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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2020 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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extra mile that's exactly right according to the better myself nicole is there with some good news for a change thank you. you're watching the w. news treat ferguson is up next with v.w. business stick around she'll be right back. to. my 1st boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by this ocean will remember something as simple as learning how to write a bicep isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to them despite their. finally they gave up and went on buying on bicycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than riding a bike. is not all i want to meet those mormon back home who are bones about into
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things and social norms and inform them about the basic rights my name is the about of people homes and a war that's going to. be. the worst ever period for the u.s. labor market $22000000.00 people lose their jobs in just one of months meanwhile a government funds for helping small businesses dries up is this crisis more than the american economy can bear. also coming up in the air as long as grocery shopping is one of the few ashing still alive we'll tell you why that's proving to be good for small businesses initially. on how safe is your home
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office and so the growth in video called has exposed some serious security flaws in conferencing. software. this is a business thank you ferguson thanks for joining me one in 7 people in the united states have lost their jobs in the past month and the number keeps on rising more than 5000000 people applied for unemployment benefits in the past week alone that brings the total jobs lost in the past month to almost $22000000.00 the highest spike in the u.s. history many businesses across the country remain closed to prevent the spread of the pandemic meanwhile a $349000000000.00 fund to support small businesses has run i'm just money i'm some more let's cross fight over to financial correspondent gets caught in a new york yancey us president donald trump has made some grand gesturing about reopening the economy what are the risks of making this move too soon. well
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the big risk has said we might see a setback so that the virus strikes back so economists they kind of use the term of for w. was so 1st to you have for the crisis then a little recovery and done another drop but that is actually just an economic alphabet soup but clearly that's the big threat that we might reopen to early end of the virus might come back but what a lot of companies are actually saying is before we really really start the economy we need definitely more testing so that companies said specially the employers if the employees feel safe to return to work. against you mentioned earlier that a fund to support small businesses has dried up doesn't this suggest that the u.s. government has vastly underestimated the extent of this crisis. well i mean there
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are those reports that the government initially might have underestimated the crisis but then again it's not that washington hasn't really done quite a bit in the past couple of weeks from the government from the federal reserve each pumping more than 2 trillion dollars them into the economy and now there is some political struggle going on about a new and rescue package for small business owners but there seem to be some disagreements but one is clear what we're talking about here that is those are rescue funds and that once we get the health crisis under a bit better control then we will see probably more hundreds of billions of dollars so trillions of dollars that are needed to really kick start the economy and what it means if periods of people on the ground and then what are you hearing from workers who have lost their jobs and are trying to access these benefits you know well and just look behind me i'm standing here on broadway in the financial district so usually a bustling was life it's russia who are usually saw
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a not so good day well i did talk to a couple of people and a lot of them are quite frustrated because they're saying they were waiting some of them for hours on line on by telephone to actually claim for unemployment at 8 and eventually if they gave up so that tells us that the unofficial number of people without jobs are probably higher than we already know and experience there is a little bit of hope that once we partially restart the economy that at least some of those jobs will come back rather soon but what we've experienced here was the economy like a light switch the economy got shut off for one second almost to another and unlike it like this which we will not be able to just switch the economy back on as it was before. to new york thanks so much for your insights. here in germany the government is taking
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a cautious approach to reopening the economy from monday smaller shops will be allowed to reopen as long as they enforce strict social distancing rules some schools will reopen in may but kindergartens and daycare facilities will stay closed earlier we spoke to last felts from the german council of economic experts which is advising the government on its response to the pandemic we asked him just how badly the coronavirus will hurt the german economy well. presented or protection order economy for this year a couple of weeks ago we thought this 5 weeks of shutdown and. slowly 'd. you know opening up good economy again. which cost us about 3 percent of g.d.p. so a minus. given that shut down it's. much more strongly into relaxation. but expect that the downturn has got stronger that they're going to
