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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin and it's being called the u.k.'s most important election in a generation prime minister boris johnson has been pulling out all the stops to win over wavering voters but his lead over jeremy opposition labor party has been narrowing also coming up how much everything behind to start a new line here to find safety. but we have not truly found any we. were only tolerated. this former afghan interpreter risked his life for germany so
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why is germany giving him and others like him such a hard time. plus algeria is holding a presidential election to try to months of political turmoil but pro-democracy protesters say it's a farce and are urging voters to boycott the poll and. from the streets itself main stage at glastonbury 1st storm z. claims the crown as britain's king of hip hop. hello i'm terry barton good to have you with us people in the u.k. are about to vote in what's being called the most important election in decades they will determine when how or if the country leaves the european union. prime
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minister boris johnson's conservative party head looks set to be on track for an absolute majority but while recent polls show jeremy corcoran's labor gaining ground meaning it's now too close to call. each of these at the early morning images boris johnson want to voters to see a prime minister turn to milk man dutifully delivering to the public. thank you. for impressively come on the good morning person prime minister oh. but shortly before that johnson and his team were not so composed this time so to come on good morning britain deliver on your promises sort of payson says i know that i have it johnson was caught off guard by a crew from i.t.v. is good morning britain and he took refuge from the reporters in a phrase a right. but equally a staged was labor leader german koeppen slask day only campaign trail. and jumped at the chance to take a swipe at his main political rival i'm god you know this i've not come here to the
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well. i. think that must change all how i. cope and will be hoping his message hits home so far polls have not been looking good for labor with most betting on a conservative majority but bookies have seen a shift in recent days and koeppen is at much better all its of becoming prime minister however there are no clear favorites among voters. some honest reviews no change there is no choice. i don't like either of the main candidates have so i'm struggling. none of them to tell the jury. decides how the chain exists. out for themselves and how for us that for themselves that. i will buy i will. suhana vibe on mind to yeah.
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this is largely a one issue election still some are trying to focus on other important topics the latest work by renowned street artist banksy highlights the issue of homelessness at christmas time for many of britain's poorest brags it is the least of their concerns. over more let's bring in our u.k. politics expert force wise and good morning alex so it's election day finally in britain polls have just opened we have to have some pictures to show our viewers here see if we can get those up for them no. that's all right in any case how is it looking there oh there we go we can see a polling station i believe in london and there it is polls have just opened in london so how looking for the main parties in this election alex well as we have just heard the polls have been narrowing throughout the campaign the conservative party and boris johnson had about a 10 point average lead over the main opposition party the labor party but over the
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past few days it has been getting much tighter however the last poll that was taken was showing that possibly there could be a majority for the conservative party of around 28 seats but there are many convience to that and there are many things to play out politically today for example how many people will actually decide to go out on a cold wet day in the u.k. and vote because remember this doesn't happen often you don't get elections in december normally and secondly what about the issue of tactical voting so for example the conservatives foreign minister the foreign minister in his particular seat he's only around about 2 points ahead of his liberal democrat rival even those in the neighbor policy so votes as you would normally vote labor are being encouraged vote democrat to get don't rob out will we see that play out of. the
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rest of the u.k. search could be important and we're just looking at some pictures now from a polling station doesn't look like there's a great storm of voters showing up at 7 o'clock courses still very early days there now this election was triggered by the government's inability to get clarity on bragg's it would have the parties been telling voters about their plans for settling that issue once and for all vote boris johnson's been very clear 3 words get bricks it done the liberal democrats have also been very clear they've said they want to scrap bricks it all together they want to revoke article 50 of the lisbon treaty so pretend it almost never happened and labor have been the most interesting they've had this torturous debate about where do they go on bricks it because they know that many of their support is voted for bricks it so their final decision is they would like if the e.u. agrees to renegotiate a dale put it back to the people in a referendum sit on the fence and say which way they will encourage people to vote
