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tv   Anne Will  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2020 1:00am-2:01am CEST

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suddenly life became owlish kind of. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for mines. the state of the news live from berlin the european union says no sanctions against bell averse the e.u. file to reach a unanimous decision on punitive measures it can spread liberty and president alexander lukashenko for his government's crackdown on the st as mass protests continue today 2nd time also coming up. the latest might be 75th anniversary
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of the united nations in new york they appeal for unity in the face of global challenges and cite the organization needs to reform stay relevant. a math and how this could have it with us there will be no sanctions against villa verse european union foreign ministers failed to agree on sanctions against bell a brazilian officials linked to president lukashenko that's because one member state cyprus vetoed the move you had identified officials implicated in violence against anti-government protesters and electoral fraud in last month's presidential election. the bella reason opposition leader svetlana chicken of skier was in brussels to ask for help she urged the european union foreign ministers to be brave and we can bellary see him president alexander lukashenko by
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disrupting his funding. i ask you more to finance their dictator dictator regime and switchable rules programs from state to non-state actors i also ask to consider to reconsider partnerships with state of the his ations course talk a sham come finally and most importantly i call on you to work together with us to free fair and transparent election. these were the scenes after the disputed elections in bellerose in august which the e.u. agrees were not free or fair a unanimous vote by e.u. member states would have slapped travel bans and frozen the assets of 40 better reason officials accused of electoral fraud and violence against demonstrators.
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but instead the island of cyprus blocked the plan. it's government wants to tie sanctions against spell aris to an unrelated dispute that it has with neighboring turkey that saver rights to explore the eastern mediterranean for natural gas deposits it's a move that drew criticism from all the e.u. members. it is this becoming a personal commitment because i understand clearly that it depends very much the critical until they get the union to find it and. for shingles off for a 1st policy at common for they have 1st policy. capacity of sanctioning . to go with the european union's credibility at stake the next chance to greenlight the sanctions could come on thursday when e.u. heads of government are due to me. well after the meeting brussels bureau chief
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alexander phenomenon caught up with lithuania's foreign minister she asked him why the ministers failed to agree on sanctions. it's lamentable best definitely just what the it's to say that we are not waiting for sanctions to be agreed to also preparing how to support the russian people and how to make sure that this support and these funds will reach those who need i mean civil society free media you know that's that's also important to prepare and sanctions just part of the problem but definitely it's least we can do at the moment it just takes too long and this is definitely. some colleagues thinking given some developments which shouldn't be linked and that's the result to this situation we have i hope it will be solved but nevertheless it's definitely disappointing but this lack of unity today what kind of signal is it sending to the people of belarus it was very driven for more support just just going to repeat what they said i cannot at any anything else and
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it's really disappointment words let's hope that we will. i think somehow this challenge and i hope will solve this situation as as i said sort important not to waste time and to prepare or think that just thanks is just part of the game you know sanctions important but definitely they will not solve a situation i would add even more sanctions not only the only way to keep them accounted because those who allegedly committed the crime the deserve to be investigated prosecuted because these accounts are deceiving still deceiving if small part of these accounts is true it's already too much basically and this happening in european territory and 21st century so unbelievable but is it time now to scrap their principle the quiet minds of humanity on sanctions and move on to a qualified majority on such decisions so these questions always coming up and it's to be being discussed you know. all the solar strength is consensus especially on
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the issues for security foreign policy and we all understand how it's important it takes time to reach agreement but when it's reached it's really strong solid so there are pluses and minuses scent and always to if you're pushing somebody into the corner and implying some some imposing some decision doesn't mean that that will work you know propertyless so maybe it could be discussed but i don't think this is just some. as some says silver bullets to solve this. you're risking the lot by imposing sanctions on your own by criticizing the question call because of course you rely on good economic ties would be a lot why do you think it's so important right now to make a point of supporting the opposition in the simpletons for lessons learned it's important for others not to have temptation to follow what they're doing and the sanctions definitely there that the mental to all but 1st of all we have to understand that going to be a little sis on the brink of bankruptcy basically and should be very careful
