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coins in the morning dealers come on into. their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. this is v.w. news from greenland tonight in the race to become the next german chancellor there may just be a new front runner and he's from the very today german chancellor angela merkel held a very public get together with marcos was the the leader of the very much of germany and europe asking is he the one also coming up tonight france celebrates must feel
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day. version of ceremony was held in paris today paying tribute to the nation's health care workers and ravaged by decades of conflict somalia's capital is now confronting the coronavirus we'll tell you who is keeping people safe in mogadishu plus we've been here before in california bars restaurants in places of worship are shut down again over a new surge in the. i'm off to our viewers watching on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we start tonight with a little get together that has big political. overtones german chancellor angela
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merkel was down south in bavaria today to attend a cabinet meeting of the state government there she was invited by the various state premier. and that has political observers of bud's tonight they say that the meeting might have been something of a job interview to decide if there would be a good candidate to secede merkel as the germans the bavarian palace of haven't seen the beautiful and rather unusual backdrop for the meeting off the very end state premier. and. the relationship between the 2 hasn't always been this because no one wants a full day toward the day started with a picturesque and well all constraints it better trip to the island off happen much more filmable than a more convenient helicopter flight would have been. that was followed by a right in a hole a strong carriage that perry sending a regent with
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a crown prince but i'm going to america doesn't want to comment on the question on everyone's lips. it is also when concerning the issue of my success i want to observe a certain restraint which means that i won't comment on the question in any way that's kind of isn't think i'm just commenting on more than half of germans think mike was pseudo would be a good candidate his approval ratings shot up during the corona crisis 0 deftly turned this into a compliment and says it's all thanks to the chancellor of. the storage numbers of germany got through this crisis better than other countries it's down to the influence and leadership of the chancellor people discomfort of america's trip to bavaria was a display of harmony pictures like these certainly won't hurt the various state premier on the road to a possible candidacy for the chancellorship. take the story now to our chief
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political correspondent linda crane she's covering the story for us here in berlin good evening to you melinda you know the last time i saw the german chancellor in public with that beautiful scenery i think she was meeting with the french president i think before that it was barack obama the other u.s. president this is not what we expect from. no those pictures were practically ideality and the fact is though that she is not the person who chose those rather romantic settings it was her host that however makes this meeting even more notable because the fact is this is the same politician who in 2018 made it clear during the election campaign that he didn't really need a visit from the chancellor because he had another chancellor coming in that was the far more conservative chancellor of austria this was at a time when these 2 so-called sister parties chancellor merkel's christian
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democrats and the bavarian social christian social union when they were barely on speaking terms but that has all changed in part because marcus or has moved more toward the middle of the political spectrum and distanced himself from the right wing populism of his predecessor but also because the 2 of them are winners and winners love other winners both of them emerge from the corona crisis looking quite strong in the public opinion polls because in both cases they showed very clear leadership and made it clear that the absolute priority would be public health and everything else was 2nd and when you look at those pictures from the day it looks like it could have been a job interview were i mean it even looks like to have been a 1st date to me can we say tonight that mark is miracles handpicked successor is that we got 4. no we cannot say that and she made that very clear
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today saying that she was not going to be annoying taking a successor and then passing over another question that tried to drill a little deeper on that you know she had a handpicked successor and that was the current defense minister and a great crime callandar that didn't work out too well so i think she's going to be very careful play her cards very close to her chest indeed and what are you hearing from your sources in bavaria hell likely is to throw in his name into the ring well the name is half in the ring anyway he often says oh his place is in bavaria and that's where he wants to stay but at the same time he also says things like i can't help the fact that everybody's talking about me i'm not the one putting out their stories i think what's going on is kind of a wait and see game here where he wants to see whether the party the christian democrats and this christmas social you know whether they stay strong in the polls if so i think he likely will become the candidate but if not he may just decide to
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wait another 45 years and then try his chances we'll see our chief political correspondent linda crane on the storm force here in berlin tonight melinda thank you. from bavaria to berlin german chancellor merkel today switched her attention from domestic to international politics she welcomed the spanish prime minister here in the german capital just a few days ahead of a very important european union summit merkel warning that time is running out to reach a deal on the e.u.'s budget as well as a coronavirus recovery fund for europe she says germany will push for a compromise agreement at the summit this weekend sanchez says that spain will do all it can to make that deal happen. in france millions of people have been celebrating but still day of the country's national holiday only this year is taking place under the shadow of the corona virus public celebrations have
