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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2020 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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the delay the inevitable. future 66 meters rising sea levels starts to flip on t.w. . this is the the video is live from the passenger plane crashes in pakistan and they have us a 320 count down here the southern port city of karachi close to a residential area witnesses say tried to land several times before pilots seem to lose control also on the program fears for hong kong's future as china prepared to impose a new security low beijing says the global subversion separatism acts of foreign
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interference in the territory activists call for mass demonstrations and action from the international community. the flashy from it from being go teaching children about protecting the environment while crews took her aside to meet flamingo bob i'm standing up for wildlife conservation. i'm phil go welcome to the program a passenger jet carrying nearly $100.00 people has crashed in pakistan's largest city cannot she there to confirm survivors for the rest fee had dead and witnesses say pilots tried to land the jetliner 2 or 3 times before crashing in a residential area near the airport the plane destroyed several homes as it went down. smoke rises from a dense need. heard outside karate residents heard an explosion and felt the impact
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of a crash soon word spread a passenger plane had gone down among shops schools and houses. so many just said. i saw lots of smoke in the sky from the rooftop of my house so i ran toward the scene and saw the wreckage of the plane's cockpit and the body of a pilot inside. but it is not the emergency personnel arrived to search for bodies in the charred wreckage of the airbus a 320 which had crashed houses and was wedged in a narrow street. because of the crash is being investigated the pakistan international airlines flight from lahore to karate reported engine failure upon arrival as the pilot attempted to land he issued this last message to air traffic control governing start settling i was offering. for you i said how rare. that marriage was like. covered never
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never give us our. pakistan had resumed domestic commercial flights earlier this week ahead of the muslim holiday adolf iter marking the end of ramadan prime minister imran khan tweeted his condolences to the victims' families saying he was shocked and saddened by the crash and that he would initiate an inquiry into the disaster. local authorities say a small number of passengers survived but they fear a high number of casualties as doctors report dozens of victims among the neighborhoods residents. straight to islamabad and we're joined correspondent tyrone johns welcome i believe one of the survivors has been speaking about what happened. yeah so i went to bed and he told me that. he saw. in the ghetto and i looked like do lent.
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not succeed in the past i'm going to go around and eat right 2nd time before i. would not succeed and strong. and on the investigation. what's being said about all the casualties. he was going on there are 66. indie band action today and. going on at midnight and he shoots our industry or do something about it and one of the cause of the crash that i think about that. also do crash it is also brought in the jet. yet because the investigators are you won't need an. official saying that and it will take some days to reach the final. we heard in the reform that the prime minister
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has sent his condolences what are you hearing from the aviation authorities and indeed the across manufacture. i should not make the chairman of the airline sector . or he's going to complete it or do some damage and. the best you can and let's see what you can. thank you for joining us that you know there's a. china has unveiled a plan to impose new national security laws on hong kong the legislation was proposed at the annual meeting of the country's largest this year which began today the law targets what beijing says is subversion and separatism in the chinese territory pro-democracy campaigners fear the changes will make it easier for beijing to act against them the proposals of triggered angry protests in the
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territory. beijing's new security lower has been met with fierce resistance and hong kong residents and lawmakers in a semi autonomous region are fighting to keep their special freedoms pro-democracy lawmakers were removed from the city's legislative council on friday after protesting what they say was an attempt by pledging to force the bill through without the consent. of kong's chief executive carlo seem to be part of the probe aging political establishment says she expects such protests to continue but thinks the new law is necessary there will be protests up all sorts in hong kong as we have seen but the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that without protection of national security many of the things that we enjoy many of the things that we treasure. will be lost joshua one prominent activist
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in hong kong's pro-democracy movement says beijing is trying to silence the territories critical voices with force and fear. that's the nightmare we must face and we must stand up. and post a national security law i think that's. the nation it's just about the secretary of communist party of china. some $3000.00 delegates from across the country have gathered for china's political event of the year the national congress and bridging the lower is the most controversial item on the edge. and. beijing has vowed to up hold hong kong special status but says the law is needed in the wake of protests and foreign interference. these activities have seriously challenged fundamental principles of one country 2 systems that have seriously undermined the rule of law threaten the sovereignty security and development