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themselves what they're doing what they were they are doing it will be a backlash in the media. to them so i don't think that so so that's why the statements by dietz we noticed their very harsh statements but nothing happened so it's also for that reason i. definitely let's just take into account and sometimes unfortunately you know sanction is not something we should be put out it's not the language people should talk to each other like last resort that it's nothing happening this is exactly the case because it looks like nobody listening to what we're talking to there's no known no so to see kind of. reaction to the mation it's what should be something more tangible we need to be part of this process this is the holders. thank you very much thank you appreciate. that was. speaking to the wanting in foreign minister ok let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says he will announce his supreme court nominee by the end of the wake decision was made on the death of justice ruth bader ginsburg on friday from the republican controlled senate to confirm his pick before the election 5 women if you do it for the role. the german city of munich is stepping up measures to contain the spread of the new drama virus infections after becoming one of the country's main hotspots authorities in the bavarian capital say wearing a mask will be compulsory in the city and social gatherings will be further restricted. huge wildfire northeast of los angeles is threatening homes get official say comma winds could help firefighters get on the control the bobcat fire cubs 427 square kilometers thousands of residents have been told to evacuate the blaze has been burning for more than 2 weeks and is only 15 percent in time.
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well they deserve mocking the 75th anniversary of the united nations in new york it comes. as the coronavirus pandemic poses immense challenges secretary general antonio good ted is cold for more international cooperation and multilateralism if you could cope with 19 and face environmental challenges because of the pandemic the event is taking place online with many ladies delivering speeches by video. in her address german chancellor angela merkel called for more unity and decisiveness from member states. the united nations can only be as effective as its members are united the security council is all too often deadlocked when clear decisions are required we need reforms the united nations must continue to develop in order to master the global challenges of the 21st century questions i've hurts affective and even relevance are in stock contrast to the high hopes that night the
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united nations a reality 75 years ago at the time the world was devastated by a war today the challenges are not of this daunting. born out of the ravages of world war 2. the u.n. charter was signed in 1945 by 50 founding members its aim to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war a global organization to help build a better weld. the probability of that terminations to find our way through rar i 75 years on every country in the world is represented in the un's general assembly. the organization has lost none of its relevance but it also faces unprecedented challenges in the 75th anniversary ear that we face our own 945 moments we must
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meet that moment and we must show unity like never before to overcome to those emergency get the world moving and working and prospering again and appall the vision of the charter. that vision is to work together to bolster international peace and security of a humanitarian assistance and protect children rights. the un and its affiliated agencies have become indispensable in crisis situations. i think they have but the work of the un's most powerful body the security council has come in for heavy criticism. the council's 5 permanent members other 2nd world was principal victors on puting china. russia and the u.s. . it manages 13 peacekeeping missions around the world but the council is often paralyzed by disagreement and features the stuff. on syria
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the most lethal and destabilizing conflict today it has failed to take any decisive action. many have argued that these old structures need to be urgently reformed. and there are other big challenges the corona crisis has exacerbated geo political rivalries and put the un's health body the w.h.o. under enormous pressure not least since the us pulled out of the world health organization in the midst of the pandemic. and there is fear that with growing nationalism in some countries support for the un and its mission may be fading donald trump's america 1st policy has seen the u.s. traditionally the un's main driver turn its back on multilateralism the very principle the un was founded on. to sport and the your wife
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a super cup takes place on thursday in budapest it's a showdown between last season's champions league and you know we're here at the winners rather in this case by munich and severe the push gush of rain out will be filled with fans at 30 percent capacity a drop of our skies are on the rise in hungary some german politicians sounding the alarm. getting tested for corona virus at the allianz arena byron munich are offering the test for free to fans planning to travel to budapest for the u.a.e. for a super cup they can even get it done in their car hungary requires a negative test to be allowed into the country but last week german health authorities declared the one carrying capital a risk area causing hundreds of byron fans with tickets to cancel their trip to various premier expressed his concern about a potential super spreader event i'm super cup arguments if i'm very worried about the super cup when 2 to 3000 people from munich and the region fly to budapest and
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budapest has an incident rate of $100.00 there's a high infection rate there at the moment and we have to be very careful that we don't risk creating a football is still. we skim. the was the austrian ski resort that turned into a coronavirus hot spot last winter it's a scenario no one wants to see repeated in budapest. but some fans insist they're going anyway. it's gotten worse this week with austria and hungary suddenly being declared risk areas by germany so that makes it a bit more challenging but we are aware of that and we're looking forward to the game and we're going with a positive attitude and we'll try to stick to the hygiene regulations. byron's opponents in the super cup spanish side sivia also offered free testing at their stadium you wait for said as it's using the event as
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a pilot to try bringing back fans to games and that it will not take risks with people's safety but it made that claim before a germany declared budapest a risk area. and watching did a really. nice africa with christine i think it. get all the legs news information around the clock on the web sites to be found to be dot com or blogs coming up in 45 minutes time from now though i'm asking how it makes watch. what secrets lie behind the wall. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites close to double your world heritage 360 getting up now.
