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but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to see. the big battle that the. this is g.w. news live from berlin the u.k. prepares to vote in what's being called the most important election and in generations a strong showing for boris johnson's conservatives could finally gets the prime minister the majority he needs to lead britain out of the european union but his lead over germany corbin's opposition labor party is narrowing we'll go live to london. also coming up she's calling it europe's man on the moon moment the new
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president of the european commission is presenting her landmark plan to fight climate change but not everyone is ready for takeoff. plus the woman who once who was once an icon of human rights is now defending her generals against charges of genocide in mars' on song soon she a nobel peace prize winner testifies of the international court of justice in the hague she says there is no proof that her country carried out genocide against her pension muslims across the years to prove her book. i'm calling aspen welcome to the program we start in the u.k. where it's the eve of one of the most important general elections in decades that's because the vote on thursday could finally decide the fate of bracks it it's been 3
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and a half years since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. but the country still hasn't parted prime minister boris johnson is hoping a strong showing any majority for his conservatives. let him complete his campaign pledge to quote get it done. these are the early morning images boris johnson wanted voters to see a prime minister turn to milkman dutifully delivering to the public. thank you for paris or become on the good morning britain prime minister. but shortly before that johnson and his team were not so composed oh so to come on good morning britain deliver on your promises or to payson says i laugh. johnson was caught off guard by a crew from i.t.v. as good morning britain and he took refuge from the reporters in a freezer. but equally as staged was labor leader german cope and last day on the campaign trail. and jumped at the chance to take
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a swipe at his main political rival thank god but you know this i've not come here to the bell. oh. what that message. called and will be hoping his message hits home so far polls have not been looking good for labor with most betting on a conservative majority but bookies have seen a shift in recent days and copeland is at much better off becoming prime minister however there are no clear favorites among voters. while boris is not no no no a good choice but is the only choice at the moment that's my view so my worst nightmare is a tory government in power who are very pro bracks it's i'm definitely remain there i think the public here matter what side you fall on. he is so sick and tired of this culture that's been created from the divisiveness so yeah it's become crunch
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time this is a bracks election this is largely a one issue election still summit. trying to focus on other important topics that latest work by renowned street artist banksy highlights the issue of homelessness at christmas time for many of britain's poorest brags it is the least of their concerns. london where our correspondent bob of a soul is standing by barbara campaigning now over a big election just hours away walk us through where things stand now in terms of the 2 main parties really each of these parties led by a leader who is not necessarily very popular. yeah that both unpopular in their own little ways boris johnson is held as being untrustworthy by many people in britain particularly women don't like him look at his colorful love life or looking at the many lies he sort of likes to
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tell so glibly without them later apologizing or putting things right he just turns around and laughs and thinks it's all a big joke and that is something that many people even though they've known this for years somehow find untrustworthy in a prime minister on the other hand jeremy corrigan is the least popular opposition leader in a generation people think he's weak there's a bit of big row about anti semitism in the labor party he's they think he's unpatriotic and they don't really trust his big social vision and his big spending plans so yes the weakness of the one is the strengths of the other and vice versa and so at the last moment boris johnson head slightly to in the polls but the race was tightening towards the very end and at the moment there is no certainty about the outcome whatsoever so no certainty about the outcome fairly unpopular leaders
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of these parties i mean it's also. a nation the u.k. at least fed up with the brics it process has dragged on for so long how did brecht's it affect this campaign and what did parties do to reach out to voters and what were their messages. the tories of course have tried to break the red wall in the north of england as it's called the the old of traditional labor constituencies where they grew sort of 4 is settled in 4 decades and many of those have voted for bricks with regard and those are the ones that has particularly targeted because he thought if he goes dad tells people i'm with you i'm going to get you're a brick said john people might sort of really turn to him it is not quite clear even though the mess is message has struck home in some of those traditional lay receipts and there was some of people there but it's not quite clear whether it was
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enough to really sway voters on the other hand the loyalty the party loyalty as in many other european countries in britain has also broken down people used to be traditionally tribal in politics and now are sort of free floating and looking around and many people here say we don't like either of them this is really quite difficult if not to say that choice those polls open tomorrow and voters will have to make a choice barbara faisal in london for us thank you very much. i here's a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world nighters defense ministry has confirmed that suspect it is the most militants killed 71 soldiers near the mali border a nighttime ambush on a military camp in the country's southwest also injured 12 troops and several more are missing the so-called islamic states have been active in the area for a long time. danish police have arrested 20 people suspected of planning in islam
