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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2020 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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what think you can say that this. nation wide lockdown is deeply unpopular with israelis and you see that reflected this wire in the polls people are saying the government has not handled this crisis very well there's not a lot of trust in all this restrictions being imposed on people and they are saying you know already the country has not really recovered economically from the 1st looked and so let's listen maybe what some people had to say when i spoke to them earlier i think it's going to be hard after one knock down i think most people are just kind of tired of it they see it as mainly political more than public health issue. and especially now with the whole days it seems that you know just a lot more people are not going to. going to follow the rules i mean they better be rude and everybody's and raged and there's
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a sense of confusion i feel it is a mistake it wasn't my prepared it was no exit strategy from the last look down and now we enter another cycle of home i'd say that. i think it's unnecessary mostly because a lot of loopholes not to keep. and i don't know if my daughter will be allowed to work or my husband i don't know what's open and what is not but. so this is apparently an anger at the government people saying it's a political issue rather than a health issue and a rejection of the measures are people going to comply. well that's a good question we have to wait and see for that but we heard from a lot of business owners of course are very unhappy with this is asian and they have said you know we haven't really recovered from the 1st lockdown also but from ordinary citizens i mean for example the 2 holidays. it's
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a time where people come together they want to be together visiting families it's very difficult again it was the case also during the 1st lockdown and when there was a jewish passover of passover now people are also saying and see what happens next and i know really no no this should last at least 3 weeks it could be extended this lockdown but will there be a better exit strategy than last time and this is of course the big question that many people's minds here do have used in jerusalem thanks tania also governments in western europe are beginning to respond to growing concerns over a 2nd wave of the pandemic francis reporting more than 10000 new infections in a day the french city of nice has become the latest city to come on the social restrictions again and since reminiscent of those earlier this year some hospitals including one and. already buckling under the pressure of.
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fighting for air this 36 year old is just one of many younger patients being admitted to hospital in france here in leon doctors feared they may run out of beds in intensive care. because i didn't see. that we just don't know how high the numbers will go up during the 2nd wave when these cases may peak again is unpredictable. my problem is the staff were exhausted i don't know if we have enough to get through a 2nd wave. according to recent surveys a growing number of people in france question the country's strategy to fight the virus the lines for testing are getting longer but the government is concerned new restrictions could cause further damage to the economy the health minister is instead appealing to the public to be vigilant and is letting local authorities decide on restrictions. considered as you'll see the virus is spreading ever
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faster which is bringing more people to hospitals and intensive care stations. but there the number of seriously ill patients is rising at an alarming rate. you know there are significant differences between the regions i think that he feels since he gets leave all traditional health care workers in leon are overstretched and frustrated they collected 1000000 swabs in a week but it can take up to 10 days to get the result they say the system is already overwhelmed. so slightly we do what we can we don't take breaks and just keep testing and testing and testing the current infection rate in france has now surpassed $10000.00 new cases per day this weekend leon will join 3 other cities in limiting social contact. france's president is trying to boost morale as numbers climb he attended the tour de france which carried on despite
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a resurgence in tases. of a saturday because it was noted probably one of the virus will be here for months it will continue to spread throughout europe and france we need a well organized health system to fight it co-existing with the virus it means living with a reasonable restrictions to help keep things moving continue. in france there is growing concern whether that will be enough to confront the 2nd wave. timeouts take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world the u.s. has bounds downloads of the chinese own mobile apps to talk and which are citing national security concerns the ban takes effect on sunday it comes 1st china tensions over technology are rising some experts are concerned that tick tocks owner could maintain access to the information of the apps 100000000 users in the u.s. . taiwan says 18 chinese air force jets cross the midline of the taiwan straits before
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beijing confirmed that it began live fire military drills near the strait exercises came a day after a u.s. official visit to taipei for talks china denounced the talks as quote collusion. ruse a position lead us to atlanta. demanded that her country's government end the violence against protesters and set up new elections delivered a speech to the united nations human rights council which is holding an urgent debate on the situation and see called for an international monitoring mission to document atrocities committed since the disputed presidential election in oldest long time president alexander lukashenko meanwhile threatened to close the country's borders saying that the international community was behind the protest movement of. a little earlier i spoke with. a un special rapporteur on belarus who also took part in the debate she warned of another iron curtain coming
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down in europe we asked her if that threat was real. and i crawled on the international community not to let another i recruit him fall onto the european continent that was inspired it's crazy announcements made yesterday made by mr lucas should go through his intentions you're too close selectively close belarus's murders lot with you train your friend and ukraine and of course this is a desperate reaction on his side on my part which that's in spades a word of closures if they become fact international scrutiny will not stop because the crimes committed by the authorities over the past 5 weeks are not the best you can share interests national us speech and also offices need as a 2nd video appeal were repeatedly interrupted about objections from other un
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member states including better routes and russia how will you achieve consensus in that forum. well i'm not a diplomat i'm an external expert and the points of order that were raised by dollars russia china haven't it's really concerns the whether this kind of urgent debate. is the room for representatives from other organizations then states for example a challenge to even the statements delivered by the deputy high commissioner on human rights and as an independent experts i am not involved in holding negotiations are we guarding my own mandate or the possibility presented by. germany in the name of the e.u. who are voting putting to the vote today probably a resolution demanding that the high commissioner. starts luncheons and