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been cancelled or scaled back to keep the virus in check in the capital paris for the 1st time since $1045.00 authorities have canceled the traditional parade along the shelves still is a instead france's leaders paid tribute to the doctors and nurses on the front lines of the corona virus crisis. an emotional message of thanks to france's health care work is normally it's the de france marks the birth of its republic with military prompts a marching so much is that this year's bastille day on the essential work is on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. and it's not just tributes president mccrone has already promised $8000000000.00 euros to fund pay rises for existing nurses and care workers and to hire more. but that's too little too late for the thousands of protesters a few kilometers away many health workers are angry that it took a pandemic to draw attention to years of cost cuts that have put health services
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under pressure. i did only 1st of all we're not heroes we save lives this day is honoring the military. because i no longer have confidence not of my country not of my president not in my government not in justice she sees. the cry of alarm has been sounded in emergency rooms and other medical departments with some closing maternity wards are closing although we need them. normally crowds would fill the streets to watch the official celebrations but members of the public were not allowed to attend. instead family members of medical workers who died fighting the pandemic joined president mccrum to watch a smaller military display physically distance troops will face masks and that's one health measure the president wants to expand. the circle on the court in the next weeks i would like mass to be compulsory in all close public spaces we're
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doing it already on public transport and it works. in a bastille day t.v. interview mccrone also acknowledged the reinfection rate was rising but he announced plans to reopen all schools in september under conditions as normal as possible as front celebrates a national day that was far from normal essential workers hope the attention the pandemic has brought them will bring better pay and conditions to. we have a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the united nations has tens of thousands of migrants mostly ethiopians are stranded in yemen due to coronavirus restrictions at least 14500 of them have been bused or trucked to cities such as aid and mari amid accusations they contribute to the spread of infection many have been forced to camp out in abandoned buildings.
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maxwell has been denied bail after pleading not guilty to sex crime charges linked to alleged dealings with her former associate jeffrey epstein u.s. prosecutors say maxwell is a flight risk she's accused of helping the late steen recruit and sexually abuse young girls. a 3rd of bangladesh is under water after some of the heaviest monsoon rains in a decade officials say that close to 1500000 people in the north of the country have either been marooned by the flooding or forced to flee their homes rivers are expected to rise further in the coming days. 5 years ago today a landmark deal to rein in iran's nuclear program was signed but now that deal was almost worthless the agreements hold tehran agreed to limit its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of economic sanctions but in 20 team the u.s. pulled out of the deal which had been signed with germany france china russia and
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the u.k. the u.n. nuclear watchdog says iran has already tripled its stockpile of enrich uranium since that. well for more tonight i'm joined by phenom been telling blue he is from the foundation for defense of democracies that's a think tank and a register of lobby organization in the u.s. he joins me tonight from washington it's good to have you on the show you have been a vocal supporter of trump's campaign of maximum pressure on iran has that policy resulted in a maximum response from iran that being iran want to even more to have a nuclear bomb. well great to be with you i'm a supporter of the policy of maximum pressure because these mamak republic of iran has only seldom changed its security policy and its only change its security policy in the 41 years that existence when confronted with maximum pressure
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a good case study of course is the end of the iran iraq war 98 as it relates to the nuclear deal is still seeking a bigger broader better deal and maximum pressure is yet to deliver iranians to the table but let's not forget that these sanctions have in place now for over a year year and a half but they've had the macro economic impact that is much greater than the past generation or a decade of multilateral sanctions so to me it's still more a question of when teheran may come to the table not if everyone comes to table let's talk about what we've seen the last couple of years we've seen hawks in the administration and thinking of the former national security advisor john bolton who have been pushing for a military confrontation with iran but donald trump he has resisted that and that been a disappointment. well i think a military confrontation of the u.s. would force that on iran would be a gross mistake and in fact even responding to iranian kinetic or overt military
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escalation with strikes on iranian territory physically would also be a mistake what would not be a mistake would be using force judiciously to run an escalation in the region i think that would merit the use of force and i think iraq is an example the persian gulf example syria an example or where the use of force is possible responsibly in judiciously i think right now to start a conflict which fortunately the administration is not looking to start would be improved i don't think john bolton though to be clear in those instances when he did have a disagreeing with the president was looking to initiate a conflict i think he was looking to respond to run an escalation if you remember where they diverge i believe it was in response to the downing of the american drone late last summer well i'm just thinking of the from mr bolton were he said we should bomb but you know what's the let me ask you looking forward to the u.s. presidential election what will a victory for joe biden what will that mean for u.s.
