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this is d.w. news live from berlin burning out of control bushfires in australia combined to form a mega fire near sydney which crews say is too big to put out the country's largest city is shrouded in a cloud of toxic smoke we speak to a correspondent in sydney also coming up a swedish climate activist created to learn joins thousands of young people on a march through madrid which is hosting a un climate conference there demanding that world leaders take real action on climate change. and france braces for
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a 3rd day of travel disruption and with yellow bus protesters expected to join the striking transport workers the government insists it will not back down from its planned pension reforms. omarion evanston welcome to the program we begin in australia where several bushfires have joined together north of the country's largest city sydney they formed a what's being called a mega fire is burning out of control in an area roughly 60 kilometers across and authorities say is just too big to put out bushfires are common in australia but meteorologists say climate change is exacerbating the fire season and they're forecasting more hot dry and windy conditions in the coming days. some of the
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flames the 30 meters high this footage was taken by a fireman on his phone east in australia has been plagued by bushfires for weeks now at least 8 smaller fires have merged into a mega fire 16 kilometers long fire patrols are being tested to the limit. for this there's a 3rd of it a fire borders. bushfires are not uncommon in australia but this year they've started unusually early for years large parts of the country have suffered extreme drought in such conditions fires start easily and spread rapidly. communities that far away. sydney's famous skyline is envelop in
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a veil of smoke the city is just 75 kilometers from one of the main fire says it suffering some of the worst small get ever more heat drought and wind forecast and that means the fires burning. all right let's cross over now to sydney were journalist andrea leslie is standing by for us with the latest so. strewing fire authorities saying the blaze north of sydney is too big to put out so what does that mean for people living in the area. you know well this is an area northwest of suny the gospel is now. it's almost the size of metropolitan see it need this far but it is not directly threatening people's homes brought at the moment there is a good chance we predicted this coming week that it could threaten the smaller city north of cd but at the moment fire crews are just saying it's going to type wakes to put out and they just really hoping that the way that will improve maybe
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a little bit all right will for closer to cd in the south waste people's houses have been damaged south of sydney on the south coast people's houses of being damaged but the main point about obese is well for the general residents in sydney is that all of the smoke that's being created the ash that's forward from the sky is really impacting people's wives right in the city as well we've got office where is with mosques on we've got kids not laid out. braces so on the school breaks and we've got sports events canceled so it really is actually affecting a lot from the city proper as well andre you mention the weather and of course the dry very windy weather is making the fire worse have these fires had an impact on the debate surrounding climate change in australia. this is a very political to buy in at the moment it's quite tailing with the politicians wrapping up their political year this waking cambra that all before on
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a day in question to on they didn't talk about a bush was at all even though it's what people on social media and in the straight that's all i talk about i think the politicians are aware at the moment of over politicize the get right in the middle of the crisis would be very surprised if in a couple of months time when hughley the situation comes down that there are some policies brought being brought forward and some serious debate big gauged on by both sides we are saying that the conservative government in charge led by a scope morrison is generally less willing to discuss the issues of manmade climate change and how they affect socialize the opposition is more willing to discuss it but at the moment i think it's a whole the title that i don't want to talk about they want to make sure people are safe and they will get through the space to seize it in an frame of mind and they'll probably tackle it in the. country leslie reporting for us from sydney we
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appreciate it. well staying on the topic of climate change is coming that's the message teenage activist going to work has for world leaders who she says are not taking the threat of global warming seriously enough she was speaking to a rally of demonstrators in the spanish capital madrid that's where the u.n. has been holding the latest round of talks on implementing the landmark 2015 paris climate accord. a clear demonstration of anger on the streets of madrid. tens of thousands of people gathered to demand politicians do more about the climate crisis. among them indigenous people from latin america including the from chile. the climate conference was due to be held there but moved to madrid following social unrest. and he was glad i was that women are a missed cliff politicians need to be more ambitious and listen to the people that it's all about is this would settle
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a man it was nice about china it's in crisis we need a solution as quickly as possible and there's. the outcome of the 1st few days of the conference has been decided the mediocre industrial nations in particular are dragging their feet one issue has been the damage caused by global warming many affected countries are demanding financial support from wealthier nations some are even threatening litigation swedish climate activist when the tune bird was accorded a pop star's welcome. she too expressed deep frustration the climate crisis is still being ignored by those in power and we cannot go on like this it is not a sustainable solution the children skip school demonstrators are hoping their efforts will put pressure on the conference delegates and provide much needed momentum for the week of talks ahead. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world there have