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and see what happens it's quite complicated for them but i think throughout this campaign although brecht has been important have been all the big issues here for example public services and health that has been hurting boris johnson and his conservative party and also it has been a pretty dirty nasty campaign out that many people are upset about the amount of misinformation that has been put out particularly in political ads on social media which should be difficult to track and difficult to find out really who is behind some of them. if johnson's conservatives do when there is and get the majority with the numbers you've mentioned maybe 28 seats majority in parliament what happens next good question what we think boris johnson will do is bring back his breakfast deal the withdrawal agreement to parliament before christmas to try to get it through possibly even as early as next week it's basically. any time he can do it
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and then take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the 31st of january that was the final breck's it deadline that brussels gave the u.k. there that is not though the end of it that's what we have to remember here boris johnson saying that we're going to get a great trade deal with the e.u. we'll get it by the end of next year most experts though is saying he's not going to be possible and the less you go with everything the brussels office you and you just say yes which i'm not sure boris johnson would do anyway so even after this election there's still going to be briggs it briggs upgrades it in the u.k. to talk about the rate say. oh it's course one thing thank you so much. the on more civilian leader she has denied that her country's troops committed genocide against muslims she was responding to a legal case brought by the gambia and other muslim countries at the international court of justice in the hague where than 700000 fled in
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a crackdown by the army and the thousands were killed for. the images that provoked international outrage more than 700000 range of muslims fled to me and amal when the minute she launched a crackdown on rockline state in august 27th they were escaping what since been described as an ethnic cleansing campaign most of the refugees now live in crowded camps in bangladesh. they tortured. us they burned our housing this they also raped me and i am grateful to god that myanmar is facing trial for the. cheese decision to defend her country here at the highest court has galvanized her supporters. and.
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it's also surprised her critics as she was not required to attend. suchi told the judges she couldn't rule out that man mas armed forces may have used disproportionate force but she denied that any crimes committed fell under the international definition of genocide. these bear in mind this complex situation and a challenge to sovereignty and security in our country when you're assessing the intent of those who attempted to do that the rebellion surely under the circumstances genocidal intent cannot be the only hypothesis. under its 2000 is constitution not my house and military justice system criminal cases again so does offices for possible war crimes committed in rakhine must be investigated and prosecuted by that system the lawsuit against me on mall was brought by the gambia on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation which is
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made up of $57.00 countries. say criticized evidence that presented calling it incomplete and misleading. whatever the outcome in the hague this week there will be repercussions from the its image tarnished on the world stage could affect its future prospects. sketch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today israel is heading for an unprecedented 3rd election in 12 months on thursday the israeli parliament voted to dissolve itself for failing to form a government if the country will hold new elections in more. the defense ministry has confirmed that suspected islamist militants killed $71.00 soldiers near of the mali border a night time ambush of a military coup in the country's southwest also injured 12 troops and several more are missing the so-called islamic state have long been active in the area. and
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clashes have erupted in beirut after supporters of lebanon's 2 main shiite groups tried to attack a group of government demonstrators police fired tear gas to prevent supporters of . reaching the protesters the demonstrators have been calling for the 2 groups leaders to step down. 2 more people have died from injuries they suffered in the eruption of new zealand's volcano that brings the confirmed death toll to 8 but that figure is expected to rise further with another 8 people still missing and more than 20 in intensive care burn unit say they will try to get on to the ball. on friday on the island rather on friday to recover the remains of the victims but they were still there but the volcano is highly volatile and could put recovery teams at risk. just a short while ago the deputy commissioner of new zealand's police gave details of
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the planned operation. so. tomorrow. people. will deploy and assistant boss specialist capabilities from across seas including new zealand police. and i will make every effort to recover all of the bodies from the auto and and return them to the washington. and from the we will move those bodies back to the mine mind. i have to emphasize that the risk has not gone the risk reminds prisms. elbagir ians are heading to the polls to elect a new president after months of political turmoil the north african nation has been in limbo since february when longtime president. announced he would stand for
