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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2020 9:00am-9:16am CET

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for the descendants. to someone. who dart into 3rd drug stores february 10th on d w. this is d w news live from berlin britain wakes up to a new era after its official exit from the european union in a divided country the drawn out divorce brings happiness 1st and heartbreak for others while the final settlement is still far from clear. also coming up 2 votes shy democrats hoping to call witnesses and president trump's impeachment trial are
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defeated in the senate clearing the way for trump's almost certain acquittal in the coming days. i'm max foster thanks for joining us after 3 years of high stakes political drama since it voted to leave the european union britain is out of the block at the stroke of midnight brussels time the u.k. ended nearly half a century of membership in the e.u. and it is still not a done deal the 2 sides now embarked on an 11 month transition period and the difficult work of finding the terms of a new relationship. ringing in the changes a recording of big ben bomb didn't bret's it at the prime minister's residence in
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downing street but the country is still riven by the as you. know you celebrating britain's exit from the e.u. in parliament square did so with a fierce passion for some britain had been set free. expression really is quite different. this week. i think it's time for so-called brecht's it is like nigel for rush who fought a long campaign to take the u.k. out of the e.u. it was an historic day the decades he held a minority view but with presence exit he let the celebrations at the nation's departure. have made history as. the greatest move in the mood there are
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3 i. i but the nation is far from united in joy at the move. e.u. supporters gathered outside the scottish parliament here in adams and in other parts of the u.k. there was sadness a majority of scots voted to stay in the e.u. but their voice is being ignored in westminster. i think it's because i'm a 62 percent of us voted to demand in europe and they're being dragged out against our will it's absolutely a disgrace. sorrow in brussels to hear and in other cities on the continent too young for. since rallied that future less certain and their vision of a nation at home in europe seemingly defeated. and.
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breaks my heart when you say even if you think everything he did a fair way. breaks it has exposed a huge division in british politics but the show of emotion and tribalism in the u.k. on its point of departure from the e.u. indicates that the debate over its place in europe is far from settled. and to shed some more light on the situation we're joined in the studio we did you did abuse breck said analyst rob much rob the u.k. has left the e.u. what next well it's left but the reality is on the grounds means nothing much changes within the next 11 months the so-called transition period the u.k. will remain in the customs union the single market goods people's business can move freely but legally. the article 50 shows they withdrawal process that is
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now finished will divorce is settled and the only way the u.k. to get back it is to officially apply its rejoining within the next 711 months nothing much will actually change for the people themselves. the u.k. is going to be negotiating a new trade deal with the european union what are the most important issues for what i think 1st off i think boris johnson's. goal to have an all encompassing deal which would include trade and this is education and science i think that is fairly overambitious still that within 11 months i think they'll focus on a bad trade deal. ton of known terrorist non-customers on goods i think that's the only thing they can achieve within that time. than and then depending on how those talks go or fishing rights that's a crucial issue then they'll be able to move into the other areas just in that report we saw there were scenes of what i guess we could almost describe as morning
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in scotland or is there a good chance the scots will leave the u.k. now well 1st minister nicola sturgeon is trying to push to deduce a new bill this year than to pave the way for a referendum but again the westminster has a veto so it could block that one idea that's being mooted now is she would try and hold a non-binding referendum to test the waters to see if there's enough support for a referendum but again that would also need a transfer of power from london to scotland to be able to hold a non-binding referendum so right now i think you know they're putting all their cars on the table trying to see how much they can influence and that seems maybe another challenge that boris johnson is facing is healing the deep divisions in the country because it was a close race and you've got families that can barely talk to each other and intergenerational divides town versus country how do you heal all that well i think
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he started off yes they were made not by by keeping the celebrations locate your think you made a determined effort to come across as being appeasing and moderates i think you know he said this is a new era for the u.k. he's going to try and move the country forward and try and strike a deal with the e.u. i think also much depends on his approach on how he goes into the tools and they get new currency ations if he can come across as being moderate and not so hardline i think that people might be willing to give him a chance in those tools ok. let's rob much thanks for that insight and. time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. the united states is widening president donald trump's controversial travel ban restricting immigration from 6 more nations including nigeria kurdistan and sudan the move will make it harder for citizens of those countries to obtain certain types of visas