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some time. since no. one connects for this show for the most summits the. most some strong big. we celebrate the 30th anniversary of. october 3rd on d w. this is the deputy news africa coming up on the program and appeal to those at the top on behalf of the world's most profitable a new report shows corporate 19 has made life even harder for refugees and displaced people or how these communities are coping in africa. and the villages still i don't want to say it's nigeria this is rainy season for historic
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flooding which burst the banks of a major river in the region. then one needs thailand it up from below it was born with only one funny form that he's not needing at stop and from the family history. hello it's good to have your company refugees and people who have been displaced because of conflict say they're struggling to feed their families and keep roofs over their heads research by the norwegian refugee council found that these communities have suffered widespread loss of income since the and they were started now the findings are based on as survey off about 1400 people effective by conflicts and displacement in 8 countries kenya and uganda are among the knowledge about 80 percent of respondents say that they had lost
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a job or income from work either temporarily or permanently since march. and i'm now joined by tom paid acosta from the norwegian refugee council he is the spokesperson for the west african regional office welcome to news africa tom there were concerns about what would happen when called 900 cases were reported in refugee camps because of the living conditions at least in some of the camps what did you report find about how camps in africa have coped. you know you're right now imagine when when the band then exploded ripper g. and displacement camps are full wave already overcrowded and people are leaving here very little access to to water and sanitation and so we were really concerned about the situation once the coby strikes because we ask people in europe to wash
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their hands the people in camp don't even have enough water to drink so that was our 1st concern and now we have a new report coming out that shows david ensor that the social economic impact of coping 19 is as devastating as the health impact basically most of the displaced people more than 3 quarters of iraq income and then are and are now tipping into hunger homelessness and. education crisis right and any like you speaking say what would have been my next question to you just how many more people in africa have become refugees all have been displaced because of the pandemic so the coming 19th pandemic is exacerbating already existing crisis right but it's true that since the pending the pandemic came it had a derrick and talk on evictions because as i say the displaced people don't have income anymore and i'm facing eviction that's one main reason for more displacement
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now there are also a combination of factors in africa right now we have increasing violence we have the call that one can find an impact and we all also insufficient rainfall for example in breaking the fast so where now we have reached more than 1000000 people displaced and about 2000000 of them are facing food insecurity this is an increase of more than 200 of them 2 percent compared to last year. tom a lot of people in africa rely on family members who live in wealthier countries and this is the same too for people who are affected by conflict i thought displaced you will your report has a section on remittances tell us about that absolutely so the socio economic impact of the pandemic is affecting people everywhere in the world right so we've seen the drop in support from the us for a but the thing is enough. displaced people are heavily reliant on the local
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economy and these local economy right now is that the closer of markets the restriction of movement and the 1st products so people are highly relying on more than money transferred from their families a boat and now we are seeing more than 23 percent drop in the transfer of money so they don't have any support anymore. all right tong the government and international finance institutions all of the world have analyses of massive stimulus packages as a response to the economic impact will some of this money help refugees and displaced people just basically and for you to be putting it you know this is why we really need the g 20 and international financial institutions to increase to really displaced people and affected people into cloven 1000 responses we perfectly understand that these countries need to support their own economy but the money that is not being received enough because more than saving jobs could actually save
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lives all right that's tom thayer costa from the no beach and refugee council thank you sean. think. nigeria has promised to help flood hit farm is in the northwest state of k.p. it said it will provide seedlings and other agricultural age to get fields replanted as soon as possible floodwaters in the states have slipped away villages and destroyed crops including hundreds of thousands of hectares of rice fields now the government is worried that the loss off rice crops puts the whole nation's food security at risk but for the moment the floodwaters showed no sign off receding. these used to be the stanched rube's of homesteads practically nothing is left after heavy rains the river niger washed the whole village away.