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is to terrorist attack officers also raided numerous locations across the country some of those arrested had attempted to obtain explosives and firearms police offered no information on when or where these suspects intended to attack. 2 more people have died from injuries they suffered in the eruption of new zealand's akari volcano brings the confirmed death toll to 89 others are officially listed as missing though of the volcano erupted on monday that was while 2 were groups were on the island be the new york times is reporting that former hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has reached a tentative settlement with dozens of women who accused him of sexual misconduct a 25 $1000000.00 deal would end most civil lawsuits against weinstein but he still faces criminal charges of sexual assault and rape in new york. well the new presidents of the european commission has vowed to put the climate at
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the heart of her presidency she's been presenting her promised green deal in brussels the plan will commit the e.u. to achieving climate neutrality by the year 2050 catherine spoke with one climate policy analyst and she has this report on some of the potential obstacles. more trees throughout europe and more sequestering of c o 2 that will be the 1st step that europe wants much more. it will need radical restructuring we need enormous investments in the energy sector we need to transform our mobility sector we need to transform our food system and we need to ensure that our euros are being spent to make the sectors future proof along with flying shipping as one of the worst climate killers engines on the high seas run on crude oil when it gets burned even more pollution is created then with diesel but
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so far ships have been allowed to sail without c o 2 certificates now the e.u. wants to change this in the future shipping will also be included in the emissions trade a challenge for all member states the biggest challenge i do see is with the ambition of member states all of the e.u. member states are subsidizing fossil fuel projects in various different ways we have a long history of giving exemptions for diesel kerosene for aviation these should be the low hanging fruits that if we really are series about this transition we remove harmful subsidies but that costs money in order to pay for the so-called green deal the e.u. wants to redistribute funds less for farming and infrastructure more for environmental protection this is already controversial poland hungary and the czech republic economically underdeveloped states have been blocking this plan. we
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discussed about the e.u. but just monies not being put into modernizing the budget at least there were as the current proposal stands this is not a budget for the future who we have a goal that 25 percent of the e.u. budget would be spent on climate action what is done with the rest 75 percent if that is being spent on harmful practices for climate if we don't achieve our goal the e.u. is a climate leader who is on the fundamental and has set a fast pace whether other member states want to follow perhaps ultimately the question of financing. well swedish climate activist waited to bird has become the youngest person ever to be named time magazine's person of the year she's just 16 she launched a weekly school strike for the climate that became an international movement times announcement came hours after tim burke took aim at business and political leaders meeting at the un climate conference in madrid here's just
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a bit of what she had to say to stay below 1.5 degrees we need to keep the carbon in the ground. only setting up this day and saying things which give the impression of the action is underway will most likely do more harm than good because the changes we call it are still nowhere in sight the politics needed does not exist today despite what you might hear from world leaders. will be a mars leader song suchi has denied that her country's troops committed genocide against muslims she was speaking at the international court of justice in the hague responding to testimony about barbaric acts committed against the population hundreds of thousands of really enjoy are now living as refugees in neighboring bangladesh afraid to return. that images that provoked international
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outrage more than 700000 range of muslims fled to me and amal when the minute she launched a crackdown in iraq lined state in august 27th team they were escaping what since been described as an ethnic cleansing campaign most of the refugees now live in crowded camps in bangladesh. they tortured mothers and daughters as they burned our houses they also raped me and i am grateful to god that myanmar is facing trial for that. young son sued she is decision to defend her country here at the world's highest court has galvanized her supporters. i am i i am. i. but it's also surprised her critics as she was not required to attend. suchi told the judges she couldn't rule out that me and mas armed forces may have used disproportionate force but she denies that any crimes committed fell under the
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international definition of genocide. this bear in mind this complex situation and the challenge to sovereignty and security in our country when you're assessing the intent of those who attempted to deal with the rebellion surely under the circumstances genocidal intent cannot be the only hypothesis. under its 2000 and its constitution near my house a military justice system criminal cases against soldiers officers for possible war crimes committed in rakhine must be investigated and prosecuted by that system the lawsuit against me and ma was brought by the gambia on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation which is made up of $57.00 countries suchi also criticized evidence that present it calling it incomplete and misleading r.b.t.
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whatever the outcome in the hague this week there will be repercussions for me and its image tarnished on the world stage could affect its future prospects. you watch indeed every news live from berlin up next is d.w. africa with my colleague any michael jr you know forget all the latest news and information available around the clock on our website that's d.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news i'm carl kasell and thanks for watching. i'm secure that volume or that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers who lie and say. what's your story.
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'd and what numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part.


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