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this is the w. news live from berlin a passenger plane crashes in pakistan after off came down near the southern port city of karachi close to a residential area witnesses say the ad was a 320 trying to land several times before pilots seemed to lose control. also coming up fears for the future of hong kong as china prepares to impose a new security law on the city beijing wants to use the law to rein in the democracy movement activists call for mass demonstrations and urge the
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international community to step in. plus no easy way out the coronavirus crisis is making life even harder for the millions of people who have fled venezuela and the country is hosting that is the u.n. doing enough to help will be getting some answers from the u.n. high commission of refugees. welcome to the program a passenger jet with about $100.00 passengers and crew on board has crashed and pakistan's southern city of karachi authorities said the plane operated by state run pakistani international airlines was on route from lahore the airbus a 320 came down in a residential area just moments before it was due to last. let's
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now bring in the sheen abbas she's a journalist based in islamabad. apparently the plane crashed into a residential area what more can you tell us. this was a very heavily populated residential area very near that therefore it's very congested and we've seen video that nearby residents meet that and even witnesses have said that this father. circled around a couple of times before it crashed into or all of this but what we can see is that his friends again near to gary near the airport where the plane could be terry supposed to land is very very heavily congested and populated. you know by now if there are any reports of survival. there are rumors there are rumors being. that are on cordero sense here. and there are rumors but nothing has been confirmed yet of and he said. well we've been
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hearing that the plane may made up to 3 attempts to land that seems to point to technical problems what have you been hearing about thus. it was mentioned that the chief engineer has said and given a green light on this airbus being fully fully airworthy however the pilot had mentioned that there were 10 people difficulties witnesses said that the plane had taken a few rounds attempted to land but what and. yes technical difficulties 9 were there even though on the part of the chief engineer had said that it was fully safe to fly this thing this in of us there and it's not about bringing us up to date about a passenger plane has crashed in pakistan thank you very much. i was turning to kong critics are calling it
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a historic turning point for visiting china is preparing to impose a new law on the city but banning quote subversion and separatism critics say it's a push by beijing to and pro-democracy protests and with affectively bring the territory under direct rule beijing says its aim is to come to threats to national security. beijing's new security law is being met with fierce resistance in hong kong residents and lawmakers in the semi autonomous region are fighting to keep their special freedoms scuffles broke out inside the legislative council pro-democracy lawmakers were forcibly removed. a probation legislator was escorted out amidst the uproar. pro-democracy lawmakers accuse beijing of trying to force the bill through without their consent this is accompli destruction. all for one country 2 systems
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and and also is a compliment. of on promises made on the sign or british joint declaration as well as all the promises that have been made by the chinese government to all of the world it comes as some 3000 delegates from across the country gather for china's political event of the year the national congress in beijing the law is the most controversial item on the agenda beijing has vowed to uphold hong kong special status but says the law is needed in the wake of protests and foreign interference. these activities have seriously challenged the fundamental principles of one country 2 systems and have seriously undermined the rule of law threaten the sovereignty security and development interests of the country strong measures have
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to be taken according to the law to prevent stop and punish them. found kong has been semi autonomous since britain returned the territory to china in 1997. special privileges including the right to assembly and free speech were promised under the one country 2 systems agreement. but beijing has long wanted more control over hong kong a similar law was scrapped in 2003 after fierce opposition as well as an extradition bill that sparked last year's pro-democracy protests and plunge hong kong into crisis. activists fear the bill could spell the end of autonomy in hong kong long before the agreement is due to expire. well suppose i were to beijing now where fabienne satchmo is following the story for us
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barbara what the most important point for this model. i would say there are 3 main points and 1st. cracking down on the stick to the tease and also force effectively basically everything that could promote independence i mean hong kong's independence from mainland china secondly i mean to enforce the law possibly china could install their own security force on the ground which would be. something that has never been that you've never seen before and certainly china can use a loophole of the constitution to. implement the law without that he needs to approval of the legislation of the phone call so we know that actually . such a national security law doesn't enjoy any support from the. from the population or just a small. support because the last time try to actually implement such