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investigation into allegations of serious crimes such as torture that's we have reporting over the past. i want to come back to something that you said earlier that some argue that what you call human rights violations are internal affairs of better rusa nobody else's business so what do you say to that. well it's true this is no. conflict i would say in the u.n. and not in the human rights council some consider that if your rights are at domestic affair and their court international attention on it amounts to interfere ins however based on the international conventions the human rights are indeed of i'm simply the whole international community and since the crimes we are talking about are extremely serious we're talking about torture case that's a function at least $500.00 cases were reported to us this is already goes
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beyond the sovereignty of the states because it has tortured they they struck the international community and they request some reaction or action because there is support for an escalation of violence which could this tabulates international security and security so what are you calling for them what can the international community actually do sanctions. again this is not among my prerogative as a special couple the u.n. human rights council i call them for dialogue herb 1st and foremost sir i call the authorities who if you may know do not recognize my mandate sure agree to a dialogue with representatives of the opposition and civil society and from what i can see going on now that's the diplomatic level i believe that a dialogue such as the one we just cuts today at the threats council is necessary also because there are competing and irreconcilable narratives that there are
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being. launched and and eventually occupying mout the majestic field and i'm talking about this information we cannot deny the reality of the crimes committed we have all we have seen them all i mean there were videos and photos the. testimonies are very serious crimes so we cannot pretend that's they have and or that it's only a domestic affair as states t.v. or oppression and media are claiming. that was eyes now the united nations special rapporteur on belarus speaking to us an idea. as a reason when some 5000 migrants have moved into a new temporary camp on the island of les paul's. 13000 runs out in the open since fire has destroyed the highlands of the product morea migrant town police are
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accompanying those willing to go to the new town but so far the majority of people remain outside the new facility many say they fear and in stuck in the time for years to come. correspondent is on lesbos in greece he's met one man who's set of a makeshift soup kitchen in the way. to show solidarity with the thousands of people left without shelter. it's 2 hours until lunch time cost us policeman openness and his team have to hurry they're cooking for about 2000 people today outdoors and with the most basic equipment not an easy task. but it's what if and i do you often have difficulties with the high winds and we need more helpers to come here to join us for today he thought aki is on the menu greek noodles with vegetables the meals are provided by a volunteer organization they set up his mobile kitchen in the ruins of moria just days after a fire obliterated europe's largest refugee camp this place used to be somebody's
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home over here a gas bottle next to a kitchen utensils people used to cook here next to it another home with water bottles completely destroyed by the fire more a camp was home to 13000 people living here in crowds unbearable conditions sound. is well aware of the extent of this catastrophe he founded his organization during the financial crisis and he and many other people in greece lost almost everything 1st began cooking for people on the streets of athens and when the refugee crisis hit the greek islands in 2015 they got involved here and lesbos since then their mission hasn't changed. apart at all but i met me brother get this we decided to come here firstly because we have an urgent need for food and secondly to calm the people down take some of their anxiety away and show them that we are with them to show that not all people are fascist or racist and that we care for the people
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next to us that they have their office not obama. volunteers and refugees cook and eat together trying to provide a sense of community among people who are left with nothing but one another. thank you. very much i was in the same situation as the others are and now i understand that. i may share those you know with the. most former camp residents have been sleeping here out in the open on the streets of less boss. those security forces started to move people to a new provisional camp the majority of refugees and migrants refused to go there fearing conditions might soon become as unbearable as they were and moria. girdling aid organizations are warning that the situation among those displaced by the fire continues to deteriorate at a rapid pace. they're basically lacking the same things as they were electing already 5 years ago only worse meaning that the axis of food is even worse than
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before the axis of clean water is worse than before the axis of health care is even worse than before meaning that everything that we saw that was bad before is worse now during his time on the island cost has noticed any improvements either he says it's frustrating but he can only hope for some positive changes just like the people stuck here. how they live in the middle of if they don't have the hope they will die here that all they have left is hope to make a new beginning for themselves and let their children live a better life. finally lunch is ready and the head chef this miss out on the opportunity to serve this has been an intense experience for him but today will dishing out my new member 1500 he says he's still on top of his. i have a lot a lot more to give we have barely even begun to be out there that his volunteers are determined to continue as long as needed serving food and share of solidarity
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one spoon at a time the birth of this report correspondent. i spoke to. him about the police operation that is on the way and moving people into the new cap there has been police operation ongoing ever since the start of the fire and more since the fire and moria about 9 days ago when police 1st started blocking migrants were on their way to me to lead me down this road behind me. to get to the capital city here unless they've been tapping out ever since now there has been a lot of police deployed to this area local police and riot police and it seems that these efforts have been ramped up over the last 2 days since last morning when police 1st started moving hundreds of migrants into the new facility that is behind me. right now there is long lines looks very different from the from the last couple days long lines of people who are waiting to get processed who are