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my family's home look what's left in it when i'm 60 i've never seen anything like this and yet. people here have taken to their boats to try to save as much as they can. but where should they go the entire region has been submerged. the river niger has burst its banks and the water masses are flowing down from niger into nigeria one of the worst affected areas is kebby state where broad swathes of the villages and towns along the river have been devastated the waters have swept away the crops 90 percent of the rice harvest in kebbi state has been lost authorities are now trying to find sustainable solutions for the future to prevent the damage being done here. because next year. they didn't. have to have to borrow.
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but if. this is. not. the flooding. is not. the rainy season is not over yet escape to higher ground away from the river banks is the only solution for now. and now you're about to meet a boy with an amazingly strong will tell and data is disable but he's not letting the stop him from living his life so the full his story has just been documented in a short film now seeing the documentary inspired our reporter to go and meets helen they are and but i always southern region all along. these is something that the line these parents never would have thought possible if you years ago. like any other child. who was born with only one lean in
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their village or. many children even with a disability i asked my ties and rejected by the community here but here in the light use an expression for everyone defying the odds the 9 year old boy has shown that he's just as able as all of his friends and he has big dreams. coming true i would like to become a pilot i study hard and serve mathematical problems my father who art in my friends as well franco. even cycling is now part of his routine. the law does not allow his disability to stop him. but he's not an easy ride. on the line. and you see he taught himself how to write. the last paines almost always time studying. his father and mother are subsistence
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farmers and they are poor. looks awesome or i don't have any so only my clothes mostly did me and i'm also sure the school my girls like not books so hard to come by here and i sometimes go to school when i lived just talking that means i miss classes sometimes schools are closed to the 19 by me but i'm just father of primary school but he believes we should provide education we watch t.v. streams he does everything he can to help you son succeed but i mean there are many parents we know and abandon their children because of a board i help my son any courage you know work hard in school because i want him to be independent when he grows up he. but that's. and then. best friend we see casey they both love learning. together. he's so proud of his close knit. we play different games even when we
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study. at school. because he's a legend even more. progress now that he's moving story has been made into a documentary nominated for a disability. she's hopeful that her son's dream of becoming a pilot may come true. to distant places. you know life i pray that. we. do their utmost to provide him with. but he has another week he wants to win he's all. by design. i want. to see my body.
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just to take me to learn from. many disabled. and he dreams will be the next steps for what we think. is enabling him to fly above and beyond he's disobedient and that's it more news from the constant you can visit our website. pages on facebook all today we'll leave you with an excerpt short documentary on 10. story. chosen by local filmmaker sam my job man that has just been nominated in an australian short film festival for focus on the 21 enjoy.
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he is choosing choosing to be a lead among his fairy to do with having a disability should be a shot at their dreams. choosing to show the wall did more be to be seen people with disabilities mother more as we give them the pull by dish in a sport isn't stand up until everyone that when they close your doors there's no need to panic because it comes down to looks like a small window in the back and if your life is your name was you make some lemonade and enjoy. just when you believe that. you're going to be choosing one. day one of the bundesliga to a sensational start fires crush al qaeda complete with a beautiful ramona. and fair play meant nothing new they're defeated at home by heritable man. what else i. was.
