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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2020 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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of germany's reunification. to 3rd on g.w. . this is stayed up as the news live from berlin the european union says no to sanctions against fellow groups countries opposition leader kind to brussels to words ministers to stand by the bill of receiving people as they filed on punitive measures against president alexander lukashenko face crackdown on the city also coming up. the 75th anniversary of the united nations in new york
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appeal for unity in the face of global challenges inside the organization needs to reform to stay relevant. and the emmy's like no other average cop not a live audience but plenty of hazmat suits to watch no one again and again as the pandemics went virtual drama took on a living and easily the biggest triumph of the time which will give you a read. a math anyhow and welcome there will be no sanctions against deliberate euro pain union foreign ministers failed to agree on sanctions against villa person officials linked to president lukashenko that's because one member state cyprus vetoed the move the e.u. had identified officials implicated in violence against anti-government protesters
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and electoral fraud in last month's presidential election. the bell the reason opposition leader spits larner chicken off sky i was in brussels to ask for help she urged the european union foreign ministers to be brave and we can bellary see him president alexander lukashenko by disrupting his funding. i ask you more to finance their dictator dictator regime and programs from state to non-state actors i also ask to consider to reconsider partnerships with state again is a sions course talk a sham. finally and most importantly i call on you to work together with us toward free fair and transparent elections. these were the scenes after the disputed elections in bella ruth in august which
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the e.u. agrees were not free or fair a unanimous vote by e.u. member states would have slapped travel bans and frozen the assets of 40 better reason officials accused of electoral fraud and violence against demonstrators. 3rd instead the island of cyprus blocked the plan. it's government wants to tie sanctions against spell aris to an unrelated dispute that it has with neighboring turkey that saver rights to explore the eastern mediterranean for natural gas deposits it's a move that drew criticism from of a e.u. members. it is this becoming a personal commitment because i understand clearly that it depends very much the critique billeted opinion. and. forging all that
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for a now 1st policy at common for a halfassed policy i was a capacity of sanctioning. to go. with the european union's credibility at stake the next chance to greenlight the sanctions could come on thursday when e.u. heads of government are due to meet. our correspondent economy has been following the at a government protests in bella burst he sent us this assessment of the diplomatic deadlock and busts. more than 6 weeks after belarus and rigged election and after unprecedented state violence against our own protesters your opinion is still incapable passing sanctions against the handful of officials responsible for the crackdown happening here in europe stories that all of this is that you use international credibility no good but then again that's largely a problem for brussels and it's our self-esteem realistically sanctions are always going to be more of a symbolic gesture than anything else
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a sign that europe is watching sign that europe cares but the russians are already getting that message in other ways the european ambassadors here in minsk attending court hearings against leading opposition figures or european countries providing asylum and support to better russians who fall foul of their own government the success or failure of these protests we decided here in the streets of minsk sanctions however welcome for the opposition we're never seriously going to tip the balance. that was correspondent nic connelly reporting from. ok a 2nd look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. president don't trump says he will announce his supreme court nominee by the end of the wake position was made by can the death of justice ruth bader ginsburg on friday trump a surge the republican controlled senate to confirm his pick before the election 5 women being fitted for the role. a huge wildfire northeast of los
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angeles is threatening homes but officials say calmer winds could help 55 is getting to control the bobcat fire covers 427 square kilometers thousands of residents have been told to evacuate the blaze has been burning for more than 2 weeks and is only 15 percent contained. the. ruling military judge has appointed former defense minister and doubt as interim president to lead the country to new elections could last months of overthrew president abraham because. the joint has been under intense pressure from its west african neighbors to return power to civilians. the german city of munich is stepping up measures to contain the spread of new corona virus infections after becoming one of the country's main hotspots authorities in the bavarian capital say wearing a mask will be compulsory in parts of the city and social gatherings will be further restricted. and he's
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a look at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic now and the death toll from the cove in 19 in the united states is approaching 200000 the u.s. is the country hardest hit by the pandemic with nearly 7000000 confirmed cases britain is passing new regulations to stop them as in cases people breaking quarantine could now face fines of up to 11000 euros the world health organization says that more than 60 percent of the world's richest nations have signed up to its program to give poor countries access to coronavirus vaccines the united states and china are not among the participants. world leaders unlocking the 75th anniversary of the united nations in new york it comes as the coronavirus pandemic poses immense challenges secretary-general antonio good kailash cold for more international cooperation and multilateralism to 19 and face environmental challenges because of the pandemic the event is taking place online with many