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interests of the country strong measures have to be taken according to the law to prevent stop and punish them. hong kong has been semi autonomous since britain returned the territory to china in 1997. special privileges including the right to assembly and free speech were promised under the one country 2 systems agreement. but beijing has long wanted more control over hong kong a similar law was scrapped in 2003 after fierce opposition as was an extradition bill that sparked last year's pro-democracy protests and plunged hong kong into crisis many fear the new bill could spell the end of autonomy in hong kong long before the one country 2 systems agreement is due to expire. take a look at some other stories making news around the world and nato allies have
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urged russia to comply with the decades old opens treaty this comes after u.s. president donald trump said america would pull out of the deal of what he called russian violations the treaty was designed to improve military transparency to try since said the u.s. may reconsider if russia comes into. the next month travelers riving in the u.k. will be required to spend 14 days in quarantine the government says regulations being used to prevent a 2nd corona virus outbreak the aviation sector has criticised the move say it will eliminate travel to the country which has the 2nd highest coronavirus death. in the world. the world health organization and unicef say the krona virus pandemic is interrupted immunization programs putting $80000000.00 children at risk and your report warns of lockdown measures of course many countries to suspend vaccinations for measles polio and cholera. for here's
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a look at some of today's coronavirus developments will start in india which is reported its biggest single day increase in cases with $6000.00 new infections indonesia has also seen its highest one day increase with 9 $173.00 of the search comes ahead of this weekend celebrations to mark the end of ramadan saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will keep mosques closed during the festival and to avoid the spread of infection and france's reshare jeweled a 2nd round of municipal elections and called off during its nationwide lock down vote will now be held on june the 28th with safeguards in place to mitigate the risk of contagion. well the pandemic in europe appears to be slowing down despite those escalating figures around the world people here in germany in the german capital offense venturing out doors as temperatures client the government continues to roll back the lockdown restrictions. spring and sun in berlin restaurants are
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open again shops playgrounds and cafes to and germans both young and old are making the most of it the country continues to ease restrictions on there is a sense that public life here has almost returned back to normal. when you walk around hocks like this one here in berlin or around neighborhoods where people are enjoying themselves having lunch outdoors or drinking coffee you may easily forget that only a few weeks ago the situation here in germany was very different back then people had been asked to remain mostly indoors you do get the impression that people here are a much more relaxed now and that is for many a matter of concern but those are clearly enjoying their regained freedoms but they are also skeptical from the get through i think it's going too fast because i think there might be a 2nd wave come to close all its momentum now in the cafe it is quite ok but i miss
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the gym and the club i have mixed feelings in the midst of. all and all i have to say it's a bit too early with all that has happened. despite these concerns germany seems to have the outbreak mostly under control and a vast majority of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus have since recovered nevertheless chancellor merkel has said people should remain vigilant as even though it would be depressing if we had to go back to restrict sions that we all want to leave behind because we want too much too fast. a clear warning as the country reopens and germans leave their homes to enjoy the warm weather. well as today is the un's international day for biological diversity i'd like to introduce you to flamingo bob bob survived getting tangled in plastic in the caribbean and that helps children learn about the role they can play in keeping wildlife safe nice work if you can get it. bob the flamingo is on
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a special mission. he's famous in curacao and around the world veterinarian or debt deuced saved his life after he got entangled with plastic waste he can no longer fly and his difficulties walking dead has taken him in both name is flamingo. i don't look up all the lug where bob only look like a ball. if you're not about once a week oh dad takes him to schools to raise awareness about protection of marine life. and mostly just to make children fall in love with the well so they're using the best of the audit talks to the kids about how trash left lying on the beach can be deadly for wild animals she explains that even big beautiful flamingos like bob can get trapped in the garbage and never get out which it's going to. bring on.
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the kids are thrilled with bob and they internalize the message plastic and wildlife don't mix. products work schedule is full even without farm on top of that she helps a lot of sick or injured wild birds she relies on donations to pay for treatment bombs job is to keep another flamingo ody company so that she will retain her natural behavior adept will release her back into the wild after 8 months you need to not beating help them put them back soon as. the time has come for o.t. to be released into the wild or death invite some kids from the neighborhood to accompany her they keep their distance and say farewell. the female flamingo knows exactly where she belongs and soon disappears into her flock.
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and bob he'll be swimming in the pool until it's time to get out and be a wildlife and basset or once again. this is t.w. news a lot more at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site that's t w dot com or you can follow us on twitter and instagram outs. with. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. and what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour corona update. covert 19 special next on d.v.d. .


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