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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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her. christmas card. this is d. w. news that lies the problem as prime minister is false to apologize for vacationing in hawaii while parts of his country thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain catastrophic places across several states we'll go to sydney for the latest also coming up hong kong police crackdown on assisted rally is activists try to
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call attention to china's alleged abuse of its weak muslim minority. and a provocative new piece by banksy is unveiled the office creates a new city scene that draws attention to israel's barrier is around the occupied west bank. i'm on you tube mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. australia's prime minister scott morrison has been forced to apologize for taking a holiday at the height of the devastating a bushfire crisis emergency crews are struggling to contain hundreds of blazes around sydney a combination of record temperatures drought and powerful weapons is few leg. at least 9 people have been killed since the fires began but there is now hope at last of a break in the weather. the air is acrid the pall of smoke dense the impact
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on people's health can be serious smoldering ruins in the town of lythgoe in the blue mountains. there's a. lot of. logs last year last year and i think. you. know. the village of balmoral has been almost entirely destroyed the fire came so fast steve harrison didn't have time to escape. the day before i had actually built myself a small cool down the back. end. so as to kill. it just big enough for me to crawl in through it and i hid in there for half an hour before. saturday was catastrophic sunday less so it was cooler firefighters could make some progress in containing fires but the fire chief
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made very clear the crisis is far from over. we've got to keep in mind that we're not expecting any rainfall to mike any meaningful difference for those 4 hours until january january february that's the way to go i was still talking for 6 weeks at best before we start to see a meaningful reprieve in the weather australia has already been fighting wildfires for months extreme heat and drought brought about an early start to the fire season challenging weeks still lie ahead for the public and the firefighters who are battling not only blazes but also exhaustion. and journalist roger may not joins me now from sydney rudd just sunday did bring some relief from the extreme heat but has that helped the firefighters much. or to a certain extent yes i mean the weather is a lot cooler here today and that's giving firefighters a much needed breather and doesn't mean the emergency is over but it's certainly looking a little bit easier to control
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a strong southerly wind passes sydney over the weekend cool temperatures and also dissipated much of the smoke we've been suffering here for the past few weeks but that's the good news is the bad news is that a mega fire in the blue mountains west of sydney continues to reach through bush land and this morning there are also details of a version of another major fire loss in south australia. has called cuddly creek in the adelaide hills it's now known that 70 homes have been destroyed there and $227.00 motor vehicles and in another major fire which you were alluding to were just now wist of sydney the small community of moro has been literally devastated by a ferocious blaze overnight which seems to have destroyed much of the village now balmoral is home to about 400 people i was very close to there only is today a lovely part of the world normally but many of the $150.00 houses are not believed
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to have been lost. to bushfires blue mountains are also causing problems you say extraordinary levels of destruction you're talking about here the prime minister has now apologized after returning from his holiday in hawaii given the situation how's that gone down with australians. well particularly world i mean australians are basically pretty silly cool people and they have girl talk of politicians particularly politicians all prime ministers ago and all it's all like this he's been criticized who do 'd a certain extent on social media to do it in the newspapers here and these are a lot of pressure politically so he's pulling out all the stops to. try to in advance his image this morning you went to the rules for service of quarters and certainly don't all the offices there for there are it works at a press conference he didn't accept criticism. apologize for any offense caused by
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his absence over the past week or writes for jim maynard in sydney thank you so much. now the afghan president ashraf ghani appears to be heading for a 2nd term according to preliminary results wrist released a short while ago he won september's election with just over half the vote in outspent had been delayed because of irregularities and the recount turnout was under 30 percent and a 3rd of the votes cast related deemed invalid gunnies nearest rival abdullah abdullah who currently shares power with him as the country's chief executive says the electoral commission failed to address fraud and that he does not accept these results. and for more let's bring in journalist journalist allie letty field who joins us on the phone from the afghan city of jalalabad alley thanks for being with us what's the reaction to the preliminary election results what are people saying
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about these. so the reaction it's essential along party lines obviously people who are supporting the president are very happy earlier in the city of jalalabad we saw people gathering playing drums holding pictures of him waving the flag posing by pictures next to him you know very very happy thinking that this is essentially a mandate for his 2nd term and then as you said earlier supporters of the law his closest rival you know they're still talking about issues of electoral fraud because we have to remember he only so far is in the lead by 50.64 percent that's actually small margin of error to declare obvious if you round up that comes to 51 percent but you know with with this still being the preliminary results there's a chance that things could sway back and forth is as you say they are still prelim trade to what extent could thanks still change. they could definitely i mean the