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a law there were so many protests back in 2003 that they actually had to abandon the promise and the sort of plans for what is be joining in the long run trying to achieve them. i mean they they're trying to solve the conflict on their own terms and we see i think it's interesting that beijing as well as the pro-democracy movement they are the one country 2 systems pledge and have beijing things to keep trying to restart the order in beijing and they see it as a threat that you know the. pro-democracy movement which still enjoys a lot of support in hong kong are promoting independence and also that they are infiltrated by foreign forces and basically financed by the same think tanks from the u.s. so basically beijing is sending a message of power that control the situation and once to stop any interference the hong kong government which is probating has said it will fully cooperate with
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a new law and pro-democracy activists are mobilizing in response. we spoke to an activist joshua wong who described the new law as a nightmare and called for help from the international community let's have a listen to what he had to say that we come back to you father that's the nightmare do we must need to face and we must stand up and i can see and beijing imposed the national security in law i think that's it's not about the secretary of the nation is just about the secretary of communist party of china recall allies around the world to support hong kong people against the national security law that erodes on fundamental and basic freedoms freedom so we read it wish no matter you asked or european country could impose the hong kong human rights and democracy act all global when it's good and has the sanction mechanism and let beijing realize that college how to china is not the only way out there is strong and critical was there
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from just one and the plea for international help other any indications fabienne that someone might call for help. yeah i mean 1st of all i have to say that it's not only do you also want. i mean we've already seen scuffles in the legislative council in hong kong and yet of course there are not so many lies the pro-democracy movement has i mean basically they can count on the help and to support from the u.s. government and they reacted the strongest basically trump said i'm quoting here now . and washington could react very strongly to to the new law and possibly also some european countries could voice to support maybe the german government but yes we have to see that the relationship between the u.s. and china is at an all time low i mean it's never been asked bad at least since 89 when beijing yeah crack down on the student movement here in beijing that to
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tiananmen square. but aside from hong kong by general also seems to be hardening its language with taiwan which it regards as a breakaway province. yeah i mean prime minister today gave a speech and he basically encouraged all the citizens in taiwan to promote reunification with the motherland with china and usually they would always at the term peaceful reunification and this time he left out the word peacefully actually that's a symbolic sign and yes. just elected or reelected a new president that's very very critical towards beijing and even the opposition that's more friendly to what's beijing's you know it's also distancing itself much more to beijing they are not many people left who would actually favor unification with china it's only a very very small minority. 5 extra in beijing reporting.
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of the national people's congress comes as china has abandoned annual economic growth targets for the 1st time in 30 years it cited the coronavirus and global uncertainty as reasons in his annual work reports to the congress premier league jan said china has set a target of creating $9000000.00 new urban jobs he also promised to increase spending and financing to support the economy contracted by some 7 percent in the 1st quarter of this year alone. every level. i know much about if it coonan from good of you business or resident to china. you've covered the national people's congress of 14 years in a row. this has never happened before why has china ditched its annual growth focus for the 1st time in decades i think it's very significant i mean no one's ever seen anything like this pandemic before even though china's coming out of the pandemic
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it's still reliant so much on what happens in the rest of the world so clearly with so many different moving parts there's decisions made not to have to deal with the issue of g.d.p. forecast there was a particular focus on unemployment in there by some estimate i was reading today 80000000 people are without work in china which is nearly the same populations germany and so they've got a lot of problems to deal with so i think at the moment they're holding fire on the g.d.p. forecast how is europe coping with china's slowdown and of course of the slowdown in china has an effect around the world but the potential of europe it's a big factor for europe european project the same germany we have the carmakers are very big in china obviously what happens there has a huge impact at the same time politically things have been difficult we've seen china's been trying to intervene with went with that when europe was making statements about the pound demick and so there's a lot of political tensions there and the economic pressures are kind of following