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have a recession that is. folks like and says it will not meet its forecast for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic the german carmakers 1st quarter profits tumbled more than 80 percent to $900000000.00 euros p.w. is currently restarting production in stages and plans to reopen its facilities in the german city of speak out onto the slovak capital brushless nava next week. now with much of the world in lockdown grocery shopping is one of the few reasons people have to leave the hates because of social distancing rules though this often means joining a long line outside supermarkets initially this has led to a surprise renascence for some smaller food stores where customers don't face such a long way. also these days of intensity going to go already or has had a lot to do since the coronavirus outbreak forced italians to respect social
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distancing more and more customers are visiting his food in vegetable store. look at everything 1st i lived near here 2nd at the supermarket they're huge lines 3rd anyway i used to come even before i know him i trust him he has good things and that's it about. the reversal of the trend of cons you must flocking to giant supermarkets has prompted the renaissance fos mall shopkeepers and neighborhood grocery stores. that these get out and this misfortune is good for us but i don't like the situation anyway because health is at stake. when i go back to lean easterly contests and his staff are quite busy too. despite many people staying at home due to the partial lockdown. well you know so little in this period we're working more we've lost our customers of the nearby workplaces but there's an increase of residents who have returned to buying food in small shops we offer
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quality products friendly service maybe a joke to make this period less dramatic and people appreciate that too and that was one of the hope of all those shop on us that many customers we remain loyal to small stores after the coronavirus crisis is over. and the other business stories making news around the world german ventilator maker until they go back is experiencing an unprecedented boom in demand as a result of the coronavirus the company has sharking raised its forecasts for 2020 after seeing its orders for medical equipment surge in the 1st quarter it's also planning to build a plant for the production of end 95 face masks in the u.s. later this year. the international monetary fund is expecting the asia pacific region to post 0 growth this year this is for the 1st time since the 1960 s. massive drop in industrial and retail activity major supply chain disruption and
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a huge collapse into mon from europe and north america has been felt across the continent since the beginning of the year. now over the past few weeks millions of people have begun working from home for many this means taking part in video conference calls as a result of platforms that offer these services like zoom have seen exponential growth but the trend has also exposed a range of worrying security catches. in the age of coronavirus people keeping their distance are seeking to gather less digitally using platforms i don't want some familiar millions working from home uploading sensitive data to cloud servers or chatting about work related matters germany's top data protection official list kandahar is worried. believe me. when attentional association catch up here authorities and businesses are now noticing that the infrastructure was
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only part of their body and now they have to come up with temporary work arounds a few of them are problematic when it comes to both cyber security and data protection. modest and some say the popular video chat programs zoom is problematic with reports of hacked meetings stolen data and vague privacy statements zoom in and a few of the zooms flaws have trod attention in recent weeks but because they were quickly dealt with they've been viewed as forgivable and still it's an image that suggests the firm doesn't take users privacy and security all too seriously. and c.e.o. eric yuan says zoom is now focusing on security fixes but how is this all supposed to work with a lock down and spending more time online will data protection fall by the wayside . we have to make sure that we don't forget the rule of law in light of all this
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we're improvising at the moment we're trying out a lot of new things coming as a. free i think individuals should use common sense data can be kept locally in devices instead of uploading it you can encrypt important data those are the basic principles of data protection. one can see in the stopping short service now of those principles some more important than ever coronavirus is causing major changes to both the real world and the digital domain. and that's all we have time for from me and the entire business team here in berlin it's good bye and taking.
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enter the conflict zone you're off to the war goes on with no i didn't cite the food who's really trying to stop the fire just this week here in munich is the country's foreign minister mohammad abdullah on how germans come to thousands of civilian casualties and the enormous human suffering. from now for. a click so for. 60 minutes d.w. . county. gober your concept discomfort with. after 100 years the ideals of the body more relevant today than they were. under. the most people understood design as a way of shaping society. about how some man does cross
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over. with ideas that are part of our future somehow a part of our. way. our documentary stories may. get a bit. dull. hello and welcome to another edition of africa while we highlight environmental topics on ideas from europe and africa saundra to nobody on these week we'll be looking out the many ways you can recycle plastic west i am in kampala uganda and zora he's hosting we have my colleague. in nigeria.


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