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washington says the measures are the result of national security concerns police in chile have fired water cannon and tear gas at anti-government protesters in the capital santiago protesters responded by throwing rocks at vehicles lanes have been demonstrating for greater social equality since october. the los angeles lakers basketball team have honored their former player kobe bryant in their 1st game since his death last weekend tens of thousands of fans gathered to at the staples center is to pay tribute to the star who died in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter and 7 others. in the united states the senate on friday voted against hearing from witnesses in the impeachment trial of president donald trump senators voted 51 to 49 against the motion only 2 republican senators sided with the democratic members in the senate in an attempt
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to hear from witnesses including trump's former national security advisor the defeat paves the way for trump's likely acquittal in a vote set for wednesday. and here is the senate democratic leader chuck schumer after the vote. it's a gray and tragedy one of the worst tragedies that the senate has ever overcome america will remember this day unfortunately where the senate did not live up to its responsibilities where the senate turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial and for more let's go to washington and correspondent all over solid all over we just heard the democrats view what were the arguments for and against allowing more witnesses and documents. so the democrats and democrats argued essentially that they need to have witnesses and evidence otherwise it would not be a real impeachment trial and they also pointed out to history that both of the
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former impeachment trial pietschmann trials also had. witnesses as well as evidence loud they are the republicans many of the senators even admitted that the president did what he was charged for but the line of defense here was that that will simply not an impeachable offense and so and that witnesses even if they would be allowed would not change the final verdict and therefore it was just be it would just be a losing time essential even across both political aisles center as even admitted that this was a very partisan. a very partisan impeachment trial and then we heard very often on the republican side also that it's election year and let's just have the voters decide in fall when the country decides on the fate of president trump well the senate is now in recess so what's next with the impeachment so the
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trial will resume on monday there will be 2 hours of closing arguments arguments compare we short if you consider the marathon's we've followed here in recent days the senators will then have the chance to speak to explain their vote and then on wednesday afternoon we're going to hear that final verdict and that will be after the iowa caucus and also after that famous state of the union speech the president is going to deliver on tuesday so where he actually wanted to declare victory so it's a little setback for him but the eventually outcome is inevitable because the republican controlled senate will then not remove president trump from office and he will remain president at least until the next election all right to abuse all over solid reporting from washington thanks betty. china says the number of people infected with the new corona virus has topped 11000 on friday officials reported 45 new
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deaths from the outbreak bringing the total to 259 and more countries are confirming cases including sweden russia and the u.k. and germany a 5 year old child is believed to a contract of the virus from a parent bringing the number of known infections here to 6 meanwhile australia says non-citizens arriving from china will be barred from entering the country. time for sports news now and in football the vote in this league it could have a new table leader this weekend rb leipzig have held on to the top spot for 5 straight match days but after losing last week their lead has narrowed further only 2 point separate lives taken saturday's opponents to mention who sit in 3rd place and also harbor hopes of a leak title rb leipsic aside unbeaten since october couldn't continue that run last weekend in frankfurt losing 2 goals to none the eagles despite struggling
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a bit this season have serious punching power in their own back yard life 6 slightly bruised can't afford another slip up dropping points against glaad could see their table lead disappear only 6 securities leipzig remain stable leaders and their coach is in taking like. him for. his temple defeat we've got a good tempo up front the play the lone bowl game well. we have a clear pattern of play when they win but the ball. cresswell as a team sport did under market was a. dozen there are a lot of parallels there their development in the 1st half of the season shows that a lot of good work is being done they are where they are on merit and it's a top much on saturday i'm some stuck glove ball lost their 1st fixture against the bulls this season but after defeating mike's last match day momentum will be on their side ahead of saturday's match the defending champions byron munich who
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kicked off before about one saturday only true alive sit by one point and could climb to number one with victory putting even more pressure on life. and the weekend's bundesliga action kicked off here in berlin on friday but there wasn't much to cheer in the capital as her to and shock a played out a drab nil nil draw. her to coach jurgen klinsmann tried to liven things up in the 2nd half by introducing record signing christophe. but the 23000000 euro men couldn't find a dream debut goal to break the deadlock result leaves south that in 6th place and her down in 13. those who don't have looked or strengthen their bid for the bundesliga title by signing emre jan from italian side you ventus on the last day of the transfer window the 26 year old germany international joins us on loan until
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the end of the season to cover for injured midfielder thomas delaney the transfer will become permanent should certain conditions be met with a reported fee of 25000000 euros having been agreed by the 2 sides. this is deja vu news from berlin nick spicer up next how millions of europeans emigration to north america shaped the american dream and documentary hoping for a better life thanks for watching. it is time to take one step further and face the. time to search the home and fight for the truth. to overcome injuries and come next the world it's time for w.
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bush is coming up ahead of us.


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