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major stores where we see. this is g.w. news live from berlin somalia's capital mogadishu is wrong by a massive car bomb blast took place during morning rush hour at a busy checkpoint authorities say at least 2 dozen people were killed and many more were injured also coming up australia is on alert amid fears of even more intense
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wildfires across the country the government is sending in the army to help ahead of another extreme heat wave and strong winds. and in russia caring for one of the world's massive monuments to history we'll take you to the site keeping alive the memory of the battle of stalingrad in a look back at some of the u.s. reports from 2019. omarion evanston welcome to the program we begin in the somali capital mogadishu where authorities say at least 30 people have been killed by a massive car bomb dozens of others were injured in the attack and there are fears that the death toll will rise a government spokesman says the bomb was detonated during the morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint local broadcaster radio dial son cited the mayor is
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saying that several university students were among the dead no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. well for more we're joined now on the line by somali journalist abdul aziz bilal abdul aziz what is the latest you can tell us about this attack. just as you've mentioned the impact of these it's awkward behind all across mogadishu surrounding everything's on the objective was to cause and ready. to put together. a large scale was able to take place during rush hour now on saturday is the cost of the week in the sauna comfort all under course most part of the country and that is a deadly attack targeted a position checkpoint that is the last defense barrell for mogadishu so it's the thought of the view that these these vehicles the bridge to the thirty's and entered mogadishu then probably would have been talking about an attack of
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a much bigger scale but still attacked in the x. area of group that is just 15 kilometers from the city center itself targeted university students security possible run civilians who are rushing to us move that issue and some of them are rushing to what the institutions of learning well we have been getting some conflicting reports about the number of dead and injured what have you been hearing. well the pre-show government co-sponsored he said that more than the bodies were pulled out of their freedom from the satirical of the dead destroyed they have a one reality one mini van that was transporting students double stone more than 30 students go a week unconscious yes but more than pretty good of their lives and their births were more than 40 federal pulled out of it's very cold on the rubble so there's conflicting reports as you have mentioned but the margins there i think of their
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money to pull out more than 50 bodies they're also politicians some on the government who are think about their so called behind them back to go out monday but so far we are arranging the 2 parties and 50 according to official government color and according to the column eddie. is below we thank you very much indeed for that update let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world the remains of 6 people have been recovered following a helicopter crash in hawaii a 7 passenger remains missing the helicopter came down on cole why he island during the sign saying tour along the not poly coast 2 children are reportedly among the dead. in chile and police used tear gas and water cannon to break up anti-government protests demonstrations against president sebastian pinera have rocked the country since october on friday he did a key demand of the protesters and set a date for a referendum on
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a new constitution. russia's defense minister says its new intercontinental hypersonic missiles became operational on friday according to the kremlin the missiles travel up to 27 times the speed of sound and can make sharp turns allowing them to evade a missile intercept systems. the australian government has called of the army to help fight wildfires burning out of control near the country's largest city sydney authorities are bracing for an extreme heat wave this weekend following a few days of cooler weather fire has destroyed vegetation on millions of hectares of land across the country over the last 6 weeks and at least 9 people have been killed. not just what you might expect at one of australia's most popular tourist sites visitors to the blue mountains west of sydney are forced to wear face masks
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as the smoke from nearby bushfires fills the ask. the iconic rock formations are barely visible in the hades. it's really disappointing siri looking forward to seeing if you always want to see the flame out in such a shame that we. all know this. but that problem is small compared to the challenge firefighters in new south wales are set to face at the weekend. after a brief or spite securing a few days of damper weather over christmas temperatures are again expected to soar bringing new risks. that's going to bring not just the heat of december was dry we're going to see the temperatures up into the larger mid forty's across a lot of areas but it's going to bring a very draw as well so that's going to elevate far by inches and we know the winds are going to start turning around to the west in the northwest which is warsaw much work has been going on over this last week while conditions are more more out. some
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70 fires are burning near sydney new south wales more than 1000 firefighters and now the military are in action across the state trying to contain the fires and prevent them from reaching more and how to areas. where just putting it back in time and law in detroit prevent the far from hitting towards coastal villages already more than $850.00 homes have been raised in new south wales. authorities are also working to protect infrastructure surrounding a vital dam west of sydney that provides water to around 4000000 people in the city but which could be at risk if the fires spread. over more a journalist roger maynard joins us now from sydney so roger worse hearing more extreme heat windy conditions are in the forecast in the coming days in australia what is that going to mean for firefighting efforts. well that's the 60000 dollar