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policy in iran. well and joe biden administration would have to be particularly careful because there would be a temptation of course to reverse $180.00 from president from and reach a point more very small to lateral agreements be it arms control or environmental the trump administration has left but to do so only for the purposes of domestic politics would yield only one clear winner not republicans and not democrats the clear winner there would be islamic republic of iran 'd because that unilateral embrace on its face of the j.c.b. away while the running violations are increasing while iran behavior is increasing would only reward that behavior and forget of course that america works best when it has its partners behind it as part of a concerted series of escalating pressure so i think if there is a biden in this ration they need to rebuild their national coalition on iran they think capitalize all the time trump took off of the iran deal and have this next that pressure campaign and wields the prospect of sanctions relief effectively to
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get 1st to change behavior by ron let me ask you we've got about 30 seconds here what can the united states bring to the table to convince a jury of your partners to change their stance on the iran nuclear deal they haven't changed it in the last 5 years well the most important party that i think is going to slowly change europe's view is not even the united states 'd it's going to be the international atomic energy agency you've seen a steady coarsening of their position on iran because iran is not just in violation of the g.c. pioli iran is in violation of larger not liberation 3 bits and it's this new kind of reporting since march we've seen from the i.a.e.a. that could deliver a bridging of this transatlantic gap between europe and america and perhaps multilateral allies next pressure or get more multilateral support for a bigger broader better deal than have been tell the moon from the foundation for defense of democracies joining us tonight from washington and we appreciate your
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time your insights tonight thank you leisure thank you. well the trial of a mali jihad is to queues of war crimes and crimes against humanity has begun at the international criminal court in the hague. with its head of the islamic police and the only in the city of timbuktu in west africa prosecutors allege that he was responsible for torture rape and sexual slavery it's claimed elizondo was a key member of answer and islam is group with links to al qaida which ruled timbuktu between april 2012 and january 23rd seen. our west africa correspondent sunny char's this assessment of the. rape sexual slavery some of the most brutal acts of crimes and crimes against humanity these are just some of the charges brought forward against. being tried today at the i.c.c.
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in the hague now the man himself an alleged member on 13 an extremist group the true apostle for the mahdi from trying to tell you all until early twenty's 13 this man that the charges are serious enough to be even dealt with at a global forum witnesses say that the man wasn't only a member of uncertainty but i defer to the chief of the police that enforce a system of fear and a very strict sharia law now he is not the 1st suspect to be tried at the school a former rebel and a former member. has been sentenced to 9 years in prison in 2016 but this trial may take a bit longer for very pragmatic reasons due to the global pandemic witnesses called . to the hague and the entire case may only be a short note here in west africa let alone in mali a country which is currently in the midst of its warm oil and violence against the government protests now for weeks demanding the resignation of president the man
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who's been in office since 2013 but so far wasn't able to effectively contain the violence in the country and bring terrorism and interethnic violence to a halt. reporting mogadishu the capital of somalia and east africa is a city that has been ravaged by war like so many other places around the world it is facing another enemy the coronavirus but the country is financially broke and its health services are struggling where now private companies are joining forces with the government to ensure public safety. reports now on the telecoms companies. that is helping to raise awareness of covert 90. new mohammed ali a vegetable vendor and mother of 10 in mogadishu somalia is listening to ring back
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to him from the phone service provider. he did to kids people how to stop the spread of the can of wires. or the. center of the in the way a lot of awareness campaigns have been done by people that are not on all of us and we have taken their advice such as hand-washing of the disease called his fever and we're taking all the advice to stay safe don't go. this city ravaged by decades of conflict is now fighting in a few simple but as the country struggles control decorum of. the private sector seems to have taken the lead in spreading awareness. the company behind the idea is so my least largest mobile for the parade it says the service has proven to be useful in a country where people often lack access to information and this but then make. up to it and so money it's we take it with a crucial step we decided to pull. take
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a potshot hope to me really because the awareness of lost samadhi people. who we get to know that the samana school in china and access to t.v. . most often the quoted passage honest or listen if that is so the most efficient to medium. to a spread of mice and we have to cook it it could be the mobile from good to back but he does come with challenges as the recommendations often contradict the somali way of life they they have a lot of the good with each other so friendly but this you know you know deceased come to some difficulties you know boss in the culture somebody comes out about with pride so flock it's also a modest with a belief. it is for mood. you know a. problems of our cities the know what the scraw.
