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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2020 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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you know. this is g.w. news live from berlin and outrage in hong kong over china's plans to impose new security laws on the city beijing wants to crack down on civil unrest after violence and pro-democracy mass protests but local lawmakers say it's an attack on hong kong's cherished freedoms also coming up. donald trump holds the u.s. out of a major arms control agreement tromping says moscow has not been sticking to the open skies treaty which was supposed to build trust. and
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a worldwide coronavirus cases it topped 5000000 as brazil battles to control its spiraling outbreak the government is facing growing criticism over its handling of the crisis. i'm claire richards and welcome to the show lawmakers in hong kong say new security laws that china wants to impose on the city are an attack on its autonomy the legislation is aimed at curbing the city's pro-democracy movement after widespread violence that mass protests the legislation is one of the centerpieces of china's annual national people's congress which is getting underway now in beijing there's outrage at the proposals in hong kong which is a special administrative region of china. some 3000 delegates from all over china have gathered for the national congress in beijing normally lasting 2 weeks the on
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your congress has been shortened this year to just one because of the corona virus pandemic so it straight down to business the national committee chair says new security laws for hong kong will be discussed on day one 3rd says i need you and i wouldn't go to ensure the policy of one country 2 systems is firmly up held over the long term we will strengthen the sense of mission and political responsibility of national committee members representing hong kong and macau and firmly support the improvement of systems and mechanisms for enforcing china's constitution and the basic laws of those 2 special administrative region. i. hate ging has long considered limiting opposition movements in hong kong but the issue intensified after a large anti-government protests last year when pro-democracy activists took to hong kong streets to protest a number of proposed changes to the city's laws. the demonstrators believe by aging
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is chipping away at the territories unique rights to assembly and free speech just this month a number of hong kong law my kids would drag from parliament amid a row about a chinese national anthem bill that would criminalize disrespect of the song. on thursday many legislators said the central communist party was targeting its grip on hong kong. i just want to say to the international community. no mistake about the program referred to the government. promised to the hong kong people and a new low is coming from by general most certain to spark more protests in hong kong and attract attention from the wider world. ofeibea has following this story for us and joins us now from beijing fabien what more can you tell us about these new laws. here where i stand just
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a stone's throw away at the national people's congress the biggest political event of the year in maine and china is just stopping this minute and during that congress actually the government here wants to propose a national security law that should read eradicate all subversive activities in hong kong and also eradicate foreign infiltration so of course this is a move directed at the pro-democracy movement i mean since last year there were huge protests and this conflict has developed and solved it only came to a standstill because of the coronavirus situation and the last time actually that at that time to hong kong government tried to install a national security law there are so many protests into cells in the street that actually the plan had to be abandoned well tell us more about what is at stake what exactly would this mean for hong kong and the democracy movement there. it could mean the end or it definitely will escalate further because beijing's the right of
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the pro-democracy movement the protests are basically foreign infiltration and that it's directed by spies that it's financed by the us cetera so all of this quite a subversive. force of so illegal so i think that actually this is the big blow the big. demonstration of power tool. you have perspective solve the conflict so basically deceived the protest movement right now in hong kong that there are restrictions in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus are you expecting people will still come out to protest like we saw before the pandemic yeah definitely i mean if you look at the numbers there are roughly 30 to 40 x. cases coronavirus at least published by the authorities the. second wave of infections but the anger among the civil society and among the activists and the pro-democracy movement it's really high they basically see the.
