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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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the female peacemakers storms january 5th. this is deja vu news live from berlin tens of thousands are told to evacuate the fires burning out of control in the australian state of victoria firefighters are struggling against bush fires fanned by strong winds and scorching temperatures lightning and started more than a dozen new fires overnight also coming up. a possible step towards resolving
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the conflict in eastern ukraine $76.00 men and women were released by russian backed separatists in the country's east and returned the ukrainian government has released all of its prisoners. and a gunman opens fire at a church in the u.s. state of texas killing 2 people but churchgoers quickly returned fire and shoot him dead. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us we begin the program in australia where a new heat wave is creating yet more bushfires increasing the toll those blazes are already taking across the country the latest evacuation orders include those 430000 people in the state of victoria a high level of fire alert has led to the cancellation of hundreds of fireworks to . for the new year. if there's one thing that's considered
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a given at the end the feature here it's the images from across the world a flashy new year's celebrations and there is pride in being the ones to kick off the yearly affair. and you know a new save the world looks at sydney every single year and i look at our vibrancy by look at our passion i look at our success. but for the last 3 months australia has been battling some of the worst bushfires in decades the blazes are predicted to peak on new year's eve despite the growing forecast the city of sydney confirmed on monday it would go ahead with this year's fireworks show as planned but i remember a time when we've had total fall bans in place in the greatest in the region where we haven't been i would accommodate the risk elements for conducting the news a far worse in the in the sydney harbor area particularly we just thought now level
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of of coverage to ensure a safe and effective. function. denouncement at sydney's fireworks display would still take place despite the bushfires has sparked outrage a quarter of a 1000000 people signed a petition to scrap the celebration plans the deputy premier of new south wales john the barrie laro tweeted that the fireworks should be cancelled in a show of solidarity. authorities said they would wait until later on monday to reach a final decision on going ahead with the fireworks in sydney. let's get the latest now from sydney we're joined by journalist roger maynard good day to you roger can you bring us up to date on the situation where you are including on these new fires that we're hearing about in the state of a. for brown we begin with an even more tragic news or news just seems that there's been another bush fire of the taliban law until a firefighter was killed and 2 of his colleagues injured when their vehicle
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overturned it was apparently the result of strong winds which overturned the vehicle it had been the only at all near allbery all in new south wales victoria border and only and that will bring the total death toll so far in this bush by a crisis to 10 so a very sad state of affairs there meanwhile bushfires are continuing to break out of victoria there's news of a major bush bush fire at will and suburbs of melbourne but the main focus of attention of attention is east gets land which is sort of to the southeast of victoria and about 750 kilometers south of sydney there are multiple fires burning there and they're rapidly spreading across the region as you mentioned earlier that there are thousands of people living in this part of the world it's a key tourist attraction despotic of this time and thousands well are asked to leave many disobey that all of that decided to stay there and take their chance and
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tonight those fires are still burning roads have been closed so there's very little opportunity of to escape that particular part of the victoria into there the other general genuine concerns for those dozens of people who are on holiday and who live in the states and area but the news is that cool southerly wind is due in the next few hours and that may will ease the crisis for the moment ok we've been following these fires for for weeks now and a dozen straw you have the resources to deal with these these new fires you just told us about in victoria are there enough men and women to fight them to go around . well that there are thousands of volunteer fire about $3000.00 i think of each or alone and a similar figure here in new south wales but they are up against it it is a struggle there's no doubt about it but here in new south wales there are still a 100 fires burning half of them out of control and the situation is like to get worse in the next 36 to 48 hours with more with higher temperatures forecast and
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strong dry winds arriving this particular concern about the area south of sydney only coast of fires a broken out there already early on today many people again on holiday in this particular area so there's obviously concerns for their safety and you know the it will almost impossible to predict what's going to happen next in this crisis so you know it's anybody's guess to be honest ok well what about the decision then to continue with the fireworks display in sydney in spite of the the public outcry to to not hold them this year you know there's been a lot of kids will see a lot of talk about whether a lot of fireworks in city hall work should go ahead a lot i mean they are a major event here they're tracked a 1000000 people with a large will for sure itself to watch the the other fireworks live and in addition to that you've got a lot of 1000000000 people looking up live on television around the world at the
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fireworks and the celebration of the new year so there was a lot riding on whether or not these love work should go off well earlier today rural fire service said yes the fireworks in sydney harbor could go ahead but that's about the only one that will lots of other display firework displays in other parts of sydney and in regional new south wales has been cancelled this can be a lot of attention on the on the one and on city hall but all right roger thanks very much from back from senator. let's brief you know some of the other stories making the news this hour the united states says it has bombed 5 locations in iraq and in syria controlled by a paramilitary group with suspected ties to iran u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe said those strikes were in response to earlier attacks that threaten the u.s. forces in iraq iraq is the war he said 4 people were killed by the airstrikes to be
