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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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you know. this is g.w. news live from berlin and a passenger plane crashes in pakistan the aircraft came down near the southern port city of karachi close to a residential area which is to say the airbus a 320 tried to land several times before pilots it seemed to lose control. also coming up fears for the future of hong kong as china prepares to impose a new security law on the city beijing wants to use the law to rein in the democracy movement activists call for mass demonstrations and urged the international community to step back plus berlin's to bundesliga teams from here
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for there to be a cross town darby tonight without any plans to have an update from the olympic stadium here in the capital. i'm sorry kelly walking to the program a passenger jet with nearly 100 people on board has crashed in pakistan's largest city most of those on board are feared dead but 2 people are confirmed to have survived the crash witnesses say the pilots tried to land the jetliner 2 or 3 times before crashing in a residential area near the airport gracia's mayor says that the plane destroyed several homes as it went down. smoke rises from a dense neighborhood outside karate residents heard an explosion and felt the impact of a crash soon word spread a passenger plane. it had gone down among shops schools and houses. many just said
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. i saw lots of smoke in the sky from the rooftop of my house so i ran toward the scene and saw the wreckage of the plane's cockpit and the body of a pilot inside. of it. but i don't like the word god we found out the plane was unable to land and crashed here. emergency personnel arrived to search for bodies in the charred wreckage of the airbus a $320.00 which had crushed houses and was wedged in a narrow street. because of the crash is being investigated. as the pilot of the pakistan international airlines flight from the horde to caracas he attempted to land he reported engine failure. that was his last message to air traffic control. pakistan had resumed domestic commercial flights just
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earlier this week prime minister imran khan tweeted his condolences to the victims' families saying he was shocked and saddened by the crash and that he would initiate an inquiry into the disaster. local authorities say a small number of passengers survived but they fear a high number of casualties as doctors report dozens of victims among the neighborhoods residents. in china has unveiled a plan to impose sweeping national security laws on hong kong the legislation was proposed at the annual meeting of china's legislature which began today a law targets what beijing is calling subversion and separatism in hong kong this could make it easier to crackdown on the chinese territories pro-democracy movement the proposed legislation has triggered angry protests in hong kong many there are calling it an assault on the territories autonomy. beijing's new security law is being met with fears for. distance in hong kong residents and lawmakers in
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the semi autonomous region are fighting to keep their special freedoms scuffles broke out inside the legislative council pro-democracy lawmakers were forcibly removed. a probation legislator was escorted out amidst the uproar. and pro-democracy lawmakers accuse beijing of trying to force the bill through without their consent this is accompli destruction. all for one country 2 systems and and also is a compliment. of on promises made on the sign or british joint declaration as well as all the promises that have been made by the chinese government to all of the world it comes as some 3000 delegates from across the country gather for china's political event of the year the national
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congress in beijing the law is the most controversial item on the agenda beijing has vowed to uphold hong kong special status but says the law is needed in the wake of protests and foreign interference. these activities have seriously challenge the fundamental principles of one country 2 systems and have seriously undermined the rule of law threaten the sovereignty security and development interests of the country strong measures have to be taken according to the law to prevent stop and punish them. found kong has been semi autonomous since britain returned the territory to china in 1997. special privileges including the right to assembly and free speech were promised under the one country 2 systems agreement. but
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beijing has long wanted more control over hong kong a similar law was scrapped in 2003 after fierce opposition as well as an extradition bill that sparked last year's pro-democracy protests and plunge hong kong into crisis. activists fear the bill could spell the end of autonomy in hong kong long before the agreement is due to expire. and let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world 5 defendants in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi will likely be granted a reprieve from death sentences because g.'s sons say that they 4 gave their father's killers the defendants have been convicted of murder under islamic law forgiveness from a victim's family and lead to a formal pardon human rights experts say that the legal proceedings have been choreographed by the saudi government. travelers arriving in britain will be required to spend 14 days in quarantine the new regulation that aims to prevent
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a 2nd coronavirus outbreak takes effect next month the aviation sector says that the move will eliminate travel to the u k. britain has the 2nd highest one of our risk death toll in the world its government has faced widespread criticism for its haphazard response. the united nations says the health system and war torn yemen has effectively collapse as the wrong a virus spreads hospitals are turning patients away made an acute lack of medical supplies and protective equipment the u.n. needs some 2 $1000000000.00 to fund aid programs this year. while the coronavirus pandemic may be taking all of our attention at the moment but that doesn't mean that all of the other crises in the world have been resolved the situation in venezuela is a case in point where than 5000000 people have fled the country and their plight is being worsened by the coronavirus crisis. it's