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waiting to move into the new camp and it seems that the the authorities here are trying to get the situation can try to get on top of the situation again and trying to get this over with opening the street for traffic and for locals to get access to their business and says and properties as soon as possible. some of the reporting to football now it's opening night for the bundesliga season here in germany champions by a munich hosting show that will be no fans in attendance after a last minute decision to keep stadiums empty due to rising corona virus infection rates in that area players have become accustomed to what germans call ghost games also have become accustomed to buy and coming out on top. it's no secret fire in munich dominated going to sligo it was written all over their shirts at the end of last season after they made it a record 8 titles in
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a row 30 overall. the last time a team other than byron won the bundesliga was years back wait for it 2012 that was dortmund but last season was exceptional after biron signed the league title they sealed the german cup and delivered the champions league for their 2nd trouble in 7 years repeating the trouble especially the champions league part comes with uncertainty but that can't be said of the bundesliga. few experts can see a champion this season that doesn't start with fire and end. the globe a side note to much of the i think it certainly distinguishes the team that when they have great success they want to prove themselves 1st and no matter what the squad looks like ultimately it's always a duty for byron munich in the end to become champions on. the firing
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squad will look different in the new season. gone are midfielder filipe continuo and forward even parasitic both played back up roles however what will really hurt the loss of midfielder tiago to liverpool but former manchester city forward le roy sunday is now on board so that should ease the pain of bit. it's another season another reason for the rest of the bundesliga to try to break byron's dominant but based on last season not to mention the 7 before byron munich will pick up just about where they left off. talking for w. spodes joins me in the studio now a duty to become champions if they said that in that sound bite they've been champions for 8 seasons now is that nobody to stop them. stop to buy in munich yes yeah i mean under more competitive circumstances i wish me
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could of the question would have been who would win the one to see who but it's i mean you've been here before what title number 8 and they could possibly now go on to win title number 9 and it's just even as a sports journalist it is getting kind of tiring to always year in year out here the same question who can stop by and who can stop by and we have that when they want tag number 45678 whoa what's the answer seems to be that no one can and just the past 2 seasons when things did get slightly more competitive the outcome still the same. by and when despite having having struggled in the season and way you did have a paternity test for other teams to perhaps what's more interesting is the less yeah it's been a lot more competitive but again outcome still the same there's something still has you know i think most teams so need to work on the outcome but not to rule out any of the any of the other teams like say for example bought mind i still think they have a fair shot but of course consistency is key and dortmund especially they've been
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they've now even said that we are serious title contenders we want this but it must also be a burden for them to be carrying around on their shoulders year in and year out you know they are supposed to be the team that is you know meant to break by ants monopoly but they just have failed at it and that's the situation in germany but. european level. to defend the champions league so at least that's the good news at the european level the titles are a lot more difficult to defend so we're not likely any time soon going to see you know a by end dominance and in general there's there's a saying that says that winning the champions league is extremely difficult and keeping it is even harder and even some of the biggest clubs in the history of the modern era have not been able to manage it to repeat it but that said in general even with by and munich this is so much competition the quality of the opponents is a lot high i don't think you know it would be that easy defending it and also
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because you have so many competitions that by and has to focus on you have the german copy of the business need so it be a lot more difficult so today. hosts show in front of no friends when will the fans come back yeah so we have to keep in mind that this is a regional decision so although the german politicians they have decided that. each stadium you can need they allow up to 20 percent of the stadiums capacity to be filled with. but the final decision rests with the local. authorities and what happened is that because in munich in by and in that region of germany the corona rates just recently went up so that's why we have this last minute decision but of course that differs from region to region and as of now there's been no other cancellation when it comes to letting fans into the stadiums. thank you. some tennis news now u.s. open champion know me osaka pulled out of the french open due to
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a hamstring injury sealed her 3rd grand slam title last week in new york but the 22 year old said the teuton amounts are too close together and the injury means she won't have time to prepare for the move from hard courts to clay. this is the news here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you israel is fact and a nationwide lockdown as the 5th faces one of the world's highest per capita infection rates a 3 week long restrictions come ahead of the jewish new year worldwide coronavirus infections have now passed the $30000000.00. making skin d.w. news asia covert cases continue to rise in india but the government says schools can reopen if they want to. in pakistan a study of reopening strategy seems students return to school as well. and students in hong kong also return to the tests was learning to keep their distance from
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another. by calling us from it will take you through. a lot more in a few. visits from me for now. world news update for you at the top of the hour.
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can you hear me now yes yes we're going to hear you and how the last year's german chancellor will bring you an angle a man called as you've never heard her before the surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves sad and what all somebody who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from eccles la stops in.
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the break is over and the new zealand is changing our the most whole summer break. to history. history. like going back to. the most common enemy but normally. the misleading story the temper of the team on the w o. m is kill the volume or not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with. the smugglers were liars and. what's your story ready. i'm more than i was a women especially a victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trained all
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with to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. this is deja vu news asia coming up today across asia cautious school reopening after months of being shocked. in india despite rising covered cases schools can reopen from monday next week but parents are still not convinced it's the right thing to do bring your reactions from delhi plus. in neighboring pakistan students are already back in school after government has announced our stock goes green opening plan but how safe is it. added hong kong kids make up.


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