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16. percent of the drama competition marketing numbers atmosphere by intuition love money. stands for arms fire surrounds and. on you to join us. and muslim day for a feel for scale of job counts flow that some of the world's biggest financial institutions are among the banks implicated germany's biggest lender deutsche it as well as h.s.b.c. and america's j.p. morgan we'll get reaction from new york. also coming up electric truck
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maker nickel afaik that's a bump in the road as allegations of fraud prompts finder and chairman trevor milton to quit his job. and i'm economically balancing on lithuania and taking a good fighter stance against fellow ruffian strongman alexander lukashenko but is also hoping not to damage the all important business side. of the business than paper info thanks for joining me a huge data leak has revealed to the extent of dodgy cash flow that some of the world's biggest financial institutions and best acacias led by the international consortium of investigative journalists revealed 2 trillion dollars worth of suspicious cost has made its way through the financial system major banks including j.p. morgan h.s.b.c. and germany's biggest lender deutsche here are implicated here's a look at what we know so far. 2 trillion dollars that's how much the international consortium of investigative journalists say dogshit bank j.p. morgan h.s.b.c.
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and several other large global banks laundered on their clients' behalf very quote comes after gaining access to thousands of suspicious activity reports which banks have to file with u.s. regulators when red flags are raised but journalists say banks often delayed the reports giving a blank check to money launderers deutsche bank is said to have transferred a stunning 1.3 trillion dollars accusations the bank says is all history. these reports are nothing new not for us and not for our regulators either it's all long been dealt with we've taken a good hard look at it all in particular we've been investing very solidly in this area since 2015. and 15 back then we had 500 staff employed in and the money laundering now it's over 1500. but beyond that the journalists report shows that anti money laundering systems are badly designed that
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international money launderers operate better networks the national regulator real authority as banking analyst in europe are calling for an e.u. wide empty money laundering north already where suspicious activity report will be used to monitor and prevent criminal cross border transfers. let's talk about the business correspondent yes quite to new york against their fleet catholic global financial system in a pretty damning a light to investors care. well i mean i'm standing here in front of a chase branch sure that belongs to j.p. morgan the stock from j.p. morgan for instance was down a good says 3 percent here in the monday session so we did see pressure on the financial stocks but i'm not quite certain if that's because of the report we saw pressure overall on a stock markets here on monday mostly because it seems less likely at the moment that we might see an agreement in congress for
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a new aid pickett's for the ailing economy and american and the american population but having that said clearly usually banks stocks and the financial industry is very when changes in regulations if might be imminent or if there could be any new claims or suits and that does not seem very likely at the moment so yes there was pressure on the financial stocks and the banking industry but maybe more because of the overall pressure that was on markets on monday. and on not question our regulation the banks did reporting transactions that suspicious why wasn't anything dying. well i guess one of the problems is that regulators are basically just overwhelmed and we have less than $300.00 people here in the u.s. so looking at those claims and cases and they have to deal with millions of pages
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tough of documents soledad is one problem and then in the past couple of years again and again we did have hearings in congress but often that it's more a show off for politicians and little action is taken in person if to say sometimes it's really frustrating when you want to wire a couple of $1000.00 that can be very complicated but when you're a big client of a bank and if you want to wire or transfer millions of dollars or billions of toilets that seems to be less an issue so clearly something more would need to be done but i'm skeptical that any big changes are going to come anytime soon. in new york thank you so much. now staying in the us where the chairman of electric truck maker nicola house stepped down after being accused of fraud that trevor melton resigned after a short selling firm handing over research alleged he'd made false statements about