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a 5th term now that announcement sparked massive protests which benchley led the strongman leader to step down after 20 years in power the move was meant to quell public dissent but it wasn't enough to appease protesters street demonstrations have continued with many in algeria's pro-democracy camp to boycott today's vote. we want freedom we will not vote they chant. though they want to mock recy these protesters say this poll will not result in real change there among tens of thousands of algerians who've been taking to the streets to demand the presidential election be called off. we want to lections with our rulers not elections to recycle but it's like his regime which has ruled this country and stolen the people's goods for 20 years. when i was
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a cleric against this election we're against this fast we're against the continuation of this regime they want to impose this vote on us that they can keep the regime we want to civilian government not one that's ruled by the military. for the past 9 months pro-democracy protesters have been demanding political change they succeeded in removing longtime president abdelaziz bouteflika who resigned in april but that wasn't enough for them. demonstrators want the entire ruling a late to resign before any election take place including the interim president and the military's chief of staff. all 5 presidential candidates have close links with the establishment leading many ontarians to see this poll as a strategy to avoid genuine change despite that the election is supported by some. i know we are going to get out we are the children of this nation and will flock to
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the polls whoever loves this nation should carry this to the election as. the thousands who've been fighting for reform since february wouldn't agree to found to boycott the vote and continue to pressure mung after this presidential election is on the. german military has been deployed in afghanistan as part of an international force for nearly 20 years they employed locals as translators and guards for example but that work has made them targets of the taliban nearly 800 of those afghan civilians have been allowed to come to germany but even here they still don't feel safe we visited one of them in the eastern city of lights. is on his way to work he's been employed at the foreigners registration office in the city of like that for almost a year he helps refugees finds them places to live and the rain just german courses he himself arrived in germany 5 years ago. cause for work was
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a great success in my life i 1st had to learn the language i had to integrate i had to fulfill certain requirements for the job i now do as a. back home in afghanistan kaiser was a locally hired civilian for the german army he was an interpreter the sixty's he accompanied german soldiers including going on dangerous missions in the areas of conflict but there came a time when he felt his life was in danger and he had to flee. miska from the if the taliban it had the opportunity they would have chopped my head right off the many other people religious people also dislike this. use. they called us collaborators infidels and traitors. i heard such accusations all the time. when i went to the mosque nobody wanted to be near me i
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know in my life. maybe happy and now in germany but not everything has satisfactory he has to enjoy a round trip of more than 300 kilometers every day because his job is in the neighboring state but his immigration status updates him from moving back and because he his wife and their 2 children don't have permanent residence they have to keep renewing their permits. what happens when the year's over what about my children's future my family my future i can't go back to afghanistan we can't go back to afghanistan's. this weekend i left everything behind to start a new life here to find safety. you have to call me but we have not truly found a new home. we're only tolerated. kind says happy to have found an apartment this spied his status as a temporary resident he pays the rent himself he's keen to make his own way in his
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new home country and. i'm very grateful to germany i don't want anything as a gift i want to work hard i hope the interior ministry finds a respectful and humane solution for people like me afghans who worked for germany who are now here with our families. kind of we can't go back to afghanistan because we wouldn't stand a chance there. top. guys did a lot for germany and afghanistan he even rinsed his life now the question is how much germany owes him and others in his situation so that they can build a new life in their new home. in other news the new york times is reporting that former hollywood movie hall producer harvey weinstein has reached a tentative settlement with dozens of women who accused him of sexual misconduct of
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$25000000.00 deal with and most so wall suits against weinstein but he still faces criminal charges of sexual assault and rape in new york. danish police have arrested 20 people suspected of planning an islamist terror attack officers also raided numerous locations across the country some of those arrested head have attempted to obtain it's closers firearms police offer no information on when or where this of suspects intended to attack. and french prime minister edward phillipe has announced details of a long anticipated pension reform plan proposed the proposal includes concessions to unions leading a strike that has crippled public transport since last week union say the reforms are still bad news for workers. government ministers from around the world are wrapping up talks at the united nations climate called france in madrid