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ladies delivering speeches by video. and in her address german chancellor angela merkel called for more unity and decisiveness from member states to find through the united nations can only be as effective as its members a united this is curity council is all too often deadlocked when clear decisions are required we need reforms that the united nations must continue to develop in order to master the global challenges of the 21st century questions of its effectiveness and relevance in stock contrast to the high hopes that made the united nations a reality 75 years ago at the time the world was devastated by a war today the challenges are no less daunting. born out of the ravages of world war 2. the u.n. charter was signed in 1945 by 50 founding members it aim to save succeeding
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generations from the scourge of war a global organization to help build a better weld. the probability of the terminations to buy our way through rar i 75 years on every country in the world is represented in the un's general assembly. the organization has lost none of its relevance but it also faces unprecedented challenges in the 75th anniversary ear that we face our own 945 moments we must meet that moment and we must show unity like never before to overcome today's emergency get the world moving and working and prospering again and up all the vision of the job. that vision is to work together to bolster international peace and security of a humanitarian assistance and protect children rights. the un and its affiliated
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agencies have become indispensable in crisis situations. out there. but the work of the un's most powerful body the security council has come in for heavy criticism. the council's 5 permanent members other 2nd world was principal victors on puting china. russia and the u.s. . it manages 13 peacekeeping missions around the world but the council is often paralyzed by disagreement and features even. on syria the most lethal and destabilizing conflict today it has failed to take any decisive action. many have argued that these old structures need to be urgently reformed. and there are other big challenges the corona crisis has exacerbated geo political rivalries and put the un's health body the w.h.o.
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under enormous pressure not least since the us pulled out of the world health organization in the midst of the pandemic. and there is fear that with growing nationalism in some countries support for the un and its mission may be fading donald trump's america 1st policy has seen the u.s. traditionally the un's main driver turn its back on multilateralism the very principle the un was founded on. to the world of entertainment and it was the biggest knot of the year for programs on the small screen and it was held on a grand stage with now already it's the emmy awards were presented with only just a hint of the glitz and the glamour of the american network h.b.o. came up the big winner on the night it shows titled succession and watchmen took on handfuls of hardware. well hello and welcome to the pandemic. at
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1st it looked like any awards ceremony but it soon became clear there was some technical trickery going on and no audience but more than 100 stars joining from home on live internet feeds it was a big challenge but everything went smoothly. did you ever think i could do it. but. the top 2 are the h.b.o. series succession scored big wins across the drama categories with its star jeremy strong named best actor. in the bar the night we asked me about the moment i fell in love with. this is the movie but the most awards went to the watchmen an adaptation of a superhero graphic novel tackling racism in america. my perception of time yeah i get it this series took 11 awards in total including regina king foote best
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actress reminded us that it's not only awards season in the us could also election season got a vote i would be remiss not to mention that being a part of the show is precious and is watching how the voting play and go to battle the beauty of that combo up the ballot please why that's time to lay down your way or a head we'll find cut 3rd and save partially renovated rose. stanek sheets creek swifty comedy awards with 9 prices breaking the emmys record for most wins in a single season for comedy. but the show's lead actor daniel levy was more political than comical in his acceptance speech as you know as well our show you added score is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance and that
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is something that we need more of now than we've ever needed before and i just wanted to say for any of you who have not registered to vote please do so the city is amie's was hailed for its many nominees of people of color. one of them 24 year olds scindia also became the youngest we know of best actress in a drama for her role in the series euphoria. and finally india's famed monument to love the 17th century white novel taj mahal has reopened to visitors after being clause for 6 months due to the corona virus pandemic. it's not quite the usual experience though and the 5000 visitors are allowed in that's a quarter of the usual number mosques are compulsory as is having the temperature taken india has recorded more than 5000000 tests coronavirus the 2nd highest how the in the world after the united states.
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you're watching news up next is a documentary following 2 young brothers on their way to the city of leeds in peru stay tuned for that don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's it think i believe dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well the handle there is at the news headlines coming up in 45 minutes from now for now but i'm acting out thanks for watching. and you hear me no no here's we're going to you and how stands gemstone. and even times have surprised to see what is possible who is medical really what moves. people. the way maurice and critics are joining us from athens lock stock.
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for the ship people there have always been for world's. seen anita the waterworld where yahoo mama lives a snake as big as a faute. you know nato the world of humans. crashing into the yellow world where they are your shins the bad spirits way.
