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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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without a total. number 16 on. this is g.w. news coming to you live from europe scrambles to help the thousands of migrants. more than 12000 are without shelter and hungry after a fire destroyed greece's largest refugee camp in germany and france leads an initiative to take in 400 unaccompanied minors but what about the other. also coming up deadly wildfires sweeping across large parts of the western united states
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thousands are told to flee as the blazes threaten communities in california oregon washington. hello i'm terry martin and welcome to the program e.u. governments are racing against the clock and the weather to find shelter for thousands of displaced migrants from greece's morea kaun a massive fire destroyed the camp on tuesday night leaving some 12000 people homeless greece has provided to ferry to house thousands of refugees to more ships will be sent in the coming days for the past 3 nights most of the migrants have slept in the open and are struggling to get enough food and water. the 3rd night in the open in the parking lot of a supermarket people who thought they had nothing left to lose have lost what
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little remained some bear the injuries sustained in trying to rescue their meager possessions from the flames and now autumn is coming and the nights are getting colder. that idiotic war that never was that it was fair that there was the night there was a friday night. as bad as conditions were inside the cramped refugee compound the situation for the 13000 former residents of moria is now even worse. this cannot be all in this one lake we cannot be sleeping peacefully as like these . 400 miners have been evacuated to the mainland. some of them may find a new home in germany. day 30 how they think he has missed at the same
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time i asked the greek prime minister how we can help and his request is that we in particular take the miners and who have now been brought to the greek mainland we have contacted france and we will work together on this i hope that's an other eat you state so i will do this also. i need to unlimited south of the passenger ferry has been pressed into service says temporary accommodation while the united nations rushes tents and sleeping bags to the island the emergency aid should arrive later on friday. his chief political correspondent linda crane is following the latest developments for us melinda chancellor merkel has offered to help greece deal with what has happened the more you care what kind of help are we talking about. i mean it seems we're talking about taking in the 400 unaccompanied minors who were flown already from maria to the greek mainland greece itself has said that it wants
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the adults who were on maria to stay on the island essentially saying there should be no reward for arson greece has said that the refugees some of the refugees themselves had set the fire so greece had given a request to other e.u. states to take in these unaccompanied minors and that apparently is the group that we're talking about and what exactly take in and tails is this temporary shelter or is this a longer term offer. refugee status that is unclear at the moment germany's interior minister who's part of chancellor merkel's conservative faction is resisting pressure to take in more asylum seekers how divided is germany on this topic. divided is a must an understatement for the situation here in germany and that goes even for
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the interior minister himself he had been one of the foremost advocates of a and e.'s view solution for how to cope with migration and in fact just a year ago he was offering that germany would take in 25 percent of migrants who arrived in italy by boat if there was a larger e.u. framework in place so in germany there had been offers by local communities by some of the federal states to take in refugees from moria even before this fire because it was well known here and elsewhere that committed conditions on the island were of his mo 3000 refugees was the intended number for that camp there were well over 10000 there so there had been a hot very strong push from many different politicians even within the chancellor's own party to take in refugees in the past the federal government has said no we
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only want to do this in the con in the context of a larger european union solution we can't go back to where we were in 2015 when germany simply opened its borders as a humanitarian gesture. to thank you very much that was did all these chief political correspondent chris. well more than 14000 firefighters are battling 28 major blazes across the u.s. state of california high speed winds have whipped up wildfires that are consuming homes in a mountain community and wildfires have no respect for state lines as they rage up and down the west coast burning through oregon and washington all the way to the canadian border hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated in the region and at least 7 people have died but officials expect that number to rise as some areas are still impossible to reach. california firefighter
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ryan weddle has relentlessly been battling blazes and saving lives in the angeles national forest for more than a week he spoke today about his experiences with this worst wildfire in modern history. or more fires than there are resources here. right now but. the governor they are doing their best to get more resources from other states. and what we have done is a lot of us were up and down the state in the last couple weeks we just came back from northern california on a 2 weeks ago and we're in this in the. los angeles county area and we've been here since the beginning 3rd so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today india and china have agreed their troops should pull back from a standoff at their disputed border in the western himalayas the country's foreign ministers issued a joint statement after meeting in moscow tensions have been high since