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his company's technology in order to establish partnerships with also makers. nicola founder trevor milton has always had lofty ambitions to be one of the top 5 companies in the world big words to match his products but a lot has happened since he said those words a few weeks ago the 38 year old self-proclaimed transportation industry disrupter has stepped down as new chairman his resignation comes 10 days after analysts hindered burke research accused him of misleading partners. for one the hedge fund claims that this promotional footage showing the new one a supposedly highly innovative hydrogen fuel cell electric sleeper semi truck is faked enough has no engine in an article from september 10 hidden burg research said managed to convince general motors to take a $2000000000.00 stake in the start up by lying about proprietary technology it did
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not actually own now it's up to one of his former talents to deal with the fallout stephen a former vice president of g.m. is taking over from trevor milton he has his work cut out for. since the report's release until militants monday resignation shares in nicolai have declined . rebuilding trust in investors is going to be difficult and realizing nicholas dream of remaking the trucking industry a distant possibility. to some of the other global business stories making news. tick-tock has avoided a ban in the united states for now at least after u.s. president donald trump appeared to show support for a proposed deal but within the company partner with american firms oracle and wal-mart washington says the plans mean no american daisho would end up in the
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possession of the chinese government's. general electric have announced it will no longer build coal fired power plants she said it will continue to maintain existing facilities but will no longer manufacture any new ones the announcement is part of the company's broader shift to renewable energy. the richest one percent of the world is responsible for 15 percent of total carbon emissions the finding appears in an oxfam report published ahead of next week's un general assembly the data covers the period between 1009 $12015.00 and during which harmful emissions doubled. now to a story about seeing business and politics collide if the way nya is among the countries that has been strongest in its condemnation of bella rufin strongman alexander lukashenko is cracked on opposition protests but the relationship is
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complicated lithuania has a major stake in the bella routine economy the port of plate but it's a gateway to minsk a 3rd of its revenue comes from its dealings with the government there for the port community the unrest in bella ruth has raised questions about the future of business ties between the 2 countries. the port of clay put on the few unused coast on the baltic sea is the number one home for goods to and from neighboring bella ruse that country ships all its petrol diesel and fertilizer exports through the e.u. poured into the world at large but that also makes the point dependent on better reduce the 3rd of play because revenues come from its dealings with the authoritarian government in minsk. that's why port managers are worried about the unrest in the country. is a threat to. market share to business owners a relationship bellows president alexander lukashenko needs clayburgh as well
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though the main reason for that is his country's huge oil refineries which we visited just recently in august the refineries are a major source of hard currency for bellows they processed cheaply bought crude oil from russia into petrol and diesel which is sold abroad for a hefty markup but since russia raised the price of its crude lucas shango has been importing the oil from other countries by a clay better than before this oh it's a known fact that in 6 months belarus imported more than 5000000 tons of crude oil from russia. on somewhat more than a 1000000 tons from other sources 2 tankers even came from the us and oil also arrived from saudi arabia and azerbaijan this is their budget. within the e.u. lithuania is one of those hardest critics and refuses to recognize the recent election results in belarus and there's levied sanctions against his party friends but the notion of economic sanctions above and beyond that isn't on the table. i
1:41 am
can't imagine that our war would involve sanctions so long that other scholars for example because the general sanctions vague. arming not only those why doing bad things but also generals aside and this is one of the few am old western countries who have been trying to push it so the e.u. is limiting itself to diplomatic sanctions things like travel bans and freezing men's government members bank accounts pinpricks that are unlikely to sway someone like lucas shango. at our website he got beat up thomas last. goodbye and.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word to. the coaxing germany to turn. why not born with him. to suffer it's simple online on your mobile and for e. w z
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e learning course speak german made easy. i know nothing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but most of the thing with that research and i think deep into the german culture looking at the stereotype classics if you think the future of the country that i not. need to change the face of this drama. it's all that a box i might show join me to meet the jetman fun beat up you. post. leto's and some of this. did is it is about a 60 look like a true roger told. me romance of stolen beethoven.