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a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. need to used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the drug a funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus john always worries the dangerous work yes to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and watch this is closed with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. i'm always afraid afraid to affect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru
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has over 108000 confirmed covert 9000 cases in over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current locked up. conditions are making it even harder for the estimated $850000.00 venezuelan migrants in peru to make ends meet the e.u. and spain are about to hold a donor's conference in solidarity with venezuelan refugees and migrants and countries in the region amid the pandemic but for now has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela. the eyes of a football deprived world will turn to the german capital so night as head to berlin host city bibles in berlin there will be no fans allowed in berlin's olympic stadium but more people than ever before will be watching the contest on television the blenders think of remains the only major european league to have returned from
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the coronavirus suspension. preparing for the taunts from thousands of rival fans is usually one of the hurdles a player must clear before an intercity darby but not this time the coronavirus pandemic means the stuns will be empty when on your own berlin head to head they're looking to do the double over their city neighbors but bundesliga survival remains the name of the game i mean does explain getting 6 points in total against chata. so an additional 3 would help with our main goal of staying in the league at all. also for me the 1st priority is staying in the legal not being city champions in the years that. meisterschaft had eased further from trouble with a 3 male win at hoffenheim last weekend the 11th placed side say at one point and
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one spot above 3rd darby rivals there was criticism that the players celebrations against hoffenheim were too hands on hygiene guidelines say players shouldn't talk but now coach bruno of india wants to concentrate on the actual football even if his 2nd game in charge will be another surreal affair. or hexes how much we've already talked a lot of banks have this isn't just darby we would have imagined there's absolutely no question about that could we don't want to think about that anymore we've had enough of that over the past few months from now our focus has to be on want we can influence the soulish. good it'll be a berlin darby like no other without any funds the players will have to generate all the passion. and we are joined now by the noise from data for it's outside of
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olympic stadium ahead of tonight's game tom big derby no fans you get lonely out there yet was probably likely to be a fairly lonely evening for everybody involved. and that includes the players who obviously going to be missing their supporters tonight playing in an empty olympia start your now it's not really done the doggie day atmosphere any favors as you can probably imagine because a game like this usually leaves off everything that goes on around in the anticipation to the game in the stands of course when we think back to the 1st leg of this dog the. ground back in november those fantastic choreographed displays from each set of fans you know are of course going to be missing tonight it's football stripped of its bare bones of $22.00 players and in this case 75000 empty seats but as we heard in the report of course the the city championship or the meisterschaft as it's known is on the line so nonetheless
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a dramatic evening our police expecting any fans to congregate congregate outside of the stadium well as you can probably see behind me there's not very much going on here at the moment now usually on the usual match day this place that i'm standing in would be full of fans drinking a last drink before heading into take their seats. at the moment that's not really the case now we spoke to some police here just a few moments ago and they told us that they're not particularly worried they don't have any information to suggest that there are any large gatherings to be planned and you know this was something that was discussed a lot when the debate around the so-called ghost games was in full flow whether or not fans could be trusted to stay away or whether they would gather outside stadiums which would of course be a social distancing disaster but we saw last weekend that those gatherings haven't materialized and i think there's nothing to suggest this evening that this is going to be any different let's get to the get actual game itself now who is favored to
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win. i think it's probably fair to say this time that heads a can regard themselves as favorites just about now they only just got their noses in front of it on your own in the league as we heard there in the report and that was bruno live at the year's 1st game in charge last weekend but it was a very different hats aside and a much more impressive one than we saw in the 1st leg of this darby back in november of last year having said that these are still 230 well matched teams there's not very much to tell between them and when you and i have also been very effective particularly from set pieces so far this season that counter attacks have occasionally been very quick and ruthless they've had to don't manage to deal with those 2 things they could be in for a very difficult evening like i said i think hatcher of just about probably are going into this one as favorites but very difficult match to call and you know with so much on the line i would like to make a prediction tongan i outside of berlin's olympic stadium thank you and with
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that now you're up to date on g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin and i'll be back in 45 minutes with more news right here on t.w. in the meantime you can get the latest on our web site e.w. dot com you can also follow us on social media thank you very much for joining us take care and. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. that ground information and news. our corona. covered 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss a trick just through the top.


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