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many people still have a difficult time of the heir to the advice due to the nature of their walk but it. does also. here at the business places challenging his daughter time to follow their advice not using gloves to keeping people apart allowing 2 or 3 people in that time and regularly washing our hands. small guesses but ones that can go a long way to stop the pain and they. know it's in north america california's governor tonight is ordering thousands of businesses to shut down yet again restaurants bars and places of worship in america's most populous state are closed again following a new surge in coded 19 cases this includes los angeles and san francisco. back to square one california shuts down most of its public life for the 2nd time
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back in march it was the 1st u.s. state to impose a strict stay at home order even to closing down its beaches parks and campsites but now that more is known about how the virus is transmitted the state has shifted its policy allowing outdoor activities to continue while closing most indoor facilities today we are announcing additional statewide actions as a relates to our stay at home order here in the state of california we are now effectively rather fecht of today requiring all counties to close their indoor act titties their indoor operations the governor's acting on the fact that nuke over 1000 cases in the state have surpassed 8000 a day more than twice as many as a month ago this could soon overburden hospitals in rural parts of california beyond bars and restaurants the governor has also called for the closing of gyms
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hair salons churches and non-essential workplaces in most counties but even those lucky enough to work in an area where businesses like these remain open i don't know for how long. if we don't make no no money to pay the rent the little shop for the $2.00 so everybody has a problem yeah and also we don't have any income and then the family of family the problem to me with more than 7500000 californians already filing for unemployment benefits since the pandemic hit the latest shutdown could mean the final blow for countless livelihoods. and here are some of the other main developments in the global coronavirus crisis germany has issued a warning against all nonessential travel to luxembourg amid a recent spike in cases there in the u.k. it will be mandatory to wear face masks or facial coverings in all stores beginning
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july 24th violators who are caught could be fined up to 100 pounds and thailand has tightened its quarantine requirements for foreign diplomats that's after 2 infected foreigners were allowed in the country sparking fears of a 2nd outbreak. while his identity remains unknown his artwork is far from british street artist banksy distinctive stenciling style and dark humor have made him into one of the world's most famous graffiti artist on tuesday he released a video showing his newest artwork painted in a london subway train and commenting on the world's response to the coronavirus pandemic. thanks he presented his new work in an online video the anonymous artist's latest installation was done on the london underground it was titled if you don't mosque you don't get. banksy usually
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targets public places and combines street on techniques with topical themes. people on the train at the time may have not known what was going on but probably would have guessed his message was coronavirus related. banks these pieces are often sold for large sums of money leaving many online to joke that this artwork might have just made this train one of london's most expensive. arts approaches now here in berlin a moment that you don't often see in the game a double tweener as in 2 shots between the legs now watch this 1st event germany's tommy haas in the white manages it without hurting himself and then the center of italy gets it done as well. as won the points a small socially distanced crowd cheer and center won the 1st round match of the exhibition tournaments. while they didn't injure themselves their boards this is
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the w. news here's a reminder of our top story at this hour. german chancellor angela merkel has made a trip into bavaria to meet with the state's leader marcus the very public get together is fueling speculation that there might be a candidate to secede merkel as the german chancellor. you're watching t.w. news from the berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight 5 jean and the new cold war between beijing and washington will be right back. or.
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do. we know that this is very time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing
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our lives so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we are d.w.p. press here for we are working harder with us and to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together and together we're making. to save everybody stays in status and stay safe please stay safe. i'm not laughing at the germans well i guess sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing with a trip to the german think deep into german culture. new jersey take this crown a day out to eat it will that. next time rachel join me anything at the top post. is from me. is for you to.
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be true for us for help. beethoven is for. is for. beethoven is for us. is for. beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary here. today the u.k. you say that it's 5 g. phone networks will not be built or equipped by the chinese tech giant who weigh a major u. turn for london that puts it on a collision course with beijing it also places britain firmly on the u.s. so i didn't what is looking more and more like a high tech cold war with china tonight the ebb and flow of global conflicts the
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berlin wall was torn down at the end of the 20th century and its place in the 21st century the chinese fire wall i'm bored golf and.


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