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of course the subconscious always one thing is clear. and beethoven is wildly popular. i see a sure. little bloom sound the biggest composer of the time i can't even begin to imagine a world class one player singer willis on a musical journey of discovery. 2 without. this week w. . it was the biggest night in television cove it is this year's emmy awards presented big huge technical challenge of bringing together nominees virtually from around the globe well take a look at the big winner. and we'll head to the countryside near berlin for germany's most be sure film festival.
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welcome to arts and culture one effect of covered 19 has been people staying home watching more series than ever before at this year's emmy awards host jimmy kimmel hiway added just how much people have really reliant on entertainment to get them through the pandemic and in the midst of the virus and several other crises in the united states he said that fun right now was exactly what people needed. oh hello and welcome to the pandemic. at 1st it looked like any awards ceremony but it soon became clear there was some technical trickery going on and no audience but more than 100 stars joining from home on live internet feeds it was a big challenge but everything went smoothly. did you ever think i could do it. on. the top job the h.b.o.
1:46 am
series success in school would be quinn's across the drama categories with its star jeremy strong named best actor. in the bar the night we asked me about the moment i fell in love with. this is the movie but the most awards went to watch me an adaptation of a superhero graphic novel tackling racism in america. my perception of time yeah i guess this series took 11 awards in total including regina king foot best actress reminded us that it's not only awards season in the us court also election season. i would be remiss not to mention that being a part of the show is person is watching how voting play and go to about the beauty of that column vote up the ballot please when it's time to lay down you know where
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i had the all 5 cup 3rd and. partially renovated rose. stanek sheets creek swept the comedy awards with 9 prices breaking the emmys for most wins in a single season for comedy. but the show's lead actor daniel levy was more political than comical in his acceptance speech as you know as well our show you added score is about the transformational effects of love and acceptance and that is something that we need more of now than we've ever needed before and i just wanted to say for any of you who have not registered to vote please do so the city is emmys was hailed for its many nominees of people of color. one of them 24 year old scindia became the youngest we know of best actress in a drama for her role in the series euphoria. w.'s micah krueger is here with me i might go with circle little bit more about this year's i mean it's almost like
1:48 am
politics and the pandemic were the real stories here what do you think yeah absolutely the demi's as jimmy kimmel there was a set and what i really liked was they took the problem not being able to produce a big live show event and turn it into a challenge and in this digital life version all the nominated stoss were free to choose how and where they present themselves and there was no record with no dress code and of course in the end this was a rock n roll and my you know being in. this it was a big fun look at this picture and i don't know if i would live to see this next year as well but this year it had its own charm absolutely so the pair and them are clearly changed the award ceremony this year do you think it had any impact on which shows one yet maybe in the way. you know because the biggest winner was the
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serious watchmen and this is something it demands really your undivided attention and maybe you have time for something like that in a lockdown. for people who thought game of thrones is already very very computer complicated don't even try to watch this. the plot is about retired superheroes who fight against a conspiracy every character has its own very complicated story it also jumps in time lucian's to real historical events but turn it into reality it's about politics it's about racism the viewer has to pay attention actually he would like to have a book with all expire. nations ok so that was the big winner of the night i want to talk about a completely different show netflix show an orthodox this is what people here in germany are talking about a lot because the director who won an emmy for it is
1:50 am
a big deal german actress mother you know. this is just me and let's just take a look quick look at that absolutely the emmy goes to. maria shriver on orthodoxy. maria hsia who wins the emmy for outstanding directing for a limited series. on all for the hopes. that you know director went to brooklyn new york to research the story of a young woman who lives in what do you miss book in an orthodox jewish community. misty flees the confines of an arranged marriage and kids to start a new life. seem genuinely surprised to pick up the coveted award. it's been. already these past few months and we've all been knocked down in.
