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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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i'm not laughing at the germans but sometimes i am but mostly i'm loving with the german people german things deep into german culture. ridiculous grammar. if. you know i'm rachel join me on the course. of. hello and a very warm welcome to this brand new edition of the 77 percent the show that covers what impact africa's young majority i'm your host one hour thanks for joining me today we're delving into the shadowy world of human trafficking. also on the show. we meet chris tall young entrepreneur who back to guyana. and there'll be refined out why gangs are interested in what. and cape town get
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a new bicycle delivery savvy. but 1st let's focus on our main topic today human trafficking many african migrants who make the dangerous and sometimes deadly journey to europe and up to their young girls are forced into prostitution to pay off the traffic because and men end up smuggling or dealing drugs usually not willingly. i want next report examines how nigerian gangs in italy have turned their greet on their fellow citizens in a foreign land. italian coastal town of kossovo to the crimean a popular tourist destination today the kremlin prime sport it's controlled by the nigerian mafia every put make really ends through cracks and prostitution just because someone says if you're not. ok i want to know it he said because. for
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many. here. where they. do everything they want. to find the. most of the illegal activities take place and one of my dear mafia calls connection houses there and one raid italian authorities found weapons drugs and evidence of prostitution here human beings are treated like they are disposable most of the prostitutes are trafficked from sub-saharan africa especially in nigeria like bless them she is just one of many women who fell victim to the criminals the magic and computer scientist. to europe buy them off you see with the promise of a high paying job she came to italy vast spain with all the right people away like thousands of other nigerian women here ended up on the streets quando. i
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got scared when they took away my phone. and when they told me that i now eat them 65000 euros only then did i realize i was in the crimea has all the traffickers. in their mind they traffic cancer. blessing had a curry to escape from have tormentors she went to the police and was taken in by nuns. by estrada. when they put you out on the street they're always smiling when you're watching new if a potential customer comes by in their car they keep a list and check your earnings later that evening to make sure you're not hiding money if you get pregnant they give you some abortion drugs and then lock you up inside for 3 days aided merry little blue angel. davide wants to remain anonymous used to work as
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a drug trafficker he like so many other nigerians would swallow little packets of cocaine and then smuggle them to italy. so i can swallow up 1.2 kilos you cannot get carried him off so you have to steer to these without food. many smugglers die in the process of just one cooking package breaks open insight into stein the smuggler will die some of them smuggle up to 20 or 30 packages each 7 to 8 centimeters long. this child be moved there just kind of question on the ground and the house and with for the person to die then they think the moves of the hoop isn't more important in the case of the value of human being. completely 0. the mafia is unforgiving drug corney and punishments are dealt out to anyone who
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breaks the rules. you're going to need to be seen and they will give you to any member of this in the group to go in truly. in the forest so if the body is sick about it it. surely nobody countries and know what he's up to help also that the my dear mafia now practically has free reign in custody to the. it's cooperated with the taliban operatives he wants to help fight the mafia even if it means putting his life at risk every criminal victims of human trafficking are under an incredible amount of pressure they fear for their lives and for their families keep that in mind as you watch a brave analyst openly on our street debate on human trafficking our reporter christine will went to to hear from
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a former victims and discuss possible solutions. the 77 percent is in italy and we have to get the story of the slave trade of women from africa over the last 3 years 20000 women all of them nigerian many of them mine is has arrived in italy via the mediterranean sea the united nations say's 80 percent of them get that number again 80 percent of them are victims of trafficking or in danger of falling into the hands of victims we're going to be hearing 1st from 2 women who know that story all too well princess i'm going to come to you 1st how did you land up in a city i came to live through a woman who was 3 months in italy. she was. a human traffic on she came to my skids it's in my restaurant because i was shift on
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. things she proposed to me that i could very well and also brummies me that if i would like to go to please she was sponsored to me and i would be able to walk in the restaurant i was a good shave. by then i didn't know anything about human trafficking in prostitution and when we got through to linda sold me to one of the youngest just finished bringing her dip she was on eggs with them of human trafficking although that was how i was sure as this looks ok that's prince's the story basing i'm going to come over to you and start right at the same place as i did with princess how did you land up in italy when i arrived in italy they told me that i was in dept head with the sum of 65 cows and you. immediately are you on this today i help
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falling into the hands of traffickers then i was really frightened i was afraid i was really trauma patton's you know what it means to give up your self to a mother you never know do not want to see me as a woman to move with more than one man it did you think get me to do roald would be where teens were i could not keep it i kind of i could remember when asked how when the report did with the police what at the time your government doing about it one of the things that we know is that and we heard from princess of blessing is that they don't report the victims don't come and reports yes it's very important that the victims are. asked to tell their stories because a. need to trust in our. in our system in our governments in our law enforcement their need to trust. to the