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a clash in june left 20 indian soldiers dead. at least 9 people are dead and hundreds injured after violent protests in the colombian capital bogota the unrest follows the death of a man in police custody a video of officers holding down and tasing the man went viral on social media. jordan says a series of large explosions that rocked the city of zakah as call it was caused by an electric short circuit at an army that stored mortars there were no reports of casualties from the explosions. and the 1st case of african swine fever has been confirmed in a wild boar in germany that's according to the country's higher culture minister diseases not dangerous to humans but is fatal to pigs authorities have prepared containment measures to protect the country's pork industry. it's been 6 months since the pandemic was 1st declared
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a global health emergency the number of confirmed coronavirus cases here in germany currently stands at just over a quarter of a 1000000 with deaths numbering 9300 there's been a steady rise in new infections since the beginning of summer when people began returning from vacation now concerns over a 2nd wave have prompted the government to issue new travel warnings. mosque's these infected and and socially these fancy when possible the reality of everyday life in germany the number of reported virus cases have declined from meade mas to beginning of july but increased over the summer only the suite so those figures stabilize and according to the main public house institute outbreak center on group events and within family and friends because most people remain cautious. and often from out of court one is and i does kid but he's not that i do not want to go out. i just want to enjoy the sun and still want to talk to people at
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a certain distance. and above all outside i simply avoid the indoors. feel i miss my girls all about i make sure that i don't walk into a big crowd and all of the looks throw large enough and i'm careful some people are careless they prioritize their whole parties and everything they don't care. tourism remains in fact asked germany is so announced this week that its general travel warning for about a $160.00 countries will be replaced by a mo d. fancy 18th kountry by country system enough an idea of region some france switzerland czech republic and romania tweets least. catch you up on some of the latest developments in the current virus pandemic india has recorded a record daily jump in the number of infections with more than 96000 new cases in
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24 hours south korea seen a slight uptick in infections reporting 176 new cases over a similar period brazil has signed an agreement to conduct clinical trials for russia's 5 back seen with a new to buying 50000000 doses and british drug maker astra zeneca says it's confident it will know by the end of the year whether it's back scene works provided it can reserve in trials they were supposed this week after one participant fell ill 3 in a prominent opposition leader has accused authorities of threatening to kill her if she refuses to leave the country maria kolesnikov who is behind bars has filed a criminal complaint against security agents who told her they would expel her quote alive or in pieces the threats are part of a widening crackdown on opposition activists who have been leading protests against authoritarian president aleksander that has shaken. this is the
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moment masked men broke into the offices of jailed opposition politician viktor buddy co. the belorussian banker was put in police custody last month and banned from participating in recent elections. he's not the only opposition leader in detention. government protests earlier this month was abducted and forcibly expelled from. security operatives threatened her life be sent over the border in pieces if she didn't agree to leave. protesters have taken to the streets on the. president. for a 6th term. opposition leaders and their international allies and says the vote was likely raked. in a recent interview. to demonstrators. to
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conduct an early presidential election i'm not ruling this out. but the gesture was likely. state prosecutors to expand their crackdown on the fledgling opposition. our correspondent nick. capital minsky said this is us. sometimes there's no time to follow the law that was alexander lukashenko message to his own security services today the protests he said were inspired and it was straight from abroad only harsh measures would do in effect has now given all thought the scalp launched to use whatever forms of oppression it takes to end these protests in recent weeks we've already seen mass arrests beatings and disappearances. for now at least these attempts to scare people back into keeping quiet don't seem to be working on sunday demonstrators running away from
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plainclothes police coming to arrest them jumped into the lake behind me. the life guards on duty who came to rescue the protesters were laid to themselves arrested and spent several days in jail simply for doing their job. and the lifeguards left jail today they were met by a crowd of volunteers offering them food and water as well as legal and psychological support offers of new jobs followed. the more the government pause in the process the closer it's pushing wouldn't dollar against one another force and find new and different ways of supporting each other. british actress diana rigg has died at the age of $82.00 she gained fame in the spy series the avengers in the 1960 s. and the recent game of thrones also starred in the 19 $169.00 james bond thriller her majesty's secret service as tracey even if david chen's are the only woman to marry agent double 07 she won an emmy tony and bafta awards during her lengthy
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career both sides of the plenty i'm. just reminder of the top story we're following for you today on t.v. news the leaders of france and germany have agreed on a plan to take in 400 refugee children from greece's morea migrant camp but it's unclear whether it will happen 12000 people have been left homeless since a huge fire destroyed the camp on tuesday night. this is due to news ben facility is up next with all the latest business thanks for watching. i'm scared that the you were not tired and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lyon since the what's your story
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'd 'd. i'm working on isn't women especially in victims of violence and. take part.


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