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been reports of more gunfire in the iraqi capital baghdad this comes the day after at least 15 people were killed and more than 60 were wounded in an attack on anti-government demonstrators widespread protests that erupted in the last 2 months over corruption and economic deprivation. 3 people have been killed by an aviation student at a major u.s. navy base in pensacola florida the shooter who was a member of saudi arabia's air force was shot dead by law enforcement 12 more people were hurt in the attack it's the 2nd deadly shooting at a u.s. military site this week. in india woman who was raped and later set on fire by a gang of men has died in the hospital police say the woman was on her way to testify in her rape case when she was attacked the case has sparked outrage in the country. authorities in samoa say nearly 90 percent of eligible people have now
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been vaccinated against measles the south pacific island nation has lifted a curfew that was imposed amid an outbreak of the disease measles has killed 65 people of samoa and recent weeks with thousands of others infected by the virus. to france now which is bracing for a weekend of disruption with yellow bus protesters expected to join striking public sector workers the largest strike for decades has crippled transportation in the country but in his 1st comments since the strike began france's prime minister insisted that the government would not scrap its pension reform plans and that the changes would be fair. high speed trains standing still. massive traffic jams outside paris transportation and chaos as strikes run into the weekend polls showed a strong majority of french citizens supported the strike as it began over 800000
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people took part in nationwide protests on thursday there is widespread popular discontent with the government and pension reforms are always a difficult sell in this country the present scheme allows some workers to retire much earlier than in other european countries the popular feature but the government says changes to the system are necessary and inevitable that they go and do just that citizens know that the hugely diverse nature of the current $42.00 pension plans cannot continue. the french people know that one day they will have to give up these systems that don't make sense anymore of the vision special. mccraw was elected on promises to make the french economy more competitive unemployment has come down but many say they feel a new sense of uncertainty they say the proposed pension reforms are another example of out of touch government policy making but unions risk losing public support if people get tired of the disruption caused by the strikes and
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demonstrations by somebody is just another wasted day yesterday you can't go to work and you can't go to school i went be able to catch up that's annoys me actually you know wolf it. just russian is expected to continue over the weekend and unions are calling for another day of mass protests on tuesday as they test their mettle against the government and public patience. to sports news now and boxing one of the most eagerly anticipated fights of the year takes place later on saturday when next week an american and he really is defensive heavyweight title against britain's anthony joshua ruiz stunned the sporting world when he beat the previously undefeated joshua earlier this year on now the rematch is grabbing headlines across the globe and that's partly because the bound as being held in saudi arabia. became one of boxing's most unlikely champions in
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june and now he faces anthony joshua in the rematch at an unlikely venue on the outskirts of the saudi capital riyadh. saudi arabia has increasingly opened itself up to tourism this year and the boxing is one of a series of big sporting events planned italian football super cup boasting christiane and ronaldo already took place in jeddah earlier this year this season's match and the spanish version including real madrid and barcelona take place in the kingdom in the coming weeks the idea of holding big sporting events in saudi arabia has been condemned by the likes of amnesty international they believe the country should not be a major sporting venue because of its human rights record and last year's murder of journalist jamal khashoggi by saudi agents in istanbul but the saudis of porn huge amounts of money into sports they have paid a reported $40000000.00 to bring britain's joshua to the country local residents
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are excited to be the focus of the sporting world for a weekend. you know like them to come true. and to do it to assure. owns excited by currents. joshua could pick up more than $16000000.00 from the fight as he attempts to gain revenge for his shock defeat in new york. it was going to win the north and there are always this close last time so next time. ruiz will probably make only around $9000000.00 that's because he was only drafted in as a last minute replacement for june's baratz he still won and now is enjoying being feted as a heavyweight champion by his saudi hosts are throw out all that oil but has been treating the world. especially enjoying the really good food that they have here in this country and i'm just excited for for the play of saudi arabia is in the sporting spotlight like never before if the last fight is anything to go by ruiz
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against joshua could be another classic. german soccer now and the 15th match day of the bundesliga season kicked off friday night with frankfurt hosting had to berlin and their new coach you're going klinsmann they had a boss was looking for his 1st win since taking over a and his team went in front of the 30th minute dodie the bach you know with the opener much to his coach's delight catto went on to make it 2 nil band were unable to hold on to their lead the bus in order to hide things up in the 86th minute for frankfurt and that's how it finished 2 to the final score. don't forget you can always get to double your news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and
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if your part of a news story you can also use the have to send us your photos and videos of what's happening. you're up to date now on t w news omarion evan steen from me and the entire news team here in berlin and thanks for the company. why subscribe to d.w. books you mean your favorite writer things i'd like to see myself as the kid style in the strange grown up world do you know where your books are new to earth. home to millions of species a home worth saving. as much as on those are big changes and most start with small steps global warming 2 years tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term.


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