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right son when they are obvious in italy i mean just it's you know about how that whole thing but it's but some sick way in here the difficulty is this one is the language barrier shoe in africa where we came from we don't have we is not a society when you have a problem with somebody you go to tell the police do you. she is the modern is just tricky that if you want to report the police are going to arrest you don't have a document they are going to deport you you straight i mean if you report me i will kill you more that we kill you're brought out we destroy you you swear so the whole team we come of f. quick to duck very individual mind you begin to confuse ok i'm going to come see and i have a question to say what you need to say 1st and i'll follow up with my question we do know that the teams of human trafficking victims less willing to cooperate we
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don't stay there waiting for our report because we know the bar and pressure there on the maasdam threatening her in catalonia for example we milled and that working all together building in the situation without a witness statement this kind of way to combat human trafficking has been really successful in a few months we are able to arrest we have been arrested so many people more than 100 in the last 2 years in 2018 we had. 198 years of imprisonment for many traffickers ok i'm going to come back to you now because we let's try and think about the solutions one of the things you spoke about earlier was the fact that there is demand and supply talk to us about that and why that needs to change i believe that a busy economy means we tell you that it reduction in the mine with the tool supply as well because i believe that the european union need to be truthful and
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they need to do the right thing then do not think european union standing right here and women to to it's really bad so i wanted to talk then the guise of prostitution and what those around me the guy like using it to try to pass off a woman to be past speak out ok i'm going on to say that i think you believe it is good that you said i want to talk about this this fundable part of the world because i'm not satisfied. with the idea that the only solution is from a european perspective how when we end trafficking then we can read the people we do you'll know and you know we all know frica that we we stand and sit in office and know for people know there's something i want to see our government is not happy martha we cannot keep saying we've blown in european union and you know let me say for example something how the different i don't have to send my good friend to go walk. to free my house frank close me. you are much
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among the 1st only looked at by good yeah you know he's saying that the solution is among us right in my truck right now right here i need i need a solution from princes i need a solution from you i said that one of these solution is that we should train our young ones in the way of red just made so that when they grew up there would never become a victim or it glints that's number one then number 2 we need to go back to our own country you know got to. grips with our government so it's free education and also give their youth a but you need to get a job because most of the victims because they don't have free education and they don't get jobs leave it there this has been the 77 percent we've been talking about the fact that many young african women's on the streets of italy day and night we've told we've been told that they're not prostitutes that they're slaves because some of the solutions we're interested to know what you think get in touch with us
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via social media with a conversation continues. thank you christine we also asked you for you also what's on the issue of human trafficking we got a lot of responses for example. from a book jenna geria sais it's disgusting and disheartening. there's nothing like home recharge obasi not she a student in italy say's one way to stop it is for africana leaders to stop the looting and make africa what it should be the envy of the world thank you for all your comments keep the conversation going and in did that africans determined to make the continent the envy of the world chris told from ghana is one of them she moved to canada for university but she then decided that if she wanted the
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conversation around africa to change for good she should move back to ghana and become part of the conversation herself. i mean with crystal. high school i want to deal with the best. plan is to have a lot of things in place for people. to work. if you want to settle there. it seemed she said at the time. so it took me a while to find people who were also travel. to. africa and then bring you up to. you know and then the conversation would start. i started a company there already. when when friends would have parties that. take care of
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the menu like ok the food is going to look like the kind of d.j. we're going to have and. meanwhile i still have my comics in my back pocket apartment was the place where always have discussion very discussions about you know why maybe it's not doing as well and it's true why africa is running us smooth you. know actually i wasn't doing something wrong because i'm out here and i have been blessed to get their education and the knowledge and changing my my way of discussion and it became more like i need. to impact change and. i came down interview that i had for the event globally. and i'd move in the interview here for this
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job and i remember looking at him and thinking. like i have my thing. i don't. think i got hired because of. the challenges facing. canada we're ok. everyone has. everyone doing the. together here. if i was. hired. i was doing. the decor stuff of the event planning. my advice to people who are still with. us and you're thinking about coming back is just come with the mindset that it's not going to be. but it's possible.
