to curtail the supply of water to neighboring iraq close off. in 60 minutes t w. only mancipation compatible with. most muslim women should be their faith and self-determination. rebel to the militia to the feminine of the king to look i don't want anyone to
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tell me with a rifle or a headscarf or not. going to. women or striving to reform their islam away from traditional prejudice is. wrong. start september 24th on t w. o . are you ready. better watch close because the one in this league is back get ready to.


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