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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2020 8:15am-8:30am CEST

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ice cream. that would be too cold for me to date now i'm. back at the top of the hour with more news for you. and the entire news team here in berlin thanks for the company. they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiencers when they're taken from them countless cultural riches were stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from the mines that have yet to heal.
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what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. slowly slowly start submersible on w. . lynching is keen to experience traditional german cuisine another miss visiting germany for the 1st time from china. mother in dorset decided to go on a color very adventurous. takeaway when seeing this time when teaching e.s.l. my studies the university of student donna my mom's heated visit. plan is to wander through the black forest together and solve problems out quick.
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when she wants to make be for a lot so her mother can try german cooking the 1st step is to head to a traditional german but. michelle we're just looking around a bit under the ocean my home i'm in my church is happy for the present because i still go to places to push my total hardiest and touch and hold this here she's amazing my how many types of. flies get this if it gets with my hand cheese and spinach and i'm ok with germany dumplings it's way beyond we also like eating potato salad with it all with beef broth a bit of grated on you know where the oil and vinegar i guess you don't get that where you come from if it hits on it and i'm usually. on own thought i was
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a baby you choosing most amazing to put out these dishes but you can always nothing of companies like that so much i saw that cannot be they are. not it was. just a screening off. for the muslims giving the use just wave your food. just loud like a wind i'm inviting some friends to dinner to day coffee and cooking swabian in the uk under some yes yes did you tell me how to make traditional before a lot in phases in a month we always recommend a classical model with pickle and mustard and a bit of onion and roll it up put a root vegetable in the pan with it and syrup there's no afterwards you mash the vegetable to thicken the song. and now that i hope it's a good meal. you don't need a homeowner you stay. not another 20. these days in our lovely
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yeah we have a nice time together and i hear she's got the beef but how to make the sauce right to the latest a tomato sauce i just don't know. what do we still need for this rules i'll check google later and you have to put vegetables in most of them as in the high end to get some things missing tomato paste. special to rome recipe skips there is so many recipes for b. for lad. does it super good my feel good soup vegetables will give the source a nice aroma and put it out. and what's this is cool kitchen it's in town but it's an onion. on the way to the floors we need vegetables from. the shop. grounds to shut down i didn't quite understand you think leaving us to see it could be quickly yeah come
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out. with. my friends again. and mother and her friend dun dun and the guests all help out with lynchings 1st before a lot. of those who do you have to peel these. normally you do. so like these. amazing hold out i believe that is used less frequently than chicken in chinese cuisine but cooking is a was an important part of life the feel or they might. be somebody who believes mom. but i. think i'm not going to. be home are you home and your car there that instead of saying how are you we say have you eaten if i
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ask if you've eaten it means how's it going this has the food is so important for chinese people to the kidneys and. gradually that the food begins to take shape. swabian cooking company must it without a fish of internet research new questions keep popping up. to more no. you need help. if you have to leave that cook right now. no matter what do i do with the source so let's go make a maybe you can puree the vegetable the ski resort with the cost of vegetable gets tender from then washed up. i suspect you can see the sauce because. with the ocean. you hunt all showy 40 empanelling. when a man like my mum doesn't believe me about the mashed vegetables music puta. tell show you later oh i'm speaking from her home in germany off the next step so i did
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this looking kind of. how. do we have something to pureed a vegetable. for something called a stick leg i don't know if you have. to get creative in order to puree the best of all was. the son of god for god to be out. there much of this in that. we can do it that us law in kenya is in china it's really common for the parents to cook everything. but every evening meal. children have it every day which the parents must feed the elder to suit. the cooks find a way and soon the source is ready from good. should one not know that looks good too good not to cook that up it
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much more harshly than option you know tell him to do that he is in the canoe she likes to read dumplings because they are going to be dispassionate studies she is the she hardly eats anything else. a condensed becoming. a mess. when jane and her mother take a trip to the world famous black forest no to germans as the shots fired they want to learn how to make another traditional german dish black forest cake so they're taking a cake making class that is reporting for welcome to the black forest course. things are going to make a black forest take together to the most typical region dish after black forest how was it if you could leave it. the thing here is perfectly prepared by hand a key ingredient is cherish no doubt you will be sure to go you know it's no picnic
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but the food. i think you. will the confectioner reveal his trade secrets. which was very good black forest cake is fairly easy but was not you know how. similar the. british mother and daughter have a taste of. time to the. you can tell it's a mother's 1st black forest cake i want to have so much because i'm a much more. damage to my dad. she said the baker was very generous with the craig. she likes it a lot. is enjoying the short time she has with him.
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they don't often get the chance to be together. through much of. the conflict to do much now is puzzling to me i've never seen so many accounts of them. seeking help so i took a special of her with a cow pseudonymity cucumber. how do they cope with living so far upon us since you. clearly have i knew she had to command the thinness she said she misses me terrorist attempts and she wants me to go back to china or africa any studying and the seizure. kena. this is that's really my decision i don't see. the admission she'll support me
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either way that oh. i just wants the best for my us and me to find a good job and have a family. and a familiar to happen. no matter where i am in the world the cowboys being. so long as long as i'm happy for homeless people loot is the. gold on the money the food. is. going to be spent he got become a mix of german and chinese origin i want to see and of course i think the big difference between german and chinese people is their way of life the. neighbors by the. time for a meal in a black forest in. colorado welcome yet here we have the feel knuckle and
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here's the shoulder this is a kind of base guinness and this is the roast pork the same time 2 patients die just as my mother takes the typical german food has beer and meat like i often have enough time to faced up to the fast against the east and you put she always felt this motion is a pretty big shoes you couldn't quite finish a pizza shop. with so much of it it's hard to choose. for winching smother it's only it does the daughter is used to it. all. up or can i offer you something to drink is the wine local to you good yes from close by me and i'll try it a red wine and certainly anything and you will show you who enjoy. her she more than him but it. is just the much for them to. want to. do some really. cool.
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off. saying and her mother have one more stop on the color merry jenny german sunday breakfast with a soft boiled egg an experience itself. during the german cuisine for winching and her mother pope shanghai it's the times mouth watering at times mystified by the way it's best enjoyed with a healthy calico peeling elsa take 40 and. it's
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. spelled with 5 letters and it's said to be based on its power. plants what does the talent what others don't. worry about. we send reporter michael kruger to check it out. your. life 1st. coming to and. joy coincidence. that they're all previously the 1st was just a messy channel stream as the more punishing you son of. one or the impact.
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of the creation of our solar system with our slant it is a bit like winning the lottery there is a little game in the. one person or more you need to start september 18th on d w. the baptists. part installations for the digital age a new museum in amsterdam more on back coming up later on in the show.


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