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if. we can do here together. what an inspiring story that's one way we can end the cycle of migration the brain drain and human trafficking let's now head over to eastern africa specifically kibera nairobi's biggest. this is the home of kennedy or did his dream is to make clear what an affordable for everyone living there but fast he had to deal with the local. this is kibera slum in nairobi pipes with fresh water run through sewer tunnels for a long time residents have been suffering under these conditions but there is hope now a connection of pipes run about the slums shanties they provide residents with clean
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and she porter all thanks to kennedy or did. right up to this community it was a tough life of all what i was was i remember looking to contest which is far to go and fetch water there you know cutting it on my shoulder and then seeing also my neighbor at night who are sick and dying because there's no health care having grown up in kibera an experience the effects of unsafe or to face hands kennedy or did they founded the n.-g. o. show of course that he would soon face fierce opposition from the so-called water cattails. idea of water also the beautiful to me it was a little bit dangerous at the same time because people who makes a lot of money because the very powerful powerful men in this community the cartels run their own want to system selling of uprising on a genie quarter and they put an end to any competition with brutal metal. my dream
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was to bring clean affordable what to the community. but mike pipes was cut to pieces. although he was afraid of the cartels kennedy decided to approach monday of what back then he was a gang member and leader of the water mafia i for one day if. i were to be the minister of water i shuffle. like what we. were talking a little bit a little comment would have for you he really quit a really small amount of money if you do not. that's how it started and nobody ever touched the water. for monday abu it was an easy decision to switch sides in work for the n.g.o.s instead of the cartel it's took 6 months for me to agree to work with him because i feel like he will pass on that young
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woman he cannot be my employer i was look sleeping. but now he's happy with his new job. i feel. due to the community reaching out to former gang members like mandy who was the key to making this community service work the price of water reduced to one 5th of the former price and the quality is better to ensure the water meets the safety standards kennedy told a water purifying system is the only one in the kibera slum. the water come from the. wall is powered to the ro water tank our side. comes in to be now to be treated so now the water is no. and then we pump it now to the big time from here the water is then distributed
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so these are clean water on a. test good. sometimes i feel because well treated water kennedy truly inboard is the spirit of the saying what is life he and his employees i helping their beloved community one drop at a time. so that's the solution to curtail give them a chance to undermine illegally well maybe it's not always that simple but kibera is setting a good example don't you think we're coming out to the last report of our show and we're heading to south africa in cape town a young and a printer is filling a gap in his community with a simple but generous business idea of bike delivery savvy so
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guys out on the side oh and let's go for all right. young guys in blue overalls whose included streets of langa in recent weeks the residents of the cape town have gotten used to decide. this is the man behind the bicycle i mean he's calling the founder of. clouded delivery system name of colin's new found that business a delivery service on bikes the 1st one in the township. call him starts every day with a team meeting a group discusses schools and customer service practices. the idea for the business stems from his own experience. and then something from. me and. so i think.
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the guys i had to call in doesn't have time to do deliveries anymore there's too much admin work to get done says a 22 year old started cloudy deliveries and generate 2020. 30 and the corner virus pandemic to start a business even more today the team has around 20 delivery drivers. before one of them on his shift 1000 year old. will be buying groceries and a cell phone cover for a busy customer i'm working from home so it's very convenient for me because i don't have time to actually go to the store and i have to make it as long. as he is heading to the supermarket the customers pay my head delivery roughly the equivalent of $0.50. to run pedantry their remaining 6
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rand goes to the company youth unemployment in south africa is extremely high and the pandemic only made things worse into just finished school he wants to continue his studies one day but for now he's happy working as a delivery driver. much of it was very hard to eat before an injury or helping people around. to make sure nature. at headquarters the calls are still coming in every cyclists $4.00 to $5.00 deliveries paddy with many people forced to stay at home during lock down service is filling a huge gap in the township the secret to success he says is looking for services people meet and he encourages young south africans to do the same. go for it you know and stick it out have changes but you'll see the interest in them and and that's what i love about business and up and coming generation people you know to
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to do this callings next school is to expand his feet and if he 7 says he hopes to soon collaborate with local clinics to deliver medicine to patients homes for this young entrepreneur only to sky is the limit. we have come to the and avoid a show i hope you liked it if you have any questions or comments do you write a sunday mail or contact us on facebook. and as usual we leave you the gift of a 84th song this is a poem a lot by george oh i've got one days off. and songwriter with that respect and new i did case your french is not so good the song speaks against domestic violence and women oppression and joy i think that they don't like music.
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played you saw the. musician. shift for you. to say. good.
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good. good good. good. back to the beginning forbidden from racing history focused on the slaves. it was a sensation that 1950 love mom long forgotten restoring with love ancestors by the former may soon and see are finished on the clock read. the 30 minute spondee w. did
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beethoven the justice did you did don't want to do. that is it just a dot of 60 look like true king of rock mob. many rubber bands of stolen beethoven. and of course the subconscious always one thing is clear the beethoven is wildly popular. i see assured. the full sound of the biggest composer of all time i can't even begin to imagine a world class one player centralist on a musical journey of discovery. the world without a. star september 16th on g.w. . life on earth one of
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a kind and. a gigantic coincidence. or the improbable happened such that awfulness was going to become the creation of our solar system of the planet is a bit like winning the lot of races going to. what is 1st more unique start september 18th on t.w. . they've been robbed of their soul that's what is. people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural artifacts were stolen from africa by colonialists and carted off to europe. lifted to have here to feel what should be done with the stolen north from africa. starts september 7th on g.w. . played.
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the boy. this is d w news live from berlin and donald trump's former lawyer says the president is guilty of the same crimes that landed him in jail michael cohen prepares to release a tell all memoir that threatens to further damage the president is comes after media reports suggest trouble insulted american war dead for his part to trump dismisses claims he calls on soldiers losers also on the program thousands of women march through bellerose his camp men's enough.


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