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pledge by the central government in beijing the one country 2 systems are basically broken and they are really angry so i expect that there will be demonstrations relatively large number of a probably not as large. basically the whole city or half of the population on the streets basically what how quickly could a lot be implemented. this is only speculation i mean usually the central government here cannot just simply implement. last hong kong but there's a hole so i expect that basically as fast as the central government wants to implement it. in beijing thank you so much fair reporting. well china's national people's congress is now in session in beijing before the opening of communist party leaders held
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a minute's silence for the victims of the corona virus and will high on the city where the global pandemic began will hands offered more than 50000 cope in 1000 cases but the number of deaths in china has remained relatively low and fewer than 5000. president donald trump is pulling the u.s. out of an important arms control treaty trump says russia has not been complying with the open skies agreement the deal was signed 2 decades ago to increase military transparency it will be the 3rd arms control trump has scrapped he also canceled by an f. nuclear treaty with russia and the nuclear accord on iran. let's go now to alexandra phenomenon in washington d.c. how important is this open skies treaty and why does president trump want to withdraw from it while the treaty has been very important for stabilizing relations between the u.s. it's the european allies and russia because it's grants mutual commission to send
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reconnaissance flights over the entire territory of its 34 members and it means that they have been allowed to spy on the one the navara to see what is going on on the ground in terms of troop movements or military buildup and the purpose of all of this was to build trust and. to make sure that they know that no one is planning an attack but it's also not a secret that the trumpet ministration has been complaining for quite a while now that russia has been violating this treaty and why the u.s. official said today that it's now we reached a point at which we need to say enough is enough and let's have a listen to what's president trump had to say on this decision. well we have an agreement where we have agreed and the other side doesn't adhere to it in many cases they're old 3 days old agree ridge then we pull out also so i think what's going to happen is we're going to pull out they're going to go back you want to
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make a deal we've got a very good relationship lately with russia you could do that with respect to oil and watch that but it would go well that sounds like a quite familiar argument from trump of framing this as a chance to make a better deal is that what he's after here. well you know clear that he views himself as the best deal maker in the world and he has no respect for deals made and he's pretty sore so maybe he is hoping for a new better agreement and the announcements today has just started or will start at 6 months a clock to the final withdrawal so there is still time to negotiate however it's not clear right now how a solution can be found that would satisfy the trump administration but i also think it's important to mention that it could also be that the trump administration is trying to press press russia to be more forthcoming in other areas it was just
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announced today that the u.s. is planning to start a new a nuclear arms talks with china and russia because the u.s. administration is convinced that china needs to join such international agreements well this is of course a multilateral a treaty with 34 different thing in tory's so how would a u.s. withdrawal affect other countries in the agreement. it would be a fresh lot to the transatlantic unity to do you have peon security we have to say because does treaty has been very important for many nations in europe even if they remain in the treaties forever likely that russia is going to cut off its flights that elyse used to toumani toure what's going on at their borders this was very important for or very important for the baltic states and for smaller states states do not have significant settle capabilities so this treaty is very important for
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europe and for nato and that's why we're going to see a lot of activity a lot of talks need to investors are going to need to morrow and the german foreign minister mas has already called on the u.s. to reconsider its decision alexandra phenomena in washington d.c. thank you well let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world a man who filmed the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man a model are buried has been charged with the murder in the u.s. 25 year olds are barry was jogging when he was shot dead after a confrontation with a father and son february the case sparked widespread scrutiny of law enforcement handling of the incident resulting in nationwide protests. lockdown measures are hampering relief efforts in india and bangladesh where site lone pine has left a trail of destruction more than 80 people have been killed millions in coastal
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communities are without electricity. outdoor swimming pools are reopening in germany as daily life gradually returns to normal swimmers have been taking to the water again after restrictions were loosened in time for the ascension day public holiday. well the number of confirmed worldwide kovan 1000 cases has topped 5000000 many new infections are in south america brazil has the 3rd highest global caseload and there's growing criticism of the government's handling of the crisis. but only a small group of mourners is allowed to gather at the cemetery in rio de janeiro the deceased woman was 22 years old and doctors say she had several symptoms of cope at 19. her father is grief stricken. with a specific many brazilians don't wear masks they need to be aware that the virus is real my daughter is buried over there. president also naro has
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played down the pandemic even though the number of cases of brazil is increasing he's allowing unrestricted use of the anti-malaria drug chloroquine but experts say it could have serious side effects that's why the governor of south paulo wants to ban it. will not allow unrestricted use importantly because scientists do not recommend it and no one. so paul knows governor has also threatened to impose a lockdown because not everyone is practicing physical distancing meanwhile the city cemeteries are prepared for more burials hundreds of graves have been dug so paulo has registered by far the most corona virus infections and deaths in brazil since the start of the pandemic the health care system in the amazon region has already collapsed doctors work around the clock fighting to save patients' lines and cheering on those who recover as they leave the hospital.
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well from deer venturing into london to the return of rare sea turtles in thailand virus lockdowns have allowed nature to thrive and lots of unusual ways here in berlin a group of wild boar took a little trip into the city last week about 20 of them including piglets roamed berlin's a southern district of sail and are it wasn't long before police arrived and blocked off the street to help them safely on their way. and the reminder of the top story we're following for you china is moving to impose a sweeping new national security laws it could limit opposition activity in hong kong the ruling communist party is set to discuss the legislation that china's annual parliamentary meeting is now underway. and president donald trump says the u.s. will withdraw from an arms control treaty known as open skies because russia has
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not been complying with the agreement that was signed nearly 2 decades ago to increase military transparency. you're watching t.w. news don't forget you can keep up to date with all the latest on our website that student news dot com you can follow us on twitter and instagram too i'm tired richard ben thanks for watching. your. good. old boat too much for that matter to. come through in. order for it takes. around the know. how to explain to her the look at how your made from arms.


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