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truth is that at this point the biggest issue for the president will be getting his rivals like dr the law and others to essentially accept this election result so that because his claim will be that 50.64 is especially 51 and so there's no need for a 2nd round now if he can convince them and if his team can convince them somehow that you know the election results were clean that they were ok then he doesn't have a problem if they continue to protest this that if they continue to you know raise questions about the validity of the vote then we're basically stuck with another long drawn out election that's already been to almost 3 months since the election took place and we're just now getting preliminary results so some real uncertainty here you know we were saying earlier that about a 1000000 votes were declared invalid and as you say it's such a close result what do you think will happen and now do you think they'll be able to persuade people to accept this. this is exactly the problem is now how do you
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persuade those people because basically the president's chief mission at this point is going to be to try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible get his rivals to accept him as the president and you know me he may even be forced to bring them in somehow at least those that he thinks that he can somehow sway and sort of entice by say you know i'll make you part of the government but as has happened in previous elections you know adults are the law is very adamant in his stance so the biggest issue right now is how to make him. you know sort of accept these results and the other thing after a member is that you know whoever wins is this really a mandate because only 1800000 people voted and of that only 51 percent you know will get you to be the president so that's only about 1000000 people electing you president in a country of least 32000000 so still
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a lot of uncertainty there reporting in general about thank you so much. thank you . now protests and public anger have dominated the news in haiti for months now as people become increasingly frustrated by government they say is deeply corrupt the political crisis in the caribbean island nation is making it more difficult for aid agencies like doctors without borders which is working to stop haiti's medical system from collapsing completely. barbed wire and concrete separates the rest of port au prince from the hospital run by doctors without borders since last november around 170 medical professionals have been working here many are from haiti itself but they are joined by volunteers like thomas schaefer from switzerland who wanted to help rebuild the country's medical services. because it is a major medical crisis since the last on rest most of the public facilities have closed there are a few private hospitals but the majority have also closed their doors shut the eyes
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. people have been taking the frustration to the streets poverty stagnation and anger have fueled the protests more than $100.00 people have lost their lives much of the rage is directed at president mores who's accused of corruption while many go hungry and the security situation continues to deteriorate this 11 year old was shot in the stomach almost all patients are victims of violence resulting from a power vacuum that has allowed gangs to take control of the streets and inflict their will on any who cross their path. security is tight around the headquarters of the opposition they've brought serious charges against the president and have been calling for a new transitional government since january. that will make sure that members of the government who have enriched themselves illegally will pay that they. will unify the people to rebuild the country we've already worked out a plan to do so. be careful. petey's on the brink and there's no sign
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the humanitarian catastrophe will end any time soon now in hong kong police cleared a rally organized by pro-democracy demonstrators in support of china's we get ethnic minority piece used pepper spray and arrested people off to stifle those with protest and this followed a mostly peaceful session and hong kong by around 1000 demonstrations the protests to say china is abusing an estimated one to 2000000 we can muslims detained in camps beijing denies the abuse he correspondent was the rally for us it was a regine only peaceful rally held in the central business district in hong kong over the house and of hong kong protests turn out to show support to the most um we guess in china who face oppression so suddenly are some of the riot police officers they stormed into the rally to arrest someone i suspect to remove our chinese
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national flag from the flag pole so they use pepper spray about tongs to arrest those guys and some of the protesters they also cost the ball tolls and other objects the police in response they were outraged because this is a rally which is authorized by the police and the quickly the senate into chaos that actually we heard gunshots on sites that other police they actually buy it's probable as to some of the people only up by and in these 1st anyone who wants to stay here and the atmosphere here has been heated up again and they may be and now the following night in hong kong. now the secretive artist banksy has unveiled a bible initiative at the scene with a twist in the israeli occupied west bank the scar of bethlehem takes pride of place in a hotel owned by anyone based artist which overlooks israel's west bank beriah. at the 1st glance this new bags the installation just looks like
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a typical nativity play now take a closer look it's not the christmas doll that is shining on to baby jesus mary and joseph it's light that is coming through a shell hole on a demo concrete wall a reference to the israeli built beriah they could be seen from every room of this hotel. he called this amazing piece of or the score. and it's a scar on graph land it's it's a play on the worth of growth this photograph lands cargo flag on. the artwork as a metaphor for how palestinians live today in bethlehem and the rest of the palestinian territories. walls just like the name of the hotel where the installation and many other banks these words are on display. banks is trying to be a voice for those who cannot speak simply like this and is trying to cope.
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our situation through art to make policy and voice reach a word through art. says creating a new model of resistance and through art. a typical banksy artwork provocative and disturbing. it watching the news life from then coming up after the break it's the bundesliga with nick mccann and klein thanks so much for watching. i'm not laughing at the germans well i guess i'm done by now but mostly i'm laughing with the tab key but i don't think deep into the german culture of. nudity we'll take that as grandma day on the view it's all that. no time rachel join me for me the captivity of course. can be
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a part of climate change. most of us.


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