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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2020 11:15am-11:31am CET

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that's the latest from d.w. news this hour and stay tuned for a shift living in the digital age in the meantime you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to d.w. dot com american i haven't seen from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for the company. to. be there i'm david and this is climate change sex. happiness increase book. this is the place for you to. get smarter for free to go where you go on you tube. southern napalm 250 people are about to see again. he is more of them. closer to an improvised clinic
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that's being set up in the tunnel complex. and the next day you. can see if you see anything that a reporter on the move within a police officer just dr drew eat seeing the light starts temporary any on t.w. . fridges that know it was at the door talking glasses and robots that mow the lawn on their own smart devices are meant to make our lives easier but they also gathering all private data the internet of things the smart but how secure is it i want topics today on shift. i old see all the internet all things is a network of devices that can communicate by a built in mini computer. for example has integrated so. and says that money to and
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regulate room temperature that can safe heating costs of vacuum cleaners that operate independently can save us time boys assistance always haven't opened it for us and can even tell other devices what we want by the way what do you think alexa is used most for they've limp head of amazon hardware has some interesting news customers ask echo over a 1000000000 times a year. this alexa what time is. the talking clock. the internet of things has a lot more to offer from time sensors that measure air quality to cause networks to surveillance systems for industrial plants a recent study expects that over 50000000000 devices and sensors will be connected by 2022 professor from the visited specializes in the internet of things. professor much has been studying the internet of things
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for over 10 years and. he's fascinated by the idea of making everyday objects smart. consider the light bulb you can control it with a switch on the wall or you could use your phone. you might want to add features like making a light flash when a storm warning is issued. but then your light needs to be able to receive that information from the web it's not stored locally. so your light has to be able to communicate with the cloud. and. the industry can assist smart devices to make life easier like with autonomy. let it. run on their own and automatically adjust the room temperature as soon as everyone has left the house. a smart fridge that monitors which groceries are
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running out can be very inconvenient imagine being out of butter and then the doorbell rings with a fresh delivery of more butter but this also lets companies analyze which products you consume. the data collected in transmitted is mostly invisible to ordinary users the same goes for the software built into their devices. says to the data collected and in the worst case who can remotely control the smart device these are the largest concerns has with this new technology. right now the biggest challenge the internet of things faces is security and privacy imagine someone with access to your stove they could cause it to overheat and maybe even start a fire in your home. or someone with control over a power plant could cut the power to an entire city.
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the possibilities seem endless but the risks involved and not to be taken lightly users should think twice about how much small technology they want in their homes families 11 is not too worried they enjoy the convenience and futuristic this modern network provides i would like to see even more technology online at home my in wouldn't i want my house to be able to tell when i get out of bed when i come downstairs i want my favorite radio station to start playing my favorite coffee brewing and if it's cold outside my car to automatically start heating up often it . can already remotely control who has access to his home he has a smart door his children don't need a key to get in they simply scan their fingerprints. i can see if my kids are home from them this camera has facial recognition.
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it's. remotely. the voice assistant. shopping list. services. very interesting.
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they all had to confess to analyzing. how. these digital health. times pick up on things. constantly. keep it up to. understand. now people using this technology. now it's become. so. default my
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privacy being the default setting people who don't mind their actions being recorded to improve their experience can still change their settings where they use a smart technology at home should really know what they're dealing with security expert martin shuttle believes small technology required smart handling the money fan thought if you're responsible for a household full of smart devices then you've basically become a system administrator like the ones that many choose data centers by knowledge that means you need to treat your home like one catalog in the devices you're installing security patches checking for software updates changing passwords and perhaps even sentinel protocols like to make sure there were no hacking attempts to inflation and clings for. good point security analysts say the number of cyber attacks on iraqi devices is on the rise in the 1st half of 21000 there were more than 2900000000 hacking attempts as 3 times more than last year one hacker showed
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us how simple hacking and be. says spy on you. 3 hackers have commandeered the device gaining access was pretty straightforward. by this manufacture i connected through one day to. control that's me with. a slight change the source code was all it took to access the controls in camera. the vacuum cleaner receives its commands through a built in microcontroller connected to the internet. security gaps make the entire network of devices vulnerable. i can start. with and then i can look which devices there is. so it's like it's related to. the bad guys.
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but there is no limit the problem is just one device can compromise the entire system no matter if it's a home or industrial network as soon as get into one device they have access to all other unsecured devices on the network and they can reprogram those devices to launch new attacks that makes it all the more important to understand the technology behind the internet of things but recommends open source solutions they don't rely on just one manufacturer for security or data protection idea with bold names riot. well riot is meant to be the new global operating system for the internet of things will provide the apps users need for that. if you're interested in the internet of things and want to make your devices smart then it's important to use open source solutions that aren't bound to a specific manufacturer. and always be aware of which apps you're using on and
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what private data they require. god. hires. one possible solution as the operating system ryan developed a 3 year appeal in universities the right source code is openly accessible so anyone can check it and modify it to their own needs but that won't let users program their own devices yet they need other apps to do that. much as delish wants to offer these apps on rap store and app store for the internet of things currently it's still being tested but in the future it will let users download all kinds of apps for their smart devices so they can individually tailor their devices features. and so for the internet of things operates across a lot of different devices so it's not easy to make sure the software always runs smoothly there's not just 3 or 4 platforms to consider but there's thousands
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ideally you want your software to run on all of them. riot focuses on small processors with low storage capacity and performance and minimal mostly battery powered energy consumption there's 2 reasons why much yes neelesh prefers these kinds of applications. about that well 1st of all every object requires a visible space that you might not always have. secondly each additional component costs extra when you manufacture small scale devices you can't use too much space and you need to be cost effective. the industry is also very interested in open source io t. technology one car manufacturer is currently testing digital keys that run with the riot operating system smarts and say. one main software that keeps my network safe and make sure my o.t.
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devices work together smoothly that's how i would want my smart home to be a reality is a big deal. event manufacturers are reluctant to hand over their software and aside from that i think i ot devices should offer more than just convenience they should promote sustainability a smart thermostat that helps save energy great feed of a mad dog no thanks otherwise the end of things becomes the internet of jack what's your opinion how smart do you want your data data be join the discussion for example here buy and see them. come up. black forest
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and winter. quarter new conan food is in her element. millions of winter sports and i'm going to my very best to try everything the black forest has to offer. her because there's a much to do. the black forest a winter wonderland. changes. were systematically robbed by the nazis. and after the war there were no signs of compensation. jewish art collectors cotton and announced some on her 3rd reich didn't steal all the smart words just to get more money it was to eliminate everything connected to jewish culture today researchers are searching for the
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missing works of art. instrument for the experts. and painful for the descendants. to sew mom. to guard the 3rd brush starts feb 10th on t w. today i'm off to the black forest in the southwest of germany. my tour starts in freiburg the region's biggest city in.


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