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question interestingly the far or it was of no use the word catastrophic conditions as they did last week so it's just possible that these new conditions may not be as bad this time around that the fires may not be quite so extensive but just in case they are far crews around australia along the eastern seaboard of pulling out all the stops to try to make sure they can cope with any new fires there are building new containment lines they're doing a lot of back burning in a bid to make sure that the they can at least keep a handle on the far as if they get out of control again over the next couple of days it's the country areas that are really suffering in the moment the fires are still burning in the blue mountains west of sydney and also to the south of sydney as well many firefighters here that hardly had a day off since christmas and many of not spent any time with the families and so christmas during a so far crews themselves getting increasingly exhausted and others who are
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standing by and visit the are making sure that they're really just in case another potential crisis emerges when roger you yourself are in sydney etc its largest city fire around 5000000 people live there tell us how these bushfires are affecting daily life. well not so bad in sydney at the moment which is enjoyed a couple of very very pleasant duis i must say with blue skies and temperatures around the mid twenty's or but it's to the west of sydney in the blue mountains area and south of sydney too which are really big in which are really suffering not only the firefighters suffering but also of course the people who live that interest in the mirror of the blue mountains admitted today that the crisis is really taking its toll on families he said the whole community was stressed because the final season it started so early and shows no sign of ending not only on living
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of course with the daily threat to their homes but they're also having to suffer on the smoke which is envelop much of new south wales and it makes a big problem this for those suffering from the heart conditions and one conditions so it's very tense and up on the road the other point to make of course is that this is wholly time in australia this is the middle of summer school was break out and people go to the beach to the coast and to the countryside the swimming in camping all that is a lot of those holders have now had to be put on hold because people fear getting caught up in the bushfires and the route which is inevitably fall at the moment people have to stand easy for the summer break and hope they can organise something in january right here maner it in february we thank you very much was 2019 comes to an end we're taking a look at some of the memorable for pour in spite of correspondents around the world our next report looks at how russia is keeping alive the memory of the battle
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of stalingrad and when soviet troops halted nothin germany's invasion of russia to honor the victory of russia constructed one of the largest statues in the world but time is taking its toll you know you're a shadow has this look at the challenges to keeping such a massive monument of history intact. a call to arms against hitler army a cry of victory of a nazi germany. to the motherland combs towering at 85 meters commemorates a world war 2. is the view from up here it's breathtaking is the model and cole stock is the tallest in the europe and it's reconstruction now here in volgograd it's in the most extensive reconstruction it's known to me and has had its unveiling in the 19th of 67. the monument has
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aged quite a bit since then when to do as they have taken their toll and since chunks of concrete have fallen off in some places this data you could have been visitors. extensive for innovation to our began 3 years ago. this project is unique so all the work here is unique to the statue was female so we treat her like a real person. but the more the good for us because she's a woman who's suffering from various illnesses that we are healing after 50 years. like anyone her age she needs a range of doctors who can help her in different ways to somebody i mean when your previous what visitors can see this dodge a skeleton the gigantic structure is supported by almost a 100 steel cables that the way it can withstand strong winds and the cables also have to be replaced. this culture is the centerpiece of
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a memorial on the if heel in volgograd formerly known as stalingrad. it was here that one of the world's bloodiest battles ended in 1943. with more than 700000 that. the battle of stalingrad a victory for the soviets marked the turning point in the battle to go to. let. this isn't just at a construction site i've seen the r.c.c. it's a symbolic place for russia. working here is a big honor for all of us and it requires a very specific approach. that's why we're busy around the clock. over the. same model and codes still
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covered by scaffolding but it will be unveiled in time for the 75th anniversary of the soviet union's elijah victory of a nazi germany. russia's anti doping agency verizon has filed an appeal against the world anti-doping agency wada for its 4 year ban on russian participation in international sporting events earlier this month or assad his board voted in favor of appealing to the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland senior russian political figures including president vladimir putin had indicated they wanted an appeal filed following the ruling. and now a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you. police in the somalia say more than a dozen people have been killed by
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a car bomb in mogadishu police say the bomb was detonated during the morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint. the australian army has been called in to help fight wildfires raging near the country's largest city sydney forecasters expect an extreme heat wave in the next few days to raise the fire risk. they're up to date now on the news stay tuned for world stories omarion evans team thanks for watching . earth. home. of species. a home worth seeing if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps but googling to tell stories of creedence people and innovative projects around the
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