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taking place a chinese court has jailed a scientist who claims to have created the world's 1st gene edited babies who jane kwai was sentenced to 3 years in prison for practicing medicine illegally last year he shocked the international scientific community when ounce he had used the gene editing technology known as crisper to alter the genes of 3 babies. or ukrainian and russian backed separatists prisoners have been reunited with their loved ones after a major prisoner exchange between the 2 sides among those released captives who have been in detention since hostilities broke out in 2014 a swap follows an agreement between russia and ukraine brokered by berlin and paris . home for the new year dozens of joyful reunions played out on the kiev at ports tama many of the captives hadn't same friends or family fee years on hand a visibly moved president flawed to me is
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a lengthy he greeted the exchange during talks with russia's vladimir putin earlier this month. as we deliver on our promises to each so these people will celebrate new year with their loved ones with their parents and children at home with each other. and this is the moment prisoners were frayed earlier on sunday russian backed separatists late ukrainian prisoners. at a checkpoint in the country's aist the men were lined up to be collected by the red cross for some it was a chance to voice their anger over their treatment here you know i spent 5 years in a basement how can this happen in the 21st century in a european country here for example there are. heading home to dozens of separatists many of them have also faced hosh conditions in captivity. in this conflict volunteer militias have often ignored the rules of war conditions in
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captivity and the tourists n.g.o.s say the ukrainian government too has violated detainees rights. you've been up with they tortured me 5 times in jail i'm a good movie i did my mother they said he's dead take away his body but i survived despite them. many of those have been released to the new year will bring horrifying stories with them. but whatever they've enjoyed now is still a moment to celebrate. for the families and others in a war torn country. for more let's bring indeed abuse david stern joining us from kiev good day to you david is this prisoner exchange a step towards a more comprehensive peace deal between ukraine and as a russian backed separatists. well very emotional scenes yesterday as we just saw in the report in fact we were at the airport when the
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prisoners returned and there were lots of cheers and and enjoy at the same time but indeed the main question is will this can contribute now to a full out peace that the hope is that this is obviously a positive step any type of prisoner exchange like this is greeted here in ukraine but then there has to be built upon president selenski met with his russian counterpart. in paris earlier this month. the talks did not provide the breakthrough but it did they did agree on this prisoner exchange and now the question is what are they going to do to move beyond this whether they can actually bring a ceasefire a full ceasefire to the east because fighting as we've heard it continues and then eventually can there be a full out agreement which would bring the war to a complete and yeah you mentioned the fighting and the tear filled scenes on the tarmac there that you went witness can you tell us something about the prisoners
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were they all combatants. no in fact there were combatants as well as civilians there were 2 journalists who had been taken as well it was a mixed group as well as the people who greeted them there are all types of loved ones and family there was it was over 70 people who were returned here and and for the people who were sent back to the rebel controlled territory it was more than 120 among those though it was were 5 controversy all return east they were 5 riot police who in fact were not participants in the in the war but were protests to part in the revolution of the clashes here in kiev just a behind me in the 5 years ago during the revolution on the my don and they were accused of being involved in the death of protesters so this caused a great deal of controversy here in kiev among certain groups the fact that these
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people were being returned and would not would not be facing any sort of trial in ukraine ok david thanks very much for bringing us up to date on this from kiev for us this morning thanks very much in the u.s. church goers in the state of texas have shot at a gunman who opened fire at a sunday service police say the man or go the shotgun killed 2 parishioners but the attack ended quickly after 2 church members used their own weapons to shoot the assailant dead in september a new law came into effect in texas allowing licensed gun owners to carry their own weapons in places of worship for parishioners at the west freeway church of christ 11 50 am on sunday morning became a time to kill a man dressed in dark clothing stood up from the pews and opened fire within seconds a volunteer church security officer had shot and killed the assailant moments later several of the church goers had also drawn their guns. but to day evil war holy
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among us but let me remind you good people raised up and stopped it before it got worse. 2 victims died in the attack more than 200 others were shaken but spared churchgoers said they were grateful for the presence of armed worship as. well and you think how do you know i think that all congregations should have the people there to protect against or to do so it would be the one matter over a century and then there and they're wonderful people really were there before anything got any worse and it could have been. this year the u.s. has witnessed more mass killings than any other year on record. this country has seen so many of these that we've actually. gotten used to it to this point and it's tragic and it's this is terrible situation especially during the holiday
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season. investigators say they are working to find the most ears for this latest tragedy. the state of you news live from berlin coming up next 50 years after the 1st moon landing researchers want to build a research station on the moon our documentary show will take a look at surviving on the moon i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us. in terms of the famous naturalist and explorer. to some the racial politics on the front and well it's 250th birthday remarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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