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in the wake so i think what we're going to see over the course of this year there will be meetings high level meetings between the e.u. and china but finding an investment plan and i think gradually those will take shape are terms there is going to take place but the background you always have the u.s. and china trade spot which hasn't gone away if anything it's gotten worse because the political situation there is so much worse so there again as with everything in we've seen on the economic side with the pandemic there are just way too many balls in the air that look back into china itself what will you do to get the workers but on the assembly line. well there's talking about introducing some kind of fiscal stimulus making it easier for them to borrow money and we've seen looking at cold coal push and coal usage we've seen that it's already up to around where it was last year so people are back at work but it's still a big problem in the in the services sector and those sort of areas so i think what
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we're going to see is the ruby stimulus but they're going to try and spread around the economy and make it as broad a thing as possible so that gradually china can come back to you know to work political an affiliate of your business thank you now it's time for a look at some of today's coronavirus developments around the world india has reported its biggest single day rise in cases with 6000 new infections indonesia has also seen as high as one they rise with 973 new infections the surge comes ahead of this weekend's celebrations marking the end of ramadan saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will be keeping most slows for prayers during the eve of the 1st of all to avoid the spread of the disease and france rescheduled a 2nd round of municipal elections that were called off during its nationwide lockdown the vote will be held on june 28th amid safeguards to mitigate contagion
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wrists. now the pandemic maybe. but that doesn't mean all the other crises in the world. the situation in venezuela is a case in point more than 5000000 people have fled the country and their plight is being was the coronavirus says. it's a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the p. durango funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus john always worries the dangerous work yes to do might end
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up harming his family before returning home he always showers and washes is closed with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. i'm always afraid afraid to infect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru has over 108000 confirmed covered 9000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 800 $50000.00 venezuelan migrants in peru to make ends meet the e.u. and spain are about to hold a donor's conference in solidarity with venezuelan refugees and migrants and countries in the region amid the pandemic but for now it has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela. joining me now from geneva is the united nations high
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commissioner for refugees philippa grundy it's going to overall how much has the situation of venezuelan refugees worsened in countries like pirro chile or colombia during this and. it has worsened in 2 ways 1st and we heard your very telling story of the of mr alon it was worsened because of the exposure to the virus but this is for everybody the next wayland's and nationals of the many countries that are hosting that. the problem is that for many venezuelans inclusion in health responses is difficult they have less taxes they're not theirs in spite of the incredible generosity of course countries and the other dimension is of course economic 80 percent of the 5000000 venezuelans seen the region live of daily wages very fragile incomes that are the 1st ones to disappearing like that we
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see it even in richer countries in europe in north america these are the 1st people to lose their livelihoods and this happens a lot to the next when and so we have an economic hemorrhage and see alongside that if you talk about an economic emergency there the e.u. and spain now want to collect money for venezuelan refugees at a donor conference in a few days do you think is the international community in india and that includes the un doing enough that. well let me tell you 1st of all it is great that the e.u. and spain. have taken this initiative of course the u.n. knees very much involved in this conference as well in particular unit shark and i you and the international organization of migrations will be what we've been working together with donors to explain 2 things one we have urgent humanitarian needs to be satisfied about one and a half $1000000000.00 for this year so far we've got very little of that money
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maybe less than 5 percent we launched the appeal already several months ago but then we also need to mobilize resources to shore up health systems and source of safety nets indy's countries and this is really more the responsibility of the world than called the entire american development bank will beak bilateral 8 entities so it's a 2 track donor conference that we take place on tuesday defer stede back we were getting from donors is good ok on both tracks let's hope that at least a substantial part of these needs can be met it would be a crucial signal for countries and communities hosting venezuelans and of an assailant themselves mr brown the let me point your let's let's have a look at another crisis right now facing refugees here in europe