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through and above us. the wondrous world where you live with the stars. in peace and harmony thank you. my name is john i'm 15 years old. this is moxy my great grandfather he's a shaman. tonight we will meet the spirits together for the 1st time.
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he told me there's no reason to be afraid that these spirits protect our history. i didn't expect to be going on this trip so soon. although really it already began a few months ago. i . think. this is the. this is my brother nico he can be pretty annoying. i don't like it when he teases me but he always has some good advice.
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but it was out that i learned my dad is dream is to become a professional soccer player but there's too much corruption there. only the rich get to the very top would it go on what was there in that there. i mean to become an astronaut astronauts flying through the sky into the moon you know it i would i would count on that and they want satellites to. what about eugen about monsoon dream. like i want to find out more about the origins of the world. about where we came from and where we're going. like in philosophy. we want to philosophize yes to be a philosopher. yes i want to understand all of it. my
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father grew up here. he's very worried about the future of our community. he used to work as a fisherman just like his father before him he would head out early in the morning to catch something for us to eat. he still goes out sometimes but there aren't many fish left. thanks. you.
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you. knew. i was the only one in our family who went to church. that's where they told us that the franciscan priest enrique philippe lockett discovered our village and named it san francisco. he founded the 1st christian community in the peruvian amazonas region. now all of us shippey both follow the teachings of christ. to the lord we thank you for your teachings which you share with us this morning. and i will just go we should not lie nor speak ill of others so we can. see not question. it and get the is that it's not really necessary to go to church
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so much why not know it is your faith is strong that's enough well to say yes but you have to be baptized if you haven't been baptized you won't be recognized. you have to be on the list and you katie is going to read the bible was written by strangers. who said i. can't think of it but what do you think life was like for our parents it's good you know that then a lot of the things we have today didn't exist there were no streets only fields into it's much better today let's look.
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i made my. point you thought you would run it was. all of us get it oh. i was still a child when our village got electricity. since then the nights are shorter. and. but it was light let me. come. to you. my thoughts are dying out and so are the tree us. in the past nobody could have imagined that there would be no trees left someday. it's now becoming clear that we have forgotten the teachings of our ancestors young men and women today want to live like misty thongs no phone but no no not really they're ashamed of their
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culture or not who we are. perhaps. i. really i just want to leave this village once more in cleveland we don't even know what it looks like further up the river from cuba and we were more further
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downstream. but alone what it's like in other countries. i want to go to lima for my ego i want to go to the beach and swim in the scene and say do you think that's dangerous to me we've never done it i wonder what it's like we have to do it in general and then turn and windy and someday we will do it he's going to be a winner with life savers it will be his. if you will make some out of wood from the jungle it is. for. tear gas. and money there are many spirits present a lot of bad people as. you know we're surrounded by bad thoughts. that i had visions that we're letting ourselves be ruled by them here already and in the
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lead in the river but yes they're entering. baikal in my dream and i also saw my sons. nicole and jen. nicole was. a little sad but you know sad and tends to be how he was then great he thought through john is more understanding of what he listens to what we say when you talk to him because he listens. yeah but if they have to learn how to get by and i have a hope so that later on they will be able to take care of their own children and show them the right path as they would a vehicle be put on the. plane these are difficult times for us. we will manage.
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what's on your mind you know. that even though we like to go to the sea. we've never seen the beach or the sea or the animals and i see that we'd like to go there lima so big. is there another reason why you want to travel. home. on we want to make new friends. that's our big dream and. mere travelling costs a lot of money. lot can happen. there things used to be better. today if you don't have work you go hungry you know monday to my
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mother. we sometimes don't have anything to eat either yeah my kids we don't have enough money mother will be you know that was only when i was with my mind it's not easy for us life is hard work if you can go wherever you are wanting. but it probably won't be better elsewhere if you want to be needed. if you want to travel you'll have to some money with. the things that you can save up until this time. we'll see how much you put aside and then my it's up to you. if you save enough money you can go. if not then it's that simple but i'm not around when you're still young you still have to learn
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how to use a machete that month. trying . to change. the number who need. to prove to me move. through. december. the rainy season came rivers overflowed and the end of the year approached. we had saved enough money to travel. the whole village prepared for the holidays. means
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moralising goals from san francisco you are responsible for oppy people who are all hope. so but all we could think about was lima. we hope that people there would treat us well. development of my time has come you know going to discover the big city. little here in the village life is top of it's different in the city there will be no getting. down on the d.c. experience won't change it but. it will make you grow out of the new kid.


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