1:51 am
our job traveling the world and that. for the emmys already felt like a carnation and now. i am. ok nobody and so you can sort of really feel heard. so she's not a big name outside germany necessarily who is this movie i shot off obviously a woman who is incredibly right now the international same scene maybe knows have better as an actress. what winning to be precise for example in the german movie annie and jackie was. doing well but that was and 99 and she's playing also one of the leading roles in a german serious cult deutschland. so 8386 and now coming up it was it. a denying one of the chief of the east german
1:52 am
spy agency what a role you know her series an orthodox which just won the emmy or she just won the emmy for loosely based on the true story of an orthodox jewish woman who leaves her community comes to berlin why do you think that the show has such wide appeal maybe not just because of bullying. because the story is about a young woman and she's trying to break out and break out of a strict religious world and this case it's. also doc's jewish community and yeah maybe this scene of breaking out something many people can identify with more universal ok thanks so much for coming on the show micah krueger thank you they get . now most film festivals this year have either been cancelled or they've gone completely digital but in person success of this year's venice film festival is paving the way for other smaller for festivals to show movies on the big screen in
1:53 am
front of live audiences without borders film festival brought political movies from around the world to the beautiful german countryside. setting. a lake in. there without borders film festival tackles the big topics ahead on human rights human dignity and how we want to live. is courage. has many guises we show films made by people who take risks who explore new territory and to give us encouragement we show films that give us courage. for example the brave struggle of one woman against a corrupt judiciary in afghanistan there has been beaten and raped by her father for years now she is pregnant and determined to bring her tormentor to justice.
1:54 am
and. fair. filmmakers ceremony witnessed all the obstacles placed in the young woman's path including murder threats i was more and. more. hair on her family thought i was where. she trust me and make transparent we decided to. get married and. became the 1st woman afghanistan took when a court case involving abuse within the family a father was found guilty but has so far. not being sentenced director says the film had a major impact in afghanistan. african film. in color and the film you know you. are and the
1:55 am
shared experience an hour and great and beat you start talking. because once again the selection of documentaries short films and features provides a window onto very different worlds and cultures including a range berridge in vietnam. long smoot is initially one of excited spend to suppose ahead of being married to someone she doesn't know she's supposed to wear a chinese businessman in order to pay off her family's debts but when the day comes so do the downs this poetic film drama is based on a new reality. the one child policy let's take drastic distortions in the population there are 30000000 excess men and this isn't compensated for in the surrounding country vietnam is one of those affected a massive industry selling love of. corona hygiene regulations mean that audience
1:56 am
size has been cut to 90 per indoor screening down from $300.00 but there's also an outdoor cinema this year that's perfect for the coming of age drama to. bring summer in berlin 14 year old discovers her body and her sexuality. and. the lightness of touch the film explores the in the worlds of teenagers searching for their place in the world. without borders is a boundary challenging festival showing films that will stay with you for a very long time. now the city of munich germany has cancelled its legendary october fast and impose another of a number of other restrictions due to the coronavirus but
1:57 am
a few breweries in the barbarian city are holding their own much smaller drinking festivities i'll leave you now with a look at this year's unofficial october 1st. 6 .
1:58 am
the 1st. pick on day one of the bundesliga gulf 2 a sensational story by a crush al qaeda complete with the beautiful ramona. and vegetable a man nothing new there succeeded in home by a handsome banana. what else ahmad. was. chicken. noodle. 2 brothers exploring making i just want to leave this village once a month playing again we don't even know what it looks like further up the reverse of. what i see the brothers on a journey it seems there are many different worlds on this planet each one has its
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. own both coming of age in the caribbean amazon cliff. 70 from a concert on w. . we know this is a scary time for the corona. ours is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself good systems wash your hands if you can stay at how we are d.w.p. for here for you we are working hard was going to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this studio and together we're making. sure you save everybody stays in the city safe stay safe increase in streets safe.
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and gemini devarim at any time i think any place using names in the n.f.l. is kept at the back of one of the songs to sing along to you because to come from super. to for. interactive exercises. everything is online file and interactive benjamin 5350 w. . this is news and these are our top stories. european union foreign ministers have failed to agree to a package of sanctions against leading delivers officials a spot of personal plea from the country's main opposition leader spent lot of chicken all sky to travel to brussels to words the e.u. to sanction or.


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