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a new findings that we presented here on g.w. yesterday suggest that greek authorities have been beating migrants and illegally deporting them back to turkey reports of the alleged physical assault emerged earlier this year and thousands of migrants gathered in border areas off the turkish authorities encourage them to travel to europe many of whose the greek police are arresting them without warrants and forcing them onto boats bound for turkey with running what is the the u.n.h. the us reaction to these accusations against greek authorities. we've been in constant dialogue with the greek authorities book both back then you remember that was in the context of a lot of people from turkey piling up at the greek border yes and there was a strong reaction on the part of greece to aspects which we thought where excessive and we raised this issue with the greek authorities that pressure have subsided for now we have received reports recently of some pushbacks of boats or
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people arriving across the aegean sea there's been very very few arrivals during the entire period of more please let me let me just interrupt you here for one sentence if you raise with the authorities but is that enough to raise it politely with the with the greek authorities i mean what have they said probably that everything was ok. no will not always in some cases they have recognized that this has happened these latest reports that you are mentioning we haven't got any confirmation yet which simply raised we've got the reports we have no confirmation that you know this is not our responsibility our responsibility is to flag abends see when it is wrong in up lies and the right things to do and what we are is not for they had to take care of the welfare of those refugees i would think that's very much in the remit of the u.n. as they are. so i didn't say that i said that the responsibility of accepting then is the responsibility of states and then of course we've been working very hard for
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the past 5 years with the recall thought it is to ensure do welfare to the extent possible as those refugees you know recently this being that european states that finally after the years of negotiation have accepted to take for example another a number of miners from the islands this being in acceptance by the greek state to move the most vulnerable especially because of the endemic alt of the centers in some of the islands to better places so there's been some evolution there's been some progress it's difficult greens he's still very much left out all on the frontline of this crisis just like malta italy and other front line. countries you know there has been really is distant to share the same europe we've been advocating for the system for how long for 5 years this didn't it's still subject to negotiation almost case by case and these problems we continue to occur if we
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don't have these systems viscerally you mentioned the greek islands refugees that have tested positive for covert 19 are concerned are you about that and what does the un it's their plan to do with this crisis that's developing. actually do the majority of the refugees and asylum seekers who tested positive are on the mainland not on the islands if you will in the islands as well but limited numbers as i said degree government has taken some good decisions to move out of the isle of the centers in particular the people that are most exposed and they're really people or people who have medical conditions so that operation has been going on for the past few weeks and continues but clearly those centers are overcrowded and without him or the size of people to the mainland problems we continue to exist in particular if not crossings from turkey resume in larger numbers and the population goes up again if you have
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a ground in the united nations high commissioner for refugees thank you thank you and you can find the full report of all the allegations against greece on the w.'s website w dot com turning to germany where restrictions are gradually being eased across the country now allowed to travel to other regions many are now taking the opportunity to finally get outside and visit some of the nation's best left to sites. a scene of natural calm a lake in bavaria but looks can be deceptive thousands of people seize the chance to head for the hills again it's not 1st trip in many weeks and tourists cheered by the relaxation of pandemic restrictions locals not so much. so if you want to cross the road or park your car it's completely full everywhere and . a different story at the other end of the country on the island of zilch
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it's normally packed with tourists but now very few people are allowed onto the island and it's speeches. it's this it's a feeling of freedom again with the sea and the sun in the air. in hamburg tourist boats are back in the harbor after 2 months but now with reduced capacity. to benefit as the ships aren't so full. we booked 3 days in hamburg you just have to get away. people have been getting away to the banks of the elbow river and dresden it's almost as if the look down is water under the bridge but when you when you think of all the restrictions it's now the total opposite in the beer gardens along the river social distancing appears to be the exception not the rule people are happy to raise a glass to their newly regained freedom. and hope that things stay this way.
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and that's it from me on the news team back with an update. meantime you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our web site. the full. complete.
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