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their aim is to strengthen the 2015 paris agreement on fighting climate change speaking at the conference u.n. secretary general antonio terrorist has more in that nations must deliver on climate targets over the next 12 months or both present and future generations will suffer. a few 100 kilometers away from the summit in the south of spain farmers are battling the reality of climate change santiago grows almonds here in some spain it's one of europe's driest regions she's determined to keep the land productive and it's clear to see the tough property is much greener than 100 neighborhoods. the greenery protects the land from the effects of the sun and stops the rouge and. with that being we managed to grow a lot of different plants here and even some spices. the
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grass holds the morning dew serving as a natural water source for the almond trees that stops the soil from drying out or being washed away if there is a heavy rainfall climate change intensive agriculture and overbuilding mean the loss of productive land is a big problem in spain. it's one of the main topics at the united nations climate conference now wrapping up in the capital madrid and. all the evidence shows that the situation in southern europe is rapidly worsening. of course drought and rising temperatures mean nature is less resistant to the ravages of climate change. and that puts the livelihood of farmers and rural communities at risk. and. in mercia they are tackling the problem
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half the armands here are grown without mechanized watering. these 4 legged gardeners also help the grass to flourish thanks to the natural manure they produce . came. out my mother and grandmother knew that they should stick to the old ways of doing things keeping up the traditional farming methods. that. this is their way of life and their land and they want to stop it turning into a desert. music at a budding hip hop superstar growing up in south london the rapper storms he says he never knew anyone who was successful well that's all changed now the 26 year old is the king of the hip hop zone are known as grime his new album called heavy is the head drops on friday and yes he's wearing a crown on the cover. of our friends are just. he's
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a big man and an even bigger musician sometimes grime referenced storms he can hardly have been the interest. highlight of his career so far being the 1st black so no artist to headline glastonbury the u.k.'s most important music festival. has deemed celebrated as the king of grime a form of rap originating from his neighborhood in london. success comes responsibility. to your car can take you know always starting for whatever i need to start for 5 where for me to fight for but. sometimes our dresses are just some of us are human and sometimes it's for. terror worker says it's a modern day fairy tale storm seaborne michael mari grew up in south london no one
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he's known was ever successful he says growing up here as a black kid just because. but storms he made it all the way to the top he's the king on the cover of his new album he's even wearing a crown the picture that's now on display at london's national portrait gallery. the 26 year old red part experiments with soul and blues as well and he's worked with some big names like ed sheeran who features on storm's his new album. that's down for the one of. those storms he also gets involved in his community every year he pays for 2 black students to study at cambridge university. and one off color mold to your food. someone came for the school if it was they were ok with have to be the prime minister 1st. of. all food with
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new elections coming up strong as he hopes for a change and if that doesn't happen he can still celebrate the release of his new album heaviest the had comes out this friday. and finally the old man of professional surfing is enjoying a spectacular ride as he buys for a spot in the next year's olympics 47 year old kelly slater improve his chances with a perfect 10 point ride at the pipe masters in. a different angle and you can see it's called a pipe for a reason slater put all master class. 11 time world champion has a good chance to make the 22. it's. just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news the u.k.
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is voting in what's been called the most important election in a generation opinion polls put those conservatives in the lead but cherami opposition labor party has been closing the gap. you're watching news live from berlin up next focus on europe reports a little way to his battle with cyber crime i'm sorry mark thanks watch.
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on. europe. what unites us. what defines. the. driving force. what binds the continent together. the answers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people. on t.w. . enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. my
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guest this week here a row is the jesuit priest father hans solo who is a leading expert on sexual abuse among all the kludging is the vatican serious about wheelchair or will it continue to provide opportunity as cover for priests who commit these awful close conflicts. in 60 minutes on d.w. . it was the speech of his life perhaps he's best certainly his most difficult. the speech by calling tristan on december 19th 1989. shortly after the final of the at the chancellor addresses the people of east
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germany. the mideast tense the crowd clamors for german unity. journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the time interest or. starts december 19th d.w. . alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin this week with the threat posed by russian cyber attacks on the west we're not just talking about data fast but also the spreading of what's described as industrial scale dissin from a shift in computer experts a lot of the kremlin so-called trolls are accused of infiltrating.


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